What Has the U.S. Now Become?

We’re not a democratic country. In pure democracies, every citizen votes directly on every issue. We’re no longer a republic either. A republic is a nation that has a leader who is not a monarch. If we were a republic, we would have such a leader. And ours today is certainly leading us solo — even if he is technically a leader.

So what are we? A Plutocracy.

There’s no other way to describe our government truthfully. A plutocracy is “a government by a group of wealthy people.” But we have allowed a hybrid of the word to take control of our country. By actual definition, our government is not truly plutocratic. We’ve created that hybrid. It does contain a massive and powerful group of tycoons. You know who they are. But joining the “Kings and Queens in the Castle” called “Washington D.C.” are the bureaucratic politicians who have taken over our government. Their justification is that we, the American people, elected them to do just that.

There’s the conundrum: we certainly did NOT elect them to do that. And it may be true we didn’t elect the majority of them in November at all. Despite that, the Leftists still try to beat us into submission; more than half of the nation does NOT believe that election represented the people’s will; there WAS voting irregularity, there WERE unconstitutional actions taken by unauthorized bureaucrats to unilaterally change election laws which then changed voting outcomes. And we’ll probably never know the entire truth about what might be the greatest injustice ever perpetrated against the United States of America.

These two groups of power tyrants have seized control of our nation and will grow their power at the highest rate as quickly as possible. Why? At best, they know they’ll have only four years to accomplish their full takeover of the Nation.

Please don’t shake your head in pity for me and those tens of millions of Americans who remain in shock at what happened. Don’t point those folks or me to the “fact” that we are perpetrating a “Big Lie.” That is now nothing more than a Democrat talking point. And it comes from people who are anything but real leaders.

Face facts: if Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and their left ideologues in power really care about ANY unification during this administration’s tenure, wouldn’t the direct-addressing of the voting irregularities be a priority? Isn’t it natural for people to reject questionable statements if not outright false when leaders who give us their “facts” refuse to justify the outcomes with actual proof?

Think about it: Joe Biden — even with the sworn testimonies of hundreds of election workers, lawmakers, and others who provide massive proof of irregularities — refuses to legitimately and transparently order true audits of swing-state votes. If he openly and aggressively did so, it might prove to half the nation that the election was honest, and then he could claim legitimacy as President. He did not and therefore cannot. All 330 million of us will forever question his legitimacy as the 46th President and will never trust this administration.

But that’s not the horrible part. What’s worse is what his plethora of executive orders has foisted on the nation in little more than a month. Add to that the boondoggle bill passed by Congress in the name of COVID-19 stimulus relief that does little but fill the pockets of a handful of Democrat politicians and their selective supporters as quid pro quo. Meanwhile, 100 million businesses and business owners continue to struggle (if not already out of business) not because of a virus but because of the fake COVID-19 pandemic “reality” created by this Plutocracy to perpetrate a non-military coup that has petrified the nation.

Our Plutocratic American leaders have empowered their group members to say and do anything in the name of “righting the wrongs” of the Trump Administration. How have they so far tackled this challenge? They’ve erased our southern border. The result is a flood of tens of thousands of illegals who continually fight to get into our country. Joe Biden et al. lets them all in with no regard for health status, no concern for any convicted criminals in their own countries or if they even are the legitimate family members of the kids that come with them.

Biden demanded through executive orders that U.S. Customs release tens of thousands of those being held while their asylum claims were being processed. They were piled on buses and planes at U.S. taxpayer expense and transported all across the nation to destinations unknown and purposely kept hidden from the media. None of them were tested for COVID-19 before being released!

The unaccompanied immigrant child disaster escalated immediately into a firestorm of horrors. And the Biden camp purposely hides it all: not a single press conference with the president since his inauguration, no acceptable answers to questions to his staff by the media about any of the disasters facing us all right now, all as his fellow plutocrats plunder the nation with presidential executive actions that already number in the dozens. Meanwhile, Big Tech continues destroying conservative information dissemination; Democrat governors keep in lockdown their citizens, which destroys hundreds of businesses daily, keeps our children away from school and their peers, while drug abuse, mental problems, and teen suicides skyrocket.

And then there’s Congress. No sane individual can justify the largest theft from Americans in U.S. history. The “For the People” legislation is the Big Lie steal by Democrats. A nearly $ 2 trillion bill claims to bring COVID-19 relief to every American. Still, it gives less than 9% of its total number of gov’t handouts to people and institutions who were decimated by COVID-19 created and instituted not by COVID but by our government! The balance finds its way into the pockets of Democrat donors and to Democrat cities and states whose budgets are upside down. Why are they in such bad financial condition? Because of poor leadership and massive deficit spending — not because of any other reason than their selfish and gluttonous actions. The pork total from the bill? $1.5 trillion of the total $1.9 trillion that was “supposed to” put us all back to normal!

Can anyone honestly term all this “Leadership?” There certainly ARE those who try to sell that lie. But Americans are not so simple as to allow them to perpetuate this lie without any pushback. However, America’s biggest problem now is discovering what CAN be done.


In years past, we probably all could give a list of steps to take to fix all this. But doing so demands a partnership between governments at local, state, and federal levels and the American people to work in unison to accomplish such a feat. This federal government has NO intention of working with Americans to do that! That would spoil their plutocratic dream for U.S. totalitarianism.

“The United States Congress represents the People! Those members of Congress spoke FOR their constituents when passing that bill.”

That’s The Big Lie!

$330 million to the Endowment for The Arts gives Americans relief for COVID-19 atrocities against people and businesses? $100+ million for an underground railway between San Jose and Santa Clara, California — a distance of 7.3 miles! Giving $1400 stimulus checks to illegal immigrants — people who are here illegally and convicted felons, some of whom are guilty of murder and are facing death or life sentences.

And these are a pittance of the wasteful spending examples by Democrats enshrined in this bill. It enforces their steady yet now hurried drive for complete dependence by Americans on our government for everything: 100% power to Washington D.C.!

However, maybe the majority of Americans want government dominance. If that will come with a guaranteed income, free healthcare, free college, subsidized housing, and food, what else could a 300+ million population want? We’d have a nation in which everyone would have all needs provided. Why keep pushing as we have for two+ centuries to make ends meet?

Is all that you live and work for really to make ends meet?

If not, you need to start forcefully asking questions of the right people and demand truthful answers. Where we’re headed right now is a society that looks like a cross between Mexico and Malaysia.

I’ve been to both, and I want neither!

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