Where Is Our Imagination?

Who among conservatives still believes that our answers can be found working with the Republican Party?  Oh…there are some of you out there?  Okay, then please present some evidence that that will work for us.  

There isn’t any you say?  You say that even though conservatives have striven for GOP leadership since Barry Goldwater, that just because their efforts have failed for the past sixty-one years, that doesn’t mean that it can’t work?  All we have to do is just vote out the RINOs?  

I see…like the stock market: all you have to do is buy low and sell high.  The only difference between the two is that, with the stock market, oftentimes it’s actually successful!

The Republican Party began its life as a third party.  Imagine that!  A third party, which became dominant!  How could that have been?  Third parties are supposed to lose, always and irrevocably!  Well, maybe it was like this: the people then didn’t know that third parties always lose (how utterly naive of them!).  

What Whig voters knew was that, despite being told otherwise by the voters, their Whig Party leadership and congressional delegates wanted to keep slavery lawful.  So did the Democrat Party.  Whig voters also knew that slavery was inhuman, intolerable and had to end.  If their party wouldn’t end it, then they, the Whig voters, would form a new party dedicated to ending it.  Thus, they formed the Republican Party.  In four years, they had a party member, Abraham Lincoln, in the White House.  Slavery was abolished and the Whig Party disappeared.

Today we face a different set of circumstances, of at least equal importance as abolition: the very salvation of our nation, its sovereignty and our freedom.  As it was in the mid-1850’s when Whig voters proved to be the majority, so it is today also.  Those citizens who wanted a return to America First and American founding principles were the majority in 2016 when, despite the GOP’s efforts to prevent his candidacy, the people gave president Trump a landslide victory.  

Trump’s 2016 victory was a proxy “third party” win.  In the primary of that year, he bested 16 other of the usual bland GOP offerings, political careerists for the most part, devoid of imagination or credibility.  The GOP would have preferred any of those primary candidatesto Trump, whether or not they stood a chance of defeating Hillary Clinton in the general election.  There’s a clue there, is there not?

That the people voted for Trump instead reveals for all, the total disconnect between the GOP and its voters.  Nonetheless, ignoring the voters entirely, following that victory those in the party blocked president Trump in everything that he, and we, wanted to get done.  They failed to even repeal Obamacare when they had the clear power to do it.

It’s clear that the party, it’s leadership and those who maintain it in the states are in opposition to the will of their voters.  It’s not just the congress.  We see it in the governors’ mansions and in the state houses: the GOP always has a stopper in place, in key states, to block significant conservative legislation.  Vote out the RINO in Arizona and we get one in Texas. Vote out the RINO in Alabama and we get another in Alaska…etc.

It’s now 2023 and following yet another suspicious “election” in 2020, nothing has changed.  Once again safely out of office, the GOP excels in blaming the Democrats for everything, conducting “investigations” leading nowhere and all the theater we are so accustomed to seeing from them.  It’s a con, folks.  It’s totally obvious today that they hold us in contempt.

The GOP’s reasons for opposing us are really immaterial.  What is material is their refusal to perform for their electorate as a party.  Because RINOs run the party unshakably, conservatives never occupy the positions of power.  Never Speaker, never Majority Leader.  Only RINO hacks in those positions.

The party also makes certain that they have just enough “stoppers” in place.  That’s all that they need to squash sensible law and sensible policy actions of the few which any RINO Speaker is compelled by circumstance, against his will, to bring to a vote.   It only takes a few stoppers in the right places.  Having performed those stopping votes – as Senators McCain, Murkowski and Collins did in voting with Democrats to keep Obamacare for example – they are welcomed back to the party, no problem!  How can that be? They had just blown up the wishes of millions and millions of GOP voters, not to mention in doing so perpetuated the material damage to the nation of the Act itself – but that was okay with the party!That’s what matters.  What matters is what they do as a party.   TRM: True Representation Matters.

The people of the United States in the mid 1850’s saw a better way than the way their two parties were taking them.  They did something about it and as a result, they got what they wanted.  Were those in congress then as corrupt and beholden to money as those of congress are today?  We can only guess.  There was something holding them away from abolition, though it was clear that their electorate wanted that.  Whatever that “something” was, it was stronger than the logic of slavery as abhorrent.  The voters recognized that reality. Rather than continue to cry about the same old thing over and over again without effect, they formed a power to work for them.

“Yes We Can!” Thanks, Obama!  He wasright about that, if only that.  Yes, we can form a political fighting force to represent us faithfully and begin the transition back, from a nation going downhill and into some sort of feudal serfdom, to our founding principles.  And, by the way, how is it that with a minority, Obama and his people can prevail, taking us in theirdirection and yet with our majority voters, we are unable to stem that evil tide?  Mustn’t therebe something on “our side” terribly in the way?

We must back away from the GOP, forming a new party to take up our policy and legislative agenda and win it.  A format for such a party structure can be found at FoundersPartyofAmerica.org.  However, it’s only a framework.  The new party could be anything but must feature several currently missing rules:

1.The Party, not members of congress/legislature decide the detailed legislative agenda, posting it for all voters to seeprior to all elections.  

2.Members of the Party sitting in congress or legislature or candidates for same, having taken an oath to support every agenda item, will take voting instructions from the party, only.  

3.Failing to vote as instructed by the Party, they are summarily expelled from the Party.  

4.Party leadership will be appointed, not voted.  There’s no room for “personalities” in the new party, but only dedication to achievement of a known political end and the demonstrated ability to bring it about.

At a minimum, these are vital measures to ensure the fiduciary to the voters. They will effectively eliminate the corrupting influences currently taking our country down.  Engage your imagination, don’t listen to the inevitable naysayers with no solutions, and let’s show the shades of those in our nation’s mid-1800’s that we too can act in our own interests!

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