When You See A Snake, Don’t Ask Where It Came From: COVID

“When you see a snake, don’t ask where it came from,” is a quote I saw somewhere a long time ago. Just deal with the snake first. So, why are we “missing in action” where COVID-19, the so-called “pandemic” and all the abuses of our liberties and lives are concerned? We’ve been shown who has done this and why. It’s documented as well, not just one man’s opinion. In fact, he doesn’t really even offer his opinion.  He only presents the facts. Here’s a link for you if you have no idea, are suspicious, clueless or haven’t yet seen it:

https://seemorerocks.is/dr-david-e-martin-phds-address-to-the-european-union-parliament-may-2023/  (if it doesn’t link, copy it and paste it into your address line)

This link will take you to a presentation to the EU Parliament delivered by Dr. David Martin in May of 2023. It leaves nothing to the imagination. There is no ambivalence in his statements and every one of them is documented. It takes 20 minutes. You will not be bored.

As Dr. Martin states in a later interview, the psychopaths behind the pandemic and its attending atrocities, have totally condemned themselves, or so he states when noting that “fact checkers” have said that he is “reading too much into the data.” He responds that there is nothing to read into:” it’s there in plain English for anyone to see and understand...like the Second Amendment. It’s not ambiguous.

To cherry-pick a few of his documented facts, the COVID virus was first isolated in 1965 as something interesting, a virus which could be modified to infect humans. Later, in 1990, Pfizer had found that no vaccines could be effective against the COVID virus.

As if what Martin has to say about it isn’t enough, former Pfizer Chief Scientist and Vice President, Michael Yeadon, says that the vaccines are essentially poison and deliberately constructed to be toxic. He’s been saying that literally since their roll-out and has been banned pretty much everywhere. (He doesn’t need the money or the vilification. Following his years with Pfizer, he founded his own pharmaceutical company and later sold it for approx. $400,000,000.)Here’s what he has to say about what they have done:


Apart from Yeadon’s comments on the toxicity of the vaccines, he also relates a conversation which he had with one Hedley Rees, a man who had been involved, not on the research side as Yeadon had, but rather on the manufacturing side of the pharmaceutical industry for more years than Yeadon had been in research.  

In their conversation, which you can hear Yeadon relate about midway through the link provided, Rees says that pharmaceuticals are like cars and planes in that, during manufacturing, they go through numerous stages of manufacture. To manufacture complex biologicals, going through the various steps assembling the components, checking the purity, reaching various stages of concentrations, takes minimally, four years. Rees says regarding the so-called “vaccines,” that he doesn’t know what’s in those glass bottles, but it’s not what people think that it is. It’s not possible to manufacture a complex molecule in a matter of a few weeks.

So, given what has been put upon us, given all that we have lost, here in the USA and in other formerly free societies, why have we failed to demand that these people be brought to justice? What will it take? If they can do this to us all and suffer no consequence, then what will we not tolerate? Can they randomly pick us up, imprison and enslave us? Can they take our children and use them as they wish? Where is the line which they will not cross and which crossing we will not tolerate?

When we had defeated Germany in 1945, we tried the leaders of their inhuman regime for the atrocities which they had committed, saying “Never again.” Well, here it is, again. Seven million, plus or minus, killed deliberately and every bit as systematically as those in theNazi death camps.

As there was no doubt about what happened during those war years, there is no doubt about what COVID was all about and who was responsible. Does it matter that it’s so many people? After all, it took a lot of people to commit all the crimes which took place in WWII. That didn’t deter the victors.They tried those who led. Yet here, Martin has assembled all the evidence that we need to expose the crime. In the meantime, the US Open Tennis coverage features ads urging the use of more of those bogus “vaccines!” It’s as if we are comatose.  

Because many of those who would have campaigned against such crimes in the distant past are presently involved in the commission of them, some hesitation on the part of the victims is understandable.  However, to allow these snakes to go without accountability only guarantees the spawning of more snakes and our ultimate enslavement or worse. We must band together and act.

This .pdf file is Dr. Martin’s proposed indictment language:


It names the chief players in the creation of the bioweapon, its deployment and roll-out. Like the Nuremburg Trials, it’s not an indictment of all the participants. It doesn’t name the doctors who refused to look at the evidence for fear of losing their jobs or being reviled by peers. It doesn’t list the hospital administrators who demanded that their hospital cling to the treatment protocols which were killing people, prohibiting those which were effective, while they accepted money for every diagnosis and every COVID death. It doesn’t name the various figures in political authority who enforced the unconstitutional shutdowns which impoverished millions who lost their jobs and their businesses selectively. But it is a start. Let’s move.

Jeff Dover


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