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There’s an App for That

I’ve watched the television ad at least a dozen times with Hollywood actors (several of whom I recognize but only can name two) “demand” that Congress stop Donald Trump.  If this weren’t so sad it would actually be funny.  The man will not be President until January 20th.  Congress just convened for the 115th time.  Congress – now totally controlled by Republicans – have just begun setting an agenda for both Houses for 2017 actions.  I highly doubt that ignoring November’s election of a Republican president, House of Representatives, and Senate is anything members of this Congress plan on doing, especially if “life in Congress after this” is something each might consider desirable.

But these actors are not alone.  The customary rush by Hollywood elites – both actors and musicians – to accept the honor of performing at a newly elected President’s inauguration has fallen to the wayside because THIS president is Donald Trump.  One after another declined invitations to perform, ostensibly because of political and philosophical differences with the POTUS.   But in reality it is because they are afraid – not of Trump, but of other Hollywood elitists who have become self proclaimed and anointed spokespeople for U.S. citizens.  They determined on their own to be “the” official voices of the majority of Americans, though they are not.  They have allowed the very things they previously hated and still rail against to become part of who they are, or whom they think they are.  They used to hate the rich simply because to become rich one must be uncaring, greedy, and oblivious to others.  But they themselves are now rich!  And in doing so, they have dispelled the being rich curse they disdained in their previous lives.  But instead of allowing good fortune to guide them away from the former curse of the rich to instead be socially conscious, fair and impartial, caring U.S. citizens, they have (in part) become the very people they hated.

Not all in Hollywood and New York are of this ilk.  There are true Conservatives.  But most simply because of the liberal leftists who have taken control of the consciences of those in both the Left and Right coasts control the one thing Hollywood and Broadway’s members must have to maintain power and wealth – Money.  Producers, Directors, Studio owners and movie investors totally control who gets seen and heard in movies and music.  And most of them are diehard liberals.  And because they number among the Entertainment Elitists, they hate all things Conservative and have made doing so not just all right, but mandatory for survival.  So many conservatives maintain their political identities quietly while not actively participating in visible liberal activities.

One quick thought here:  isn’t it sad that these conservatives find it necessary to go “in the closet” just to keep their jobs just because their political ideals are different from the money-changers?  Hasn’t it been the liberal mantra to champion the rights of members of all minorities in America?  Yet every day the roar of anger from the Left against the Right gets louder and louder and Lefties get more and more vicious in their attacks … and more demanding in their cries against conservatives and conservative ideals.  After all:  the rest of Americans are all deplorable, right?

Here’s what they all (well, at least most all) are missing:  even though California, Illinois, New York, and a few other states voted for a liberal Administration, the majority of states in which the “deplorable” of us live voted for a conservative Administration.  And that’s the law.  Do you think it is pure irony that the framers of our government created the Electoral College?  Do you even know why they did?  No, it’s not ironic; it was planned, and planned for this reason:  they knew that there would be large metropolitan areas clustered around centers of trade and politics, and that the populations in these areas would grow quicker than those in Middle America.  Because of what they left in Europe they also knew that these areas would fill quickly with those who leaned toward the left politically, socially, and economically, and in a pure Republic a popular vote alone would shutout all Americans who lived in more sparsely populated states and regions and that elections would be dominated by voters and votes from those who lived in these areas.

Before you get angry with me, think about this:  this philosophy does not only protect conservative Americans.  It protects liberal Americans too.  The political philosophy meter is not a perpetually stationary thing.  Right now “fly over” America leans conservative.  But it hasn’t always and probably will tilt toward the Left in the future.  When that happens, (and it will happen) Middle America will be protected by the Electoral College just like it protected conservatives in 2016.  The tide will turn.

But just suppose the Left refuses to wait and wants to take immediate action to do away with the Electoral College.  That can be done you know.  How?  Well, there’s an app for that.  I encourage all who want to study that process with complete instructions on how to do away with the Electoral College to go to your App store and download it.  It’s named the same on all of the various software app stores and it’s free, so it will be easy and affordable for all to download.  It’s called “U.S. Constitution.”

Download it, read it, and learn just how to change it.  This Users Manual was given to us to make certain NO Americans in the minority would ever be left out of the political process.  When it or any other process of operating the U.S. political system does not work, (and “does not work” is defined by voters) any of these processes can be Constitutionally changed.

So Hollywood/Broadway/Washington and any other political elites:  stop the television ads.  Get on your pony and head to D.C. to visit your Congressmen and Women, your U.S. Senators, and get an amendment to dismantle or change the Electoral College passed in both Houses of Congress, then out to the states for approval.  If you don’t want to pay the price that’s been in place for 220 years to change that, do what conservatives did for the previous eight years even when they did not like the Presidential Administration and what it did:  follow the law.

Yep, there’s an app for this…..there’s an app for everything!

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