Comey and McCabe

Little has been heard about any legal actions of any kind being levied against two top FBI officials: Andrew McCabe and James Comey. Many think that criminal indictments for the pair will be included in the release of details of the criminal investigation of FBI wrongdoing during 2016 and 2017. But, this is the FBI! Politics usually dictates who in the FBI accused of (and later found guilty of) criminality will actually be charged and forced to face prosecution.

I thought it was odd for Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) to tweet several days ago, that there are two tiers of justice in the United States: one for everyday Americans and one for Donald Trump’s friends and confidants. Why is that odd? Two reasons: Adam Schiff is a pathological liar who is recorded consistently lying before Congress, in television interviews, and even in his own tweets! Schiff seems to have forgotten how much criminal activity occurred before Trump even got to Washington. And that criminal activity not only occurred under President Obama, but it has also been confirmed Mr. Obama played a role in it. If he didn’t initiate it, he knew it was happening on his watch.

Rep. Schiff invoked U.S. Attorney John Durham, who is conducting a criminal inquiry of the federal Russia investigation, as he discussed his dread that “more serious abuse” of federal law enforcement will happen in the coming days.

Schiff Does Not Like Attorney General William Barr

“One of the concerns I have with Bill Barr is that the worst is yet to come. I mean, he’s got a terrible, destructive track record as it is, and it may get worse in the coming days,” Schiff said. “But what we have seen largely is Barr’s intervention to protect the president.”

As examples, Schiff mentioned Barr’s rollout of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report and “intervention” in cases spun off from the Russia investigation to “help Trump cronies” such as Roger Stone and former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

“What we have not yet had full visibility on is not Barr’s use of the shield to protect corruption writ large of his boss, Donald Trump, but the sword,” Schiff continued. “How he may be using the power of the Justice Department through Durham or others to go after the president’s enemies. And in many respects, that is a far greater, more serious abuse of the power of the Justice Department than his use of the shield.”

It’s a well-worn line of criticism for Schiff, who has complained since last year that the Justice Department has kept the Democratic-led House in the dark about its inquiries into whether there was inappropriate “spying” on Trump’s 2016 campaign and other misconduct. But more recently, that anxiety has deepened as Trump accused former President Barack Obama and his vice president, Joe Biden, of committing crimes as part of the “Obamagate” scandal.

“And so I continue to be concerned with the president, who is tweeting about how Obama and Biden should go to prison, that Bill Barr may be preparing the use of the sword in a politicized and dangerous and desperate way,” Schiff said.

Barr has repeatedly said he does not expect Obama or Biden, who is now the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, to be targets of Durham’s investigation. He also has dismissed the inquiry as being a partisan hit job, even as some critics fear an “October surprise.”

“This cannot be, and it will not be a tit-for-tat exercise. We are not going to lower our standards to achieve a particular result,” the attorney general said in May. Barr said last month that he anticipates “developments” in Durham’s criminal investigation by the end of the summer.

Whereas Schiff is spooked by being kept in the dark about Durham’s work, his Republican counterpart on the House Intelligence Committee views that as a “good sign.”

What About Comey and McCabe?

While we’ve been totally wrapped in the COVID-19 fears, may others have been captured by nightly stories of violence — disguised as “peaceful protesting,” a few more layers of the “Intelligence Community Onion of Ill Repute” have been peeled away. John Solomon — an investigative reporter who in my opinion is one of the most diligent and concise of today’s investigative reporters — uncovered some bad news for James Comey and Andrew McCabe.

The FBI agent who ran the FBI warrantless spying program said he warned ex-FBI Director Comey and his deputy, Andrew McCabe that the program was a useless waste of taxpayer money that needlessly infringed Americans’ civil liberties, but his bosses refused to take action. Retired Special Agent Bassem Youssef ran the FBI’s Communications Analysis Unit from late 2004 until his retirement in late 2014. He told John Solomon he fears the deeply flawed program, which was started in response to the Sept. 11 attacks, was allowed to keep going to give Americans a false sense of security in the war on terror and possibly to enable inappropriate spying, such as that which targeted President Trump’s 2016 campaign.

“I have no doubt, or very little doubt, that it was used for political spying or political espionage,” Youssef said during a lengthy interview.

Youssef confirmed that the FBI performed an audit of the highly classified program (also known as the NSA program because it searched call records captured by the National Security Agency) after Edward Snowden leaked its existence. The audit showed that while the program had generated two moderate leads for counterterrorism cases, it had not helped thwart dozens of terrorist attacks as officials had claimed, despite costing tens of millions of dollars per year. In fact, the program was generating large numbers of “false negatives and positives,” Youssef said. The audit, he added, also showed “there was collateral damage in terms of civil liberties” of Americans whose phone records were unnecessarily searched or who were falsely identified as connected to terrorism.

Youssef said he discussed the concerns with McCabe both when McCabe served as assistant director for counterterrorism and then when he was promoted to acting executive assistant director, the No. 3 job in the bureau. But his efforts to pause the program and reform it so it could work better, cost less, and infringe less on American privacy fell on deaf ears, he said.

When McCabe was acting executive assistant director, “I explained to him again, the model that I was looking to establish and to let him know that we were not really getting good support from this program and that maybe we should reconsider this whole thing, unless we can re-tweak it,” Youssef recalled. “And I remember, he was so adamant about, we need this program. We’re keeping it like this, even though we’re not getting anything out of it.”

Asked why the FBI would keep a program that was not producing any terrorism leads, Youssef said: “It was a way to say, you know, it’s an insurance policy to show that we’re doing everything we can, when in fact it wasn’t giving us anything of what we hoped it would get.”

FBI and DOJ declined to comment. Lawyers for Comey and McCabe also did not respond to requests for comment.

Youssef said that in September 2014, shortly before he retired, he was invited to brief Comey privately about his concerns in the director’s office. “It was a very lengthy briefing,” Youssef recalled. “He was very interactive. He asked very good questions. And after I explained everything to him, his only concern was not that we should shut it down, or that we should change it so that we can protect civil liberties … his concern was, do you have a problem or concerns with the statutory authority?”

Youssef recalls explaining that while he had no reservations about the legal authority of the surveillance, which had to be approved by FISA court judges, he had serious concerns about both the “waste of human resources” inherent in the “hundreds of thousands of agent hours in the field” lost to the labor-intensive program and the threat the program posed to civil liberties.

“Unless we change it to a different model,” Youssef recalls telling Comey, “we’re going to continue to get many false positives and false negatives. And you can imagine with a false positive, we would be knocking on people’s doors who have nothing to do with any kind of terrorism act.” Youssef said he had “no doubt whatsoever” that McCabe and Comey understood the severity of the problems. “I gave them the full monty brief,” he said. “I explained everything to them. They were fully briefed on the program.”

The New York Times reported that even after the Obama-era audit flagged serious concerns, the FBI kept operating the program until President Trump shut it down in 2019. Between 2015 and 2019 the program only generated two more leads, the newspaper reported, citing the White House report.

“That’s probably what grieves me more than anything,” Youssef said. “Here we have a program that was not doing what it should. It was leaked. And the Obama administration very quickly appointed a privacy and civil liberties board to look into this. And we were mandated to give, we called it the options paper. And so my option was really the one that would give us the best intelligence at the lowest cost while minimizing the false positive and false negative intelligence. And so it makes perfect sense that this would be adopted. And yet, the director basically didn’t do anything with it.”

Youssef said he has developed deep concerns since his retirement that the NSA program may have been abused, like the FISA warrants, during the Russia collusion probe of the Trump campaign that included a highly flawed Foreign Intelligence Surveillance warrant against Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

“There is no doubt in my mind now, looking at the backdrop and the information that has come up since 2016 in the media, that the abuses were rampant,” he said, “and not just for the FISA process, the FISA program, but for other programs that were used to spy on the Trump campaign. That to me is almost the obvious conclusion of what I’ve seen.

There is “a high probability that that program was used to handpick selected targeted numbers for purposes other than fighting terrorism,” Youssef believes. “It’s kind of a mirror image of the FISA abuses on Carter Page. As you know, it came out much later that the FISA process was for counterintelligence and counterterrorism purposes only. That was not what they used it for on Carter Page. And so it’s sort of the same type of situation with this other program. I have no doubt or very little doubt that it was used for political spying or political espionage.”


“Same Song, Second Verse.”

Is it at all doubtful, based on what we ALREADY know as fact, that at least Comey is up to his eyeballs in corruption and a certain criminal indictment or two? And McCabe dug a deep hole for himself, if for no other reason than his “looking the other way” while Comey and others in the Obama Administration if not destroyed the intelligence agencies’ operational guidelines then at least blurred the lines between legal and illegal so as to be able to say, “I’m sorry. I simply did not know that doing exactly this one thing, I was violating criminal statutes. Can’t we all ‘just get along?'”

The onion has just begun to shed layers of illegalities. But here’s what is petrifying all Americans who have seen and understood at least a small part of how egregious were the actions of Comey’s FBI and former Attorney General Lynch during this time: what if Trump is not re-elected?

Every American can be assured that if Trump leaves the White House, the multiple dozens of Obama Administration wrong-doers will walk without ANY prosecution for their criminal actions. And James Comey will be the biggest winner.

All that average Americans can do is plan to vote and make certain we do. But there’s one more thing: share the facts of this story with all those you know. In fact, you may want to not just forward the story link to this story; you may want to copy and paste this story and send it around.

Is it worth the trouble?

Forget about your own life for a moment. Think of your children, grandchildren, and their children and grandchildren.

This issue is a totally unique political travesty played out on Americans on the watch of a sitting President! Our government owes us not just an explanation, but a prosecution for every wrongdoer in ObamaGate.

Adam Schiff, I’m certain Attorney General Bar is just the man who can make this happen. With the added factual foundation being provided by Federal Attorney John Durham, when completed I’ll volunteer to write the book!


Some time things happen that cause you to just shake your head in disbelief: “How in the world do you think that could have even been possible? SMH!” Look at the picture of that little boy on the beach. He took his head off and dropped in the sand!

I think it is relatively safe to conclude this one thing: If something looks like it cannot possibly be actual or real, we almost always call it “a coincidence.” In actuality, if it seems like it cannot be genuine or real, it almost certainly IS NOT real! Another way of putting that is, “If it looks too good to be true, you can almost bet it isn’t true.”

These kinds of comparisons are prevalent in pretty much every part of our lives. If you google “coincidences,” you’ll get hundreds of examples of some of the strangest “coincidences” that often look real even though they are undoubtedly contrived. Most coincidences are not coincidences at all. Look at some of these pictures:

I doubt pretty seriously the girl actually painted grass all over her body and then put on a pair of cutoffs and a bikini top! I also don’t think that clouds are created with hot coffee and will sneak out of a coffee cup to spread across the sky.

Our world today is full of coincidences that each and everyone seems to be real. But we know IF we look close enough, we can see the attempted trick that is always included in each. I think the problem in America today is that too many people are content to just live at the 10,000-ft. Level instead of living at sea level. Two miles in the air, things look much different than they do at sea level. Because we all are prone to determine what something is based on OUR perspective of it in whatever surroundings we see it, we often ignore some of the tell-tale signs of the realities of things and happenings that we see in our lives every day. We take for granted in most cases that it appears to be legitimate, so it must be real!

Far too often, it’s NOT real at all. And that’s where our problems begin.

Can you Think of Any Coincidences in our World Today?

Oh my! There are far too many to count. But why don’t we do this: let’s list a few and breakdown a few of those so we all can understand that in 2020 (and in 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016), there were far too many coincidences to be casual occurrences simply. In reality, most coincidences are just plans that have remained hidden — until just the right time.


Coincidence #1: the Trump Family

Our coincidences began when someone came across some books on the office of Congress’ Library website. The books are called, “Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey,” and, “1900; Or, The Last President.” Both were written in the 1890s by Ingersoll Lockwood. The books themselves are real. But wait, it gets better.

The plot of the first book about Baron Trump includes the story about a young boy who finds a secret portal and time travels. Dan Evon of gives a great, in-depth description of the eerie connection. “There are some incredible connections to be made to the first family of the United States and Lockwood’s novels from the turn of the 19th century. For starters, the main character’s name is the same as President Donald J. Trump’s son, albeit spelled differently. Trump’s adventures begin in Russia and are guided thanks to directions provided by ‘the master of all masters,’ a man named ‘Don.’ Before leaving for his voyage through the unknown, Trump is told of his family’s motto: ‘The pathway to glory is strewn with pitfalls and danger.’” But wait, it gets even creepier.

Lockwood wrote a sequel series of novels four years after the initial publication of his first book. In his third novel, “1900; Or, The Last President,” things link eerily to the present day. The story begins with a scene from a panicked New York City in early November. It describes a “state of uproar” after an election in which an enormously opposed outsider is granted power—an outsider candidate. Sound familiar? After the chaotic scene in NYC, we find out that the man who won the presidency is extraordinarily wealthy and resides on 5th avenue. In case you did not know, the Trump Tower lives on 5th avenue.

We’re just getting started!

Coincidence #2: COVID-19

Wuhan, where the virus originated, just happens to be the location of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, China’s only level 4 biosafety lab. Also curious is how quickly Wuhan purportedly became virus-free, and how other major Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Beijing weren’t affected. While the Chinese government quarantined Wuhan, the virus had already been around for months, potentially spread by Chinese New Year travel before the quarantine was placed. Yet the outbreak was quite limited and short-lived in China, unlike elsewhere, almost as if they were prepared.

Coincidence #3: from a Virus to Economic Disaster in Just Days

Just four months ago, Trump’s economy was on top of the world, literally. A booming stock market, strong economic growth, and record low unemployment was Trump’s first term legacy. What better way to derail a gangbuster economy than shutting it down due to a viral pandemic? It would be an ideal way to weaken a president ahead of an election. So what if there was collateral damage? Trump is the existential threat to the deep globalist state, and the ends justify the means.

A viral outbreak, whether hatched in a laboratory or a wet market, could have been a nuisance like past outbreaks. Yet this one was treated far differently, devastating world economies.

What a coincidence in timing.

Coincidence #4: Mysterious One Million Trump Tulsa Rally Tickets

The Trump Campaign gleefully announced for two weeks that their first rally since the start of the pandemic was quickly packed far beyond capacity: one million tickets had been snatched up! Who can forget what happened at showtime that Saturday night? When the television lights went on, the BOK Center in Tulsa looked to be not even half full. What went wrong? Where are all those who claimed those one million tickets?

As part of a coordinated effort, K-pop fans and teenage TikTok users scooped up tickets to President Trump’s rally in Tulsa, potentially leaving at least hundreds of empty seats, The New York Times reported. A tweet from the Trump campaign June 11th urged people to use their phones to register for the free tickets. The K-pop fans shared the information and encouraged their followers to get tickets, and then not show up for the rally. The plan quickly caught on on TikTok, where people followed the K-pop fans’ lead.

CNN credited Iowa grandmother Mary Jo Laupp with leading part of the charge on the video platform. She posted a TikTok video two weeks before the rally encouraging people to “go reserve tickets now and leave him standing alone there on the stage.”

We could spend your entire day listing coincidence after coincidence regarding numerous political events during this presidency. There are far too many to number. But there are some significant ones that we must share here to get you thinking and looking for more of this ahead of the November 3rd election. We’ll just list them in bullet points.

  • Was it a coincidence that the soap opera removal of the federal attorney of the Southern District of New York happened as it did and when it did? Geoffrey Berman was a powerful attorney who regularly dealt with high profile cases that involved some of the most influential people in Washington and elsewhere. Berman and Barr clashed multiple times over the handling of several different cases involving politics and even foreign governments. When Berman was ousted, CNN and other leftist media outlets accused Barr of sidelining Berman because he prosecuted Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen and an ongoing case against NYC former Mayor Guiliani. Those news outlets forgot that Barr was not the Attorney General when those cases happened. But there’s an odd coincidence that occurred immediately upon the firing of Berman. Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s former girlfriend and accused accomplice in Epstein’s sex trafficking business had been under surveillance by U.S. intelligence agencies living in a mansion in New Hampshire. Indictments of her were issued but were not executed UNTIL Berman’s termination. Is that a coincidence? It seems that Berman was connected to some high power Americans and foreign dignitaries that had been fingered as being complicit in the Epstein criminal activity. It was widely thought that Berman would have gone light on Epstein if he had not committed suicide and would undoubtedly have done the same in the prosecution of Maxwell. Immediately after his firing, agents arrested Ghislaine in New Hampshire. She has told the world she’s ready to talk. Who knows who and how many of these powerful men and women will be implicated by her testimony. Many thought with Berman handling the case, she would be coddled in her prosecution and might even have walked. Coincidence?
  • Let’s go back several years — to the early 60s. Lee Harvey Oswald was a loner, a political dissident who had close ties to Cuba and a Russian wife. He was not a fan of President John F. Kennedy. He was fingered as the lone gunman who assassinated the President in Dallas. Surprisingly, two days after Oswald was arrested, he was being moved to another facility. During the transfer, a man named Jack Ruby — a high roller and owner of a bar — mysteriously appeared in the basement of the Dallas police station, walked right up to Oswald. The latter was being escorted by several detectives to a car and shot and killed Oswald. It was later revealed that Oswald had terminal cancer and would not have lasted long. And Ruby knew about that before the shooting. Coincidence?


Let’s end this with some “today” coincidences. We’ll do these in bullet points as well:



  • Was it a coincidence that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was appointed by the president only to recuse himself from the Russia Collusion investigation almost immediately immediately?
  • Was it a coincidence that his successor, Rod Rosenstein, immediately appointed his good friend Robert Mueller as Special Counsel for that investigation shortly after Mueller had met in the Oval Office to discuss Mueller becoming FBI Director because of the firing of James Comey? (Rosenstein and Mueller are close friends and had worked together multiple times)
  • Was it a coincidence that Russia was (and still is) the focus of EVERY Democrat in Congress, every media outlet, every day regarding any news or discussions about election interference, which Russia preferred in 2016 to be President and the same thing for 2020? Did the fact that Hillary Clinton funded the production of a fake document that implicated then-candidate Donald Trump for massive wrongdoings in Russia? And why was that fact never revealed until after Mueller brought no Trump impeachable finding to Congress?
  • Was it a coincidence that shortly after the Mueller report, Democrats morphed immediately into Ukraine-Gate? It was to the surprise to many when revealed that former Vice President Biden had threatened to withhold U.S. aid to Ukraine if they did not first fire a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating Biden’s son for financial wrongdoing. Was it a coincidence that before that alleged wrongdoing by the Bidens could be investigated, the Democrats found a way to turn that into an impeachment attack against President Trump. Coincidence?
  • Was it a coincidence when immediately after the failure of the impeachment of Donald Trump, the Wuhan COVID-19 pandemic was used by Washington to begin the systemic destruction of the greatest economy in World history? Not only did they use the fear of the unknown about the virus, but they also transitioned that into the necessary shutdown of the nation, unemployment of 40 million Americans with no certainty of the details, and the scope of the virus. Coincidence?
  • Was it multiple coincidences that the World’s foremost virologists and epidemiologists of the Centers for Disease Control were pushed on President Trump as the “experts” of how to handle the coronavirus? That happened to then only force Americans to make critical decisions every day based on faulty information that was wrong as many times as it was right. Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx were and still are so mixed up and unsure about what is valid, what is necessary, what is prudent, and what things are not that Americans today are still uncertain about what and who to believe. Coincidence?
  • Was it a coincidence that the drug Hydroxychloroquine that had been prescribed for 60 years to treat malaria and other infectious diseases in America successfully? Dr. Fauci began trials for a coronavirus vaccine weeks before the first U.S. coronavirus case was confirmed. Was that a coincidence?
  • Was it a coincidence that immediately upon notification that the pandemic looked to not be as critical as first thought that protests and demonstrations and racial unrest would sweep through the nation following the death at the hands of four policemen of one black man?
  • Was it a coincidence that the pandemic lockdown stopped the convening of grand juries in several criminal cases regarding the wrongdoing of many politically connected members from the Obama Administration? Many in the nation thought that Attorney John Durham would have begun releasing indictments in those cases long before the November election. It appears now not to be possible.
  • Is it a coincidence that Democrats are pleading for school systems around the nation to cancel classes for the Fall? One Louisiana state senator sent a letter today to the Lousiana Board of Education advising them to not only cancel school classes, but every athletic event, training, practicing, and anything else that involves close contact between athletes, but to make that mandatory for the entire 2020-2021 athletic season for all sports.

We MUST stop there! There are hundreds more. It’s amazing what creative people who have deep embedded anger and hatred for others can build from pure hatred. But we see it happen over and over again, all of which is certainly not coincidental. And few people today will even deny that there is no way for it to BE coincidental.

But don’t weary: we still have five months before the election. You can bet we’ll see many more coincidental things that happen on the national stage.

Stay tuned!

Rep. Jerrold Nadler’s Judiciary Committee Hearing was Nothing but a Circus

The House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday held an oversight hearing focusing on Attorney General William Barr’s decisions as head of the Department of Justice. As part of the proceedings, the committee heard testimony from two DOJ officials: Aaron Zelinsky, a federal prosecutor at the US attorney’s office in Baltimore, and John Elias, a senior official in the department’s antitrust division.

Zelinsky worked on the special counsel Robert Mueller’s team during the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference in the US election, and he testified Wednesday that senior DOJ officials improperly interfered in the sentencing recommendation for the former longtime Republican strategist Roger Stone. Specifically, he told lawmakers that DOJ leaders sought a weaker sentence for Stone at Barr’s direction because they were “afraid of the president.”

Elias testified that Barr weaponized the antitrust division to harass marijuana companies because he doesn’t like the cannabis industry.

The committee also heard testimony from two former DOJ officials: former Attorney General Michael Mukasey and former Deputy Attorney General Donald Ayer. Mukasey was invited to testify by Republicans on the panel.

The witnesses who appeared on Wednesday were asked at one point why they chose to testify. Here’s how Elias and Zelinsky, both of whom are still serving at the Justice Department under Barr, responded:

Elias: “I looked at what was happening, which was unlike anything I had ever seen before, and it didn’t feel like a good faith calling of balls and strikes that I had been used to seeing. And I care very much about the antitrust laws, their evenhanded enforcement, protecting consumers, and also the institution of the antitrust division where I have spent my entire legal career. And when I saw these abuses, I thought that the public should get to know about them. So that’s why I stepped forward.”

Zelinsky: “Because I took an oath to do so.”

Things went downhill from there. Want an example? At one point, Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell excoriated Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan for not wearing a mask during the hearing:

“Let me just remind every member of this committee, and people that are walking into this room, that the guidelines have been set forth by the office of the attendee physician and the house speaker that members need to be wearing masks,” Mucarsel-Powell said. “And the chairman stated earlier, very clearly, that members will not be recognized if they are not wearing masks.”

She then addressed Jordan, saying it was “incredibly disrespectful that you have been sitting here next to the chairman without wearing a mask. You are putting other peoples’ lives and their families in danger.”

Jordan replied by saying that “the unmasking this committee should be concerned about is the unmasking that took place at the end of the Obama administration.”

Jordan was referring to “unmasking,” which is a routine and legal process that the US intelligence community engages in regularly. Republican lawmakers allege that the Obama administration improperly and illegally “unmasked” former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s name in intelligence reports monitoring the communications of then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, one of the most outspoken Democrats on the committee, asked former Deputy Attorney General Donald Ayer about Barr’s unfounded claim that foreign countries would meddle in the 2020 election by mass-producing counterfeit ballots.

Barr has “provided an echo for the president, who has voted himself by mail in New York and in Florida and whose party encourages its members to go out and vote by mail — but he’s echoed the president in saying there’s something wrong with voting by mail, and he’s alleged that voting by mail makes us vulnerable to foreign influence by counterfeit ballots,” Raskin said to Ayer. “Is that an appropriate role for the attorney general of the United States?”

Ayer said: “I think it’s not, and especially it’s not because it appears to be something that there’s absolutely no truth in at all. There are five states that do nothing but vote by mail, and every other state, I think virtually every other state, uses vote by mail somewhat substantially. So the idea that we’re going to throw cold water on the notion that we’re going to vote by mail is just disreputable. And it’s entirely inappropriate. It really isn’t his job anyway. If there were some law-enforcement function, there it might be. But basically he’s just echoing the president.”

Enough of these meaningless allegations tossed about and the screaming match in the House committee hearing room! A bunch of adults acting at best like children and, at worst, a bunch of circus clowns!

What Really Happened in that Hearing?

I’ll give you my two cents:

  • Two DOJ lifetime bureaucrats were enraged when AG Barr instructed their office to reduce the federal sentence handed down in the Roger Stone case. They both resigned over Barr’s order to do so.
  • The reduced sentence was not only a process that happens in at least 40% of federal cases when judges prepare to sentence defendants, their recommended sentence in the case far exceeded punishments meted out in every previous federal case with similar situations.
  • None of this mentions that the Attorney General is overall responsible for the actions of any attorneys that work in the DOJ under him. Obama’s AG Eric Holder frequently intervened in federal sentences as did his replacement, AG Loretta Lynch.
  • What was shocking to me (but should not have been) was that nobody who testified offered any firsthand evidence of any of the evidence of alleged wrongdoing! Why should that NOT surprise me? Because that has been the case in every allegation against President Trump in those impeachment hearings initiated in “Ukraine-Gate!” All-day it was this: “Mr. So-and-so told me that he heard Mr. Boo-Boo talking on the phone to Miss La-La, who said Attorney General Barr coughed when he was reading the recommended charges against Mr. Stone. And  because he coughed, that was a sign that President Trump was mad because Stone was his friend and had promised he’d take care of it all.”

That may sound like a juvenile—explanation for a House Judiciary Committee hearing. But, folks, it was that stupid! It was nothing but a show for the Hard Left in Congress and the nation. Why do that? CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS!


I’m confident you’d like to know what was the purpose of the charade perpetrated by Rep. Nadler. “The Penguin,” as he has been termed held this committee for no other reason than to lay a foundation. Put that one hearing in the context along with what is imminent in Washington.

Have you forgotten that former Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed Federal Attorney Jim Huber of Utah to investigate alleged wrongdoing in the Hillary Clinton email server investigation? Even though Session was fired and replaced with Barr, Huber continued acting on his commission, worked (and still does) behind a curtain of secrecy, and has yet not stepped forward with his findings. Additionally, Attorney General Barr appointed Connecticut Federal Attorney John Durham to investigate any wrongdoing by those in the Obama Administration regarding all things that occurred during the Russian Collusion investigation. About six months into Durham’s investigation, the DOJ announced his investigation had shifted gears into a full-blown criminal investigation.

Here’s what’s about to happen:

  • Huber and Durham are very close to bringing their cases forward;
  • The Huber case will probably implicate those from the Hillary Clinton Campaign, the Clinton Foundation, and possibly others in wrongdoing regarding that private email server kept in her home. Just having it there was a constant violation of the handling of classified information. And each such violation was a felony;
  • The Durham case purportedly included multiple grand juries hearing the testimony of numerous subpoenaed witnesses. It is almost certain its recommendations will consist of indictments of numerous members of the Obama Department of Justice, the Obama FBI, and possibly even members of Obama’s White House leadership team;

Don’t for one moment think the Nadler House Judiciary Committee hearing and future such hearings ahead are NOT purposely to build layer upon layer of finger-pointing at Attorney General William Barr to destroy his credibility. Both House and Senate leadership teams know their only hope at escaping the vitriol of American voters just before the November election is to paint Barr as nothing more than a Trump sycophant acting on instructions from the President to attack, attack, and attack those who oppose him to deflect attention from HIS wrongdoing.

In other words, all of these upcoming House committee hearings are nothing more than smokescreens.

Should we expect anything less?



Who are “They:” the players in this 2020 charade leading up to the ballot box in November? “They” must be a crowd full of folks with varied backgrounds, goals and objectives, anger, hatred, determination, and agendas. But who are “They?”

I’m not so vain as to think I know who all these players are. But isn’t it reasonable to think that there is a tremendous number of professional, organized, and structured goals and objectives somewhere in secret which dozens and maybe hundreds of pawns are heeding passed along from someone? There is too much order to what is being played out to simply be happenstance.

Let’s do this: let’s start at the bottom today and build a pyramid, first laying the bottom and largest layer of foundation stones and work our way to the top. We may not be able to get to who tops it, but I think we’ll be able to narrow the options significantly. Let’s get started.

The Stones

First, there must be a master plan. Let’s don’t complicate it; let’s just assume — and safely so — the objective of this operation is to remove Donald Trump from the presidency. No tools deemed necessary will NOT be made available. No processes are taboo in tackling that objective. It must pretty much be “anything goes.” And doesn’t that make much sense with all we’ve watched roll-out in the past four years? To make this work, the critical stones are broad bases on which the remainder of the process can safely set. Who’s first?


Nothing so difficult as removing a president could possibly be successful without significant numbers of members of Congress. After all, unseating a U.S. president must be through impeachment.

In this Congress, there has been a plethora of volunteers from even before the 2016 election, and even from the Republican Party. Who can forget the Trump hatred from the late Senator John McCain (R-AZ). “He would never participate in such a plan!” (NOTE: before we’re done, with this, you’ll be saying that quite often)

McCain has been fingered as the culprit who became the conduit for the piece of dirt used to begin this entire “removal” debacle. Former CIA Director John Brennan used McCain to pass along to the Comey FBI the unverified Steele Dossier that was used illegally to instigate the surveillance of Carter Page. McCain despised Trump.

Who else in Congress falls in line? RepresentativeS Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, and at least a dozen other Democrats who were certainly part of the Hillary Clinton Dynasty that Trump’s election destroyed before it ever began. There is no doubt they all colluded, at least with each other, to coordinate the evil seed-sowing of disinformation throughout the Mueller Investigation. Even to this day Schiff maintains he had/has “uncontroverted evidence of Trump collusion with Russia to assist his victory over Clinton in 2016.”

Was this hatred sufficient to burn the fire of impeachment brightly enough to sink the Trump presidency? No, at least not so far. But it was certainly sufficient to keep the fires burning for three+ years. And in doing so, their certainty of Trump illegal activity became a plague that ran like diharrea through the American populace sowing seeds of doubt and hatred for the President.

And in the Senate, there has always been Chuck Schumer (D-NY). Schumer has a decades-old personal and business relationship with Donald Trump. And he never cared for the Queens billionaire. In addition, Schumer works in tandem with his House Master Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to corral all the Democrat senators necessary to fuel the fire of anti-Trumpism. And numerous senators stand in line in orderly fashion, confirming Schumer’s every legislative attack on this president.

Of course, Schumer NEVER instigates anything at all. Nancy tells Chuck what to do early every morning!

There are many more names that have proudly donned the banner of “Cornerstone” of the “Dump Trump” pyramid. They’re each easy to spot. They all look and sound like Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) Each time Adam Schiff breaks wind, Swalwell loudly proclaims, “Excuse Me!”

“Never-Trump” Bureaucrats

How many of these are befitting the classification with other  Cornerstones? Probably far too many for us to count. The multitude of lifetime professional D.C. bureaucrats that were holdovers from the previous administration are incalculable. But there certainly are hundreds. And it didn’t take much coaxing from the leaders of the Left to get them to fall in line with their leaders, push for a job in the Trump Administration to support the “Dump Trump” efforts.

Many showed their spots unwittingly through the Mueller Investigation that in testimonies and subpoenaed documents have been exposed. Chief among them are James Comey, Peter Strozk, Lisa Page, Rod Rosenstein, Andy McCabe, John Brennan, James Clapper, even the three generals and one admiral who last week in one concerted effort rebuffed President Trump. In doing so, each betrayed their oath to the fabric of military leadership which has always said, “If you cannot in good faith adhere to your superiors requests and leadership, your obligation is to resign your office and keep quiet.” Each betrayed their oath of service to the nation.

We could continue a laundry list of bureaucrats most of whose names you know. But you get the idea of the foundation of this pyramid. Let’s move on.

“Old” Government

Here’s a cornucopia full of well-know political names that certainly play a role. The list includes each and every leader in the Obama Administration: Comey (before), Mueller (before), Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Joe Biden, each member of Obama’s cabinet, the leaders of each of the nation’s intelligence agencies with one exception: Admiral Mike Rogers of the National Security Agency. Rogers famously and secretly visited the president-elect in Trump Tower to reportedly reveal to Mr. Trump that his campaign offices there were being surveilled by the Obama FBI. The next day Trump moved his complete operation to his country club in New Jersey.

How far back does the “Old” government go in this foundation? It certainly included John Kerry, Al Gore, and Obama’s senior staff that served him in each of his two administrations.

We’ll stop here revealing the government “mafia” that primarily are the cornerstones of the “Dump Trump” pyramid. But you get the picture. Almost without exception, Obama’s entire government had obviously prepared to pass the mantle of the “new America” Obama thought he was called to usher in to Hillary Clinton. Trump’s fault? He had but one objective for his entire political career: to as President create a good and better world for every American. In doing so, he knew he would be required to tear down the Hillary ivory tower that Obama had constructed for her. And he has.

Democrat Party

Of course, the Democrat Party leadership has successfully created an environment in which they can with their minions using their “messengers” to disseminate their talking points to their followers. Under Obama, they were kept in line with blackmail messages from the White House: “If you don’t report the way we want you to report, covering what we say needs to be covered and attacking those we say are our enemies, your access to the seat of power in the U.S. will be cutoff.”

Every Democrat operative, elected official and every wannabe Democrat candidate has not dared to buck the Party. Though the party has its own leadership, there’s no real power there. Each take their instructions from Nancy Pelosi herself. Never doubt (at least until she’s gone) that she is the power broker of the Democrat Party.

The Messengers

The balance of the tower are layer upon layer of various media pundits: radio, television, internet news sites, internet liberal talk shows, broadcast and cable mainstream news programs and news reporters, major newspapers online and in print. And this group has worked the “plan” to perfection, finding ways to coordinate with each other and the “cornerstones” listed above, and in unified daily fashion drowned the American public, not with the truth, but with the political narrative of the day, given to them by the Messengers of the Democrat Party: The Leftist Media.

We will not waste your time talking about how evil are the mainstream media outlets and reporters, editors, publishers, and anchors. You know who they are. And they all dropped any ruse of existing credibility to go public with their Trump hatred, and they are all-in for getting rid of him. After all, they MUST have unfettered political access to be able to garner at least enough credibility to sell their wares to potential advertisers!


All that remains is the pyramid headstone. I would love to be able to beat my chest and give you “a” name or “the” names of those who comprise that topper of the pyramid. I could tell you who I think those folks are, but that would make this story today too simple and you’d probably forget about it before you eat dinner tonight. This entire story needs to resonate in your mind and heart through Election Day in November! YOU must figure who is at the top.

I WILL say this: my suspicions have been published here before. Remember: when the Obamas  bought that mansion just blocks from the White House and became the only outgoing presidential family in U.S. history to stay in D.C. after leaving office, I told you “There’s some sinister intent for making that move.”

You now know my thought about just one of those pyramid “toppers.”

Who else?

Here’s your assignment: YOU cast your eyes on the political (and financial and power) landscape. I’m a researcher, but I’m the first that will always say, “I don’t know it all and I almost always miss something.”

Here’s what I’d like for you to do: write who you think the top player or players in this are, send me their names and a paragraph with your reason for your choice. I will put a post together will all responses (including only first names) so we ALL can capture a unified picture that MAY give us real comfort of who is leading the way in this attempt to destroy President Trump. But, more importantly, what they all stand for.

Remember this: President Trump has warned us for sometime, “They’re not coming for me. They’re coming for YOU.”

Believe it or not, they are confident they will get him. I’ve told you for almost four years now they would impeach him, would continue to go after him, and if he wins in November, they’ll continue to attack him nonstop until he’s gone.

By the way: they want the destruction of ALL that YOU stand for too!

Send your names of those folks via email to: Make it as simple as you want. Just drop a simple email to me.

Once again, thanks for being here and part of this family. I’ll see you all at 9:00 AM Central today on “TNN Live!”


Who’s in Charge: The Media and Who Else?

You know the answer to that: at least in part. Today’s Media has taken over, not just being the mouthpiece of the Left, they actually are now creating a narrative that fits the template published by the Democrat Party titled “Everything Necessary to Run Donald Trump From Washington.” They all march in step; they all are daily right on point, and, at least according to them and their minions, they never miss a beat or a single Leftist talking-point.

Isn’t it odd how often in morning news one can quickly scan the morning talk shows on MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC and see and hear the same anti-Trump/conservative talking points with the same phrases and catch-words? How is that even possible without coordination?

But they send the hypocrisy needle pegged far to the left with this: they all know that Americans have caught-on to their operations and coordination, but they do not even care! It’s as if some publisher or editor says, “By gosh, we don’t care what THEY think. We’re going to take him down, and we don’t care who knows about how or why we’re doing so! WE speak for the majority of Americans, so we are speaking the TRUTH!”

But, NOW the heavy artillery is arriving. A new “Ex-Sheriff” is mounting up to join in the fight. We all know him as former President Barack Obama.

Former President Barack Obama is back in the news, working overtime to make himself relevant by claiming partial credit for the Trump economic growth and prosperity. We should be alarmed because of what we know about the Obama presidency and its disregard for American traditions about elections and how one treats political opponents. There is no sense of protocol or qualms about abusing power or trampling the U.S. Constitution.

Presidential protocol once meant former Presidents showed a measure of deference and respect for current officeholders. Former President Jimmy Carter, in 2007, broke this precedent when he called George W. Bush’s presidency, the “worst in history.” Until 2007, Carter was the uncontested winner of the worst modern presidency in history. But then I digress. President Obama is obsessed with President Trump, and Obama is supported by his army of paid and unpaid protesters, as seen in Organizing for Action, a pro-Obama group that will not leave the president alone.

Given the corruption in the FBI and Department of Justice during the Obama years, the unprecedented use of the institutions of government against political opponents, and the never-ending Mueller investigation, it becomes more likely than not President Obama has something to hide. From the moment Donald J. Trump became a serious threat to the leftist agenda, he was targeted with Saul Alinsky’s evil strategies.

Deception, infiltration, and manipulations are at the core of the Alinsky guide for redistributing power. Just think about America, the frenetic opposition to the president and Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, 8, 11, and 13:

Rule 8. “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.” Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new…

Rule 11. “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.” Violence from the other side can win the public to your side because the public sympathizes with the underdog…

Rule 13. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

President Trump and his administration have had the above tactics unleashed against them. The end goal is to keep him, so distracted he and his appointees will never have time to adjudicate any of the criminal behavior committed by the Obama Administration.

In the book by Dr. Carol M. Swain, Be the People: A Call to Reclaim America’s Faith and Promise (2011), pp. 13-15, she warned of what was then the precursor of fake news. In 2010, the Obama Pentagon was pushing for authorization to create an Office of Strategic Deception to gather and disseminate information to confuse America’s enemies. Given the compromised state of the leftist media, one can only wonder if this is behind the fake news we now get from once trusted news services.

If only we had an independent media committed to truth. Alas, we seem to have a media committed to partisan politics. In Saul Alinsky’s style, the goal is to isolate the president, keep the pressure on him, push all the negatives, and isolate him from friends and family. It is an evil strategy born from the imagination of the man who dared to give Satan a shout-out in the epigraph of Rules for Radicals:

 “Lest we forget at least an over the shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins – or which is which), the very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.”

Need we say more? We, the People, should not allow anarchists and former presidents to subvert the democratic process. We must “Be the People” who reclaim our nation.

Carol M. Swain is an award-winning political scientist and a James Madison Scholar at Princeton University.


All of this leads us at TruthNewsNetwork to wonder: exactly what have they been hiding for so long that they are so petrified of its discovery that they have unified and have spent (and are spending) hundreds of millions of dollars to prevent its revelation? I could speculate on an answer or two, but I will not do that. Just let it suffice to say there “IS” something or “ARE” some things that must be so egregious, so evil, and so unlawful that Democrats and others on the Left are willing to say and do anything to keep it hidden.

Their principal tool for doing so is Divisiveness and Misrepresentation. They must keep the attention of all conservatives on things other than what those Leftists are doing. Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, and Company have always used that as their chief tool: a diversion from the facts. And it has, in large part, been effective. The problem is that this time, President Trump broke loose long enough to not only say what he was going to do for the American people, but he also DID everything he said he was going to do for the American people. And that is something the Left in horror cannot handle. Why? Because there’s never been a Democrat in the White House who did that! And a Republican doing so has destroyed just about all of the credibility the Left had.

And they’re horrified.

Today on TNN Live at 9:00 AM Central, we are going to break down several of the things that have been happening behind the scenes that have dominated front page and television news: protests, riots, looting, shootings, CHOP, and police shootings. Yes, there are quite a few other things that Americans have been dealing with.

Did you see or hear all of the hoopla about the crowd at Saturday nights MAGA rally in Tulsa? The crowd was far more sparse than anybody expected. Have you all weekend long heard the drumbeats of Trump’s failure echoing across every Leftist media outlet? If you read their stories or listen to their reports, you might believe what they WANT you to believe: that Americans are done with Trump.

NO ONE has passed around information about the massive protests and blocking of entry at the last minute by Black Lives Matters and other protestors — so much so that the Secret Service shut down entry to prevent any of the nastiness getting inside. Join us live between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM Central at, and you’ll hear us speak live with several people that were there who will describe exactly what happened.

That is just one example of how afraid the Left is of Donald Trump.

We’ll close with this: why did Obama at the last minute decide to get involved with former VP Joe Biden? Because Obama is afraid that the illegal activity from his administration is about to be public, followed by certain indictments. And if he can assist a Biden victory in November, Americans will never see or hear the truth of any of it! Biden will immediately shut down all the investigations.

There’s far more than we see. Let’s see just how much light of truth we can use to expose it all!

The Master “Electioneer:” George Soros

George Soros is 89 years old, but by gosh, before he dies, he’s going to see to the internal destruction of America.

At least that’s how it seems.

How else can we listen to his words in Davos, Switzerland, track his funding of American political races and pay attention to what he says about President Donald Trump, capitalism, and the leftist causes he backs and the leftist Open Society Foundations he runs, and come to any other conclusion?

In the last few years, Soros has taken to trying to take over local law enforcement agencies by pumping massive amounts of money into candidates he favors in key district attorney races.

“George Soros’ quiet overhaul of the US justice system,” Politico reported, way back in August of 2016. Soros was overwhelming with cash to support Democrats in local and state law enforcement. In my sleepy little town of Shreveport, Louisiana, Soros made a $250,000 donation to a Democrat Party PAC that supported an African American lawyer for the office of District Attorney. Not a U.S. Attorney or a state Attorney General — a local District Attorney!

“PAC funded by George Soros pumps nearly $1 million into local races for prosecutor,” The Washington Post reported in June, about the money from the Justice and Public Safety PAC that went to the left-leaners of both Arlington County, Virginia, and Fairfax County, Virginia.

“Soros Adds Intrigue and $800,000 to D.A. Race, Backing Progressive,” The New York Times reported in November.

The district attorney’s office is one of the first local lines of defense of the Constitution and the rule of law. That means the potential for immediate progressive impact is huge — and it’s an impact that can be had without all that costly political fighting over, say, a senator’s seat, or a Supreme Court slot.

Buying D.A. seats gives you good bang for the buck, in other words. And oftentimes, quietly, unbeknownst to those who might oppose.

That doesn’t mean Soros isn’t busily buying into congressional races, too. or the media. Or — and this, particularly in recent months — the grassroots.

Democracy Alliance, a nonprofit founded in 2005 to advance a progressive vision throughout America, and funded by wealthy elites, recently shifted its charitable giving strategy from think tanks in high-powered Washington, D.C., to small, mostly unknown groups in various communities. Why?

And Soros recently personally funded an $18 Billion donation to his 501(c)3 organization — one that is supposed to be a charity (according to IRS regulations) that is prohibited from participating in “electioneering!”

Think the IRS has called Soros to announce an impending audit?

Call it — once again — under-the-radar influence.

Politico in 2018 described the process: “Kevin Rodriguez, a 19-year-old aspiring singer in tight jeans and gray-and-white Nike high tops, had never heard of the powerful progressive donor group Democracy Alliance. But he is a key part of the secretive billionaire club’s plot to flip the Sun Belt. The donor clique, which counts George Soros and Tom Steyer among its members, is quietly giving funds to a handful of local grassroots groups like Rodriguez’s employer, Living United for Change in Arizona.”

It’s a strategy aimed at quietly taking down President Donald Trump, one “new voter in rapidly diversifying states across the southern U.S.” at a time, as Politico wrote.

It’s a strategy that skirts the enemy’s knowledge, and therefore, oftentimes, the enemy’s win.

And it’s a strategy that takes full advantage of dark money-type donations that are difficult to track and even more difficult to thwart.

It’s one thing for Soros to take his hatred of this president and his disdain for free market America to the public stage — as he just did in Davos, when he criticized Trump as a “con man” whose “narcissism” has turned “into a malignant disease,” as CNBC reported.

It’s another for Soros to slide, on the sly, his anti-American influences deep into America’s politics and culture. And now: education.

In Davos, he announced the infusion of $1 billion into a new Open Society University Network to fund schools around the world — to “educate against nationalism,” is how the Financial Times reported it.

In other words: to train the next generation in the evils of sovereignty — to teach the emerging youth how to become good obedient citizens of the world.

Soros calls it his “most important and enduring project” ever. No wonder. It truly could be. If successful, it could mean the collapse of borders, the implementation of world government, the end of America as we know it.

If children are the hope of the future, America’s children must be educated on the greatness of America — before it becomes too late and America, as a sovereign nation, hasn’t any future at all.

The Man

George Soros — born György Schwartz in Budapest on August 12, 1930 — escaped from his home country after World War II and put himself through the London School of Economics and eventually earned a Master’s degree in philosophy.

His career in the financial world really began with his first hedge fund, Double Eagle, in 1969 and in 1970 formed Soros Fund Management, later known as the Quantum Fund. He gained notoriety in the early 1990s for shorting the British Pound, leading the country into Black Wednesday in 1992 — and adding $1 billionto his wealth in the process.

Though he was active in European philanthropy — including in his home country of Hungary — during the 1990s, Soros’s foray into U.S. politics didn’t start until the 2004 presidential election when he gave John Kerry $20 million in his run against George W. Bush.

He also helped fund the liberal think tank Center for American Progress and — and he started talking openly about conservatives, saying that the U.S. would have to experience “a certain de-Nazification process” once Bush left office.

Soros also backed President Obama during his first election, but told the New York Times that Obama was “actually my greatest disappointment” because he never asked for Soros’ advice.

“He made one phone call thanking me for my support, which was meant to last for five minutes, and I engaged him, and he had to spend another three minutes with me, so I dragged it out to eight minutes,” he told the Times. “He was someone who was known from the time when he was competing for the editorship of The Harvard Law Review to take his supporters for granted and to woo his opponents.”

Soros donated $25 million to Hillary Clinton and other democratic causes during the 2016 election — and he’s often accused of silently backing everything from the 2017 Women’s March and the Occupy Wall Street protests. He did provide millions to the Women’s March through his Open Society Foundations, but didn’t pay people $300 to show up.

But though he’s supported his opponents, Soros is complimentary of President Donald Trump, telling the times that he was “very afraid” that he’d “blow up the world,” but is pleased with how he’s reached out to Kim Jong-un and North Korea.

“I think the danger of nuclear war has been greatly reduced, and that’s a big relief,” he said.

But don’t expect the answer to “who is George Soros supporting politically” to turn to conservative candidates. He’s predicting a Democratic landslide in the 2018 midterm elections.

Trump is a “purely temporary phenomenon that will disappear in 2020, or even sooner,” Soros said.


There’s plenty of irony in that those in the American Left — especially Hollywood’s Left — personally demean the wealth of capitalism while building huge mansions and piling up millions in the entertainment industry. It’s OK for them to do so, just not you or me.

That irony stretches into politics. It’s always been laughable to me to watch and listen to a spoiled group of artists, musicians, actors, and their “clingers-on” demean every person who disagrees with them personally. And in doing so they always claim they are individuals who are deep thinkers who “know” what’s right and what’s best. How could everyday Americans be so gullible as to think our lives are significant in any way — especially when measured against their lives!

Soros is “their” guy.

I’ll stop here: there’s too much irony and hypocrisy to even read through this story yet alone life through it.

They just don’t get it.

But here’s what they DO get: including Soros. Capitalism in conjunction with our Representative Republic is the antithesis to the beliefs of these elitists. They continue to pedal their cries for socialism: “The rich are evil. We need to tax them from their financial class and take that money to distribute among the plebes!” Yet, many who make those cries don’t realize that within that espoused philosophy is the seizing of THEIR accumulated wealth to do just that: distribution.

But those cries are NOT cries that come from Soros. He sees a grand and mighty autocracy that will look at these Hollywood and east coast “Elite Waanabes” as scum not worthy of membership. Soros is European. He knows how to pacify the masses while coddling elitist hangers-on.

Neither class will ever pass muster. But the autocrats handpicked by a paltry few will pass right by those wishers and hopers on their way back to World political domination at the hands of — you guessed it — Marxism.

The IRS SHOULD be auditing Soros and his 501(c)3. But I’m certain that will not happen. The word is that the IRS Director wants a seat at the Soros table.

That’ ain’t gonna happen either!

Somebody’s In BIG Trouble!

Won’t it be wonderful one day when we can pick up a newspaper, go to our favorite news website, listen to our #1 radio talk show or watch nighttime TV news and just believe everything they tell us and give us in print is REALLY true? Do you think that will ever happen? To be honest, I think before that happens the Statue of Liberty will dive into the Hudson and swim up the East River to have lunch in Brooklyn at the River Cafe!

It is really sad that our media presentation has come to this. I am not going to talk about specific examples, who said this or that, who wrote this, who edited this or that story to prefer someone: if I did that, it would take all day. You’d undoubtedly tire — or you’d just turn me off. 

Say, maybe that’s something we might want to consider ourselves: turn THEM off. Would your world actually end if you tried that? I have before and I’m thinking about doing it again.

Yeah, I know: I’m the publisher of TruthNewsNetwork. I can’t just turn off the news. How else could I bring you all the things we share with you daily. But that doesn’t mean I cannot resent the fact that neither you nor I have any confidence that what we see, read, watch or listen to is news. And that is sad.

Take for example, what is burning up the news coverage yesterday and will be again today: the unmasking of Lt. General Michael Flynn by members of the Obama Administration. I don’t remember an instance before in which such a travesty against a private American citizen was implemented for whatever reason (we still don’t know) by members of a presidential administration. To say this occurrence being discovered and confirmed is one thing. But to read the details of the requests for the unmasking of Flynn’s name is mindboggling. To make matters worse, the Left has been frothing at the mouth all day yesterday, demanding that Americans just “let it go.” If I heard these two things once, I’ve heard them one hundred times. Their excuse for the Flynn unmasking is two-fold: “The unmasking of Americans’ names who were conversing with foreign nationals is commonplace. It happens all the time.” But this one takes the cake: “Michael Flynn pled guilty to lying to federal officials. He pled guilty!” As if his extorted guilty plea justifies the Flynn unmasking before the meeting even took place at which he committed the act for which he was charged.

The insanity of the unmasking is one thing. What is even more unthinkable is who requested and received Flynn’s name from the NSA. Let’s take a look so you can know what we’re talking about:

I hope you can read these names. (I know, the list is tough to read. If you cannot on your device, wait until you can get to your computer.) For the sake of the point of today’s story, let’s discuss just a few:

U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power  She requested the unmasking of Flynn’s identity regarding phone calls from the dates 11/3/2016 through 1/17/2017. In the first place, what business does a U.S. ambassador to the United Nations have knowing to whom the incoming National Security Advisor is speaking regarding matters between the incoming President and leaders of foreign nations? She’s not the ambassador to Britain, or France, or Russia, or China. The answer: she had NO business and no authority to do so. Note: each of her calls happened after the election when Obama was on his way out of the White House.

Director for National Intelligence James Clapper It comes as no surprise that Clapper would be desperate to know to whom Flynn was speaking and about what. After all, he like these others were probably headed for the exit. His unmasking requests were also on dates between the election and the inauguration. Do you think there may have been some CYA?

Director of the CIA John Brennan Mr. Brennan has made it no secret that he despises this president. Of all those shown above, he was the likely candidate for this to me. He has been caught in committing felonies by lying under oath numerous times when acting in his official capacity. It is expected by many that he will certainly be revealed as the target of an indictment from the Durham criminal investigation that is reportedly wrapping up.

Director of the FBI James Comey Remember, Flynn served as Director of the ODNI under Obama with Comey has FBI Director. Knowing what we now know about Comey, do you think those two may have had a run-in of some kind during their overlapping years in the Obama Administration? Comey, too, will probably see the inside of a courtroom with his compadre Brennan when results of the Durham investigation are final.

Former Vice President Joe Biden Is there any reason for an explanation for Biden’s requests? What in the world did HE need to know about Michael Flynn’s phone calls? Biden was leaving office!

The important things to note here are these:

  • Notice the date of each request. Each happened after the 2016 election and before the inauguration.
  • None of those mentioned above had any reason to request the unmasking of Flynn, even though 16 were authorized to do so. Why? None of them were going to make the transition to the new administration!

There’s one other salient point: the purpose given by every liberal and interpreted by every leftist media reporter for the unmasking was “because of the illegal collusion taking place by Trump’s incoming National Security Advisor and Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak. But, do you know what’s curious about all of this? The first contact Flynn had with Kislyak was December 29. Every one of this unmasking requests came days and weeks before the call ever took place!

So why would there be this many people who can get personal information about American citizens? Former FBI Director James Comey in testimony before the House explained why. Listen to what he says and do everything you can not to throw up:


Just how high in the Obama Administration did this all go? We know, based on the classified documents released last week, that Mr. Obama told acting Attorney General Sally Yates in that Oval Office meeting on January 5, 2017, that he “knew all about the stuff going on regarding Michael Flynn.” Biden, Clapper, and Brennan were in that Oval Office meeting as well.

But what was the universal concern by so many in the Obama Administration to find out during the transition to the Trump Administration details of conversations Flynn was having with foreign leaders? Could it be that there is or are things they do not want the American people to know about? Do they have anything to hide? Could the President have done something for which people throughout the top tier of his Administration would join forces with other Obama adherents to seek out information to try and keep Lt. General Flynn from sharing it with the incoming President?

Did you know, Obama was obligated to share known details with Trump of the specifics of any wrongdoing by Flynn while acting in the Obama Administration as Director of the National Intelligence office? And he didn’t!

How are Americans supposed to reconcile all this? Indeed it will not happen because of the demands of the Leftist media who all day Wednesday screamed at their media counterparts that “everybody does it!” It was SO obvious that they were desperate to assure their party’s base that even though it looked terrible, absolutely nothing went wrong in this case.

Do you know what the only thing that matters in hindsight is? Someone from that list of Americans — the only ones who knew that Flynn was speaking to foreign government leaders, specifically Kislyak — were those on that list. One of them is the person who leaked to the Washington Post and the New York Times the entire Flynn story, concentrating, of course, on the “Russia connection.” Whoever is the guilty party committed felony acts in giving that classified information to those newspapers. Whichever one of those did the dirty deed faces up to ten years in jail for doing so.

Today, Thursday is another day. Wouldn’t it be nice to just walk with the dog to pick up your newspaper, head to your back porch with a steaming cup of coffee and read the news without feeling the need to question everything you read?

Do you think we’ll ever see that again? I sure hope so.

And to whoever was the guilty person to make those two phone calls, get ready: in this situation with so many spotlights shining brightly into it, you certainly will have lots of time to read the newspaper — probably yesterday’s edition — sitting in your cell still thinking about a steaming cup of hot coffee.

They’re not going to bring you one!


Meet Dr. Judy Mikovits

Today on TNN Live starting at 9:00 AM Central, you will meet Dr. Judy Mikovits. She will be with us live. It’s two hours you do NOT want to miss.

I have listed below all the “good” things — “truthful” things — about Dr. Mikovits. You can do an internet search for yourself to read the other side of things created, published, and perpetuated by the Mainstream Media. And much of it is NOT complimentary.

Question: Why is that?

Answer: Because the power junkies on the Left do NOT want her scientific accomplishments in various immunological fields presented to the American public. So they do what they always do when someone will not cave to their whims and political partisanship: they ATTACK! And you will se that there attacks on Dr. Mikovits have been relentless and devastating: even jail!

Who are these evil people who have perpetrated these hoaxes about Dr. Judy and her work? Some of the people who are at the forefront of virology, vaccines, and immunology.

Today we have unfettered access to ask her any question we want. And we WILL exercise that access. You will NOT hear any softballs. We will push as TruthNewsNetwork always does to get to the truth that is always based on facts.

Your days are critical to you. We know you’re very busy. But with COVID-19 destroying most if not all of your good things in life, don’t you owe it to yourself and your family to take an hour or two to listen to and discover the facts about this horror movie in which we all find ourselves?

That is easily answered.

Though you’ll get the opportunity to meet and listen to her tell her story, answer our questions, and discuss the realities of COVID-19, its origins, its sources, and who is involved in this process to find medicine that can destroy it, we want you to take what you hear and find for yourselves (and confirm) all she says.

I’ve done that. I’ve had the opportunity to read her new book. It’s mind boggling!

Make sure you’re here at 9:00 AM Central, click on the blue horizontal banner on the right side of the top of our homepage that says “Listen Live.” You will go right to our interview live with Dr. Judy. In the interim, here’s the background of this amazing doctor.

Dr. Judy

Dr Judy Mikovits has a Ph.D. in molecular biology and biochemistry with over 30 years of experience. She has directed programs on HIV, cancer, epigenetics and neuroimmune disease with a focus on the development of novel drug and diagnostic technologies.

In 2011 when she made a horrifying discovery that was contaminating all vaccinations, she presented her data to government officials and was threatened and told to destroy all her data. When she did not, she was jailed, her career systematically destroyed, and a gag order put in place for four years threatening that if she spoke out she would be thrown back in jail.

The gag order has been lifted and now she’s talking.

In this interview, she will share insight into: 

  • The release of the coronavirus in China 
  • The impact that this double strained RNA virus has on the body
  • Whether US citizens should be concerned about exposure
  • the ONE THING YOU SHOULDN’T DO out of fear of the virus
  • and many resources to help you create a confident immune system 

Dr. Mikovits has written a revolutionary book called Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Autism, and Other Diseases.” The book details the discovery and consequences of retroviruses in vaccines and their effects on current health issues.  She also has  a new book,  Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science

Dr. Judy Mikovits was instrumental in our fight against HIV. She earned a Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology from George Washington University in 1992.

At National Cancer Institute she developed purification methods for Interferon alpha used in the first immune therapy treatment for hairy cell leukemia in 1986. In 1986-7 she developed production methods to insure biological materials manufactured using human blood products were free of contamination from HIV-1. Her Ph.D. thesis changed the paradigm for the therapeutic treatment of HIV.

Her pioneering work during a twenty-year career at the National Cancer Institute includes the discovery of the modulation of DNA Methylation machinery by human retroviral infection and the development of the concept of inflammatory cytokinesand chemokine signatures of infection and disease. Therapies that are still standard of care twenty five years later and credited with saving millions of deaths from HIV/AIDS. In 2001, she moved back to the industry where she directed the Cancer Biology program of EpiGenX Pharmaceuticals.

In 2009, Drs. Ruscetti and Mikovits’ labs isolated for the first time a new family of human retroviruses then identified as XMRV. In 2012 it was learned XMRV was a contaminant of the Silverman lab and the XMRVs isolated were a new human exogenous and transmissible retrovirus family, which are strongly associated with neuroimmune disease and cancer. Dr. Mikovits has co-authored more than 50 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters of the book “Plague”.


As we all try to puzzle through these purposely hidden elements of the COVID-19 pandemic, shelter-in-place, social distancing, and slamming shut the jobs of 33 million Americans, we all need to remember one thing. Many of us feel much of the ancillary actions taken by our government during this pandemic — specifically shutting-down the American economy — was initiated and implemented by some one or some ones with extreme political power for one purpose and one purpose only: intensify their political power over Americans while destroying any opportunity for there to be a second Donald Trump term in office.

Why would they do such a thing? What is the advantage for some to do that?

I’ll answer by saying this: a long time ago, someone much smarter and wiser than I make a profound declaration about people: “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

Money is NOT evil. What some people want to use money for often IS evil. And money creates more often than we can imagine trouble for people that quite often are fatal.

In this pandemic, today as you listen to Dr. Mikovits and me do this: “Follow the Money.”

Let Mr. Evil Defend His Defenseless Congressional Actions

IWho? Adam Schiff, of course!

On April 23rd — just two weeks ago — we published this story here at TruthNewsNetwork:

♦♦ How Evil is Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA)?

In 2018, the House Intelligence Committee “forged a rare bipartisan moment: Its Republican and Democratic members voted to make public the transcripts of 53 witnesses in the Russia collusion investigation”. However, that act of transparency has been aggressively thwarted by “Mr. Evil,”Adam Schiff.

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) took over as chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) from Republican Devin Nunes in 2019. It was then that Schiff kicked-off his disgraceful strategy. Schiff sent a letter to the office of then-Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats.

In the letter, Schiff “ordered that the witness transcripts – some of which contained exculpatory evidence for President Trump’s team – not be shared with Trump or White House lawyers even if the declassification process required such sharing.” The letter, dated March 26, 2019, stated:

Under no circumstances shall ODNI, or any other element of the Intelligence Community (IC), share any HPSCI transcripts with the White House, President Trump or any persons associated with the White House or the President…Such transcripts remain the sole property of HPSCI, and were transmitted to ODNI for the limited purpose of enabling a classification review by IC elements and the Department of Justice.

What’s Happened?

The “new” Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell has told House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff that transcripts from the panel’s Russia probe are cleared for public release, as House Republicans demand access to the materials.

Grenell sent a letter this week to Schiff (D-CA) notifying him that transcripts of all 53 interviews — which add up to more than 6,000 pages in total — related to foreign interference in the 2016 election can be released. As noted in the letter from Schiff shown above, Schiff forbid the DNI to release any of those 53 interviews because they are the sole property of his committee. As you probably know, they are NOT the property of Schiff or his or any other Congressional committee. They are the property of the People. Further, they have been declassified officially and should be publicly released with classified segments redacted.

A New Wrinkle

I can just imagine how frantic is Rep. Schiff today. Why? Because of a message from Acting DNI Director Grenell included in his notification letter to Schiff informing the Congressman that those interviews are ready to be released to the public, which is legally required. What did Grenell say to Schiff?

“In the interests of transparency and accountability, I urge you to honor your previous public statements, and your Committee’s unanimous vote on this matter, to release all 53 cleared transcripts to all Members of Congress and the American public as soon as possible,” Grenell wrote to Schiff.

Grenell stops short of announcing that his office will release the transcripts if Congress continues to stall on the action. But he alluded to that as a possibility for the future, should Schiff fail to comply.

“I am also willing to release the transcripts directly from the ODNI to ensure we comply with unanimous and bipartisan vote to release the transcripts,” the acting director also said.

Plain and straightforward: Adam Schiff is afraid of what the American public will see if those testimony transcripts are released. Although all those who served on that committee know their contents, (and therefore know what in them would be detrimental to Schiff) because each transcript was classified, their contents have never been “leaked” to the public. That seems strange to me; how about you? Remember this: each time Schiff’s committee in classified settings heard testimony from any member of the Trump Administration, details of EVERY testimony heard from each were leaked to the press. Each leak portrayed content of testimony to be something other than what was actually testified to under oath.

In every such classified testimony whenever there was a recess, Schiff was seen out in the House hallway on the phone. Is there a coincidence there? Nope. He was known as “the serial House leaker” to his fellow members of the House. I’m sure he has CNN and the Washington Post on speed dial.

The Congressman has consistently lied without impunity showing no remorse for doing so throughout his House career. His lies are legend. We could spend an hour just reading them if we posted all in this story. But most Americans — thanks to some conservative thinking journalists — already know which of his statements fall into that category.

Thanks to John Solomon, who is one of the nation’s top investigative journalists, we have a few of his lies and the proof of their untruthfulness for you:

Schiff Report Claim: “FBI and DOJ officials did not abuse the FISA process, omit material information, or subvert this vital tool to spy on the Trump campaign. … DOJ met the rigor, transparency, and evidentiary basis needed to meet FISA’s probable cause requirement.”

Declassified Facts: Horowitz told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Dec. 11, 2019, “I do not think the Department of Justice fairly treated these FISAs.” His report went even further in describing how the FBI violated its own rules in submitting four FISA applications with a total of 51 pieces of unverified, inaccurate or false information. “FBI personnel fell far short of the requirement in FBI policy that they ensure that all factual statements in a FISA application are ‘scrupulously accurate,’” he wrote. “We identified multiple instances in which factual assertions relied upon in the first FISA application were inaccurate, incomplete, or unsupported by appropriate documentation.” The FISAs were so flawed in fact that DOJ has formally withdrawn two of the applications from the court in their entirety because they were incontrovertibly inaccurate.

Schiff Report Claim: DOJ and FBI officials “made only narrow use of information from Steele’s sources about Page’s specific activities in 2016.”

Declassified Facts: Horowitz directly contradicted this claim, concluding the dossier “played a central and essential role” in the FISA application. “The FISA request form drew almost entirely from Steele’s reporting in describing the factual basis to establish probable cause to believe that Page was an agent of a foreign power,” the IG wrote.

Schiff Report Claim: “DOJ provided additional information obtained through multiple independent sources that corroborated Steele’s reporting.”

Declassified Facts: “We found that the FBI did not have information corroborating the specific allegations against Carter Page in Steele’s reporting when it relied upon his reports in the first FISA application or subsequent renewal applications,” Horowitz reported in December.

Schiff’s claims on his many television and media appearances during the early days of the Russian collusion narrative have also aged poorly. In early February 2017, Schiff fanned the narrative that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn may have sought to undercut President Obama’s sanctions on Russia during a phone call with the Russian ambassador and should be prosecuted under the Logan Act. “Trump’s team, through Flynn, reaches out to the Russian ambassador and potentially says, ‘Don’t worry about those sanctions. We’re going to take care of business. We’re not going to bite the hand that fed us.’ That’s something that needs to be investigated. That’s hugely consequential,” Schiff told The Atlantic magazine in Feb. 14, 2017.

By the time Schiff uttered those words, the FBI agent who had investigated Flynn’s contacts with Russia had already concluded on Jan. 4, 2017 that there was “no derogatory information” about Flynn’s contacts and recommended closing down the case, according to recently declassified FBI memos.

Recently declassified documents from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe show that the FBI had informed DOJ by late January 2017 that Flynn was not acting as an agent of Russia. Likewise, the main prosecutor for national security cases inside the Justice Department, Mary McCord, and others thought prosecuting Flynn under the Logan Act was unlikely or a “long shot” after reading Flynn’s actual words from a transcript of his conversation with the Russian ambassador.

“McCord said that upon learning of Flynn’s phone calls with Ambassador Kislyak, a Logan Act prosecution seemed like a stretch to her,” the Mueller summary of her interview stated.

And a top FBI official’s handwritten notes expressed concern the bureau’s treatment of Flynn amounted to “playing games” and appeared to involve an effort to get him into an interview where he might misstate something so he could then be prosecuted or fired.

Once again, Schiff was peddling claims that DOJ, FBI and the intelligence community had already dismissed.

For us at TruthNewsNetwork, it is befitting that Rep. Schiff has NEVER produced any of the “ironclad evidence in his possession that proves Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to impact the results of 2016 for his benefit.” I cannot recall how many television interviews over a two-year period in which Schiff made those exact claims over and over. Oddly enough, no one from the Democrat Party ever called him out or asked about that evidence. Many conservatives did. I was one of them. It is now certain Schiff never had that evidence at all. Certainly, if real and in his possession, it would have been brought forward during the House impeachment process.


Schiff is probably the most derided member of the House of Representatives. Hardly a day goes by that each of his daily tweets are not lambasted by dozens of conservative Americans who can no longer stand silent in the echo of his constant pontificating and lying about President Trump. The President was just first in his responsive attacks of Schiff. Hundreds if not thousands of Americans have consistently taken their shots at the Congressman through the last few years.

What’s most amazing to me is that he with NO remorse tells lies, misrepresents facts, denigrates the President and every member of the Trump family. That’s in addition to fabricating allegations against POTUS for horrendous and often illegal activities Schiff claims are part of Mr. Trump’s life as President. By definition that labels the Congressman as a “pathological liar.”

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy weighed in on this latest proof of Rep. Schiff’s habitual lies:

I think this time Schiff may be finished. Much of what is likely in those testimony transcripts has been denied in classified hearings and testimony by Mr. Schiff. When it all sees the light of day, the Congressman is likely to find himself seeking really adept and politically savvy D.C. attorneys to represent him in a criminal case in which he is the defendant. And for that, I must honestly say in my humblest Southern spirit, “Bless his heart!”


How Committed Are Leftist Americans To Keeping the U.S. Shutdown?

We haven’t yet determined the exact desired endgame the Leftists in media, and the government are driving for. But it is certainly clear now that there ARE specific purposes coupled with coordinated plans and particular operations to do just that: shut down the U.S. economy. There are far too many “coincidences” occurring for it to be anything but that. Want some examples?

“Big Daddy” Policeman Digging Enforcement

Leftists love to attack law enforcement and revel when they see police officers abuse their power — especially when those instances are caught by a bystander and published in social media. They want all in the world to know just how supportive of the common man they are and how they always stand between those nasty police officers, Border Patrol agents, state troopers and even the FBI and John American. That was BEFORE COVID-19!

It’s almost as if someone went to Baskin Robbins and brought back gallons of each version of its products.  And when you’ve got would-be tin-pot dictators from New Jersey to California to Virginia to ‘Governor Karen’ ‘saving lives’ by stopping would-be home gardeners from planting seeds up in Michigan, there’s no shortage of THOSE to go around. Pre-COVID, who would have ever dreamed that from a civil liberties standpoint, things could go downhill this fast and in so many ways? People are getting arrested for going to church, taking walks on the beach, picketing abortion clinics, and even protesting the policies of their own government. Sure, it seems sick to us regular folks, but stuff like this is what leftists live for.

“Hey Mister, Want a Dollar?”

Leftists have never seen a dollar, a million dollars, a billion or a trillion dollars that they can’t spend — quickly! They’ve been able to wrestle control of about $3 trillion taxpayer bucks away from Trump’s U.S. Treasury straight into the hands of Americans, all the while taking credit for giving voters money just because they’re breathing. Spending money has never been difficult for Leftists. And through the fear of an economic pandemic together with the COVID-19 infections, they have effectively parlayed their all-consuming objective to control the dollars and cents of ALL Americans to become puppeteers. They knew that when they floated the trial balloon of government shutdowns it would be impossible to sell that concept to Americans without a fistful of dollars. That gave Nancy and Chuck an idea: let’s seed our control doctrine with money: not OUR money, but THEIR money. “Let’s let ’em take a few days off on us!” There’s no way the left doesn’t win long-term when money like that goes out the door that fast.

“Shame on You!”

I watched as a hairdresser who owns a shop in North Dallas stood before a judge for her egregious wrongs: she had determined to — four days ahead of the “state schedule” — re-open her beauty shop. The law came after her with a vengeance! First, with a cease and desist order. She may have messed-up when she tore up that order on live television at a “lockdown” test. The judge was going to pop her for tearing up the cease and desist order but gave her one last chance IF she would apologize. She then told the judge: “Your Honor, I cannot apologize for doing something that was not wrong. I cannot apologize for feeding my kids!” He ordered her to serve seven days in jail and a fine.

This is America! One would expect empathy from a judge, especially for something like this. Nope. She’s going to do the time and pay the fine. If that judge happened to be a Republican, the Left would have by now broadcasted every detail of his life they could find and would probably event an evil thing or two with which to brand him. We’d know anything wrong that he was doing or had ever done, that’s for sure. Leftists WILL stand for someone in tough situations, but only if they can easily find a way to paint the picture that THEY are kind, understanding, giving and sympathetic to average Americans and their plights. Republicans don’t care! And never have more opportunities existed for that than the recent trend of COVID-shaming people for daring to want to keep their children fed and a roof over their heads. If you’ve got to pretend to care about lives, caring about those taken by this virus allows them to look virtuous and still live out their evil dreams, knowing full well that the economic devastation that’s to come will kill far more than coronavirus ever would have.

Watching Everyday “Joe’s” Suffering

Ordinary Americans are nowhere near worthy of being considered valuable in any way to the Left. Their sole worth is wrapped up in one thing only: their vote. Hillary put them all in her basket of deplorables: “deserving censure or contempt.” To them, deplorables deserve any terrible thing that happens to them, just because they are deplorables. Most leftists hate most everyday Americans, especially if they’re conservative. In their eyes, the more bad things that happen to the deplorables, the happier are Leftists. Leftists think deplorables should give no thought to losing their jobs, their homes, their cars because of COVID-19’s requirement that we all just sit down and wait. After all, that’s what good Americans do. Why? Because the elites know more than deplorables and elites maintain that lockdowns are the right thing to do.

They’ll hold on to that concept, but only as long THEY can maintain their standard of living while being locked down themselves in the comfort of their large estate in northern California or their massive townhouse in Washington, D.C. It’s sort of fun to watch the deplorables worry about little unimportant things.

Holding onto Hope to Beat Donald Trump

While Congress is “fighting” this overblown pandemic from the safety of its members’ home offices, they aren’t in session getting things done for the American people, and Trump appointees and judges aren’t being confirmed either. Indeed, the Senate went back in session this week, but little can be done other than confirmation hearings. That plays perfectly into their BIG objective: “Get Rid of Trump!” They have been, can now and will continue to use every element of COVID-19, real or unreal, to discredit Trump and all of his accomplishments as President — few if any for which they gave him credit. If he single-handedly found a cure for cancer tomorrow, by the end of the next day, they would be holding a House vote on impeachment articles against him for inventing cancer so that he could find the cure and take credit for it!

It’s that stupid out there.

They MUST run the ship; they MUST keep the economy shut down as long as possible while brain-washing Americans to believe everything Leftists say about COVID-19 and its numerous ways to sneak into our lives and kill us while we’re asleep.

Sadly, in doing so, they are willing to bankrupt the nation.

Why on earth would the left EVER want to get America back to work? Most of those leftist power brokers are politicians with cush jobs or cush jobs awarded them by politicians. It will not impact them economically at their level. But it will destroy average working-class Americans they KNOW are Trump supporters. That’s all that matters to them: “Dump Trump.”

They don’t care about saving even one life by staying closed. Forget about what they “say.” Concentrate on what they “do.” What they are doing is plotting a path to regain control of the House while keeping the Senate in November. Of course, they want the White House as well.

Their Plan

They’ll do anything to perpetuate all that’s necessary to blind the public to the truths of COVID-19. They’ll even create fake news reports that bolster their claims that “if Americans leave their homes, go back to work or church, venture out into the streets, grocery stores, theaters, or to the dry cleaners someone’s going to die!”

They’ll even go so far is faking COVID-19 drive-in testing for CBS to make it appear that “thousands of Americans are waiting in line just to be tested to make sure they’re still O.K.”

CBS did it in Michigan. One hospital’s workers created a fake scenario for a CBS report that aired, showing several cars in line for the testing. Project Veritas was tipped the charade was happening and documented it for you.


Every day more rabid and desperate news stories attack any thought for any state to abandon conventional wisdom and put their economies back in business. Almost every media source identified as “left” or “leaning-left” are rushing to press to remind Americans of the certain death to everyone who lives in North America “if” we re-open the government and each state’s economy:

(Associated Press) `If this thing boomerangs’: Second wave of infections feared

“We’re risking a backslide that will be intolerable,” said Dr. Ian Lipkin of Columbia University’s Center for Infection and Immunity.

New York City Mayor DeBlasio: “My message to the rest of the country is to learn from how much effort, how much discipline it took to finally bring these numbers down and follow the same path until you’re sure that it’s being beaten back,” he said on CNN, “or else if this thing boomerangs, you’re putting off any kind of restart or recovery a hell of a lot longer.”

“If we relax these measures without having the proper public health safeguards in place, we can expect many more cases and, unfortunately, more deaths,” said Josh Michaud, associate director of global health policy with the Kaiser Family Foundation in Washington.

Each of the above headlines came from the same news article!

Isn’t it obvious that the Left are consciously crying loudly to not reopen our states?