What? Who? Why?

You like me certainly are blown away with the constant strife and uneasiness in our world. Whether it’s economical, social, or political, that consternation gives me the heeby-jeebies. Maybe it’s because of my inability to understand it all, but because of it I bear a heavy heart most of the time. Most unnerving of all is that I — even as a researcher and journalist — have not been able to put my finger on the “thing” (or “things”) that initiate all this uproar which pops up anew seemingly daily. 

In my research in combing through available facts, ferreting out other facts from below the surface, calling on many of our credible sources from different life-sectors, I have finally compiled some answers. I did all that over the past months for me. But I would be amiss if I did not share what I have discovered with all of you.

It will take a bit longer than normal to complete putting together all of what is critical to understanding and processing all of it. I am NOT teasing you here, but we will put it all out tomorrow morning.

This information may be unsettling to you, it may make you angry — certainly will make you sad — but getting answers to important questions and being able to begin drawing accurate conclusions and to take necessary actions is on the way!

Tomorrow’s story and podcast will be two things you will definitely want to download for yourself for future reference. But you’ll certainly want to share them with all those who are important in your life. 

How big a deal is this going to be? Let me answer that question this way: in 24 months — the day before the 2020 election — I’ll remind you about this podcast and story we publish in 24 hours so you can pull them out and refresh yourself. On Election Day 2020, you will receive confirmation of what I share, “if” we have not had them already verified between now and then.

Please don’t miss it!


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