The Shaking Of The International Political System: Part Two – “Politics And Its Coming Destruction”

The forming of the United States government introduced what has been called “representative government,” wherein citizens may seek, and be elected to, positions in a Congress where they are to represent the thoughts and wishes of those citizens living in a certain district of a state.

I believe the Founders, nearly all of whom were descended from England, where only a monarchical system had existed for centuries, and representation of the people was absolutely NOT allowed, had dreamed of establishing a new form of government that eliminated any undue influence or control by a very small segment of the citizens, mostly the aristocratic and moneyed class. However, they soon learned that the old would not easily give way to the new.

Politics as a Means to Virtuous Living and Happiness?

From the article, “Aristotle: Politics” in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, the author of said article stated,

In his Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle (384-322 B.C.E.) describes the happy life intended for man by nature as one lived in accordance with virtue, and, in his “Politics”, he describes the role that politics and the political community must play in bringing about the virtuous life in the citizenry. (emphasis mine)

Aristotle’s “Politics” also provides analysis of the kinds of political community that existed in his time and shows where and how these cities fall short of the ideal community of virtuous citizens. (emphasis mine)

It is apparent that Aristotle, 350 years before Christ, understood that politics was intended to be a system of governance that provided the means of living a happy and virtuous life. The deception about politics as a system of governance was obviously present in the time of Aristotle.

The second president of the US, John Adams, stated that “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Despite the beauty and soundness of our Constitution, those who were present when it was written realized its potential shortcomings, in that it was written as, and intended to be, a basis upon which to create an atmosphere allowing for, and promoting, a virtuous life, the only atmosphere needed to find true happiness (Honesty demands that one consider whether true happiness can ever be found in a wholly non-virtuous atmosphere). Our Constitution has little to no positive influence in the lives of immoral, non-virtuous persons; in fact it would seem that its very existence enrages them and encourages the immoral and non-virtuous people in their attempts to destroy that magnificent document.

I base my opinion above on the fact that our current group of politicians who ALL swear an oath to uphold and defend the United States Constitution, almost immediately, and usually covertly,  search for any way possible to skirt around it and even to do away with it entirely.

Political Delusion Leads to God’s Wrath

My definition of “politics,” based on info found in The Free Dictionary, is the use of underhanded crafty schemes, plots, intrigues and deceitful plans, methods, or series of maneuvers (machinations and intrigue) in obtaining any position enabling one to do or act (with power), providing the capability of control, domination or command.

The political actions provided in this definition are most certainly NOT limited to governmental politics, although there is likely no government on earth that has managed to remain unscathed from the damage caused by these actions. No, politics has found its way into nearly every sector of life that involves human interaction. Once introduced and accepted as “normal,” it becomes as ingrained in all human interactions as it has in the government(s).

Based on what I perceive to be the dismal lack of a true understanding of politics on the part of most Americans, coupled with the danger that political tactics, and the politicians who employ them, brings to the citizens of the United States, especially among most of the Christian population, I feel it is critical to try to explain, from a layman’s point of view, that the

‘“practice” of politics is a whole lot more than campaigns and races for public offices in city, state and federal governments.

Several prominent people from the past have stated something which I truly believe:  “voters and their votes do NOT determine the outcome of elections, MONEY determines the outcome of elections.” From that truth, a serious question  must then be asked: “What is the source of the money, the hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, of US dollars that are poured into political campaigns that 1) determine the candidates, and 2) determine the eventual winners of the elections?”

Once you have the answer to that important question, you must then ask, “what is the end  goal of those who provide the MONEY?”

American politics has become a system based on lies and deception that is being used to create, or transform, a government or institution, formerly based on TRUTH, into one that accepts and uses lies and deceptions as though they WERE truth. The very foundation of the American political system is deception and MONEY, lots and lots of MONEY!

The purpose of these lies and deceptions is to produce a state of delusion in the minds and hearts of men so that they will no longer be able to separate truth from a lie. Once people are deluded, those who produce the delusion seem to believe they are quite safe from any resistance to the lies produced. In many cases, they are right. The system, and its participants, work hard to protect themselves against truth-seekers.

The end result of the political process fro those who adhere to it is described in Romans chapter one: “a reprobate mind, a state wherein one becomes morally depraved, unprincipled, and predestined for damnation.”

The Politics of the “Trump Era”

A short discussion of the Trump presidency seems to be in order here.

It appears (to me) that Donald J Trump, when running for POTUS in 2016 made several critical missteps. First, he seems to have believed that he was being welcomed into a camp of approximately 260 “friendly” politicians in Congress who identified as “Republican,” and was being opposed by a camp of approximately 275 “Unfriendly” Congressional politicians who identified as Democrat. If that had been the case, he might have had a somewhat fair chance to succeed in his proclaimed agenda to “Make America Great Again.”

But alas, the odds were much worse than the numbers indicated and he was far outnumbered since most of those who identified as Republican were in fact RINO who were actually closely aligned with the Democratic Party and its principles (or lack thereof). That made the numbers more like 500 to 1, at least at first appearance.

However, Trump, though an accomplished and very successful businessman, was a rookie politician suffering from serious political naiveté. His naiveté, coupled with his glaring narcissism, the most evident flaws he exhibited as a man, allowed his critical decisions as POTUS to be swayed by those who played to his ego and narcissism, caused him to designate, as his cabinet members, those who were thought to be competent and loyal to conservative, republican principles, as well as loyal to him, but were actually card-carrying members of the D.C. swamp, that quagmire wherein dwell those whom Trump swore to remove by draining that swamp. He failed to realize that even had he drained that swamp, either partially or completely, it is owned, lock, stock and barrel, by the REAL money powers of the world: the globalists, big pharma drug dealers and industrial military complex, heads of giant worldwide corporations, and wealthy banking families who, along with the Democrats, were as solidly against Trump as were those congressional RINOs who so easily fooled DJT. I imagine that Trump thought his entry into the political world would be as easy as was his entry, as a much younger man, into business that led to his many successes in that realm.

Trump obviously placed the bulk of his trust in men, one of which was himself. Believing the urgings to trust family members with their somewhat covert individual agendas, he surrendered his own MAGA agenda to forces over whom he had little to no control. The total count of friendly vs unfriendly combatants may never be known, but with so many poor choices as advisers, it is likely closer to 600 to 1.

Before going to war, one should always endeavor to know his enemy and that seems to have been another of Trump’s biggest flaws. Not only did he NOT know who his enemy was, he accepted the advice of those very close to him who convinced him that his choices were consistent with his agenda. As a consequence, when the political bullets started flying, he was constantly being bombarded with what many might consider “friendly fire,” which in politics is a misleading term: There are no friends in politics.

Throughout his presidency, he again and again named more D.C. swamp critters to advise him and every one selected only added to the “friendly fire” he was receiving. By the time his presidency ended in January 2021, the endless friendly fire left Trump resembling the iconic Al Capp cartoon character, “Fearless Fosdick,” who was consistently being hit by (sometimes) friendly fire, leaving him with large round holes in many parts of his body

Fosdick seemed to be truly confused as to who were his friends and who were his enemies due to a failure to understand who his enemies were.

Ronald Reagan often used the phrase “Trust but verify” and seemingly tried to stick to it, but unlike Reagan, DJT, with little to NO verification, unwisely trusted many who offered no basis for why they should be, or even could be, considered worthy of his trust.

Trump’s failure to understand and recognize the true nature of those who he considered loyal friends does not excuse those sleazy politicians, both Republican and Democrat, who utterly betrayed his trust and that of the American people who elected Trump.

The Coming Wrath of God

Paul wrote a very detailed letter to the believers in Rome that provides a look at how God views the foolish positions men take in direct contradiction to His word, and GOD’S WORD IS TRUTH. So the positions taken by many of the political leaders of the world in these perilous times are ‘lie-oriented ‘ and directly against TRUTH. The words of Romans 1:18 say this: For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold (suppress) the truth in unrighteousness.”

No one in this present period of time has ever experienced “the Wrath of God.” But it is plain that the time wherein the truth is completely suppressed by the unrighteous WILL see His wrath revealed to all who oppose God and His word. The revealing of His wrath will not be simply toward the politicians who are elected or appointed political leaders, but to ALL who use politics to further an evil agenda that mocks and resists God. The “invisible politicians,” the corporate heads and the global bankers whose institutions control large segments of the financial systems in every nation will NOT escape the wrath of a righteous God.

The adoption of a system governed by lies has changed our nation into one that trains and encourages its citizens to accept as true, whatever they are fed by government officials, academics and the media, even in the face of incontrovertible evidence that it is completely UNTRUE. This is the perfect dictionary definition of delusion: “A belief held in the face of incontrovertible evidenceto the contrary, that is resistant to all reason” (The Free Dictionary).

Unfortunately, the current “encouragement”  to accept the lies and deception is likely to evolve into physical force as more and more people who are becoming aware of the lies that have led to the diminishing and eventual loss of our freedoms and liberties, decide to push back against the tyranny that uses deceptions and lies to push their agenda.

When encouragement becomes force, the political system then is, or will become, one that denies truth and attempts to replace ALL truth with lies; when such a system succeeds in doing so, any liberties that were thought to have been endowed by a creator are easily removed by those who perpetuate the false political system.

You might think that those living under such a system would rebel against it and demand the return of those stolen liberties, but by the time the system is entrenched using lies that lead to a state of delusion, and truth is banished, those who should have rebelled and demanded a return of liberty are living under such delusion that they cannot easily be reached by truth, if they can be reached at all. They have succumbed to the lies and deception and have rejected the very existence of truth. This is the very nature of deception and with the assistance of a corrupted, wholly-owned, mainstream media that has become a communication/propaganda arm of the system, the ability to resist the deception decreases with  the passing of time as more and more people allow themselves to become comfortable with the deception.


God, who created the earth and mankind who inhabits it, STILL has the plan that was in His mind from the very beginning: to have a family of people, whom He will love as sons and daughters, who will return His love, and reverence  Him as Father. However, His love does not mean that any human who has rejected His love and His truth will be able to take part in that plan.

The perilous times in which we now live were mentioned by Paul in his second letter to Timothy (2 Timothy 3:1-9) and in that letter Paul spoke of the characteristics of the people he described as “lovers of their own selves”. In verse nine, he states, But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men.”

The folly God speaks of is that of subverting the word of God, replacing HIS truth with a lie. Paul offered the perfect description of such people and their fate in Romans 1:18 – 2:9. That fate is sure and likely will be sudden.

God is STILL God and He will have the final say. And His wrath is coming on the corrupt world political system and all who live by it.

He will soon shake all in heaven and on earth; everything that can be shaken will be shaken. Anything that remains will stand in awe and reverence of God. All that falls will have experienced the wrath of God toward all unrighteousness, leading to utter destruction.

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