Watergate is Here

The media feeding frenzy in Washington is almost unparalleled.  Watch any of the Leftist news shows and their programming is non-stop anti-Trump “dump the guy” rhetoric.  I have not in my lifetime seen anything like it.  Watergate is on the tips of every tongue of every Leftist media anchor, analyst, special “expert,” and every Democrat politician they bring on.  It’s about James Comey’s firing; it’s about Russia’s partnership with the Trump Campaign to rig the 2016 election;  it’s about Trump obstructing justice, and on and on.  In the 24 hours after Comey’s termination was announced, there were 190 national stories about the Comey firing that most of included comparisons  to Watergate.  Only 11 stated there was no comparison to Watergate.  Turn to Fox News, and, yes, there are conversations and stories about the Comey firing, but no rabid discussions about Watergate.  What is going on?

      Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein

Journalists are a funny breed.  I know no other profession in which such a large majority of its workers are so self-centered, so single issue driven, so hell bent on obtaining one thing and one thing only.  What is that one thing?  They spend every second while awake doing anything they think is necessary to give them that journalistic prize:  a Pulitzer.  They each fight incessantly to be the next Bob Woodward or Carl Bernstein.  They each and every one think constantly of that book deal or if Redford will be available to star as them in their blockbuster movie.

What we are witnessing front and center every day and every evening is the   exhibition of narcissism as it has never existed in such concentration in America.  And it’s NOT from Donald Trump.  It’s from the Leftist Media.

Folks, the Russia investigation started 9 months ago.  As I stated two days ago, the largest, most sophisticated investigation departments in existence belong to ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN and the NY TIMES.  Their reporters, directors, and anchors have all been working 24/7 to find “the” smoking gun or the dirt about someone from the Trump Campaign that proves collusion with the Russians.  Oh they hope it’s President Trump!  If he is personally involved and they find it, their movie and book residuals will propel them to the highest heights in media.  That’s all they think about…that’s all that matters.

What will they do to get “the” story?  Enter Fake News.

Most of us questioned Candidate Trump’s constant barrage of name calling of the media.  We dismissed it as simply being campaign rhetoric.  He began using that verbiage several months into his campaign.  But did you notice how angry he became during his use of it coinciding with his becoming the GOP nominee?  Wonder why it happened then?

Remember I said the Russia FBI investigation began 9 months ago?  It was then that whoever at the Obama White House, the FBI, NSA, CIA, or any other agency started the leaks to the media.  And the media took that as their marching orders to “Dump Trump!”  Obviously, for the first time in U.S. journalistic history, real journalists set aside their code of honesty and integrity and started saying and writing anything that came to mind that would paint Donald Trump in a compromised way.  Remember this:  every source they quoted with damning news was always an “Unnamed Source.”  Why do you think that was?  It was either a totally contrived source, or the leaker when giving the reporter the information stated that he/she could not reveal their source.  In either case, we have seen the death of First Amendment honest journalism in America.  And it was borne to do one thing and one thing only:  Kill Donald Trump.

Investigations continue into the potential collusion between Trump folks and the Russians.  Democrats desperately want these investigations to take a year or two.  If so, they feel strongly they can parlay voters’ questions into retaking the House of Representatives in 2018.  Today I listened as one Democrat Congressman from California said this:  “It is uncontroverted that the Russians impacted the election in 2016 and that they did so to get Donald Trump elected.  What hasn’t been found out yet is exactly what Trump did to facilitate the Russians getting that done.”  He’s from California! Do you know how many Californians there are who don’t read newspapers, watch the news, pay attention to national matters?  Millions!  I say that not to denigrate them but to illustrate the evil that drives Liberal Leftists to do anything to perpetuate their socialist causes.  The truth or righteousness makes NO difference.  It’s all about political expediency as they define it.

Bookmark this post.  There will be multiple times in the next year you will need to “bathe” your mind to wash away the scum you see, hear, and read from Leftist Media and politicians.  Special Prosecutor?  “They had one in Watergate.  That means we need one now!” is their cry.  The difference now:  there was a mountain of criminal evidence uncovered by Woodward and Bernstein in Watergate.  Not only after 9 months is their no evidence of Russians affecting the election, (which means there is no evidence) not a single Intelligence Agency department head or investigator has offered up even a hint that there may be any such evidence in existence!

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”  I can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “Watergate is Here”

  1. Lee Levanduski

    It’s time to stop the daily press briefings. The networks are benefiting from the drama, so they create more drama almost by the day, it perpetuates itself.

    It’s simple, have One in-person scheduled briefing per week. Every other day, have the press submit their questions that will be answered and posted in writing on the official web page.

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