There’s Change in the Air!

It’s Friday. We’re in the early stages of the “Dog Days of Summer.” It’s hot…muggy…and it’s Summer!

We’re NOT publishing a regular story today at TruthNewsNetwork. But we ARE sharing something very important: PLANS. We at TNN are considering making some structural changes to our live M-F streaming show, “TNN Live!” It for a year has been streaming live two hours each Monday through Friday. Each show is kept in our catalog so that any and all can grab “free of charge” any show broadcast at the bottom of the story published each day. There’s a link posted there for anyone to click to listen to or download any show in mp3 format. Each show is also automatically uploaded to “iTunes Podcasts” and “Spotify Podcasts.” If you subscribe to either or both of these sites, write “TNN Live” in the search bar and immediately see our menu of podcasts you can hear.

Honestly, the changes we’re considering are to bring in more special guests and possibly even some guest hosts. But before we determine if we should change or not, we need your input. We’d like to hear from you regarding your thoughts on the existing format, what you dislike (if anything), and suggestions for changes to the show’s content and/or format. ANYTHING GOES! We will NOT be offended because of anything you tell us.

So here’s how we’d like for you to reach out to us. Because we respect your privacy, we will NOT ask for you to write us an email or text. In fact, a simple phone call message will be quicker and much easier for you to share your heart and mind. And we’ll even pay for the call!

Simply dial toll-free at 1-866-37TRUTH. That’s 1-866-378-7884. Let it ring until you hear a message greeting. It’s a short message. At the end of the message, you’ll hear a beep. After the beep just tell us your thoughts.

We want to continue the commitment we made to all of you from the inception of TruthNewsNetwork. That is for us to bring you facts, provide you behind-the-scenes information about important stories that you often hear only here — certainly not on mainstream media. We are NOT politically affiliated, although our political persuasion in total at TruthNewsNetwork is one of conservatism that protects the longstanding promises for our federal government to be “of, by, and for the People.”

This is YOUR website. “TNN Live” is YOUR streaming show. (We honestly feel that way) Because of that, it is critical we hear from you. Please take a moment and share your thoughts with us by calling us toll-free and leave a message at 1-866-37TRUTH, or 1-866-378-7884.



Our Saturday Bullet Points will be published as always Saturday morning while most of you are still in LaLa Land! You’ll be able to review the big stories of the week to make certain you missed nothing of importance while drinking fresh, Saturday AM coffee.

To Download Today’s (Friday, July 9, 2021) “TNN Live” Show, click on this link:

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