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We Enter a New Era

It’s right on top of us. In fact we have been in its beginnings for a year or so and did not realize it. But we now live in a new era in the U.S.

I detest the term “weaponization.” It is used far too frequently by those who wish to demonize somebody or some group who chooses demonstrative ways to argue with or complain about a person or group who has diverse opinions from theirs.

In today’s era of weaponization, the anger from those who choose such a course of action has risen to a never before seen level. That anger quickly turns to hate. And when hate “drives the boat,” very little reason is included — it’s all pure emotion. And when emotion is the basis for decisions, very seldom are such decisions good ones. Let me explain:


No, it is NOT just politics. But that is the obvious place we see most of the angst we are talking about. But political discussions, debate, and even conflict have never before in history existed at such a fever pitch on the U.S. All civility is gone. Whether it comes early in the morning from President Trump tweets, late nights from Jimmy Kimmel, or from Morning Joe on MSNBC or Chris Cuomo on CNN’s morning show, the calm discussions between educated and concerned people are out the window. What remains is anger and hatred.

There’s no specific ownership from the Left or Right. There’s plenty to go around.

The horror of this process is it is before our eyes being refined and shoved into the chamber of a “weaponization gun” to fire away at any who disagree, and to fire with abandon. It’s like using a shotgun. Shotgun shells contain a bunch of projectiles called bb’s that scatter when fired and purposely strike a much larger target than a single bullet. That collateral damage is pretty much the desired result of political weaponization we witness today. And it isn’t pretty.


I have 6 grandchildren all in school. Not in my lifetime has the educational system been so political, so liberal, and so biased. Certainly there have always been liberal and conservative teachers and administrators, but seldom did they espouse their various political ideologies to others as part of their work — especially not in classrooms. That has changed dramatically as the public school system almost as a whole has morphed into a political arm of the Democrat Party whose single objective is to attack the President, his policies, all those who serve in his administration, and now all those in the U.S. who number themselves as Trump supporters. Education weaponization has become so aggressive and outward that conservative educators are literally afraid for their political position to be known for fear of retribution from school administrators and even fellow teachers.

And the students….

Have we all not seen and heard students at all levels marching, carrying signs, (often nasty signs) attacking conservative ideals including the policies of the Trump Administration, Republicans in Congress, people who voted for conservatives at local, state, and national levels in 2016? We often excuse this or ignore it as simply being the exercise of free speech. Certainly a portion of it is. But the weaponization carries it to a much more serious level. And it is changing America — drastically and swiftly.

How is Weaponization Happening?

Here’s the most dangerous part of this. We can forget about the bitterness that develops between former close friends, family members, and fellow workers when this weaponization is actualized. Forget about it being a simple exercise in free speech.

NONE of it is random….NONE of it is positive….NONE of it has an objective to make things better for America and Americans. ALL of it is fueled by an intense hatred by a specific group from the Democrat Party who claim to be “Hard Left” and from some who are far left of Democrats.

The single objective of those who have refined the use of weaponization is to purposefully drive a much stronger, larger, and much more intense and specific divide between Americans who identify as conservative and those who consider themselves liberal. Their desired outcome? To turn the American political, social, economic, and educational system hard left, and dramatically away from Conservatism.

It is well planned, well funded, and well coordinated. It doesn’t take much to figure this out:

  • Riots in Portland. Wasn’t it odd to watch as masked young people who burned cars, torched businesses, demolished buildings and threatened people on the streets of Portland had advertised in local media for 2 weeks for “paid demonstrators” to apply for hundreds of “demonstration positions?” Wasn’t it odd that several blocks from downtown Portland, that night a reporter found a chain of chartered buses parked where many of these demonstrators dis-embarked to “go to work?”
  • Parkland, Florida. Just a couple of days after the mass shooting in Parkland, several chartered buses carried student protestors from Parkland to Tallahassee for those students to lobby the Florida legislature to pass “meaningful” gun control. Who paid for the buses? Who paid for the hotel rooms? Who paid for the food? Who paid for the printing of those thousands of professionally produced signs that bore the various attack slogans against gun advocates?
  • “March for our Lives.” Was organized by the new #NeverAgain movement – founded by survivors of the Florida school shooting – received a permit for half a million people in Washington D.C. to protest March 24, 2018, for “Commonsense Gun Control.” Related marches happened at several other major U.S. cities. Planning, organization, funding, coordinating with others took hundreds of thousands of dollars.

These are just a few of many examples we could relate of well planned, well funded, and well coordinated demonstrations of various kinds over the last year or so that are full of anger and hatred that often boils over. But weaponization never just “happens.” It only occurs in a controlled environment with specific targets and objectives.

The Purpose of Weaponization

You might be surprised to know (and ultimately believe) that a very large group of intellectuals, very famous and very wealthy individuals are participating in several large organizations and groups whose target is the quiet elimination of all things conservative. They are NOT gun control advocates. They are NOT free speech hawks. Thay are NOT about power to the people. In fact, their objective is exactly opposite. Their purpose is anarchy.

What is “Anarchy?”

1.  absence of government; a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority; eutopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government

2.  absence or denial of any authority or established order; absence of order

 Any of that ring a bell?

(Don’t call me a conspiracy theorist, please. Just put all the facts as you know them together. And if you can explain any of what we are watching unfold daily in any other reasonable way, please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below, or simply write your response and email to me at for publication here)

The fuel for these comes primarily from some of the richest Americans: George Soros has been reported to transfer tens of Billions of his dollars to various not-for-profit entities that he controls to fuel this enterprise. Other billionaires have quietly kicked in. Obama through his Foundation is involved in organization and structure, although not financially in any substantive way other than to funnel outside funds to various non-profit entities to use in this effort.

Oh, and this is NOT about Donald Trump. This certainly was to be initiated in a more peaceful and much quieter way with Trump’s opponent living in the White House. A Hillary presidency was just what the organizers of this preferred and were certain would happen. Trump is just a temporary nuisance to their cause. His departure is what they MUST have before too many more Americans awaken to the truth that American freedom is truly in jeopardy and our nation as it has existed for more than two centuries is facing certain dramatic change — from the inside.


What would this anti-political experiment look like? “If” this group gets their objective, we would see the dismantling of the current government: Congress, Judiciary, and of course the White House. The “People” would install a government that would purportedly be really FOR the people as compared to our current government. If history serves us as to how/who runs such a government, the people would choose leaders — although it is likely the power brokers have already determined who and what would happen in way of control.

All sound far fetched? It did in 19th century Russia and Spain. But both were torn apart by anarchy. Neither movement was totally successful to achieve their stated objectives. But what they succeeded in doing was tearing apart the existing governments of each country.

Could it happen here? I think it very well could and that it might — UNLESS Americans stand up and stop it. Waking to it as a possible if not eventual event that we could experience is a first step.

Look around your specific world. Watch the news — real news. Read, listen, and express yourselves. Making others aware of real truths and how you personally feel will go a long way in helping others understand the realities of today’s political system and the cost of a different form of government.

There’s a lot of venom being spewed in this weaponization we live in. No doubt the Leftist media have actually allowed themselves to be weaponized in many cases without even knowing it. What other explanation is there for the almost constant false news reports we read, see, and hear attacking conservatives and Conservatism? Fifty years ago, no such thing was allowed.

Remember Dan Rather? He was canned for simply manufacturing and reporting an untrue story of then President George W. Bush. That wasn’t very long ago. It ended his longtime stint at the top of broadcast journalism on a national stage.

How many “fake” Donald Trump news stories have you heard or seen that were eventually debunked as being pure fiction? There are many to choose from. NONE OF THOSE ISSUING SUCH REPORTS ARE CONFRONTED BY THEIR MANAGEMENT.

Why is that?

There’s surely an objective.



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  1. It really is a crazy time in our country . I have expressed to my adult children my concern and how we have to be an example to others. In my over half century of watching our country proudly I have never seen anything like the present hate , demonstrations and mis-truths being propagated on our country. We must all remember “In God We Trust” that is our foundation.

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