Trump Respects Putin?

In an exclusive interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, President Trump was asked if he respects Russian President Vladimir Putin.  He said he does respect his Russian counterpart.  His answer has whipped many into a frenzy, including lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.  The universal cries by these lawmakers against Trump stating he respects Putin can be boiled down to one thing:  Putin is a crazed thug who has invaded countries, bombed indiscriminately, and is the past director of the KGB.  While I’m not a Trump apologist, I must say these angry responses are almost laughable.  Politicians just don’t get Donald Trump.

President Trump just became a politician a couple of months ago.  For the last 50 years he’s been a businessman — and quite successful.  How did he achieve such success?  By finding opportunities to work with others, negotiating deals, getting the “upper hand” more times than not in these deals, then providing all necessary resources to operate these deals successfully.

Almost all politicians (at least at the national level) don’t understand this process.  Their perception of success is to win an election doing whatever that takes.  Then when they are elected they convince the electorate they must simply trust him/her, and let them devise and implement whatever they choose regardless what the electorate think.  Oh, and the electorate must pay higher taxes to pay for these “whatevers.”  Their ultimate objective?  To perpetuate through accumulated political power the job/position of the politician.  And by doing so guaranteeing an amazingly income for the politician.  It is rare for a D.C. politician to leave office not being wealthy — wealth not from a government pay check but rather from payback for political favors while in office.

President Trump understands both sides of this equation.  Besides now being  a politician, in his business success he was forced to learn, implement, and maintain political favor.  So he’s played the game.  And he’s not naive to the fact that politicians actually believe Americans don’t know this game, understand it, and hate that process.  That’s how he was elected!  Americans are tired of it.

Enter Vladimir Putin.  In his former role at the KGB  he understood the game of international politics, what it took to be successful, and how to dominate in negotiations — he knew intimately the meaning of “do whatever it takes.”  So as Russian President what has he done?  The same as Trump in private business. First, “by finding opportunities to work with other business people, (government people) negotiating deals, getting the ‘upper hand,’ then providing all necessary resources and management to operate these businesses successfully.”  Who was his only real World adversary?  The U.S.  Who did he have to negotiate with to get a “best deal possible?”  Barack Obama.  And Putin dominated that relationship.  He knew early on he could do whatever he wanted with no concern about the U.S. as long as Obama was President.  So he invaded Crimea, stole most of Ukraine, picked the most advantageous position for Russia in Syria, and is negotiating with every country in the Middle East to garner the most for his country.

It’s laughable to listen to Senators Rubio, McCain and others lashing out at the President for expressing his respect for Putin.  Why?  Because they ONLY understand politics.  They are simply ignorant of the “business game” being played on the World stage today in the Middle East and Europe.  Mr. Trump gets it!  And he’s playing the game with Putin.  President Trump respects Putin because he’s wily, very smart, an exceptional negotiator, and is winning politically in most corners of the World with most other countries.  But the President does not LIKE Putin.  There’s a marked difference.

Watch and see what happens.  It’s like this:  I own a midsize pond in which lives a big alligator.  I don’t have a desire to go kill the alligator — yet — but I know he’s there and is extremely dangerous.  He’s eaten quite a few small animals that have strayed close to the pond, so I want to keep my small dogs safely away from him.  And he’s thwarted several attempts by hunters to kill him.  I don’t like that alligator. But I surely respect him.  Putin is President Trump’s alligator.

Ever heard the saying, “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer?”  Donald Trump is doing that now with Putin.

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