“The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but The Truth”

Two of the Hollywood bastions of intellect and all things righteous — Robert DeNiro and Steven Spielberg — have told the world they and their elitist compadres have exclusive permission to determine everything…period:


Ignore DeNiro’s self-righteous profanity at the occupier of the White House. Forget about the blatant double standard of the fundamental premise of his tirade. Forget the blatant hypocrisy of the “receiver” of the accolades for which this Big Apple event was held — Meryl Streep. And forget about the myriad of lies in all that was said. All that matters? “Hey, it’s Robert DeNiro and Steven Spielberg. When DeNiro and Spielberg speak, EVERYBODY listens AND believes!”

“The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but The Truth”

Spielberg with DeNiro

Besides the obvious purpose of DeNiro’s rant — to denigrate his fellow New Yorker with whom he disagrees about political matters — DeNiro exposed the rampant intellectual elitism of Hollywood. Oh, we’ve seen it for decades — not in their movies or television shows — in those they’re just “acting” — it’s been on display at the Golden Globes and Academy Awards and in guest appearances of evening talk shows. Now it is front-and-center and very much “in your face.” Why so?

The Media. Spielberg’s new movie — referenced in the link above and the purpose for the awards get together — in content and multiple inferences damns all things Richard Nixon because of Watergate and the subsequent coverups. The movie praises the D.C. journalists who aggressively, consistently, and thoroughly implemented their skills in their craft to research and “report” the evils of Watergate to the American people. Watergate was actually the first major political corruption scandal in modern political history. It was created, implemented, and hidden by a President who was corrupt with power and thought he could get away with hiding all his illegal actions. Fortunately he was called out by a press corp who used their amazing investigative resources to find the truth and (with disregard of the personal danger in doing so) published the truth that inevitably brought down the presidency of Richard Nixon.

The difference between Watergate and “Russia-Gate” is ” The Whole Truth.” There is NO truth (or very little) by a large majority of this press corp in their reporting of ANYTHING to do with Donald Trump, his former campaign, his Administration, or actions of his family members. The Mainstream Media systemically create false narrative almost daily, publish it all as fact, and maintain with impunity again and again its factual basis. And almost all of their “news” has been later debunked as pure lies. I will not waste anyone’s time by itemizing the almost 2 years of “Fake News” reports about all things Trump — we’ve heard them all and had them all crammed down our throats again and again.

I WILL mention the latest: during last Friday’s 24-hour news cycle EVERY news outlet carried non-stop coverage of “proof” of President Trump’s mental incapacity. Their “prood?” In part a “group” of psychiatrists issued opinions of President Trump’s mental deficiencies. Never mind their doing so was in direct violation of an edict issued previously by the American Psychiatric Association that stated (paraphrased) that “if/when any psychiatrist issued an opinion of the mental veracity of any person without personally visiting with that person, that doctor in doing so violates the ethics of psychiatry.” You know when they were compelled to issue that statement? When the Mainstream Media toward the end of President Reagan’s second term decided he was mentally deranged. His “derangement” was exposed with similar allegations of some psychiatrists at the time.

Weaponizing psychiatric opinion of Reagan then — weaponizing psychiatric opinion of Trump now. What’s the similarity? Both Presidents are/were Republican and both instigated American conservative ideals and policies that the political elite could not counter with alternate ides sufficient to counter Reagan and Trump’s concepts. In place of reason and political debate to find agreement, the Left once again have resorted to verbal assault about the mental capacity of this President.

In closing, want some irony? Even the talking heads at CNN and MSNBC after the 1-hour televised meeting at the White House in which President Trump in a roundtable with 2 dozen members of the House and Senate allowed television cameras free access as the pending negotiations for DACA were discussed. In that meeting, President Trump dispelled all the talk of his mental incapacity by deftly, professionally, led conversations between Congressional leaders with each other, he fielded questions from several, made intelligent and cogent remarks and observations throughout the entire hour. He SHOWED his grasp on reality, his job requirements as President, and his ability to lead in a meeting with some of the most contentious people on Earth who seldom if ever have had a similar meeting in which civility prevailed throughout discussions about such a serious topic.

For nearly two hours immediately following that televised live meeting, anchors at CNN and MSNBC (it could have been the same at other news networks that I did not see) were amazingly complimentary of the President, his conduct in the meeting, and his ability to run that meeting. I was shocked at their compliments!

Suddenly, however, about 2 hours into the “Meeting Post-game Show” all of that positive attitude of those anchors went out the window. It was as if whoever the someone somewhere is that blows the Liberal dog whistle did so and rebuffed the anchors for getting off topic of the Leftist story-line they were supposed to stick to. Trump bashing picked up again, and did so with a vengeance.


What’s good about these two events happening when they did with the people involved, with the coverage of each and everything happening and being covered live gave Americans a true picture of just how nasty, narcissistic, self-absorbed, and elite Hollywood-ites and Media-ites really are. Americans can now see “The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” Maybe guys like Rush, FOX News hosts, conservative members of Congress and other conservative media folks can take a breath, knowing Americans saw a bunch of this for themselves.

Oh…I forgot: Who would believe that ANY American could read about or watch an actual event and make an intelligent decision about elements of that event without some talking head providing an interpretation?

How can we stupid Middle Class Americans even know how to buy a Powerball ticket or use a debit card without a Liberal to show us?

One last thing: I have always been a big DeNiro fan. He’s played some amazing roles in movies, UNTIL….. Have you seen any of his movies from the last 5 years? NO great role, NO great parts, movies with NO plots….producers are “hoping” tickets will sell because he “formerly” was a really good actor. All he does now is denigrate the office of the Presidency with amazing profanity.

There’s one remaining movie role that would be a sure Oscar winner for him: playing a really angry old White guy from Manhattan that cusses with the best of them. Oscar voters would certainly love him in that role. I can hear it now: “DeNiro takes the best actor Oscar for his role in the blockbuster directed by his pal Steven Spielberg “Angry Italian White Guy Storms the White House.” He won his 2 Oscars playing bad Italian White guys. Could be 1 more there for a repeat performance.

I’m certain he’d have Meryl’s vote.



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