Tucker Carlson: The First Host To Nab Hunter Biden Partner Devon Archer

It came as a big surprise that Tucker Carlson was able to bring Devon Archer to “Tucker on Twitter” on Wednesday. Though we were told the transcript of the meeting between Devon and members of the House Oversight Committee that happened on Monday, most felt Archer would not speak further with any media outlets — especially Tucker Carlson.

For some reason, he changed his mind.

We wanted to make sure every conservative (and every leftist who cares to listen to the facts that Archer brought to Washington this week), so we captured Tucker’s show episode with Devon. Here is Devon Archer’s first media appearance since the “get together” with House members on Monday, July 31, 2023. Keep in mind, Archer has been convicted for embezzlement of $60 million from a Native American tribe and is waiting to serve his one-year sentence.

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