The Biden Family Syndicate Is No Longer A Conspiracy Theory

Can you imagine a scenario if Donald Trump was still President and Don Jr. “lost” a briefcase that contained a plethora of documents? These hard drives contained mountains of emails, pictures, videos, confidential information, and correspondence purposely kept secret. Imagine if a news organization was to get their hands on that briefcase and began releasing “select” bits of information to the public, some of which implicated President Trump himself in seedy relationships with seedy people. There was evidence of under-the-table transactions conducted by Don Jr. and his brother Eric. Though nowhere in the contained notes were direct references to Donald Trump, a nickname was used instead in the emails and instructions for disseminating proceeds from these transactions that could be nobody other than Trump the Elder. How would the world have responded to these revelations?

No reasonable person can dispute that the world, led by the State Media, would have crucified then President Trump and would not have impeached him twice: it would have taken only one impeachment and a removal trial in the Senate to find him Guilty!

Media helped hide the real Joe Biden by censoring Hunter stories: Miranda Devine

“The President’s plummeting popularity, especially among independents, reflects a growing realization among voters that Joe Biden is not the man they thought they had voted for. There’s a good reason for their disenchantment. They were denied the standard due diligence the media is supposed to conduct on presidential candidates.

It’s been more than a year since The New York Post published the first of a series of damning stories about then-candidate Biden, based on his son Hunter’s abandoned laptop. It’s been more than a year since Facebook and Twitter colluded with Democrat-friendly media to censor a story that reflected poorly on their preferred candidate less than three weeks before the 2020 election.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey blithely admitted after the election that locking The Post’s account for two weeks based on a non-existent “hacking” offense was a “mistake.” Facebook has never revealed the results of the “fact-check” it used as a pretext for blocking The Post. It likely never occurred because Facebook never contacted key recipients of emails we published from the laptop. But the damage was done. The coordinated censorship of America’s oldest newspaper — with more than 80 million readers online alone — amounted to election interference.

If the full story of the Bidens’ international influence-peddling scheme had been told before the election, polls indicate it may have affected the result. Almost 50 percent of Biden voters knew nothing about Hunter’s laptop scandal, according to polling conducted after the election by the Media Research Center, and nearly 10 percent said they would not have voted for Biden had they known. With fewer than 45,000 votes in three states deciding the outcome, it’s not unreasonable to suggest that suppression of The Post’s stories won Biden the election and denied voters the truth about his character.

This is the importance of Hunter Biden’s laptop and why it refuses to be shoved down the memory hole, where other inconvenient truths go to die. It provides a rare and detailed window onto the corruption that is Washington’s original sin, as conducted on a global scale by one of its most calculating practitioners.

The sordid secret vices of a son of political privilege are an incongruous backdrop to the monumental oil and gas deals Hunter was mixed up in around the world, a drug-addled neophyte bumbling through geopolitical minefields, with the Secret Service in tow. Hunter’s encounters with cutthroat oligarchs in Monte Carlo, Lake Como, Hong Kong, and Shanghai are documented in vivid detail on his laptop. It takes us from a billionaire’s beach villa in Acapulco to the desolate oil fields of Kazakhstan, from a judo competition in Budapest with Vladimir Putin to dinner in Beijing with Xi Jinping.

A Chinese tycoon cooks Hunter dinner in his new $50 million penthouse. A Ukrainian oligarch flies him to his fishing shack in Norway. Beautiful Russian escorts and thieving drug dealers float through his self-imposed exile on Sunset Boulevard amid slapstick scenes as crackhead Hunter comes unstuck and his hapless Uncle Jim Biden rides in to the rescue. Text messages chronicling the disintegration of Hunter’s love affair with his brother’s widow, Hallie Biden, are laced with flashbacks to the pain of a troubled childhood. Eye-popping financial windfalls are shaded by the grim fate of Chinese business partners who wind up missing, presumed dead. It’s a life of greed and luxury in a shadowy world of kleptocrat oligarchs whom law enforcement can’t touch.

Hunter was acutely aware of what he brought to the table: access to his powerful father despite his secret debaucheries. Sorry, but Hunter Biden’s profiteering matters — even if the rest of the press ignores it.

The Biden family business is documented in eye-popping detail in the 11-gigabyte trove. Over nine years from 2010 to 2019, the laptop shadows Joe’s life as the globe-trotting vice president of the Obama administration, the favor-trading senator from Delaware who would become the leader of the free world.

Over the past year, much of The Post’s reporting has been quietly accepted as accurate and even was admitted by Hunter in his 2021 addiction memoir. The White House confirmed our reporting when it admitted to a Washington Post fact-checker that then-VP Biden attended a dinner by Hunter’s business associates from Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan on April 16, 2015, in a private room at Café Milano in Washington, D.C. Yes, Joe went to the dinner, the White House admitted, but only briefly, and not for any nefarious purpose, of course.

You would think reporters at organs such as USA Today and the Washington Post might be miffed about being lied to by Biden’s campaign, which categorically denied any such meeting had taken place.

“I’ve never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings,” candidate Biden snarled as if it were an affront to question his integrity. But few in the media showed any interest in holding him to account and ignored our reporting.

The killer blow came five days after The Post’s exposé, from 50 former senior intelligence officials led by former CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. Using the institutional weight of their influential former roles, they published a letter in Politico that claimed the material on Hunter’s laptop “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” However, not one of them had seen any of it. This was partisan propaganda designed to disparage The Post’s reporting and dissuade the rest of the media from looking deeper.

The Brennan letter was a lifeline to Joe Biden, three days before his final debate against a fired-up President Donald Trump. “Joe, they’re calling you a corrupt politician,” said Trump. “Take a look at the laptop from hell.”

Biden relied entirely on the Brennan letter to dismiss the laptop stories: “There are 50 former national intelligence folks who said that what he’s accusing me of is a Russian plan. They have said this is a bunch of garbage.”

But The Post’s reporting has held up. Corroborated from multiple angles, Hunter’s laptop tells an alarming story of the national interest sold out for personal gain at the highest level, particularly Communist China, America’s most significant strategic foe.

The conclusion is inescapable: The President cannot extricate his family’s moneymaking schemes from America’s foreign policy imperatives.”


The above is a synopsis of the book “Laptop From Hell” that hits newsstands this week. It is taken from an exhaustive forensic examination of Hunter Biden’s laptop he “forgot” to pick up from a Delaware computer repair shop where he left it. After repairing the laptop, the shop owner attempted multiple times to contact Hunter to arrange his picking it up. Biden never responded. Rather than throw it away, he booted it to see from its contents if there was some other way to contact its owner. He then saw the massive volume of emails, videos, pictures, and other documents that, in his terms, were “damning.” He contacted the FBI about the computer — not once but several times before they responded.

He copied the hard drive that he later said was “to protect him.” That, of course, was in response to his learning who was involved in the reams of data and information it contained. After all, the laptop owner was the son of the President of the United States. And that President was implicated throughout the data on that hard drive. He sent a couple of the cloned hard drives to others. One of those was his attorney. Another went to Rudy Giuliani.

The rest is history.

But here’s the sad part about it all. It should not HAVE been and should not STILL BE history: it should have initiated the most comprehensive investigation into the wrongdoing (and even criminality) of Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Joe’s brother, and a host of other politicians and political bureaucrats from this country and numerous other countries!

But no such investigation has been opened. That in itself is sadly proof to all Americans that we do live in a two-tiered justice system.

There’s one system in which you and I are immersed with no other option. It’s expensive, slow-moving, not always fair, and full of people who may have good intentions but often are so overloaded with cases that their capabilities and subsequent desires to do their best for their clients get lost in the shuffle the maddening volume of caseload they face daily.

The second justice system is the one that Joe Biden, Barack Obama, former Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, former FBI Director James Comey, CIA Director John Brennan, and others including James Clapper, Peter Strozk, and a plethora of other lifetime Department of Justice attorneys and political bureaucrats. All of these received blanket indemnification, not through some presidential pardons or exoneration in a court of law, but simply by being numbered among those endowed by their party affiliation and “enrollment” in the Deep State that gave them each a free pass.

Sadly, this is ALL true. And it shouldn’t be.

It’s somewhat funny that Donald Trump learned within weeks of his oath of office just how deep and muddy is Washington’s political Swamp. He knew just as quickly that it’s hard to find people in Washington that an honest man can trust — even those who have verbally committed their lives to his service. And he discovered the hard way just who are the “good guys” and who are the guys who wear “black hats.” And there are very few of the “good guys” remaining.

Our only hope is that Special Attorney John Durham has been given the resources and the permissions necessary to follow through with his investigation into the origins and the players in the Russia Collusion hoax. Everything I’ve read and heard tells me he’s a “good guy.” But many of the good guys have been buried with their white hats on their grave markers.

Will Hunter Biden escape the strong arm of the law for his very obvious lawbreaking exposed in great detail in the contents of that laptop? Will Joe Biden escape from forced accountability for his now-proven involvement in numerous schemes revealed in the laptop contents perpetrated by the Biden Family Syndicate? I doubt it. After all, former FBI Director James Comey, former Attorney General Eric Holder, and numerous other Democrats serving in Congress and Cabinet positions have left their posts unscathed by their roles in the Swamp.

Meanwhile, you and I sit here today wondering if we’ll have a job to feed our families, pay rent, pay a few doctors’ bills, and, hopefully, have enough left for groceries this week. We may need to tag-team with a neighbor to grocery shop because Joe’s price of gas keeps us from getting that tank-a-week we’ve been doing for a while.

Do you know what all this reminds me of? It reminds me of the stories I’ve read and heard from 20th Century European stories in which mega-rich Europeans maintained a billionaire lifestyle while daring their servants even to look them in the face. The chasm between the “boss” and the “servant” was so vast there was NO hope of that gap ever being breached. Unless one was born into such a family, that person was relegated to a life of serfdom with absolutely no way out of it — EVER!

And just who in our lives today plays the roles I just described? The “mega-rich European billionaires” are the filthy rich, members of the State Media, our elected government leaders who happen to wear the Democrat costume, and the Leftist bureaucrats who serve to run the “machinery” of this merry-go-round.

My last thought regarding all this is: I want to keep fighting. But will those keeping score ever let the fighters determine who wins the fight? Or are they going to continue to be allowed to “fix” each fight like they always have, giving “their” pick the nod no matter the actual outcome?

Right now, to get that answer, the only thing I can do is flip a coin. It’s 50-50.

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Are You Mad About Illegal Immigration? This Will Light Your Fire!!!!

Do you remember that during the Trump Administration, Congress allocated $5 billion earmarked “specifically” for building the border wall? Biden arbitrarily stopped the spending on the wall. His doing so is a violation of Constitutional law!

The United States Congress is the ONLY entity in government that can instigate or terminate government spending in any area. And Congress had NOTHING to do with Biden’s “pulling the plug” on using taxpayer dollars allocated in law to do just that.

Do you have any idea what Biden’s doing so looks like? Forget about the obvious gaps in the wall and the nearly 2 million illegals who have flooded illegally across the border. Forget about the fact that NO testing for COVID-19 is the policy for Custom and Border Patrol or ICE. Forget about Biden surreptitiously during the darkness of light transferring thousands of illegals across the nation to towns and cities without even notifying local authorities!

Maybe YOU can somehow legitimize this administration doing so in the name of giving mercy to all those who are desperate to escape egregious circumstances in their home countries and are therefore making the trek across Central America and Mexico to get here. But there is NO WAY Americans can forget about this:


Let’s face it: this President does NOT feel any sense of obligation to fulfill his oath of office: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Only by ignoring the “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” phrase of his oath or believing that does NOT include using the Executive Branch’s unilateral powers to enforce the laws of the United States can anyone interpret that it is OK for this President — ANY President — to determine unilaterally it is somehow OK to ignore some laws while picking and choosing the ones to enforce.

I’ll take it one step further: “No one is above the laws of the United States — ESPECIALLY any U.S. President.”

Who said that? Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer along with every news commentator on CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, and writers and editors of EVERY national newspaper. But Donald Trump was President then!

Is it OK for Joe Biden to ignore the fact that, in law, Congress passed funding for the construction of the southern border wall?

Was it OK for Barack Obama to instruct his Attorney General — Eric Holder — to cease prosecuting under federal law those who violated those laws with illegal possession of drugs?

Neither is OK! And any President doing so is committing impeachable offenses….period.

Oh: Biden in doing this is allowing millions of illegals that we know NOTHING about to flood across our border and then to flood across our country!

That “Rule of Law” thing that, even Biden, studied and knew when he received his law degree.

But I forgot: Joe Biden probably does not remember that part of his law class!

D.C. Corruption is Skyrocketing

Joe Biden has several successes he can brag about when he leaves office. One is being the most successful POTUS in my lifetime to consistently misrepresent facts in EVERY statement issued, press conference held, and speech given.

Wait: don’t scream, “You’re nothing but a hardcore conservative, Dan! You wouldn’t like anything he says or does.” You don’t need to use my measuring stick for graft and corruption. The Washington Post has a running record of Pinnochios handed to Sleepy Joe since he began his campaign and continuing daily in his presidency.

One thing is clear, though. Biden didn’t invent corruption; he did not create the process of telling lies or “paraphrasing” information to fit one’s political narrative. All Joe did was perfect that process during his 47 years in Washington. But there’s plenty to go around: far TOO much to try and report in one sitting. Today, we’ll discuss “some” of the military corruption in the world of dollars and cents. Here are two examples of some really egregious corruption cases regarding our military.

The Biggest Corruption Case Ever in Federal Contracting

Even before he competed for his first government job, the key witness in the largest bribery case in federal contracting history said an associate warned him that he’d have to “pay to play,” according to a recent jailhouse letter. Alex Cho said he began work as a contractor because he thought doing business with the U.S. government would be an honest way to make a living — a notion he quickly abandoned. “In planning to get into this field, I actually thought I would be getting away from dishonesty,” Cho told U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan in a lengthy letter from the D.C. Jail — his first public remarks on the historic $30 million corruption scam that has resulted in 20 guilty pleas.

For years, the ringleader, Army Corps program manager Kerry Khan, extracted millions of dollars in kickbacks from corrupt contractors. But Cho said Khan also made other “absurd demands.” “As I told agents, he asked me on numerous occasions to drive 45 minutes, including at night, from my home in Ashburn to his [home in] Alexandria … to unclog his toilet, fix his A/C, and even to replace his light bulbs.”

Khan is serving a 19-year prison sentence. Sentencing papers filed on Cho’s behalf refer to him as “the key cooperator” in the “most successful bribery case” that federal prosecutors in Washington have ever handled. However, the case has received scant attention in Congress.

Cho wore an undercover wire for months in hopes of getting a favorable sentencing recommendation. But after a falling out with prosecutors, the U.S. attorney’s office is seeking eight years in prison for Cho. He was supposed to have been sentenced this week, but the hearing was postponed. In sentencing papers, Cho’s previous lawyer argued that prosecutors had promised Cho that they’d intercede on his behalf with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on deportation proceedings. But prosecutors countered in court papers that things changed after Cho tipped off an associate during the investigation that he was wearing an undercover recording device. In his letter, Cho seemed to acknowledge his slim chances of remaining in the United States.

“I wish I had been a perfect cooperator,” he wrote. “I think that the FBI would have sponsored me for citizenship, but now that is gone.” Still, he added, he didn’t regret cooperating in the investigation.

Investigators had little idea about the bribery scheme until they interviewed Cho on an unrelated case. The scheme, headed by Khan and another Army Corps official, Michael Alexander, was impossible to detect because bribes were built into contracts as inflated overhead. Corrupt companies paid out the money to Khan in kickbacks.

In his letter, Cho said he got his start in government contracting in 2002 after he lost his job selling used computer equipment. Within nine years of founding the now-defunct company, Nova Datacom LLC, the business posted about $20 million in contract revenues. But the costs of paying millions in bribes caused Nova Datacom to lose money on some contracts, he added.

“The contracts came in, but so did the demands for more bribes,” Cho recounted. “When I tried to stop paying bribes, Kerry Khan told me it was too late for me to get out.”

While most of the corruption involved kickbacks at the Army Corps of Engineers, the investigation also uncovered a related scheme involving Army contracts in Korea. Last month, the former chief executive of a Virginia-based company that holds defense and intelligence agency contracts pleaded guilty to paying bribes to a former Army contracting official, In Seon Lim, who was sentenced to four years in prison in October. Intelligent Decisions Inc. also agreed to pay a $300,000 fine to resolve charges for golf outings, meals, and a Lexus to Lim. In a statement, the company has said it has new leadership, the violations happened five years ago, and officials cooperated in the investigation.

Military Contractors Raked in $4.4 Trillion Since 9/11

According to a new study from the Center for International Policy, the Pentagon has spent some $14.1 trillion over the last 20 years, at least $4.4 trillion of which has gone to military contractors. The Center for International Policy released the research (pdf) in conjunction with The Costs of War Institute on Sept. 13, noting that many studies have outlined the financial costs associated with the wars since 9/11—but little work has been done on documenting the beneficiaries of that spending.

The research author, Center for International Policy director William Hartung, said that five main companies have collected the lion’s share of the $4.4 trillion: Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman. Those companies have collected 25 to 33 percent of all Pentagon contracts over the last two decades, according to Hartung.

“From FY 2001 to FY 2020, these five firms alone split over $2.1 trillion in Pentagon contracts (in 2021 dollars),” Hartung wrote. “To put these figures in perspective, the $75 billion in Pentagon contracts received by Lockheed Martin in FY 2020 is well over one and one-half times the entire budget for the State Department and Agency for International Development for that year, which totaled $44 billion.”

Hartung said that some of the corporate profits derived from the wars had been seen as legitimate, but other profits resulted from waste, fraud, or abuse. Hartung recounted one of the most notorious examples of war profiteering: Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root’s involvement with numerous projects in Iraq and Afghanistan. Halliburton’s involvement in the wars was controversial because Dick Cheney served as the company’s chief executive until he became vice president in 2001. Cheney also owned Halliburton stock worth $46 million, and he received $162,000 in deferred compensation from the company as late as 2002, according to Hartung, citing congressional testimony from that time.

“Cheney’s journey from the government to Halliburton and back was a classic case of the revolving door between the Pentagon and the defense industry, with all the real and potential conflicts-of-interest that entails,” Hartung said. “Halliburton’s performance was another major source of criticism, as it was found to be dramatically overcharging for basic services and doing faulty work that put U.S. troops at risk,” he added. But while Halliburton may be one of the most prominent cases of war profiteering, it is far from the only one, Hartung said.

Other examples cited by the Center for International Policy researcher include a U.S.-appointed economic task force that spent $43 million on a gas station that was never used, another $150 million on lavish living quarters for U.S. economic advisers and $3 million for patrol boats in landlocked Afghanistan—also never used.

Along with the major firms, relatively smaller contractors also benefited from what Hartung described as the “chaotic atmosphere” that prevailed in the early days of the war. A company called Custer Battles, for instance, had a contract to guard the Baghdad airport and collect old Iraqi currency so it could be destroyed. Hartung said Custer Battles received the contract because it underbid its competitors, even though it has no experience in airport security.

Citing an Army inspection of their operations, Hartung said Custer Battles hired security guards with no prior training, hired no translators who spoke Arabic, and acquired no security dogs to detect explosives. According to Hartung, Custer Battles was eventually barred from government contracting and fined $10,000, but that was far less than what the company earned from its contract.

Hartung highlighted numerous other examples of contractor abuse over the last 20 years, warning that many of the same companies are gearing up for potential conflict with China.

“The China threat argument has been utilized to justify the quest for a 350-ship Navy—up from about 300 ships currently; major Air Force purchases like a new bomber and the F-35 combat aircraft; the Pentagon’s $1.5 trillion, three-decades-long proposed nuclear weapons upgrade plan; the Space Force, a new branch of the armed forces; major expenditures on missile defense systems; and large new investments in cyber technologies and tactics (offensive and defensive), unmanned systems, hypersonic weapons, and artificial intelligence,” he said. “Many of these initiatives were well along before China became the primary preoccupation of U.S. military planners, but the ‘China card’ has become the argument of choice to consolidate political support for these expenditures.”

Hartung said his Center for International Policy has proposed a “more realistic approach” to the challenges posed by China and Russia—relying more on allies, pursuing diplomatic solutions to actual and potential nuclear proliferation, and cutting excess bureaucracy, including reducing the Pentagon’s employment of more than 600,000 private contract personnel. This could save some $1.2 trillion over the next decade, according to Hartung.

“Given the immense financial and human costs of America’s post-9/11 wars—and the negative security consequences generated by many of these conflicts—adopting a new, less militarized foreign policy should be a central goal of the public and policymakers alike,” he said.

“Recent developments, like the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, are steps in the right direction, but much more needs to be done to achieve a policy that prioritizes diplomacy over war.”


What’s sad about this is that it has existed in U.S. Government for decades and decades. It involves trillions of taxpayer dollars and has very little if any, oversight. And it is purposely hidden by numerous elected government officials who are complicit in hiding it from taxpayers.

“Why would our elected officials hide this corruption and wasteful spending if they are not part of these ‘deals?'” That has a simple answer, and it explains why almost every elected official in D.C. who does NOT enter office a wealthy person almost always LEAVES office filthy rich. The hiding of the wrongdoing of others (or simply not saying anything about it) leaves the opportunities for their personal involvement in such wide open, if and when they are approached by the situation that “works” for them.

Do you know what hurts the most about this? We hear these stories fairly regularly. But today, especially, it cuts to the bone: we’re about to have close to 5 trillion dollars and tax increases crammed down our throats to fund a “fake” infrastructure bill in tandem with what’s called a “social infrastructure bill,” which contains NOTHING of substance. But, combined, that contains hundreds of billions of giveaways, pork, and “brother-in-law” deals. And you and I will pay for it.

There’s no real fix for any of this. There WOULD be a fix if our lawmakers would decline to allow these to happen. Joe Biden certainly will not stop it. He’s made involvement in these types of schemes an everyday event for the Biden Family Syndicate.

And remember this: he’s the President of the United States. Others in Washington take their cue from him.


Who knows if we’ll ever know the contents of the “goodie bags” that Hunter Biden has brought home for “The Big Guy?” What we DO know is there are plenty of them! I believe the witnesses that have come forward with facts and evidence far more than I believe the stories that Hunter Biden spins. I’ve seen a few of Hunter’s laptop pictures and videos. I can only imagine what the Biden Family Syndicate has been involved in.

Do you think those sorts of things are still happening?

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Biden Cut Deal with Afghan Government to Deceive World About Taliban Threat

Nothing that happens in Washington surprises me anymore. There’s so much corruption in every aspect of our government that it’s easier to just number the handful of honest politicians instead of trying to label all those who are dishonest.

Then, of course, there’s the “Corporate Media” who are complicit in ALL of the dishonesty. It’s disheartening to understand that the very people who are the sworn watchdogs for the rank-and-file who basically own this country but are purposely kept in the dark are up to their eyeballs in this nastiness. In other words: these media sycophants are the only chance Americans have to know the actual facts in governance. And they are just as vile as are the dishonest politicians who also swore to work for us!

Who would have believed that this president — Joe Biden — actually used his political power to make a maniacal deal with the former Afghan president Ashraf Ghani. So far it’s not known if the secret deal was to result in money changing hands — even though it’s reported Ghani fled Afghanistan carrying $169 million in cash with him. That’s to be determined. But what IS known is that the pair colluded with a plan to portray the details surrounding the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan in a light that is exactly opposite to how it played out — at least to this point. There are many more puzzle pieces yet to fall.

Would you like to hear about this sinister plot? Reuters was the first to report about these two phone calls and to obtain transcripts of the conversations. I’m certain you’d like to know those details.

Here you go!

President Joe Biden Caught With His Pants Down

In the weeks before Afghanistan’s collapse, President Joe Biden and now-exiled former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani cut a secret deal to deceive the world about the Taliban threat.

The transcript of the last phone call between the two heads of state shows that the U.S. president specifically asked the Afghan president to downplay the potential resurgence of the foreign enemy.

“President Joe Biden wanted the now-departed Afghan president to create the ‘perception’ that his government was capable of holding off the Taliban – an indication he knew it was only a matter of time before the US ally fell to the Islamic group even while reassuring Americans at home that it would not happen,” the Daily Mail reported on the transcript.

“In the last phone call between Biden and his Afghan then-counterpart Ashraf Ghani, the American president said they needed to change perceptions of the Taliban’s rapid advance ‘whether it is true or not,’ according to excerpts published on Tuesday,” the report continued.

“Four weeks before Kabul collapsed, Ghani pleaded for more air support and money for soldiers who had not had a pay raise in a decade,” the report added.

The transcript was originally obtained and released by Reuters.

“Hey look, I want to make it clear that I am not a military man any more than you are, but I have been meeting with our Pentagon folks, and our national security people, as you have with ours and yours, and as you know and I need not tell you the perception around the world and in parts of Afghanistan, I believe, is that things aren’t going well in terms of the fight against the Taliban,” President Biden said.

“And there’s a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture,” Biden added.

Ghani would later flee the country. According to the Russian embassy, he took off in a helicopter and four cars and a fortune in cash. An Afghan diplomat accused him of looting $169 million from the suffering, war-torn country. Over the denials of Ashraf Ghani about taking the money, the Taliban is demanding he return the alleged stolen funds.

“He made the mistake of abandoning the government. This is what resulted in the sudden vacuum, plundering and shooting,” the Taliban spokesperson said.

On Tuesday, Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan hinted that economic aid, more specifically, Afghanistan government funds frozen by the U.S. government, could be on the table as leverage to ensure “hundreds” of American citizens get home safely.

“When it comes to our economic and development assistance relationship with the Taliban, that will be about the Taliban’s actions,” Sullivan said. “It will be about whether they follow through on their commitments — their commitments to the safe passage for Americans and Afghan allies, their commitment to not allow Afghanistan to be a base from which terrorists can attack the United States or any other country, their commitments with respect to upholding their international obligations.”

“It’s going to be up to them,” he added. “And we will wait and see by their actions how we end up responding in terms of the economic and development assistance.”

In the background, however, is Biden’s abandonment of an estimated $65 billion in military hardware that is now in the hands of the Taliban, as well as reported a massive number of pallets of cash.


Don’t forget history, folks. Remember this: The first Trump impeachment trial turned on the transcript of a phone call that then-President Donald Trump made to the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. The dispute was over whether Donald Trump offered a “quid pro quo” in exchange for information on Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, who had inexplicably obtained a lucrative deal with a Ukrainian gas company.

No such “quid pro quo” was proven in the first of two impeachment trials. The impeachment failed. The “whistleblower” lied about his identity during the hearing.

The Biden phone call transcript is much more damning. It is a clear offer to deceive the American public and the international community about the Taliban threat. The false security of the country was the basis for the Biden military withdrawal after two decades of fighting.

Lest we forget: Biden’s “game” with the former Afghan president resulted in the deaths of 12 Marines and one Navy sailor along with approximately 200 Afghans who just happened to be caught up in the Biden-instigated insanity at the Abbey Gate at the Kabul airport. They were all blown up using explosives that Biden’s military left for the Taliban.

Biden’s hands are bloody in two ways: his “deal” with Ghani resulted in a pullback of Afghani forces while the Taliban was sweeping across the nation, province by province, city by city, and leaving dead Afghan citizens and who knows how many Afghan soldiers while Ghani and Biden looked on and purposely hid the facts of those atrocities from the citizens of both countries AND the World. What decisions if leaders were armed with the facts — facts of the Taliban slaughter of thousands and those Americans and the Biden-Ghani deal — would have made differently about timing, the defense of the Kabul airport, and the extraction of hundreds of American citizens, many of who are still hiding from the Taliban with the promise of President Biden they heard on ABC that “We will leave NO American behind and our military will NOT leave until all are safe?”

Joe Biden is an “empty suit,” a “hollow man,” an insensitive bureaucrat who showed his “real” self at the ceremony at Dover when those 13 dead American service members were brought back home. How did he reveal his true self? Eleven times during the ceremony he looked down at his watch!

Reports from the family members of those thirteen who decided to meet privately with the President — and only a few chose to do so — related how cold and unsympathetic was Biden. And each told the story that Biden repeated his story regarding the loss of his son Beau. How callous!

No American holds any malice at Biden for grieving for his dead son. Parents are NEVER supposed to bury their children. But that day at Dover was NOT to be about Beau Biden, and certainly not about Joe Biden. But Joe showed his true colors and proved to the nation and the World that EVERYTHING in his life as President IS about him.

There is a chorus of Republicans now calling for President Biden to resign or be impeached. He will NOT be impeached. But resignation is a strong possibility. But that would take a man of substance, moral character, empathy, and honesty.

I think Mr. Biden is minus each of those.

If the president somehow makes it past the 2022 midterms, both impeachment AND resignation very well may be options on the table. After all, colluding with a foreign leader to make oneself look credible in the eyes of the U.S. using the lives of thousands of Afghan citizens, 13 U.S. military members, and an untold number of OTHER Americans who still remain stranded in Afghanistan, certainly is grounds for impeachment on numerous grounds.

After reading this and thinking it through, I’m confident he won’t resign: he’s too arrogant and pride-filled. No matter his mental and/or physical status, he’s too proud to ever step down from what surely will be one of  — if not THE — worst presidencies in American history. I’m just not certain Joe is mentally capable to discern these facts.

By the way: If you do or don’t believe this story, click on the hyperlink above that says “transcript” and read the phone call contents for yourself.

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After Jan. 6, What’s Happening Is Anything But Funny

Think about this: the FBI “detained” more than 500 American citizens, jailed many of them, placed many of those in solitary confinement where they are allowed out of cells just one hour a day. That sounds logical for what happened at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, right? Wrong. It’s unconstitutional!

Though arrested, NONE of these were charged. Therefore, NONE were given Miranda rights. Worse still is that their attorneys are not allowed to meet with their jailed clients!

Did you mysteriously awaken this morning in a house in Russia? The actions taken by the FBI in the aftermath of the January 6 storming of the Capitol are NOT what Americans expect to see in the United States. And the FBI — or any other law enforcement agency — doing so makes one thing crystal clear: What many of us suspected of the FBI after the Mueller Investigation revelations that revealed actions (and “dis-actions”) by the FBI has been confirmed. This government now chooses to ignore Constitutional law and is doing so with impunity!

The “Story”

This “story” you’re about to read comes from an undercover investigative reporter who participated secretly during the march from the White House to the Capitol on January 6 and subsequent breach of the building. He was undercover and told his story from a first-hand perspective.

He called himself a QAnon Tier I Ranger SEAL Operator and had the 17 tabs down one sleeve to prove it. “In a situation like this, Embed, you stick to me and I’ll get you home, brother. Unless the GPS gets us lost again.”

Behind the wheel of his F-150, looking for parking near the state capitol, I knew he meant it. The eyes, always the eyes. In the backseat was his AR-15 with the handle on top, equipped with several dozen accessories from Bass Pro. His personal gear said he was ready, clothing half in arctic-urban-backyard camo, half blaze orange. “I can’t afford this s*** unless I can get two seasons out of it,” he said. He asked I call him “Mike,” though I found out on Facebook his real name is Michael. His tactical hair gel caught the light as he spoke.

“If we find free parking we approach from the east. If we have to feed the meter, I come in from the north.” The tactical radio rang. “Honey, I told you it’ll be after 6 p.m. I don’t know, get a pizza,” he said in some sort of Pepe code.

“The mission today is to occupy the space in front of the CNN crew and dominate the interviews. CNN will identify themselves by removing their heads from their own butts, so watch for the signal. Stay frosty in case we spot Maddow and I call an audible. And bunch up so it looks like they’re more of us.”

You’re right, that didn’t happen. I made Mike up. It’s funny.

But this did happen: Daily Beast published a “scoop” revealing one of the men charged in the January 6 riot had a fully assembled Lego model of the Capitol in his home, which the FBI insinuated was used as a tactical planning tool and thus seized as evidence. It formed part of the prosecution’s argument against bail. It sounds like a joke.

The problem is that it wasn’t true; the man merely had the unopened Lego set, and the prosecutors lied. The accused rioter remains in jail. The Lego set is still available on Amazon.

And this is also true and not so funny. Most of the 539 people arrested for the January riot did not commit acts of violence and face accusations of little more than gussied up trespassing. Many were charged simply with violating a 6 p.m. curfew. Yet, almost all have been denied bail and are being held in solitary as a “safety measure”—23 hours a day lockdown.

In any other context, such treatment of innocent people would raise a woke storm. The ACLU claims “prolonged solitary confinement is torture and certainly should not be used as a punitive tool to intimidate or extract cooperation.” Except, that is, in what has become a punitive political prosecution. The decision-maker on jail conditions? Biden’s attorney general.

Meanwhile, after six months, the first person was finally tried. He pled to a misdemeanor charge of “parading in the Capitol building” and was given probation. The second prosecution ended with time served on a misdemeanor charge. Next up was a not-yet-sentenced plea to “obstructing Congress.” Another trespasser had his bail revoked and was sent to solitary for leaving a voicemail to the court referencing “the size of his genitalia.”

In another pending case involving no violence or vandalism, prosecutors demanded maximum penalties, stating though “individuals convicted of such behavior may have no criminal history, their beliefs make them unique among criminals in the likelihood of recidivism.” A thought crime.

The single felony conviction out of all of this led to only an 8-month sentence for “obstructing an official proceeding.” Somehow not a terrorism, sedition, or treason charge to be found in D.C. Prosecutors demanded a much greater sentence by claiming the action was an “assault on democracy.” As a metric, Hitler was sentenced to 5 years for his failed “beer hall putsch.”

Only 534 cases more to go to see justice. Rarely have so many resources been used to accomplish so little.

This is true but not so funny, too. The day after the Capitol riots, the FBI asked Americans “to step up” and identify people who participated. Not only did friends and relatives rat each other out, but armies of unrelated people jumped at the chance to roleplay Stasi. Even somewhat news organization CNN helped identify people on behalf of the FBI. The New York Times published a guide to militia symbols so would-be sleuths could tell their Oathkeepers from their QAnons. The AP called these citizens “sedition hunters” as America weaponized the Cancel Culture Kids into an e-mob.

“I put my emotions behind me to do what I thought was right,” said Jackson Reffitt, whose GoFundMe hit $140,000 after he turned in his own father to the FBI.

Tech found its niche. While the mob was still in the Capitol, groups including Bellingcat scraped everything posted to build evidence for the FBI. Reddit users created a 12GB tranche of videos. “Intelligence X” (whose customers are “companies of all sizes and governments”) has 1,300 files. The goal was to crowdsource identification so no rioter escapes.

“If you look at the history and incidents like the 1812 breach of the Capitol as well as the 1933 German Reichstag fire, it highlights the need for accurate and original data in historical context,” said “Intelligence X’s” CEO. Wired reminds us how “Previously, third-party groups archiving video and photo evidence have been crucial in the process of identifying war crimes happening in Syria.” The 1812 breach was by the British Army in a time of war. There was no fire, Reichstag or otherwise, on January 6, and certainly no war crimes.

Further extending the private sector’s reach into Americans’ rights and privacy, the Department of Justice hired a contractor (Deloitte at $6.1 million) to catalog all this tech-collected data, surrendering the decision of who is prosecutable to private industry. A judge recently put the project on temporary hold.

Working the other side of the operation, Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube deleted the Capitol riot live streams and demonetized the accounts. Twitter went further, tagging Trump’s tweets about the riot with a warning, deactivated most engagement “due to a risk of violence,” all before removing the Trump material completely. For next time, Facebook revealed it has a tool called CrowdTangle, which tracks users’ engagement levels with whatever the hell Facebook thinks is a right-wing media source. The tool is available only to selected academics and journalists, of course.

And this is not funny at all. The FBI published a manual for citizens to use to report on each other for “displaying a readiness to commit a violent act” or even “displaying a mindset oriented toward committing a violent act.”

Most of it is recycled from some post-9/11 “How to Spot an Islamic Terrorist Under Your Bed” campaign, making it even more obvious white militia is to be this generation’s jihadi bogeyman. Though a jaunty warning reminds us that many of the FBI’s “indicators” are also constitutionally protected acts, such as owning a gun and criticizing the government, the main point is when in doubt, turn them in, Citizen.

Funny as it is, despite the wishes of Democrats, their FBI, and their MSM, the January 6 riot was just not an attempt to overthrow the U.S. government or change an election. The rioters had absolutely no path to doing that, no mechanism for stopping Joe Biden from becoming president. They hardly even qualified as vandals: no fires set, no destruction of priceless paintings or statues, no ransacking of files. They dispersed relatively quickly and went home. In contrast, BLM riots took multiple lives and did millions of dollars in damage across the nation for months.

Apart from fear-mongering, the Democrats also have larger goals in mind. They want to get people used to working to further political law enforcement, and to become more comfortable with, if not demanding, unequal law enforcement as a political tool.

So no surprise, the Biden administration just unveiled a national strategy to combat “domestic extremism,” calling for ideological screening of government employees for ties to “hate groups.” The plan highlights a shift in the government’s approach, which for decades prioritized fighting foreign terrorists. Those same tools of war will now be turned inward, on us, to validate the Democratic dystopia the party plans to run on. And that for sure is not funny.


Writing a horror story script from what happened that day and since regarding those involved would be easy. The mainstream media are still using it as fodder for Fake News stories, maybe forever. It gives them plenty of ammunition to pull up another anti-Conservative news story any day there’s little “juicy” news to report. Think about this, however: what’s happening may really be happening! The Obama Administration and the Biden Administration have carefully normalized “thumbing of noses” at the law by those in presidential administrations. Joe started allowing it even before his oath of office. And he’s tearing federal immigration laws to shreds at the southern border.

Does anyone still believe this President gives a hoot about any law that prohibits the actions of any people that agree with him? Does anyone still believe he will NOT have his paramilitary goons go after any conservative that finds a messaging outlet to spread revelations to the general public about wrongdoing by his administration members?

In the wake of ALL of this, one thing had better happen: Americans must stop thinking that everything is O.K. Sure, we don’t know what exactly is going on. And we certainly don’t need to jump to conclusions and make stupid decisions to do stupid things. But what Americans MUST do is begin to hold those in authority over us to the same standards to which we must adhere. And those standards come from the Rule of Law and NOT from the White House.

My final point: with all of this happening, can you believe Democrat Party leaders continue to maintain that Donald Trump wanted to be a dictator and mean it?

“Deny and Deflect:” the NEW mantra of the President of the United States.

And that ain’t Donald Trump.

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“Kalamity Kamala” Down South

Let’s face an incontrovertible fact: Joe Biden’s Southern Border Policy is to have NO Southern Border SECURITY!

Go on, rail at me for being a conspiracy theorist. But before throwing eggs at your computer screen or throwing your cell phone into a toilet, consider the “facts” of the Biden border policy:

  • Though Trump’s border wall construction had proven effective in dramatically reducing illegal border policies, Biden stopped construction;
  • Before even becoming President, Biden in numerous national television appearances and campaign adds denigrated Trump’s immigration policies that had worked. In fact, Biden demeaned the Trump policies as inhumane. He told those Central Americans who Trump’s policies sent home that, if elected, he would welcome those immigrants’ return to the U.S. border and into the U.S.;
  • Since his inauguration, Biden’s Homeland Security has systematically reversed EVERY Trump immigration policy possible, opening the floodgate of illegals to storm the border;
  • The presidents of Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico have each proclaimed that the Biden Administration’s undoing of Trump’s immigration policies is the SOLE reason for the U.S. southern border crisis;
  • Counting illegals captured when crossing and the “got-always” — the term used by Border Patrol for those illegals documented but not apprehended — approximately 1 million illegals have found their way to the U.S. just since Biden’s first day as President!
  • American citizens across the southern border states are watching their lives under constant attacks by this flood of illegals. These “attacks” may not be physical assaults (though some are), but the social, medical, economic, and law enforcement environments there teeter on collapse because of the massive and constant influx of illegals. And there’s no response from the Biden folks to the cries of those authorities for help.
  • Even Democrat lawmakers’ cries from these states go unheeded by this Administration. These inactions have resulted in governors actually considering taking the protection of their borders into their own hands. And border protection is the responsibility of the federal government. The Biden Administration refuses to respond over and over!

Joe Biden’s response? “There’s no border crisis — there’s a border ‘challenge.'”

Kalamity Kamala To The Rescue!

94 days ago, President Biden announced to the world that his Vice President was appointed to, in effect, be Biden’s “Southern Border Czar.” Indications from the President were that Harris would assume the leadership role in the management role of working with the various agencies, state and local law enforcement agencies, and leaders of the Northern Triangle countries in Central America to coordinate a transition back to peaceful and legal immigration policies.

Kalamity quickly notified the world that her role was NOT to deal with the “actual” southern border issues. The Department of Homeland Security would continue in that role. Her responsibility was to “coordinate and work with the leaders of those Central American countries to assist those leaders in addressing and fixing the ‘root causes’ for mass immigration to the U.S.”

And those countries’ presidents all laughed!

Harris refused to go to the border. She avoided answering the questions as to why she wouldn’t go for months. Actually, she did not go to the Central American countries until two weeks ago! And she only did so because of the incessant calls from across the U.S. for the Vice President to “get to work!”

Her trip to Guatemala and Mexico was abysmal and was met with indifference from both of their leaders.

So, finally, Vice President Kalamity Kamala made the BIG announcement: “She’s going to our southern border!”

VP Harris To The Border: “Show and Tell”

Vice President Kamala Harris’s visit to El Paso, Texas Friday was probably not intended to showcase the success of the Trump administration’s immigration and border enforcement policies. But Harris has nevertheless picked the perfect city from which to learn what policies have actually worked to secure the border. The only way she could learn more about the border than by choosing to go to El Paso would be if she had invited former President Trump to join her.

Harris may not know it, but El Paso has played a definitive role in the decades-long fight to curb illegal immigration along the U.S. southern border stretching all the way back to when the city was the initial headquarters of U.S. Border Patrol.

Under the deportation policies of the early 1990s, Border Patrol agents apprehended as many aliens as they could, but even those deported generally found ways to make it back across the border in the following days and weeks. Observing the ineffectiveness of this approach, Silvestre Reyes, then-Chief of the El Paso Sector of Border Patrol, decided that deterring illegal entry into the country altogether was a more efficient strategy than focusing solely on apprehensions.

“They thought I was crazy,” Reyes said. “But I told them: ‘I’m not interested in apprehensions. I’m not interested in generating numbers. I’m interested in controlling the border.’”

Under Reyes’s leadership, Border Patrol’s Operation Hold the Line increased the volume of border agents and dramatically improved the physical barriers already in place in El Paso starting in 1993. The Operation began as a 20-mile blockade of 400 agents and vehicles every 100 yards along the border on each side of El Paso. It established the border control strategy that influences our nation’s immigration policies to this day.

As a result of Reyes’s groundbreaking initiative, border apprehensions dropped from nearly 300,000 to under 80,000 per year—culminating in over a 70 percent reduction. With the implementation of Operation Hold the Line, Reyes not only proved to his city, his state, and his country that borders can in fact be secured, but also provided the model for border security and immigration policies for years and decades to come. Following the success of the Operation, Congress allocated funds to the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service so that Reyes’s “extremely effective border patrol model” could be replicated in other parts of the country.

Reyes was later elected to Congress, where he served eight consecutive terms as a Democrat and as the first Latino to represent El Paso.

In the 13 years after Operation Hold the Line was implemented, violent crime dropped by more than 34 percent. Since 1993, the year the Operation was put into effect, illegal immigration dropped 95 percent in the area over the course of 22 years. Additionally, since fencing in the region was completed, the city’s drug smuggling fell considerably, with marijuana and cocaine seizures cut in half.

During the Trump Administration, El Paso rose to become one of America’s safest cities — even in spite of its nearness to the border and close proximity to Juarez, Mexico, one of the most dangerous cities in the world. In 2019, Juarez had 1,499 murders, while El Paso only had 40. Since El Paso’s border barrier was completed, motor vehicle thefts plummeted by 60 percent. Burglary cases similarly decreased from 7,655 in 1993 to 1,297 in 2017.

When President Trump left office, El Paso had 131 miles of fully constructed border wall and experienced an overwhelming cutback in drug and smuggling activities in places where new border wall had been constructed. In two of U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s El Paso zones, apprehensions decreased by as much as 80 percent from the first half of fiscal year 2020 to its second half.

By visiting El Paso Friday, Vice President Harris unwittingly recognized the Trump Administration’s success in securing our border. Through the innovation of Operation Hold the Line and the policies and strategies it yielded, El Paso set the gold standard for a city that knows how to secure its borders and protect its communities — and other cities and states ought to follow its example. The Sun City was the perfect place for Harris to visit, but not for the reasons she thinks: El Paso is an ideal place not to downplay a crisis, but to show the country how to avert one. Leaders and elected officials should follow Silvestre Reyes’s lead and enact policies and systems that secure the border in ways that work.

Instead of building on the Trump successes in border immigration, Harris continued to perpetuate the false information mantra in the very spot to the same people who were part of fixing their OWN illegal immigration crisis that Harris and Biden destroyed!

In the end, the Vice President’s visit last Friday may not have succeeded in anything other than inadvertently highlighting the effectiveness of the border policies she ran against. Let’s hope the rest of the nation can see what she couldn’t. What’s that: “You can’t fix Stupid!”

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It’s Time For a Biden “Special Counsel” — for Hunter

I cannot fathom how the members of today’s American media and Congressional Democrats would have responded when they discovered that Attorney General Loretta Lynch purposely hid ongoing federal investigations into Donald Trump, Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump during the 2016 Trump Campaign. AG Lynch would have been immediately impeached and forever driven from any public service. Death threats certainly would have ensued and no place on Earth would be able to hide Loretta from her media haters.

Now that the election is over and it is safe for the media to cover the Hunter Biden scandal they ignored when The New York Post broke the story in October, things in Washington are getting back to normal. There’s no outrage from any corner about their inactivity in doing their jobs. We could play soundbite after soundbite showing their insolent dismissals of any possible validity of the Hunter Biden laptop discovery with its evidence that implicated Hunter and James Biden and even Joe Biden in corrupt and possibly illegal collusion with Ukraine and China. That doesn’t mention the OTHER contents of the laptop that revealed egregious drug, sexual, and even pedophilia activities. Nope. instead, today’s FBI and Justice Department officials are once again leaking like sieves to their favorite reporters about all things negative about Donald Trump. Hunter and Joe? It’s no surprise they have been given the Democrat Party/media partisan hack free-passes. After all, they both are the “brothers” of members of today’s Lamestream Media.

The New York Times knew before the election that Joe Biden was the “big guy” in line for a secret 10 percent stake in a deal with a Chinese energy conglomerate, but the paper withheld the information from readers. Yet now that Hunter Biden admits he’s under a criminal tax probe, the Gray Lady begins to stir.

In a Friday piece about the perils of the probe for Hunter’s father, the Times writes that “the inquiry originally focused on possible money laundering but did not gather enough evidence for a prosecution, according to people close to the case.” The real question is, what else did the Times know and when did it know it? And why did it keep silent before Election Day?

Try to imagine Donald Trump and his family getting the same deference.

“People familiar with the matter” are also telling The Wall Street Journal that Attorney General Bill Barr kept two separate probes into Hunter Biden quiet during the final weeks of the campaign. Perhaps it wasn’t Barr — perhaps it was the leakers who stayed silent to protect Biden. Or maybe the leakers leaked but the media didn’t want to hurt their candidate, so they waited until after the election. The Journal story says that, in addition to the Delaware tax case, federal prosecutors in New York had been examining Hunter for a year as part of an “international financial investigation.” That would have been worth knowing earlier.

Sources always have an agenda, but when they are permitted to hide behind a cloak of anonymity, readers cannot judge their credibility and motive. Worse, readers increasingly don’t believe reporters even try to tell the truth. Trust in the media was at a historic low before so many outlets betrayed their public duty during the campaign, complete with suppression polls. The supposed cream of the Washington press corps not only showed zero curiosity about the Biden family’s lucrative business schemes, they actively tried to debunk The Post’s stories as “Russian disinformation” or a smear.

A Fox News poll finds that 36 percent of all voters believe the election was stolen from Trump, with nearly seven out of 10 Republicans sharing that view. But if the election was stolen, who stole it? If you’re struggling to answer that question, take a number. Tens of millions of Americans feel certain that the election was stolen. And if you asked them all who was the thief, I bet the answers you’d get would number less than a half-dozen. And most of those six would include the words “Democrat Party.” Democrats clearly wanted to erase the states’ guardrails on ballot integrity, and they did, sometimes with GOP assistance or indifference.

Then there’s Big Tech, whose censors lean only in one direction: censor conservatives only because everyone knows, conservatives are all evil, stupid, uneducated in politics, too slow to understand reason, or all of the above. Silicon Valley political donations and news blackouts are two sides of the same agenda.

The Deep State was naturally all-in for a Trump defeat. More than 50 former intelligence officials, many of whom probably wanted jobs in a Biden administration, signed a letter suggesting the Post reports on Hunter Biden smacked of Russian disinformation. The signers included former CIA chiefs John Brennan, Gen. Michael Hayden, Leon Panetta, and Michael Morell, all of whom turned out to be wrong. But the Deep Staters were loyal to their pledge: “Always support never-Trumpers and Democrat professional bureaucrats.”

An honest media would have blown the whistle on all these dirty tricks. But we don’t have an honest media. The one we have either looked the other way or played cheerleader or both. To this day, neither Hunter nor Joe Biden has disputed any of the e-mails, messages, or the sick pictures found on Hunter’s laptop.

Consider this, too: The Post’s details that included interviews with Tony Bobulinski, a former partner to Hunter and Jim Biden, presented more solid evidence about dirty dealings by the Biden family than anyone found on Trump and his family. This is true despite special counsel Robert Mueller’s two-year probe into Russia and the nonstop House impeachment investigations.

The conspiracy against Trump awakened many Americans to another reality: The only way to protect the probe into the Biden family money-grubbing is through the appointment of a special counsel. The need for protection was the logic behind the Mueller appointment, and it applies now, but much more. Why? Trump never tried to tank Mueller. You can bet Biden wouldn’t personally try to ditch a special counsel. But his minions with the last names Schiff, Pelosi, Brennan, and Clapper would certainly dismiss any political righteousness and would somehow dismiss a Biden special counsel. That person might find themselves “suicided!” (We’ve seen that before, haven’t we?)

Not only must any special counsel and his or her investigation be protected from Joe Biden’s White House, but also from FBI Director Christopher Wray. Could Biden’s indication he wants Wray to stay on as FBI Director signal anything to do with a possible Biden investigation? Even without that, Wray remaining as Biden’s FBI Director would be an enormous conflict of interest, as will be for the eventual attorney general. In fact, the special counsel provision is to be used when there are conflicts of interest among investigators and prosecutors. This case fits the definition in every possible way.

Most troubling is that the foreign governments that tried to buy influence with Joe Biden by paying millions to his brother and drug-addicted son know if they got anything in return and whether Biden has compromised himself. Hunter’s biggest deals took place when his father was vice president and in countries where Joe was the frontman for the Obama-Biden administration, including Ukraine, Russia, and China. Don’t think for one moment that any evil politician or business leader in Ukraine or China would hesitate at all to use negative information about any member of the Biden clan to leverage their demands on the U.S. government.

If he does, will that show he is bought and paid for? And what else does China know about the Bidens that Americans don’t?

The decision is up to Barr right now. That fact is a bit unsettling for many Americans. When he announced he had elevated John Durham, the prosecutor probing the FBI’s spying on the Trump 2016 campaign, to the position of the special counsel, Barr said he wanted to provide Durham and his team “with the assurance that they could complete their work, without regard to the outcome of the election.” A Biden probe is potentially far more consequential, and it deserves at least those same protections.

If AG Barr is to point such a prosecutor, he’d better hurry up. Yesterday President Trump tweeted that Barr plans to jump ship before Christmas so he can “spend more time with his family during the Christmas season.”

I wonder if Bill Barr has the honesty and integrity to do the right thing and put the process in place to allow the Department of Justice to pursue the truth regarding the shocking wrongdoing of Hunter Biden. I doubt if Barr doesn’t we’ll ever know the complete details. We certainly would not know details of any alleged wrongdoing on the part of Joe Biden. After all, Joe in the presidential debate stated he had never even talked about Hunter’s international business dealings. He then stated he had never taken a dollar from any foreign entity.

“There’s no hint of any evidence of wrongdoing by Joe!” Nope. The fact that Hunter in writing requested a set of keys and a parking pass for his father “at the new office where Hunter’s joint-venture private equity company shared space with that Chinese billionaire.”

That was just a slip.

More Joe, Hunter, and Jim Biden Corruption Revelations

I am beginning to believe that we need to go ahead and formalize the use of the term “Biden Family Corruption Syndicate.” Daily now we get reports of different types of corruption committed by not just Hunter Biden, but also James Biden — brother of Joe Biden. And, sadly, there are a chapter or two of their corruption stories that include the Democrat candidate for President, Joe Biden, or, as he is called in numerous emails and text revealed in Hunter Biden’s thousands of texts and emails, the “Big Guy.”

The worst part about all this is that each “chapter” of corruption that is revealed, we technically need to call those “allegations,” because they have not been confirmed by any credible sources to be factual. But, each day, more and more ARE confirmed.

First, it was Burisma Holdings in Ukraine where Hunter served on their Board of Directors and was paid handsomely. Then a $3.5 million wire to Hunter from the former mayor of Moscow’s wife. These were followed with numerous texts and emails discussing multiple plans with Chinese Communist Party officials, Kazachstan oligarchs, and now also Chinese government officials on behalf of the Chinese military.

There is one commonality in each chapter of this story: Joe Biden. And there’s a new one.

The Sunday “Biden Family Corruption Syndicate” Story of the Day

Records released by a former Biden family business partner reveal that Joe Biden’s brother and son proposed connecting a Chinese billionaire affiliated with Beijing’s military and intelligence services with top elected Democrats to advance Chinese investments in critical U.S. infrastructure. In doing so, say China experts, the former vice president, and his family endangered U.S. national security.

On Thursday, Tony Bobulinski provided the FBI with records of his business correspondence with James and Hunter Biden, the brother and son of the former vice president. Bobulinski was CEO of SinoHawk, which he describes as a joint venture partnership between the Biden family and Chinese firms connected to the government. The documents appear to show the Bidens’ efforts to use the family’s name to sell influence to Chinese individuals tied to China’s military and spy services.

In July 2017, the now-bankrupt China Energy and Finance Company (CEFC) offered to extend the Bidens a $5 million “interest-free” loan “based on their trust for [Biden] family.” The chairman of CEFC was Ye Jianming, who according to the New York Times, has extensive ties to the Chinese military and its intelligence service. The 43-year-old Ye has been held in detention by the Chinese government since 2018 for “economic crimes.”

Why Don’t We Look at Notes From Biden & Xi Jinping’s Meetings?

Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.), asked the U.S. Department of State (State) to “release all information from the private dinners” of former Vice President Joe Biden with Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Xi Jinping.

Banks is concerned that in these private meetings there have been negotiations that put the national security of the United States at risk, or that could alter the results of the presidential elections, according to the letter revealed by The National Pulse on Oct. 23.

Furthermore, Banks believes that the information requested from State may corroborate the disturbing revelations that emerged from the hard drive that was received and published by the New York Post recently.

The documents implicate Joe Biden in obscure negotiations, from which enormous sums of money enter his family.

“The American government could be sitting on corroborating evidence that would confirm the NY Post’s reporting and provide additional context to the Biden family’s relationship with Communist China. We need to see these documents as soon as possible,” Banks urged.

Moreover, Joe Biden has boasted that he has spent more time in private meetings with Xi Jinping than any other world leader.

“I’ve spent more time in private meetings with Xi Jinping than any other world leader. I have 25 hours of private dinners with him, just he and I, and one interpreter,” Biden told a Council on Foreign Relations panel on Jan. 23, 2018.

Biden’s words are posted on a tweet by user @missionisgreat.

In his application Banks specifies the type of data required from State.

“I am urging the release of any and all information, including but not limited to times, dates, locations, attendees, transcripts, readouts, and any and all references to or from former Vice President Joe Biden’s private dinners with Chinese President Xi Jinping,” Banks said.

In April, author Natalie Winters of The National Pulse, asked the State Department for the same information that Banks is requesting, and the response she received estimated that she would get the requested data within three years, that is, by April 2023.

In support of Winters, Banks considered that time frame unacceptable.

“A 3-year delay is unacceptable. The U.S. electorate deserves to know any pertinent and sensitive information that may alter the 2020 presidential election,” he said in his letter.

Likewise, given the high level of threat in which the CCP is classified, the information should be published as soon as possible.

“This regime has been formally classified by the Department of Defense as the ‘largest long-term threat to the U.S.’ Any private negotiations with a foreign government that poses such a dire threat to U.S. security must be investigated immediately,” Banks also said, according to his letter to State.