Vlad + “The” Donald = The Perfect Pair

The two most powerful men on Earth got together over the weekend to see which one has the biggest.  I think the book is still out on that.  EVERYTHING is still out on that meeting.  The Talking Heads don’t care what was or wasn’t said or discussed in the meeting — they do not need or care to know.  They make up what they want that conversation to be anyway and report it as factual given to them by “anonymous sources.”  Never let the truth get in the way of a good story, right?  Secretary Tillerson was in the room with the pair and immediately upon completion briefed reporters on the conversation.  But, of course, what he reported that conversation’s substance to be was not sufficient for them.  They waited until his Russian counterpart could be cornered, and they choose to use HIS version of the conversation.  Why?  Because that version could be used to perpetuate the Trump-Putin bro-mance they created months ago.  After all, it certainly will make a good Hallmark Romance Channel movie.

On Fox News Sunday, former Maryland Congresswoman Donna Edwards explained to Chris Wallace that her takeaway from President Trump’s reception at the G20 was that we have lost the role of leading the World — a role which U.S. Presidents have assumed for a long time.  Commentator Britt Hume immediately countered Ms. Edwards claims by stating the obvious:  President Trump IS taking the lead.  Hume explained that President Trump is leading in a new and different direction — one that some do not accept as the right way, so they automatically dismiss his leadership and his direction.

The bottom line for Americans is that President Trump IS leading us in the direction he promised to in his campaign.  That certainly is a departure from the actions of President Obama who in his campaigns made numerous promises as did all of his predecessors in their campaigns.  Few of his promises to voters played out as they were promised.

I tuned in to watch the initial rally and press conference in Poland before the G20 Summit.   No American could watch and listen to those who spoke and showed up at that square in Warsaw and believe that the American President is not leading our nation and already playing a major role in leading the World.  Sure some of the leaders of the other 19 G20 countries are angry at America and the President.  Why do you think that is?  It could have something to do with our (under his watch) demanding that NATO countries start paying their fair share of the costs previously agreed to but NOT being paid by those countries, forcing the U.S. to pay far more than our share.  It could be that he pulled out of the ridiculous Paris Accords that comprise the most inept international global warming agreement ever produced that allow certain countries in the Accords to continue not to just emit pollution at their present levels, but allow them to grow carbon emissions for 10 years!  (China to be exact)  In the meantime, the U.S. would be forced to pay billions of dollars in fees while we continue to reduce our carbon emissions starting immediately.  How stupid is that deal!  Also don’t forget that since 1990 we have reduced our carbon emissions by a huge percent while European and Asian countries have watched theirs soar.

Donald Trump is a different guy:  he is not political, he is not politically correct, he is matter of fact and to the point.  He is opinionated, and in spite of the MSM characterization, he is a brilliant individual and amazingly successful businessman.  He like no other leader at the Summit knows what it is to have to make a payroll for a company, to negotiate healthcare contracts for his companies employees, and to look across a conference table and negotiate contracts for direct results for the livelihood of tens of thousands of people for which he is personally responsible.  Bureaucrats in America certainly do not understand that.  Foreign political leaders do not have a clue.

Why do you think the new upstart President of France pushed his way through his counterparts at the G20 the opening day to make certain when the historical photographs of the meeting were taken he was standing next to President Trump?  Simple:  he comes from a wealthy, bureaucratic background with little political history if any, but has the ability and desire to interface with whom he sees as a real leader.  Remember:  French President Emmanuel Macron deals daily with the heads of the nations that comprise the European Union…..and they’re not doing a very good job.  In just his few months in office he sees the EU struggles while watching the political and economic turnaround beginning in the U.S. and he likes that.  There is NO other reason he would be so friendly with Trump, especially in light of the fact that in the French election, President Trump supported Macron’s opponent.  (President Macron in fact invited the Trumps to come back to France and be his guests at Bastille Days, and the Trumps accepted)

President Trump has a lot on his plate, even though in just 5.5 months in office he’s accomplished a whole lot.  Healthcare reform, tax reform, immigration reform, are just a few of those left.  We know the challenges he faces in each.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if any people in the media would build a “Trump Success” page on their websites and simply list daily the positive accomplishments made during his very young administration?  Webpage — they don’t even do news articles or reports about any of his successes.  They are dying for him to fail!  Never in American history has the media been so negative and so hateful to any President.


What’s neat to me is even though they thought that with their constant attacks and fake news and false anonymous sources and lies they would upset him so much he would simply resign and go back to building hotels and golf courses.  They certainly under estimated the developer from New York.  He not only will not quit, he daily and continuously rubs the truth in their faces.  In March 2006, Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams initiated the vehicle that has allowed Donald Trump to so easily and readily bypass the media and take his messages unfiltered and unedited by the press to the American people — they established Twitter.  Every day using just 140 characters, Donald Trump sends his messages to more than 100 million followers with no interference from the media.  Boy, would Ronald Reagan have had a lot of fun!

So as the week unfolds and you read, listen, and watch the Mainstream Media bash the President, stirring up old fake news and creating new fake news, you can know for certain that a billionaire from New York is in Washington D.C. doing those exact things he promised to do to improve the lives of all Americans when they elected him President.  He’s doing his part every day.  What’s everybody else doing?

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