2020 Election Insanity!

This is a very unusual day and time. This election process is ridiculous! Watching all the political pundits last evening was honestly quite nauseating. It was so obvious who each of them supported in the race.

So what are we going to do to break it all down? First, please know that because of the inconceivable changes in all this voting via mail due to COVID and due to the demands of the House Speaker we cannot call the races yet.

It is impossible for us to present a coherent and accurate summation of the night and the election results right now. Think about it: Pennsylvania is still accepting absentee and mail-in ballots through this Friday! And Pennsylvania is a swing state and therefore critical.

At the writing and publishing of this notice, things are too close to call. So here is what we are doing. This morning on “TNN Live” — streaming online — we will dig into every aspect of the election. Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson is joining us live to help us all understand and interpret all the twists and turns. 

At 9:00 AM Central, here’s how to join the live broadcast. On your computer search engine, (FIrefox, Windows, Safari, etc.) copy and paste and then click on this link:


We’ll be breaking it all down and let you know state by state where we stand regarding presidential and U.S. Senate races that are critical going forward. Then Congressman Johnson will join us to tell us all from a position of a sitting member of Congress what it all means and where we stand.

Thanks for understanding and we’ll see you at 9:00 AM Central!

Dan Newman

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