Who Is Piloting This Ship Called “The Biden Administration?” It Certainly Isn’t Joe

Chris Rock famously said, when Barack Obama was president, “The president and the first lady are kind of like the mom and the dad of the country. And when your dad says something, you listen.” However, Joe Biden is the granddad of the country, and when you listen to Granddad, sometimes you wonder whether it’s safe for him to be near a pair of scissors.

No big deal, though; it’s just that there’s this guy who looks like he’d have trouble using Google Maps, and he happens to be in charge of all the nukes. On the rare occasions when Biden’s staff let him out of the dayroom to be seen on camera, pre-selected members of the press ask him the gentlest conceivable questions and then wind up cringing anyway as Biden gives one unnerving display after another.

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin must watch these press conferences giggling uncontrollably at their good fortune: Suddenly, the world’s greatest power is in the hands of a slightly dazed-looking fellow who seems like he is always just waking up from heavy anesthesia.

Do you remember Biden speaking to the media three times bent over and, taking care to set his eyes to “crazy,” whispered into the microphone as though he was auditioning to play a stalker calling from inside the house to terrorize a baby-sitter in a 1980s TV movie? Defending one of his bills, he whispered, “I got them $1.9 trillion in relief so far.” Later, to another question, Biden whispered again, “I wrote the bill on the environment. Why would I not be for it?”

A video of the whispery bits was viewed more than 3 million times. Why is our president trying to sound so eerily sinister?

At age 78, by which time Ronald Reagan was retired, Biden is suffering from what nursing home workers delicately refer to as “personality changes.” You get the feeling his aides spend a solid week coaching him in advance before letting him speak, which is why he keeps saying things like, “I’m going to get in trouble with the staff.” Never before have we had a president who so openly feared his own minders. Who is making the decisions?

In one remark, President Joe Biden confused the Tuskegee Airmen with the victims of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study.
Sarah Silbiger – Pool via CNP/MEGA

Because he’s just reciting the buzzwords his staffers dream up, Biden may not even be aware of how silly he sounds when he uses online-cultist words such as “Latinx” to refer to Latinos, who mostly haven’t even heard of the term and never use it. He obviously had no idea how insulting he sounded to Latinos when he suggested, “they’re worried that they’ll be vaccinated and deported.” Is our president aware that most Latinos are here legally?

In the same remarks, he confused the Tuskegee Airmen (a group of heroic black World War II pilots) with the victims of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, which is about as dumb as confusing coronavirus with Corona beer.

All of these blunders came in the same 30 seconds, as though Biden were saving the RNC some editing work by creating a campaign ad for them in real-time.

I guess we’ll have to wait until the moment when Biden starts emitting a stream of actual gibberish or answering the press using sock puppets before our media acknowledge the obvious: Since our president isn’t fit to find his way home after dark, do we really believe he’s the one running the country?

That brings us to the obvious question: Who really IS running the United States?

It certainly is NOT Joe Biden.

The  Oval Office “Back-Story”

Perhaps the most consistent question about the installed “leader” occupying the oval office is about who actually is planning the policy, scheduling the implementation, and giving Biden his instructions after his breakfast pudding. For those who have followed politics closely, the answer has always been obvious: Barack Obama and the Chicago crew.

“JoeBama” is not a meme, nor is it a snarky slap at the current White House occupant. It is a reality.

Barack Obama and his ideologues (who took over the DNC) are now completely controlling the leftist policy execution. With the help of his former administration crew, Obama eliminated the remaining remnants of the Clinton machine, installed Tom Perez, and then set about absorbing the AME church network. That’s where James Clyburn came in to endorse Biden as part of the final stages of the plan.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, the former spokesperson for Obama’s State Department, essentially admitted that Obama’s network was in charge, and Biden received his instructions from the crew.

There is a history – a backstory – that only a handful of people genuinely understand. The answers boil down to the less discussed issue of ideological camps and the modern alignment that has taken place over the past decade. The most visible reference for the inflection point was the 2008 primary contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Throughout the first decade of this millennium, there was an ideological shift, an inflection point, that became most clear in the rise of a little-known state representative appointed to become a Senator from Illinois, his name was Barack Obama.  In the background of Obama’s rise were the people who designed the modern political left. Those Obama creationists were/are hardline revolutionary communist types.

This group comprised the more radical elements of the progressive movement; those who wanted to “fundamentally change” the United States and have a very patient and methodical plan to do so. Those elements took control by convincing the far-left labor movement to abandon the traditional Democrat apparatus and support a more radical approach. The SEIU, AFSCME, AFL-CIO, UAW, UFCW, and others were leveraged to this position through promised financial benefit if they went along.

Those groups became the more powerful ammunition needed by the radical community activist teams, which were entirely on the side of Obama. Hillary Clinton’s first run for the presidency was crushed under the weight of the leverage all of the radicals aligned on the Obama side. Clinton was only left with the option to support the extremists in exchange for support in 2016.

However, the support she received was not full-throated. The ideological hatred created during the earlier inflection point, when the camps were at war, left scars. Those scars never healed, and, quite frankly, the radicals were not going to support someone they didn’t like. Radical footsoldiers operate best on feelings and emotions. Clinton didn’t do it for them. The more extreme radical leftists wiped out one by one the traditional Democrat left.

Fast forward to today, very recently, and what we are seeing is the outcome of the radical-left in complete control over the internal club systems and political party apparatus. It took some time for this takeover to materialize.

We are there now and into this far-left soup of radical elements. The media are now activists for the radicals. This is why there is a more brutally obvious bias present today that was not present before. The bias was always present, but the scale of the ideological nature of the bias was not always as visible. Today the ideological support is crystal clear.

The issue for the Cuomos and Gavin Newsom’s of the world is inherently a matter of club selection. Barack Obama, meaning the people behind the Obama system of radical elements, were the decision-makers in the 2020 Democrat primary race. They will never give up that control now.

Team Obama selected Joe Biden specifically because he was controllable and almost cognitively disconnected from any functional capabilities. Team Obama also selected and installed Kamala Harris as the vice president to use her as the substantive and moldable ally. When Biden is removed, willingly or by political power, the radicals plan to use Kamala to continue their “fundamental change” priorities. Biden is being thrown upon the spears of those who want to defend against the attack of the radicals.

The extreme policies we see from the Biden administration are being assigned to him specifically because he is disposable. The radicals do not care about public opinion of the policies or outcomes because they have Biden to absorb all the negative attachments.

Kamala Harris is the key to seeing the hidden hand of the Obama control agents at work. Harris’s associations are Obama’s associations. Harris’s crew is Obama’s crew. Anyone who is not Harris; and carries a perspective of potential political influence; is now a thorn in the agenda.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was rising in influence. As a result, he needed to be eliminated to retain the exclusive position of Kamala Harris as heir to the radical agenda.

Watch over the next several months — and years if Biden lasts that long — and you will see prominent Democrats left with a decision: Support Harris (meaning those behind her) and the Obama agenda, OR be targeted for removal by the new radical system that includes a willing media taking targeting orders from the club.

The fact that the vice president is feckless in her role is immaterial to the machine calling all the shots. Remember: Joe Biden was little more than a pawn — a place-holder for what/who is next. This group’s track does not rely on one person, not even on one ideology. Biden is being propped up as little more than a face that appeals in some ways to both ends of the Democrat Party and also to the remnant of moderates who have not already jumped ship. Harris is nothing but “place-holder #2.”


It’s too easy for Americans to forget the talking points that powerful politicians are prone to let slip from time to time. It’s as if they think: “I can’t let the general public think I’m not in charge!”

Do you remember Obama telling us all his ambition as President was to “lead the fundamental change of America?” That resonated with some, but it didn’t linger long in the air. But then he doubled down on his power lust when he held a pen and phone in the air and reminded us that’s all he needed to run the nation.

Obama has not been the only D.C. zealot who has given us extreme examples of being a”power junkie.” Remember when Speaker Pelosi famously prophesied in one of her weekly press briefings in late Summer 2020 that “no matter what, January 20th I will swear Joe Biden in as President of the United States.” Did she know something that we didn’t know? Or was she being the political “dominatrix” most feel she is?

One thing is certain: in November 2016, NO ONE was as surprised and disgusted at Trump’s trampling on the far-left utopia “Part Two” that Hillary was anointed to lord over as was Barack Obama. He had made one monumental misjudgment: the American people did not want “Part Two.”

It remains to be seen if the American people in large are going to benignly sit by and allow Barack Obama et al.’s plans to morph the United States into “Western Russia” with some version of “Totalitarianism Lite.” If there’s one thing in the nation’s favor, it’s that, once again, it appears the Left has underestimated the love that the majority of Americans hold for all that the United States stands for. And those Americans are not willing to let the globalists steal it away to serve some far-out dream for total control of not just the United States, but the entire Globe!

By the way: if Obama is not the orchestrator and is just a placeholder himself, the power brokers behind him have also obviously underestimated the American people. Let’s face it: there are still tens of millions of Americans who love this nation and are not willing to let domestic leftist globalists turn it into Eastern Europe.

Let’s hope and pray that is true!

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