“231 Mass Shootings Have Occurred In 2022”

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Have you like me questioned the validity of the reported mass killings in mainstream media? My gosh! Every few days we hear reports that update the number of mass killings already in 2022. And the numbers are mind boggling. I catch myself saying,”OMG! I missed another one. What is this world coming to?”

The truth is, the mainstream media is conning us. Oh, there ARE killings. If you use just Chicago as an example, it’s easy to accept that there ARE shootings plentiful every weekend.

But that still does not explain the dozens of mass shootings/killings media numbers allege. What could  be going on?

There IS an explanation.

“The REST Of The Story”

If there is any publishing mantra observed by the corporate news media, it is this: “If it bleeds, it leads.” Moreover, if the blood in question gushes from gunshot wounds inflicted by a deranged mass murderer, the major news outlets uniformly portray the crime as evidence of an ever-increasing wave of violence caused not by criminals but by their weapons. This narrative is a textbook example of misinformation whereby news organizations in unison ignore data and definitions on mass shootings developed by Congress, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other law enforcement sources.

Congress has defined “mass killings” as “3 or more killings in a single incident,” and this is the general guideline used by the FBI in response to requests for assistance from local and state law enforcement agencies. A 2015 report for the Congressional Research Service defined the term “mass shooting” as a “multiple homicide incident in which four or more victims are murdered with firearms, within one event, and in one or more locations in close geographical proximity.” Yet the corporate media rarely refer to these sources in reports about mass murders involving guns. Instead, the most widely cited media source is the Gun Violence Archive (GVA).

What is GVA? It is a “nonpartisan” organization launched in 2013 by Slate magazine and later taken over by Michael Klein of the leftist Sunlight Foundation. GVA’s definition of “mass shooting” is incredibly vague including gang-related shootings, gun crimes committed during robberies, and domestic violence. As of Tuesday morning, the GVA site listed 231 “mass shootings” that have reportedly occurred in 2022. It includes 87 incidents in which no one was killed, 17 that fit the three-death threshold set by Congress, and exactly two incidents — in Uvalde and Buffalo — that conform to the commonly understood definition of “mass shooting.”

Among GVA’s methodology issues is that most of its data comes from media reports. Thus, the media itself is the source for statistics such as those found in this NBC News story: Memorial Day weekend marked by “more than a dozen mass shootings” in the U.S. The GVA table cited by NBC lists 14 “mass shootings” from May 28 through May 30, including seven that resulted in no deaths, seven involving one fatality each, and one that resulted in two fatalities. According to GVA, these “mass shootings” also produced various unspecified injuries. Not to be outdone, BuzzFeed brayed, “More Than 130 People Were Shot And Killed Nationwide This Weekend:”

In just a 72-hour span over Memorial Day weekend, there were more than 300 shooting incidents across the U.S., according to data tabulated by the Gun Violence Archive. More than 130 people were killed, including a 16-year-old girl and 21-year-old woman shot dead around 1 a.m. on Monday at a holiday party in Philadelphia’s Port Richmond neighborhood. Many of the other shootings injured just one person. But some, like the gunfire that erupted on an interstate in southeast Las Vegas on Sunday afternoon, wounded as many as seven.

BuzzFeed, like NBC, links to a GVA table, which on Tuesday morning showed that 226 of the listed incidents resulted in no deaths. There were 104 shootings that resulted in one death each and 10 that produced two fatalities each. Numerous injuries are also listed, but GVA provides no data concerning their nature or severity. Nothing on the list can be credibly characterized as a mass shooting. Yet CBS and BuzzFeed are by no means alone in their irresponsible reporting on gun violence. A recent story by NPR claimed, “The U.S. has surpassed 200 mass shootings this year.” The source for this report was the same GVA misinformation discussed above.

Even “America’s paper of record” uncritically prints GVA data. The New York Times recently reported that there had been 693 mass shootings in 2021. The GVA table used to support this nonsense fails to survive close scrutiny. Of the 693 “mass shootings,” 301 caused zero deaths. Another 231 resulted in one fatality each. Of the 693 listed by GVA, just two caused deaths exceeding single digits. All of which raises this question: Why would the media undermine a serious discussion about mass shootings by using tainted data from CVA? Former CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin writes in the Atlantic that all they really care about is clicks and eyeballs:

The news media will be in Texas through this weekend, and then news executives will start paring down the coverage.… After a week or 10 days, the outraged public grows tired of hearing about the carnage, loss, and inaction. The audience starts to drop off. The ratings dip. And networks worry about their bottom line. And while the journalists in the field have compassion for the victims of these tragic stories, their bosses at the networks treat the news as ratings-generating revenue sources. No ratings? Less coverage. It’s as simple as that.

Then all the “journalists” will go back to the Beltway, and the coverage will turn to the politics of gun control. The Democrats will demand that, in order to stop the carnage, unconstitutional laws must be passed by Congress. Vice President Kamala Harris has already called for a ban on “assault weapons,” and President Joe Biden openly states the ownership of 9mm handguns should not be legal. Beto O’Rourke has confirmed that he is the dumbest politician in Texas by exploiting the death of 19 children to promote his gun confiscation agenda. Meanwhile, the “news” media applaud these ghouls and continue to work with GVA on their misinformation campaign.


There’s no doubt gun killings are horrendous with never good results. It’s true that media SHOULD report each and every one of those. The People need to know when this happen, the complete details along with statements from law enforcement.

Why would I include “law enforcement?” Because we cannot rely on today’s media to give us accurate details without their weaponization of these events to sell their products.

”Law enforcement” is what is missing in the U.S. Mainstream media exacerbates the problem by giving only their flavored version that is amped up to use in their politicization of every incident. And there targets are guns and all those who support the 2nd Amendment.

Today’s media commitment to gun control is at the center of every such event. In fact, every story begins with that as its basis. And the facts of each of these are ignored unless there is a way to use it for leftist political ideology.

Formerly, media endeavored to be subtle in their attacks on guns. Now, they’ve dropped all journalistic integrity and simply jump to conclusions in every shooting/killing with little or no regard to reporting truthfully.

Saddest of all: Americans let it happen almost unchecked.

Let’s be honest: there’s no other nation on Earth that has more liberties that the United States. The crafters of our constitution wanted that and intended 260 years ago to emblazon those freedoms in the U.S. Constitution so as to keep the People in the place of power with NO subordination to the government.

Mainstream media has stealthily taken that place.

Don’t be tempted to blow this off. If Americans do not pushback against the tyranny of gun control, we’ll soon find ourselves looking exactly like those countries that today laugh at us for wanting gun freedoms.

I do not care how much angst media can build by misrepresenting gun killings. Most Americans who legally own firearms KNOW the facts about the media’s attempt to push totalitarian gun control. The only people impacted by their lies are like-minded Democrats who proudly number among the mob who gladly support Uncle Sam taking over everything.

And for that to succeed, they must wrestle those evil guns from those evil American patriots.

”From my cold dead hands.”

2 thoughts on ““231 Mass Shootings Have Occurred In 2022””

  1. Check the drama. I’m prior law enforcement, and a gun owner, and know plenty of democrats that are gun owners and second amendment supporters. Stop acting like everyone wants to rob you of your rights. You’re feeding the same lies, just opposite of the lies they tell. I thought I could come here for “truth”, instead I feel like I’ve been exposed to right wing toxicity. It’s either left wing toxicity or right wing toxicity – for those of us “in the middle”, who appreciate ALL Americans, and just want some damn NEWS without your subjective, personal, and angry spin. It’s the same ol’ Tucker and Rachel show, just a different spin doctor network to make money and feed BS. We can’t find decent journalism anywhere. And get an editor, for the love of God- People read your column.

    1. Sam:
      First, thanks for taking a look at our site. Also, thanks for commenting. Sam, how can anyone “check the drama?” Our world is full of drama for most of us 24/7. It’s THE most topical item in news worldwide. Regarding 2nd amendment stances, I don’t see it as a GOP or Dem issue. It’s an American issue. “Stop acting like everyone wants to rob you of your rights,” you stated. Why would I stop acting like that? It’s true! The batch of bills the U.S. House is considering this week each would steal a bit of Americans’ gun rights guaranteed in the Constitution.” In summary, let me suggest something to you. You took the time to pen a comment and to send it. I appreciate your doing so. But here’s a suggestion: please stay with us and let us know how you feel about ALL issues we publish and your perspectives. Next time, however, please refer to the story items that spurred your comments. We DO post opinions mingled into our facts on which we report. Take us to task “factually” giving us examples of facts that negate what we publish. That is our mantra here: “Just because you think something’s right doesn’t mean it’s right. Just because you think something’s wrong doesn’t mean it’s wrong.” You didn’t do that. You made wide allegations without being specific and certainly gave no facts to counter anything we published. You arbitrarily determined I’m a Republican, or, as you said what you read “exposed you to right-wing toxicity,” without any specifics. In the journalistic world, we call that “drive-by shooting.” That is a hard leftist way of confronting anyone with an opposing opinion. And it wastes time and is normally counterproductive to finding facts and sharing them. Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you’ll continue to do so.

      Oh, by the way, every story published here is edited at least twice before going into the “publish cue.” We make a mistake now and then and love to know when we do. Feel free when you’re compelled to reach out to us, include the specifics of the publishing mistakes you find. It will help us.

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