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We Face a Critical Moment

It’s 8:20 PM Wednesday night, November 4, 2020.

Normally at this time I am writing and editing stories for “TNN Live” for the next morning or posting a TruthNewsNetwork story for our website. That’s not on the agenda right now. Here’s what IS on the agenda.

  1. There will be NO new story Thursday morning at This notice will be posted there;
  2. We WILL broadcast our show Thursday morning from 9:00 to 11:00 AM Central time. You’ll want to join us. WE want you to join us. And that is easy to do. All you need do is click on the following link and it will take you immediately to the media player. Click on the “Go” arrow and join us:
  3. We are watching the beginning of the implosion of our nation. In reality, it has been happening for some time. The plan for this implosion was initiated years ago and has been stealthily hidden by those who are part of this process;
  4. Donald Trump intervened in this process by beating Hillary Clinton in 2016. That was not only unexpected, but it also instigated a panic among the creators and participants in this process that has driven them insane over the past four years;
  5. None of what we have and are witnessing have been just “part of our lives” in America. The chaos, uncertainty, anger and vitriol, hatred for the President and conservatives, rioting, looting and domestic terrorism, impeachment, and the weaponization of COVID-19 have been purposeful and certainly steps toward whatever is their ultimate objective;
  6. The coordinated “hiccups” in this election were instituted quickly and demonstrably because it was felt there would be no need for these measures. Why? It was felt — based on polling — Americans were certainly going to force Trump out of another term. To the chagrin of many, Trump late Tuesday appeared to be headed for a second term. So the vote-counting process was stopped.

What is this all about? Why is this happening? What are the objectives? Where will this go?

These and other questions will be addressed during our “TNN Live” show Thursday morning. Wednesday we had 300,000 people listening to our show. We broke down the latest happenings in the election and were joined by Congressman Mike Johnson who shared his thoughts on the election debacle.

Thursday morning, we need you aboard!

What are we going to talk about? We will answer the above questions. But, more importantly, we need for this show to NOT  be ME! It needs to be “Us.” It’s critical that you join us in this discussion. How do you do that?

Call toll-free at 1-86-37TRUTH; that’s 1-866-378-7884.

We will NOT give your name out: we just want you to call and share your thoughts: thoughts and opinions about the election; thoughts and opinions about other things that have been happening in such dramatic fashion during the past four years; and for what you feel all of this is happening.

Certainly, if you have questions you can ask and we’ll answer if we know the answers. Others will most likely call-in to answer you as well.

This is not an effort to draw any attention to us,, or our weekday show “TNN Live.” It’s to collectively endeavor to share thoughts and ideas — and even fears — that we share but for which we are desperate for answers.

Please don’t ignore this! No opinion is a bad opinion. No one will demean or laugh at you. We are family, and families work together for the common good of all.

If when you call we do not answer or you get a busy signal, please dial again in a few minutes. We will work to get everybody on the air to share.

P.S. Share this with others to let everyone know what we are about to do and invite them to listen in and call if they want to ask questions or comment.




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