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Who is James Comey? (Part I)

Former FBI Director James Comey has agreed to testify in a public hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee to answer more questions about “RussiaGate” and probably some other topics of interest.  The exact date of that testimony has not been confirmed, but it should happen next week.  There was speculation that Special Investigator Robert Mueller would block Comey from this testimony before Congress because Comey obviously will be a material witness in the Mueller investigation.  I was shocked to hear that Mueller has allowed the Comey testimony.  I am certain that after you read today’s story and then Part II tomorrow,  you will be shocked too.  James Comey is pretty much known to the world as the “former” FBI Director.  While publicly little of his previous professional life has been reported or discussed, there is quite a bit of history there that all should be aware of as his role in much of the controversy swirling around the Trump Administration (and now former Obama Administration officials) is brought to the public forefront.  Why do I say that?  In light of the way he pushed himself to the front of the stage during the 2016 election in several questionable matters and in very questionable ways, all should know who this man really is.  He is NOT just a 6 foot 7 inch tall, slender giant.  He has an in depth public history.  And it probably will shock most.

Comey was a minor assistant US attorney in the late 90’s. He gained power and money by being the DOJ official who “investigated” and cleared Bill Clinton of any wrong-doing in Clinton’s pardon of criminal financier Marc Rich as Clinton was leaving the Presidency.  Many feel this was the beginning of a career for Comey in which he used his position and power to assist political folks in ways that only an incredibly connected D.C. lawyer could.  Comey reportedly provided “cover” for the Clintons in their gaining power and wealth after leaving office through pardoning a billionaire money-launderer, arms dealer and criminal.  Comey was a key piece in how the Clintons gained incredible wealth through their foundation after leaving the White House.  A huge piece of that puzzle was giving Marc Rich a free pass when he should have spent life in prison.  This started a new “politicratic” life for Comey, making him powerful and wealthy.

Immediately after, Comey resigned from the DOJ and took a position as the head attorney (Counsel) of the Lockheed Martin company, a huge military contractor. While he was in that position Lockheed became a major contributor (millions) to the Clinton Foundation and its “charity” spin-offs.  In return for these payments to Clinton Inc., Lockheed received huge contracts with Hillary’s state department.  Comey was the chief legal officer of Lockheed throughout this period of contributions to Clinton Inc. believed by many to be in return for State Dept. contracts.

In late 2012, after overseeing Lockheed’s successful relationship with the Hillary State Department and the resulting profits, Comey stepped down from Lockheed and received a $6 million dollar payout for his services.

In 2013, the largest bank of England, HSBC Holdings, was deep into a scandal. Investigations by federal authorities and law-enforcement had revealed that for years HSBC had been laundering billions of dollars for Mexican Drug Cartels, channeling money for Saudi banks who were financing terror, moving money for Iran in violation of the sanctions, and other major criminal activity.  HSBC’s criminality was pervasive and deliberate by the Bank and its officials.  HSBC was a huge Clinton Foundation contributor (many millions) throughout the “investigation” and Bill Clinton was being paid large personal fees for speaking at HSBC events while Hillary was Secretary of State.  Eric Holder and the Obama Justice Department let HSBC off of the hook for a 1.2 Billion dollar fine (paid by its stockholders), and not one Director, officer or management member at HSBC was fired or charged with any criminality.   Comey was then appointed as a Director and Member of the Board of HSBC (in the middle of the fallout from the scandal).  He was part of the effort to “clean” up the scandal and make HSBC “respectable” again.

After about a year as HSBC director, despite his lack of any law enforcement experience, no DOJ leadership experience, and no qualifications for the job, Comey was appointed FBI director by Obama.   Comey was appointed to the FBI when Hillary was leaving the State Department, and was vulnerable to the FBI because she had been using a private-server, miss-handling classified information, reportedly selling access to favors/contracts from the State Department to Clinton Foundation Donors (including Comey’s Lockheed Martin), and much more.  (Remember that this was about the time the Inspector General of the State Department found over $2 billion “missing” from the State Department finances during Hillary’s tenure.)  The obvious conclusion is that Comey was appointed to the FBI (along with other reliable Clinton-Obama cronies) to run interference for the Clinton’s and Obama’s at the nation’s federal law enforcement agency in conjunction with a corrupt Department of Justice.   He owed all of his power and wealth to being part of the Clinton machine and providing them with cover.

In late 2015 and early 2016, information began to be leaked about the Clinton Foundation and its purported use by the Clinton’s as a multi-billion dollar slush fund for corruption and political favors (even Chelsea’s wedding had been paid for by the “charity”).  This was right as Hillary was beginning her campaign for President.  It was revealed that the Foundation had never completed required reports or had an audit.   Supposedly the FBI, under Comey, began an “investigation” of the Clinton Funds.   A “professional” accounting firm was brought in by the Clintons to do a review, file some reports, make recommendations to the Clinton Foundation Board, and provide a veneer of legitimacy to the Clinton Fund operations.  Predictably, one of the partners in the firm that was chosen (and paid lots of money) is the brother of James Comey (FBI Director). This brother owes James Comey $700,000 for a loan James gave him to buy a house, and presumably some of the money from the Clinton Fund was used to make payments to James on the loan.  Over 2 years later and nothing has happened as a result of the FBI “investigating” the Clinton Funds under Comey.

No one in Congress or federal law enforcement was intending to actually pursue the Clintons until Judicial Watch and other independent sources obtained information proving that Hillary had been running her own server, sending out classified information, etc.  This information began to come out right in the middle of her campaign for President.  A “show” investigation had to be performed to appear to look into it and clear her.  Who to use?…the reliable  James Comey.

As head of the FBI, Comey screwed up the investigation into Hillary’s use of a private server and her plain violation of national security law on classified information.  The investigation was miss-handled in every aspect — many think purposely.   Comey gave immunity to all of Hillary’s entourage, did not use subpoenas or warrants, lost evidence, allowed the destruction of evidence, failed to do any searches or seizures of evidence, did not use a grand-jury, did not swear witnesses, did not record testimony, allowed attorneys to represent multiple suspects (corrupting the testimony).   Everything that could be done to ruin the FBI investigation and to cover for Hillary was done.   A “slam-dunk” case became a mess.  Immunity was given every witness even though they provided no help.  Maybe more importantly, by focusing the FBI on the email scandal, attention was drawn away from the much bigger scandal of the Clinton Foundation that could bring down a huge number of corrupt politicians, lobbyists, and even governments.

Originally, Comey’s job it seemed was to spoil the case against Hillary and her minions within the FBI regarding the emails.   At the same time Comey also started work on a parallel assignment to illegally “wiretap” and surveil Donald Trump and every other person involved in the Republican campaign.  He was tasked with digging up any dirt or fact that could be used to hurt the Trump campaign later.  This reportedly included using a fake “dossier” paid for by the Clinton campaign to obtain authorization for the surveillance and to try to associate Trump’s campaign with the Russians.  Under Comey’s direction, the Trump/Republican campaign was monitored and surveilled and all information was provided to the Obama White House and the Clinton camp all during the campaign.

It is pretty obvious that James Comey had multiple reasons that should have resulted in his recusal in any issues or investigations that involved Bill or Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, or the State Department or any member of the State Department.  Millions of Americans — many of whom serve in the Justice Department now or previously, or in local, state, or federal law enforcement — were horrified at Comey’s statements and his decision to not recommend criminal action in the Hillary email debacle.  Almost to a person they felt there had to be something behind the scenes that no one knew about or was covering up. 

In “Who is James Comey? (Part II)” tomorrow, we will show you additional items that will give you pause and stir up your own personal questions about Comey.  This is especially important now as he reportedly will appear before Congress again next week.

Oh, by the way, next week we will reveal some startling historical facts and information to you about former FBI Director Mueller who is now the appointed Special Investigator for the DOJ regarding “RussiaGate.”  So far that is his only charge to action but it is expected by many for his investigative role to expand.


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