Time For The Pundits to Explain the Big Ruse

Day in and day out, we are inundated with articles and video about what is “wrong” in our country. Ground breaker in talk radio, Rush Limbaugh made millions telling us about itPresumably it’s equally lucrative for people like Hannity and Levin – not to mention many others. Is it just for the money? Are they being honest with us? I don’t think so. Otherwise, they would make sure we all understood the Big Ruse.

What are conservative pundits really about? Are they really about solutions? When one has a plumbing problem, does one merely say “Oh, looks like the toilet is overflowing. Yes, it certainly is overflowing. Look! Now there’s water on the floor. Um, and it’s getting deep. Looks like it could go into the living room. Yes, it has reached the living room and it’s soaking that Persian rug…” and so on? Or does one say “The toilet’s overflowing. Quick, close the supply valve!”

Isn’t the latter more likely the response? Our pundits go on and on and onabout what’s wrong in America…but does one ever hear them saying what to do about it? It seems that they’re perfectly willing to let the water run and merely converse about it, explaining everything it is doing but making no suggestions as to how to stop it.

Shouldn’t “what to do about it” be obvious by now? Let’s look at those things which we have done, as conservatives, to effect a comeback to our nation’s founding principles and ideals which absolutely has not worked:  

We have believed in and voted Republican time and time again. Each time we tell ourselves that “this time they won’t pull away the football!”

It is “solutions” which are lacking, not analysis. Prior to Limbaugh, we had only the few tepid views of “conservatism” which the liberal media would allow to be aired while literally everything else was wrapped in strong Leftist bias. That was more than thirty years ago. Today is a much different time. We now know beyond any reasonable doubt what is wrong. It’s past time for solutions.  

In 2016 America elected Donald Trump and his “MAGA” agenda. People who opposed his bid called him a “populist.” a term used to describe a politician who intends to represent the will of the people within the confines of the US constitution. Of course, in using that term, they separated the populist from the non-populist politicians who had no intention of representing the will of their voters.  

The GOP congress squashed Trump’sagenda, their own voters’ agenda.  With no support in any of his agenda items from the GOP-controlled congress, the president nonetheless managed to keep the United States out of the Paris Accord and its statutory assault on American sovereignty. His refusal of the Trans Pacific Partnership killed that attack on US sovereignty and industry as well.  Americans, wanting the return to the nation’s root, had seen president Trump as a vehicle for that return, passing over the usual GOP suspectsin the primary. Completely ignoring that fact, the GOP congress went on to defeat both the president and their own voters. They not only pulled away the football, leaving us on our backs, but they threw the ball away as well.

What is it that the pundits don’t get about all this? For all their powers of observation, for all their calls for “conservatism” and “patriotism,” for all their leads into the halls of power whence comes their information, what do they not understand about “solutions?” It’s as plain as day that “voting Republican” isn’t a solutionYet, if anything, that’s what the pundits preach or suggest, if not straight forwardly.  

Are the pundits blind to the fact that there has been no movement whatever away from those things which they decry? Are they ignorant of the fact that there has been no movement toward anything resembling founding ideals?  Are they really motivated byturning the country around or are they only there for the money and the fame?

Do pundits ever wonder why the GOP members of congress who appear to be honest don’t publicly call out those who demonstrably are not ? Why don’t the pundits call for those members of congress to tell their voters who those dishonest types are and what they are doing?  Journalist and book author Peter Schweizer knows, as many others do, too. If he knows, then those sitting in congress know.

Why aren’t our reps telling us “I really wanted XYZ bill introduced and passed, but the House Speaker said that ABCD Corp. and Joe Blow Elite opposed it and they spend $20 million a year with us, so no dice.” Voters do not get the information they need from members of congress. When one writes to their representative about a policy question, one only gets a bland, form letter and usually no response which directly addresses the question posed. Why aren’t the pundits telling us these things, using their pulpits to demand that those in congress answer us?

That pundits now need to offer solutions is not meant to say that analysis should be totally abandoned in favor of chasing remedies. There’s room for both – and we need both, as circumstances are always evolving. However, we need for people to recognize that the GOP is not the answer we are looking for. It cannot be that answer, for if it was, our return would already be well underway if not complete.

In previous articles I’ve spoken of the need for a fighting force for our side in congress. Because we have none, and no one can claim with any credibility that we do, why is there such reluctance to create it? Where is it even being discussed in any meaningful numbers?  

Why aren’t the pundits telling us that the GOP has proven beyond doubt that we don’t need them?  Who created the party anyway?  It was people like us!  What makes us think that we have to be stuck with and live by their rules?  Let’s create our own organization, as they created theirs.  Let’s run it by our rules, very different rules, not by their rules.  Why aren’t the pundits who make millions from our patronage, urging us that way? Are they unable to think outside the box?

The realization that we are without effective representation is no secretyet our answer it seems, is to keep doing the same thing while the country descends into some dystopia. That’s redolent of a familiar definition of insanity. Bearing in mind that “hope” is not a strategy, isn’t it time for action instead? Isn’t it time to take a different action?

Of course, when we finally come to that decision, the naysayers will be front and center. They are never absent, never on vacation, alert 24/7 and always ready to say “you can’t do that,” “It will never happen” or you’re doomed to failure.” They’ll trot out any number of “reasons” to support their negativity, their “can’t do” spirit. I like to call such people “sessile,” a marine biology term meaning “attached to the bottom” or just “permanently attached” to a base. History usually proves such people, devoid of imagination and ignorant of history, to be wrong. They are the same as those who insisted that the earth was flat, that the sun and the universe revolved around Earth or those who said that the Colonies would never defeat England.Then there are those whose only purpose is to defend the status quo. It’s not that they fear that we will fail. They fear that we will succeed!

Our defeat of the British in the American Revolution illustrates the fact that you don’t even have to be especially good to win! However, to win, you must make the attempt.You’ve got to put yourself out there. You must also have a formula which will work when you do win. The patriots of 1776 put themselves out there and got lucky. They also had a winning formula to implement following their unlikely victory.

We don’t have to go to war first to put together a winning formula! It’s time to reject the Republican Party which has failed to work for its voters.  Because its very structure permits our opposition to work within it, it will always fail for us. That they intend to represent us faithfully is merely a now tired ruse, which has played out for a long time. It’s also time for the pundits to explain to their audiences why a new party is needed and how it should be formed to prevent deviation from the goals which must be achieved to put the United States back on a winning, totally sovereign track where the individual and individual prerogatives are once again free from excessive control by a federal machine. By all means, vote for Republicans while it’s being built, but be sure to build the new force!

C’mon Tucker, Levin, Hannity, Savage, Bongino, Ingraham and the rest of you guys! Start working on the solution! The GOP isn’t it. One of its own senators, Hawley, said as much. Then watch those who actually follow through suddenly get screams to stop from the neocons and the globalist Left.  Those Leftists/Laissez Faire types will suddenly begin to preach, in effect, “Save the GOP!” They know very well that a new party will completely destroy their ruse, their means of control…and there, friends, will be the last bit of proof of that Big Ruse which keeps us heading into dystopia.

3 thoughts on “Time For The Pundits to Explain the Big Ruse”

  1. The one fatal flaw with the US Constitution is the fact that representatives are only elected on a two-year cycle. Once elected the only real objective is to get reelected. It’s given us a permanent bureaucracy and ruling class.

  2. Both major political parties in the US are part of a failed corrupt international SYSTEM known as politics. Adding a new ‘party’ may seem to be a good solution at first, but unless the “greed-based” control system is changed to one that operates on, and strictly within, the principles of God’s word and the US Constitution, it will be doomed to fail. Until the love of money as the root of all evil is controlled by a pure source, nothing will change.

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