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The Trump “Facade”

How could such a successful billionaire from New York and a elected U.S. President spend so much time on Twitter name-calling and tooting his own horn?

Of course this is about Donald Trump. No President in my 64 years has ever taken such an approach after taking the Oath of Office. And no President in history has ever before been excoriated by the Media in such a constant and rabid manner for ANY actions while in office as has Trump. What is going on? I think it is safe to say that he and his methods of operation in the Oval Office are a bit different from his predecessors. And most in the Media and the Establishment politicians just don’t get it. So let’s “get it.”

Donald Trump is from Queens. He grew up inside of the Queens “in-your-face” environment. And Queens — especially back in the 60’s and 70’s — was a pretty tough place in which to grow up. Contrary to Mainstream Media reports, Trump’s father though somewhat successful, was by no means wealthy in The Donald’s formative years. Donald Trump learned and adopted his father’s amazing work ethic, negotiating and sales skills, and business operations style and techniques. Though Trump-The-Elder staked his son at the inception of his commercial real estate career, the decades of remarkable successes for President Trump came at the hands of HIS hard work and persistence. And he built that success within the “Queens Environment.”

Almost every social and economic pocket in the U.S. has cultural and social elements specific to that culture. In mine, the dessert favorites are beignets from Cafe du Monde, King Cake, and dinner main course delicacies of boiled crawfish and Jambalaya. Want to tell some one “Hello?” “Comon sava, Sha!” (south Louisiana translation: “Hi there, child!”)  Even curse words in the Cajun world are not formal French, but from the Cajun dialect, which is a cross between French, English, and some Indian slang. (I will not share any of those here) Do I need to say that Queens has cultural idiosyncrasies that pretty much ignore acceptable political etiquette? Donald Trump grew up in that, was successful in that world, and has taken that world to Washington D.C., to the chagrin of the Mainstream Media and the Political Establishment. Name-calling and “tooting his own horn” are examples of that. And how his opponents hate it and abhor his doing so!

Why Does He Do It?

Remember that old adage: “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” The President’s mindset is simple: he learned all of these successful operating methods over a period of decades. He has used them to successfully navigate through some of the roughest and meanest people and processes in the Nation. They obviously have worked well. After all, his reported net worth is at least 1 with 9 zeros behind it. Operating the “in-your-face” way led to his success. Why change it?

The big question  throughout his first year in Office (besides the non-stop “Why does he do that?”) is “Can a U.S. President be successful in every area of government necessary — domestic policy, foreign policy, defense, and economics — to run the country?” No doubt politically he is doing it a different way. Is it working?

I will not list all of the Trump accomplishments in his first year. But it is safe to say there are many. In fact, I posted multiple pages listing dozens and dozens of Trump Administration accomplishments that were so lengthy it took 4 days of listing those! (See “Trump Accomplishments Since the 2016 Election” posted here July 11, 12, 13,14 of 2017) There are many. And their results are obvious to millions of Americans AND millions of people in other countries. However, it seems that Democrats, other Liberals, and the Mainstream Media see those results differently, OR their personal and corporate political agendas preclude their acceptance of these successes.

One Establishment U.S. Senator — Orin Hatch from Utah — was initially not too keen on the idea of Donald Trump as President. And in the early days of the Trump Presidency, Hatch had some pretty spicy observations of the “Newbie” from Queens. But with the spreading shadows of the evening of Trump’s first year in office, the Utah Senator changed his tune. During his nearly 41 years in office, Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch has seen seven presidents in the White House. Donald Trump, he said, is “one of the best I’ve served under.” “He’s not afraid to make decisions,” Hatch said during an interview broadcast by MSNBC. “He’s not afraid to take on the big mouths around here.”

There is More to Trump’s Governing Methods than just Winning

Make America Great Again” — the Trump Campaign slogan so often heard at campaign rallies and still used in public by the President — demonstrates his exact mindset with which 62 million Americans who voted for him agree. That slogan and its meaning flies in the faces of all those on the Left (and Right) who wished to maintain the status quo in government. That is where the “Great Divide” inside the Beltway resides. Lefties and Establishment Republicans summarily reject his methods while the Americans who elected him on the most part love them. So what else besides his Queens heritage drives his boat?

He hates “Average.” In fact, this President views “Average” as “Failure.” And to be honest, it really is.

In school there are several ways to make average grades. Average is a “C.” To be an average student through a time period, the student can make on tests an equal number of “A’s” as “F’s,” an equal number of “B’s” as “D’s,” or simply all “C’s.” Trump’s thought process is this: making all “C’s” means the student is incapable to do better or is too lazy to do better and just takes the easy road. Or that student accepts less than average as an accomplishment. OR, THAT STUDENT FEELS FAILING IS ALLRIGHT. That simply does not work in the Trump world.

Failure is not OK with the President. Neither is average. Some on the Left may understand this mindset but reject it. The alternative is that simply accepting average regardless of how it occurs is unacceptable for multiple reasons. For the United States, Trump’s attitude is “We can do better than average.” And on his watch, America WILL do better than average.

Why is doing this so consuming the President? He understands that allowing this and future generations to accept average as all-right will result in unnecessary and undesired failures in every area of American life. It is true that no two people are exactly alike or have the exact same abilities. What is average for some might be above average for others. What is average for some might be failure for others. What determines which is applicable is the capabilities of each.

To Trump the “sin” is the acceptance of less than what CAN be accomplished. Doing so feeds the settling for average. The danger in doing so is that the bar slides lower and lower and the level of acceptable achievement slides with it. Every drive to achieve, DO better, BE better, and make the U.S. better steadily declines.

President Trump summarily rejects average, less than best in his family, his businesses, the White House, and the Congress — not because he is narcissistic or gaudy or vain or smarter or better than others. He does it because he wants and expects the best FROM Americans which will always result in the best FOR Americans.

The President gets it, 62 million American voters get it, and so do many on the Left. They are terrified of it. Why? They know if a majority of Americans learn the truth of his methods, the Liberal Left are toast.

If the Establishment Republicans don’t get it, the GOP is toast.



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