Where’s Mike Pence And What’s He Up To?

Trickery and treachery are the practices of fools that have not the wits enough to be honest.  Benjamin Franklin

Sometimes the people you’d take a bullet for are the ones behind the trigger. Taylor Swift

There is no act of treachery or meanness of which a political party is not capable; for in politics, there is no honor. Benjamin Disraeli

It’s time to take a break from the totalitarian control of citizens via the plandemic and forced jabs. On December 19, 2020, Mike Pence allegedly received the Moderna COVID-19 jab live on TV. I have trouble believing any federal politician has actually received the jab because none of them have had adverse effects or died.  But on April 14th, Mike Pence underwent surgery for a pacemaker since his heartbeat had slowed.  In 2016, he had informed candidate Donald Trump that he had a heart diagnosis of an asymptomatic left bundle branch block. One wonders if Pence actually received the inoculation or if the necessity of a pacemaker was coincidental.

Stalinists v. Trotskyites

Here’s the latest from the comrade in our White House…Joe Biden hates patriotic America so much that he fired Lee Greenwood from the National Council of the Arts.  Greenwood wrote God Bless the USA in 1984 and was appointed to the council by George W. Bush.

Why do I hear no outrage from the Republican Party? Most folks have figured out that the neo-con Trotskyite Republicans aren’t much better than the democrats. Like Stalin and Lenin, Trotsky was a communist, but he wanted the “slow” acceptance of communism and only murdered three million whereas Stalin and Lenin used iron fists and boots to stomp on any rebellion. Stalin’s death toll was over 20 million and Lenin claimed the lives of tens of millions of people all over Europe.

The comrades in the Democrat Party are Stalinists, those in the Republican Party are Trotskyites…little difference except for a handful of brave men and women who cling to the truth of our God-given rights and the US Constitution.

Back in February of this year, I wrote three successive articles on former VP Mike Pence.  The first article exposed his lifelong congressional friends. The second article was about his upbringing, his voting record from the time he entered politics, the people he chose for the Trump administration, and his failure of every job President Trump tasked him with, including the hellish nightmare of the Covid Task Force with Fauci and friends. The third and final article in the series was about the people who funded Pence throughout his political career, big-name people who still support him.

Koch Organizations

The Koch brothers have been long-time friends and financial supporters of Michael Pence. Accordingly, VP Pence stacked his own office with former Koch brothers’ employees. Even Kellyanne Conway was affiliated with the Kochs, and she and Pence have been good friends for years and even have family members who have intermarried. In June of 2017, 16 of 23 senior white house officials had ties to the Koch brothers, including Reince Priebus, Jeff Sessions, Mick Mulvaney, Rob Porter, and Don McGahn. Even Treasury Secretary Mnuchin helped the Kochs out with a change in tax laws. The Trump administration was packed full of Koch operatives, brought in by their water boy, Mike Pence. Here is a shocking list of the Trump transition team Koch beneficiaries.

The Koch organizations, including Americans for Prosperity, are anathema to Constitutional conservatism. They prefer open borders with cheap labor, amnesty for illegals, across-the-board abortion, Agenda 21 sustainability and environmentalism, and the financing of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) who has promoted an Article V Constitutional Convention for decades.

Dick and Betsy DeVos

Financial support from Dick and Betsy DeVos commenced when Pence first entered politics. Betsy DeVos is known for her support for school choice, school voucher programs, and charter schools.

Betsy and Dick DeVos were impressed by Pence’s support for their pet project of charter schools. One wonders if Pence and DeVos back American tax-funded charters by Islamic Imam Fethullah GulenRudolph Steiner’s Anthroposophical Waldorf Schools, and Communist Chinese charter schoolsChinese investors are putting millions into Florida Chinese charters.

Pence’s devoted financier, Betsy DeVos was nominated for Education Secretary after Michelle Rhee was dropped. DeVos donated to Bush’s unsuccessful presidential campaign and was lauded by Jeb Bush as she previously sat on the board of his Foundation of Excellence in Education which promoted common core. The two share an education reform policy that supports the transfer of public dollars to privately run schools, such as for-profit charter schools and voucher programs that use taxpayer funds to pay for private schools.

Columnist Diane Kepus researched Betsy DeVos and knew she would be a disaster; her two articles on DeVos are well worth your time, Link and Link, and her fears were well-founded.

Mike Pence played an important role in the confirmation of DeVos for Education Secretary. Amid protests from Democratic critics and teachers’ unions that DeVos, a billionaire charter school supporter with no public-school experience, was unqualified for the position, the Senate deadlocked in a 50-50 tie. Republican Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska joined their Democratic colleagues in voting against DeVos. Normally we wouldn’t laud their votes, but this time they were right.  On February 7, 2017, Vice President Pence cast the historic tie-breaking vote to confirm her, the first time a vice president has been called on to break a tie in a cabinet nomination.

DeVos announced her resignation on January 8th, 2021 in the wake of the assault on the U.S. Capitol. She said in her resignation letter to President Trump there is “no mistaking the impact your rhetoric had on the situation, and it is the inflection point for me.”

On September 25th, at a Republican Leadership Conference in Mackinac Island, DeVos implicitly criticized the GOP’s ongoing capture by former President Donald Trump insinuating that Trump supporters were like a cult when it’s Betsy and her ilk who are the real cultists.

Heritage Foundation

Mike Pence joined The Heritage Foundation as a distinguished visiting fellow in February 2021 after serving four years as President Trump’s VP. They are old friends.  Three decades ago, it was The Heritage Foundation’s influence that inspired Pence to help create a think tank in his home state of Indiana. After coming to Washington as a congressman and later as vice president, Pence frequently collaborated with Heritage.

In 1991, Pence became president of the Indiana Policy Review Foundation (IPRF), which is part of the State Policy Network in Indiana. Link  They are satellite affiliates of the Heritage Foundation whose goals and interests are similar to the Koch’s. The IPRF was a small group back when Pence was their president, but in the years since, it has amassed an enormous budget thanks in great part to the largess of the Koch network of donors and others.

Pence now advises Heritage experts on public policy issues and ensures Heritage remains the leading conservative voice on solutions to America’s biggest challenges. Pence also writes a monthly column for The Daily Signal, Heritage’s multimedia news outlet.

Heritage is well-known controlled opposition. They are funded by long-time pro-aborts and Council on Foreign Relations members. Heritage fellow Richard Allen (CFR member) wrote NAFTA, and Stuart M. Butler wrote a Heritage monograph mandating all households obtain adequate health insurance.

In early August of 2021, Pence spoke at Young America’s Foundation, an “associate” member of the State Policy Network, and was immediately booed when he told them to get the COVID jab, despite telling the audience that he and his wife Karen and their children had all had the inoculations.

Pence and the Leadership Institute

A few months ago, I received a 12-page letter from Mike Pence extolling the virtues of Morton Blackwell’s Leadership Institute and pressing me for a large donation. I saved the 12-pages, and last week I received another letter from David Horowitz asking me to pledge funds to the same organization. Mr. Horowitz is now promoting an Article V Constitutional Convention.

Morton Blackwell is a long-time member of the rightwing Council for National Policy (CNP), and back in the late 90s, he was urging a chaplain friend of mine to join the CNP. One Sunday, Blackwell took my friend to his Episcopal Church in DC, and the female preacher asked for prayer for her husband as he was an abortion doctor and was doing a particularly difficult abortion that morning. The chaplain was horrified, got up and left, and refused to join the council.

The Leadership Institute is also an “associate” member of the State Policy Network.  Their past students include:

  • Mitch McConnell (who in 2020 had a Freedom Index score of 20, which means he voted against President Trump and the US Constitution 80% of the time. Don’t forget that he and his wife Elaine Chao are very connected to a Chinese shipping company through Chao’s father and sisters.
  • David McIntosh – head of pro-amnesty Club for Growth who spent $2 million to defeat Donald Trump in Iowa in 2016. McIntosh was also a co-founder of the Federalist Society. Kellyanne Conway and her husband are members and they urged Trump to use the Federalist Society for a list of possible supreme court justices.  (Mike Pence urged Trump to also use the Heritage Foundation for possible justices.)
  • Grover Norquist – head of Americans for Tax Reform and board member of the National Rifle Association is also married to a Palestinian Islamist and has allegedly become one himself. Norquist has a strange alliance with radical Islam and introduced the Muslim Brotherhood to the George W. Bush White House. Frank Gaffney has fully exposed Norquist.
  • Ralph Reed – originally the head of Christian Coalition for Pat Robertson and mailed out voter guides where many true constitutional conservatives were lied about or ignored and neo-con RINOs and Trotskyites were promoted. Reed was also involved with Jack Abramoff who went to prison for the Native American Lobbying scandal. According to Abramoff’s book, Capitol Punishment, Reed made at least $5 million and should have gone to prison with Jack. Abramoff also promotes his friend Grover Norquist in his final chapters.
  • Mark Souder – Congressman from Ft. Wayne, Indiana who promised to serve only six terms, but ran for a seventh and resigned when he was exposed for having an affair with a married part-time staffer.

Mike Pence’s good friend, Nikki Haley also endorses and promotes the Leadership Institute. Many people believe Nikki would make a fine President or Vice President because she did what her boss, President Trump, asked her to do at the UN. One of Trump’s business friends in South Carolina called him in early 2017 and asked him to give Haley a position in his administration. He told Trump that their Lt. Governor was far more conservative and South Carolina needed to be rid of Haley. After January 6th, 2021, Nikki Haley excoriated her former boss by saying, “We shouldn’t have followed him.”

The old saying, “Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than open it and have it known,” describes Haley to a T.

Advancing American Freedom

Mike Pence joined the advisory board of Advancing American Freedom with several former Trump hands, including his close friend, Kellyanne Conway, Larry Kudlow, and David Bernhardt.

The advisory board includes a number of heretical doctrine “Christians” who are confirmed dominionists, several neo-con Trotskyites, and even members of the Council on Foreign Relations. My friend, JW Bryan has thoroughly exposed the CFR in his articles as a globalist enemy organization within America. Pence’s old Indiana buddy, David McIntosh is also on the board as are several people who are promoting an Article V Constitutional Convention.

John Guandolo Exposes Pence

In this video starting at 5:10, John Guandolo exposes VP Mike Pence and his actions during his four years as Donald Trump’s VP.

He states that when Pence was Governor of Indiana and John’s organization, Understanding the Threat, was doing work in Indiana, “Pence had no desire to hear or deal with the truth about jihadi threats in Indiana. The Islamic site of North America’s headquarters is there in Plainfield, Indiana, and Indiana is one of the three states where the Muslim Brotherhood settled in the United States in the early 60s, and he did nothing. Even though we were working with state legislators, who got it, we couldn’t get him to budge, but that’s a different story.”

John states, “On January 5th, there was a massive meeting in the Trump Hotel in Washington DC with every major player, ten US Senators, their staffs, all the key players in the entire voter fraud game. The president’s staff and the VP had people there and people who I know directly. I have looked at their briefs and looked at the information and been briefed about what was apprised there regarding the evidence of the fraud and it’s undeniable. It’s factually rock solid.  Mr. Pence agreed that he would go with what the decision was. He was going to do a number of things, but essentially, for the sake of this discussion, he pushed it back to the states. There were some other things he agreed to do, investigative stuff, and before the clock struck midnight on the 5th, he recanted and told the president, I’m not going to do it.  We know that somebody met with Mr. Pence and we still haven’t identified who it was who got him to turn, but I think Mike Pence is a turd and I think he’s a traitor.”

“He was the guy in the Trump administration who was leading the Republican establishment turncoats and there’s more evidence than just what I’m saying right now.  Just that one point should be enough to make people realize that guy is not batting for the American people in any way, shape, or form.”

The interviewing host is absolutely right when she said that Donald Trump supporters have been labeled domestic terrorists. “The Revolutionary Movement against the Constitutional Republic all said that the people at the capitol on January 6th were involved in a coup and were insurrectionists, when in fact they were the people the Dems supported for the previous year…the Antifa and BLM communist agitators on the streets of America. They openly supported them and everything that supports that ideology.”

“Mr. Trump’s greatest failure was to rely on the RNC to fill his administration and they filled it, not with Phil Haney, not with Stephen Coughlin, not with Rich Higgins (fired by McMaster), not with people who actually knew the threat. They intentionally blocked those people.  John Gallagher, one of the two people vetting national security positions, was the CEO of the Institute for Global Engagement, a Muslim Brotherhood political think tank front in Washington DC. He was the guy the RNC put in there to screen national security positions. That’s why you got only bad guys in the administration.”

Pence in 2024

Pence and his wife Karen have always wanted the presidency, but what he doesn’t understand is the fact that he followed the advice of his good friends from Congress, Paul Ryan, and Jeff Flake, rather than standing with the man who gave him the chance to one day lead the country. Pence is our 21st Century Benedict Arnold…he stabbed the president in the back and the Republic in the heart.

He’s working on an $18 million war chest. His group, Advancing American Freedom, is shaping up as a vehicle for testing the waters and building the infrastructure needed for a White House bid. The group is staffed by some of Pence’s top allies and ex-aides, including former Koch employee and Pence chief of staff Marc Short, political adviser Marty Obst and former senior Trump White House staffer Paul Teller.

Pence is touring states and lecturing on election integrity after previously refusing to address it. Unlike James Comey who is a guest lecturer at Howard University, the same university exposed in Manning Johnson’s book, Color, Communism and Common Sense, as being loaded with communists, Pence is lecturing on something he knows nothing about. Not surprisingly, Federal Judge Emmett Sullivan who was in charge of General Michael Flynn’s case and would not dismiss it received his undergraduate degree and JD from that very university.

Pence has become persona non grata amongst Trump supporters; someone needs to tell him his political career is over and lock both him and his frumpy control-freak wife in a closet. I’d go further, but this is for public fare.  When Pence allowed the certification of Biden as the winner under very shady circumstances and then elbow bumped with Pelosi, we saw it all.

Pence admits that he is proud Biden was certified on January 6th, but there are over eighty million Americans who know the truth.


Few people know that America’s Front-Line Doctors headed by Dr. Simone Gold who is also an attorney went to VP Pence in July of 2020 and told him that if President Trump made Hydroxychloroquine and over-the-counter drug as it is in so many other countries, that lives would be saved as well as the President’s second term.

She told Pence, “Once it’s Over-the-Counter, there’s nothing Congress can do, there’s nothing the doctors and pharmacists can do to stop it…They were going to hold this coronavirus thing over him [Trump], so if the death rates went down to zero, it would have been beautiful.”

She said she met obstruction at every turn.

Mike Pence truly is a modern-day Judas.

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