“The Russians are Coming…The Russians are Coming!”

Vladimir Putin is certainly on his way to Washington D.C. to take over our government. That’s what you’d think listening to ALL of the political pundits today. It’s not just the Left. It’s not just Democrats. It’s coming from every “Never Trump-er” in the World — even those at FOX News!

What Happened?

Trump and Putin got together in Helsinki Monday for a bilateral summit. Half of U.S. political wannabees weighed in on what President Trump should say, not say, do, not do, and even what he should wear. The other half said he should cancel the summit, especially in light of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s “Friday Surprise” indictments of more Russians in advance of the summit. Perfect timing, wouldn’t you agree?

Here’s the question and President Trump’s answer that has the World in an uproar. And listen to Putin’s translated responses:

The 900 Pound Gorilla

The uproar centers around the President’s response to the Reporter’s question of Mr. Trump: does he believe President Putin’s claims that the Russian government made no attempt to hack the U.S. 2016 election or does he believe the American Intelligence agencies? You just heard the President’s response. No doubt it shocked many. But to many, his response makes perfect sense.

Let’s be honest: what evidence do U.S. Intelligence Agencies have specifically that have proven the Russian hacking attacks? Yes, Mueller issued multiple indictments against 2 groups of Russians. But must I remind everyone that indictments are simply charges, not convictions? Must I also remind everyone that grand jury indictments are not nearly as evidence-backed as those brought by a prosecutor? There’s a saying among attorneys who defend those indicted by grand juries: a good prosecutor can talk a grand jury into indicting a ham sandwich. Why is it so easy? Those charged have NO defense during grand jury proceedings. They are not even entitled to have attorney representation with them during grand jury testimony.

The Truth About Mueller’s Indictments

The first Russians Mueller indicted were not expected to even show up for their first court hearing. One of the groups actually DID retain U.S. legal representation who DID appear at that hearing. They shocked Mueller and the Court by filing a motion asking the judge to compel Mueller to provide their clients with the evidence Mueller used to obtain those indictments. The Mueller team has fought to NOT provide that evidence, and to this point have NOT done so. Why is that?

In the batch of last Friday’s indictments, Mueller actually included this disclaimer: “According to our Constitution, people are all innocent until proven guilty.” What he was saying is that the indicted Russians are NOT guilty, just charged. Mueller knows that none of them will actually be tried: it’s almost certain Russia will not extradite those Russian citizens to the U.S.  So what action has Mueller taken about that? He turned ALL of those indictments over to the Department of Justice to be investigated as a “foreign intelligence legal matter.” Mueller is a DOJ/FBI expert. He knows that his doing so means NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO ANY OF THE INDICTED INDIVIDUALS OR COMPANIES.

The Mueller indictments of those Russians was for one thing and one thing only: to embarrass the President, anger Americans who already believe the Russian collusion story, hoping that is enough to discredit President Trump. Mueller has no intention to get to the truth of any attempted election tampering by the Russians. How do I know?

Think about this: how would any of the intelligence and/or law enforcement agencies be able to prove hacking? They would certainly have to find the hacking or attempted hacking evidence. They made NO attempts to do so! The FBI never examined or even saw any computer servers of the Democrat National Committee OR the Hillary Clinton Campaign — the servers alleged as those attacked by the Russians. The DNC nor the Clinton Campaign would allow the FBI access to those servers. I wonder why?

I also wonder why instead of allowing stonewalling, the FBI did not simply eize those servers for the purposes of national security. Certainly, if the FBI, DNI, or the Department of Justice were serious about finding alleged election tampering through hacking they would have immediately demanded those servers to find the evidence. How could they say there was hacking without being able to verify it?

On July 15th in our story and podcast titled “Our Elections Hacked by Russians: Fact or Fiction,” The Truth News Network (TNN) pointed to evidence that questions Russian hacking — or at least that alleged by Mueller. Don’t get me wrong: I am confident the Russians at least “attempted” to hack us to impact our elections. I am certain they do so every election as do numerous other countries. And in that same story, we detailed The United States has attempted to infiltrate and to impact other countries’ elections AT LEAST 61 TIMES, INCLUDING RUSSIA!  And in the 1996 Presidential election in Russia, the U.S. made a major successful multi-million dollar intrusion that aided a Russian president to win election.

Who are we to be so sanctimonious? What entitles the United States with no authority to do anything WE deem necessary to change a foreign election’s results? We do it. If others follow our example, how can we demonize them for doing exactly what we do?

“IF” Mueller really wants to get to the truth of his charges against those Russians, there’s a way to legally do so. In 1999, Russia and the U.S. signed a Treaty in which both countries agreed to cooperate in the event either takes criminal actions against citizens of the other country. President Putin referenced this treaty in his Helsinki speech and stated that “IF” Mr. Mueller wishes, the Russian government will cooperate with him, his investigators, and will welcome the Mueller team to Russia to present their evidence against those Russian citizens. Terms of the treaty define exactly how that process is to work. (Find a link to the treaty at the bottom of this story and is downloadable for anyone to see)


With all of the noise and uproar from everyone in the Mainstream Media — even many in Conservative Media — politicans on the Left and even many on the Right, one thing sticks out to me: the American people don’t buy all the Russia complaining, allegations, indictments, and the reasoning behind the hollow claims against this President. Polling bears this out:

Regarding American’s approval of Robert Mueller, his investigative team, and all things involved in his investigation, it doesn’t look good for Mr. Mueller. His approval ratings among Democrats and independents are at 24 percent and 33 percent, respectively. Thirty-six percent of all registered voters are also seeing Mueller unfavorably, which represents the highest level since the polling first raised the topic 11 months ago. Back then, 23 percent of all voters said they viewed Mueller negatively.

“Robert Mueller’s disapproval rating is at its highest point since Morning Consult and Politico began tracking the Special Counsel,” said Tyler Sinclair, Morning Consult’s managing director. “A key driver of this movement appears to be Republicans. Today, 53 percent of Republicans have an unfavorable impression of Robert Mueller, compared to just 27 percent who said the same in July 2017 — a year ago.”

  • Americans no longer buy the supposed honesty and integrity of (at least) senior management at the FBI the past few years;
  • Americans desire finality in this Russia collusion investigation — especially after well over a year and Mueller’s team spending a reported $20 million. Even with these and a couple of other indictments, none have anything to do with Russian collusion;
  • Americans are aghast at having the likes of James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strozk, Lisa Page, James Clapper, John Brennan, and others being in “the” positions of authority in our Intelligence Agencies making life-changing decisions using tainted-at-best intelligence and “facts” to do so. With those acts, honest and good American lives are being destroyed with faked evidence;
  • Americans do not understand why a man like Paul Manaforte, who has been indicted for alleged crimes committed more than a decade ago (for which the Obama Justice Department declined to prosecute), could be jailed in solitary confinement 23 hours a day, not having even been tried.

Is the President’s term for the Mueller investigation “Witch Hunt” deserved? So far it is. More importantly, Americans are tired of the Leftist attempts to (for political reasons only) ramp up the empty attack-rhetoric against this President to somehow run him out of office. How dare they ignore the will of the American People who voted Constitutionally to put Donald Trump in office as President? Just because 535 of them were elected to represent us in legislative matters does NOT give justification for creating a scenario in which they somehow think they are justified at attempting to destroy the Trump presidency.

Hatred lives among us…anger lives among us…and attempts at a Leftist coup live among us more than at any other time in American history.

Watch in the next few days as the tide of this fake shock and horror from the Left quietly fade away in the wake of the real story as it unfolds. It’s amazing to me that Coastal Potomac Political Elitists don’t accept the fact that the only thing that is a 100% cure for darkness is light.

The light is about to be shined in Washington D.C. And the roaches are already scrambling for cover.

Treaty With Russia (downloadable)



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