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Top 10 Things a Man will Not say to His Wife

With all of the concentration in the U.S. around Washington D.C., we need a break. How about a chuckle or two? When we tell funny stories it’s always appropriate to laugh at real things. Here are some of those “real things.” Here are 10 that everyone at onetime or another in their adult life has made their being on this list applicable to you — men and women.


  1. agree totally. Her breasts are entirely too large.
  2. I’m fixing me some ice cream and pie. Can I get you some?
  3. Let’s invite your Mom and her sister to go with us on vacation this summer.
  4. I’m almost through washing the dishes. Then all I have left is two loads of clothes to wash.
  5. I’m tired of flipping channels. Here, you work the remote for a while.
  6. I was planning to watch the PGA Championship. But I’d rather watch a Hallmark Channel movie rerun with you today.
  7. Look, Baby; I rented us two really good movies: Ghost and Steel Magnolias.
  8. I miss your mother. Is it OK with you if she moves in to live with us?
  9. I was going to play golf Saturday. I dunno: I’d rather make the rounds of garage sales with you than golf with my buddies.
  10. Gee, Honey; we don’t talk enough.

1 thought on “Top 10 Things a Man will Not say to His Wife”

  1. All true and funny!! I would add after 32 years of marriage that if you tried a few of those actions it might result in some passionate love making later!! ” Sex begins in the kitchen”

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