Saturday Bullet Points: May 6, 2023

Corruption in U.S. Government abounds! More evidence appeared this past week that proves corruption in the Biden Administration has been rolled out since Biden’s presidency began. There was corruption happening even before he was inaugurated! Americans are collectively shaking their heads in disbelief. But it’s been happening — and almost certainly still is!

The People are sick of not being able to trust our leaders. In almost every area of our lives, we see things initiated from Washington that, if not illegal, are unethical. And elected and appointed officials continue to act on their behalf to do anything they desire to enhance their power and financial wherewithal while keeping it hidden. But Americans are seeing the truth leak out between the cracks in the facade they build to trick us. And we don’t like it!

Let’s weigh in with a few examples in today’s bullet points.

Bullet Points

  • The letter signed by those 51 U.S. intelligence officials that discredited the validity of Hunter Biden’s laptop was phony, contrived, and false. Former Deputy CIA Director Morell created it and asked those intelligence officials to sign off. No one had any proof that the letter they signed was accurate. Why would any legitimate American with a U.S. intelligence background agree to grossly misrepresent such a document? When asked what the basis for it was, one answer was that it would be used as a “talking point” in Biden’s debate with Trump. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Election Fraud! Let’s be honest: we HAVE election fraud in every election nationwide — at least to some degree. Occasionally, examples of these illegal acts show their ugly faces. Such is the most recent from New Jersey. This happened at a state level in a 2021 gubernatorial Democrat Party campaign primary. A New Jersey campaign strategist found a way — and exercised it — to “tip the scales” in that election. That’s shocking, right? The lengths that this operative went to were incredible! But…there’s history with this man. He was involved in the uproar following the shooting at that GOP baseball practice, resulting in Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) almost dying. For complete details, click on this link:
  • The uproar regarding our President having classified documents in multiple locations continues to ramp up. So far, classified documents were discovered in a garage next to his Corvette, in a closet at a college campus, in the President’s residence, and at a think tank! Democrats were hopeful all of this would subside, but almost daily, more bad news comes out. Democrats are trying their best to deflect responsibility away from Biden and are crying that the GOP’s claims about this debacle are racist! For complete details, click on this link:
  • This one is hard to believe. The President’s son- at the top of almost every negative story about the President these days- is, we are told, at odds with many in the White House. Can you believe that Hunter would have any conflicts with the people who are charged with keeping him and the President clear of any legal battles over all of Hunter’s shenanigans? One would logically feel that Hunter would avoid any adverse actions while he’s under investigation by multiple authorities for a host of alleged crimes. He should realize that he’s not in jail today because he’s the son of Joe Biden! What could be going on in his mind? For complete details, click on this link:
  • While it may not be Biden directly, today’s FBI has made it evident that they are “in the tank” for the President regarding protecting him from any accountability for his or his family’s members’ wrongdoing. Further, Biden’s FBI is consumed with hatred for all things dealing with former President Donald Trump. FBI Director Christopher Wray works for Biden. And the actions of the World’s “former” number-one investigative Agency show that leadership at the Agency despises Donald Trump. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Throughout all his years as a Senator, Joe Biden was well-known for “bending the rules” fairly often in his favor. He’s been a slick talker and usually takes advantage of the truth. Howso? He ignores the truth! The recent spate of corruption revelations on his part and also by family members would likely have never been revealed unless a Republican majority now controlled the House of Representatives. Daily, more wrongdoing (and even illegalities) are rising to the top of news stories. And each day brings the probability of legal accountability for President Biden even closer. For the latest details, click on this link:
  • Who will ever forget the egregious — and often fatal — COVID-19 vaccine mandate implemented by President Biden. We may never know the death toll and the number of adverse reactions to the vaccines that fall directly at the President’s feet. Also, the massive “dumbing-down” of our military from top to bottom is unilaterally because of Biden’s vaccine mandate. Though the military advertised they would accept waiver applications from military members due to religious reasons, hardly ANY were taken. Numerous members left their careers behind, choosing their personal health and welfare over their commitments to their Nation. Likely, we’ll never know the complete details of the toll of Biden’s vaccine mandates. But we D.O. know it costs lives and livelihoods. For full details, click on this link:
  • Biden’s corruption in government goes at least as far back as during the Obama Administration, in which Biden served two terms as Vice President. A former stenographer during the Obama/Biden Administration recently came forward with revelations of the wrongdoing prevalent at the White House. (View this video)

  • Though not directly being handled by President Biden, his appointment of John Kerry as his personal “Climate Czar” sizzles with corruption on every level. The Senate did NOT confirm Kerry. Therefore, no questions were asked about his job duties or his pay, nor was any budget for that office ever discussed or approved by the U.S. House of Representatives. Kerry flies around the World in private jets that American taxpayers pay for with NO accountability. Don’t forget that the former U.S. Senator and failed presidential candidate is dealing with the leaders of foreign nations — some of whom are vowed U.S. enemies — with NO oversight by anyone. How much more corrupt could it get? For complete details, click on this link:



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