Twenty Die — Senselessly

I’ve never done this before today. Today’s story is NOT going to be a written story — it’s impossible to express 100% of one’s feelings by writing. So today at TruthNewsNetwork the story is simply a podcast.

I apologize in advance to those of you who prefer to read. This will NOT happen often going forward. Nevertheless, it IS important — no CRITICAL — to our World today and where it appears we are headed. What you are about to hear addresses a national crisis that is spiraling out of control. Not me, not you, not your family are exempt. And it impacts us all. And it has changed our lives. I wish you were here in the studio to chat with me live about this story. Maybe we can do that — at least talk live to each other — very soon. But for today, click on the button below and join me.

We’ll be back in the saddle tomorrow.



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