Political Correctness: Part II

Wow!  Was this the perfect week to release a series about Political Correctness?  Are we seeing “PC” illustrated all day everyday throughout the media?  A few days ago when Political Correctness: Part I was released, we were just getting going with the firing of FBI Director Jim Comey.  That action by President Trump lit the fire of “PC” just like I was a University Professor teaching a class on “PC” and he was the one who was to illustrate the class topic.  Boy, did he do a great job!  His actions fully exposed Political Correctness to the World as the “PC” cops went nuts!

For Part II getting started, remember this:  “Reality isn’t reality — Perception is reality.”  That phrase illustrates the demonstrative purpose for Political Correctness.  A tagline could be:  “Symbolism over Substance.”  In either case, the truth does NOT matter to the narrative being used by those “PC” folks for which a particular occurrence applies.  Just like those who are politically correct among us, Substance does not matter nor does reality:  Perception and Symbolism drive the “PC” boat.  Examples:  Just watch the talking heads all week long on the major networks, + CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, or read the NY Times or the Washington Post.  You at any of those stops will see, read, and/or hear examples of Perception and/or Reality 24/7.  It is so ridiculous it in this bombardment of stories all about the same thing have created an atmosphere of perceived failure.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Yet the narrative continues:  Trump’s a liar, a cheater, obstructing justice, covering up scandal, a traitor, and don’t forget the daisy chain of Liberal monikors like sexist, homophobe,  misogynist, Islamophobe, xenophobe, and maybe even a candy bar thief.  ALL symbolic — not substantive, and ALL Politically Correct.

It is understandable to all of us in the Public why the polls show again and again just how much American people dislike the purveyors of “PC” — the Liberal or “Alt Left” Media.  Why the disdain for them by Americans?  The hypocrisy that when there are stories to tell the media do not just report/tell the story, they in every case “paint” the report/story with their own perspective rather than simply reporting it.  Don’t get me wrong:  editorials and columns have been in print for more than 100 years.  News shows are abundant on talk radio and television, all of which or editorials.  But news reporters have NO credibility when they choose to editorialize the news rather than report the news.  But they have to spin the news because they are the “PC” Cops — they are the arbiters for all as to what is correct and what is not.

It was comical to me today for the President to tweet:  “Maybe the best thing to do would be to cancel all future “press briefings” and hand out written responses for the sake of accuracy???”  Why would he say that?  Simple:  the President of the United States does not have the ability to (through the conventional news media) make statements that are relayed to the public as quotes from him with nothing added.  The “Alt Left” Media “PC” cops feel it is their duty, their responsibility, and their right to interpret what he says and why he says it so that American minions can comprehend the REAL meaning of his statements.  After all, Americans are too dumb to understand what he says.  Only the media have that ability and must interpret for us.

Regarding the President’s “threat” today to stop daily press briefings and the subsequent unified gasps from the Alt Left Media hacks, most have forgotten that Obama hardly EVER gave face time to the media.  He went over six months between press conferences.  And many of the press have admitted that President Trump is far more available to the press than any other recent POTUS.  That being said, he needs to think through his threat.  Why?

In January during the first full week of his presidency, he skipped the media and issued an informative plan to the American people via video that was unbelievable successful, thorough, and to the point.  He did not get interrupted, there were no press people arguing with him, interrupting his statements or his answers to their questions, and he finished it in a matter of minutes.  He gave the report on YouTube!  I wrote a letter and an email that I sent to him, Ivanka, and his Chief of Staff suggesting that going forward he ditch the daily White House press briefings and instead created a “White House YouTube Channel” on which he could periodically speak directly to Americans, totally bypassing the media.  He doesn’t need them to interpret and/or filter what he says!  Americans get it. Most Americans are smarter than the media and easily comprehend what the President means when he speaks.  Doing that would remove all issues he has with his message being misinterpreted, misunderstood, filtered to include “PC” perspective, and interpreted for the public.  A regularly scheduled YouTube address from the President would draw tens of millions of Americans.  Q & A?  Obviously that would not be possible in this setting, but he could tell viewers in every message that they can email him questions that he will answer during his next scheduled YouTube video briefing.  I wonder how much more of his true thoughts, concerns, achievements, and ideas would get to Americans unfiltered and without the filter of Alt Left Media.  I think he should do it!

Political Correctness is poisoning America.  Our children and grandchildren know no other media methodology than what they see and hear every day.  It does no good to try and explain to them how skewed the news is today.  They have no perspective other than what they see every day.  There is no “real” news with which to compare what they see and hear today.

The only way to take back the integrity of the media is to do exactly that:  take back the ability to talk to Americans, give the Americans facts and truth, and ignore the “drive by shooters” in the press.  A “POTUS YouTube New Channel” sounds like a really good idea to go past the Alt Left Media hacks, their minions and their filters, and take the daily stories, explanations, and plans for America directly to the People.  And the sooner the better.



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  1. I Love the idea of You Tube channel. Your right the President needs it to be His voice to Us the citizens of America. I am tired of hearing all the talking heads.
    Let’s shake up the world of PC…Stop giving them so much access. Control the Voice.

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