The American Sniper: Would He Approve?

The AMERICAN SNIPER, Chris Kyle obviously had a different perspective about things regarding Iraq and Afghanistan than we Americans who have never been or participated in any Mideast war. If he was still alive I’m sure he would weigh in on the current controversy over temporarily blocking immigration from 7 countries regarding our inadequate vetting process. If the immigration vetting process was adequate it could assure Americans (and the rest of the World) that terrorists were NOT coming to the U.S. disguised as people simply seeking a better life with better opportunity here. But Chris is not here and obviously cannot share his learned opinion. But one person who was very close to Kyle has chosen to weigh in on the topic — his interpreter Johnny Walker. When asked about his thoughts regarding President Trump’s recent executive order on an immigration stay on those from those nations, here’s what Walker had to say:

“I agree 100% with President Trump’s decision. The national security of the United States is a paramount issue. All President Trump is doing is ensuring that people can go about their day without living in so much fear. Women won’t have to worry about walking around the mall; kids won’t have to worry about going to the school. Look, these countries don’t have a database that keeps track of its citizens. And we can’t depend on a government database in countries that do, because if they have one it has a political agenda behind it. It wouldn’t be hard for someone to get into the U.S. whose loyalty lies with ISIS or a militia aligned with Iran. While the militia isn’t necessarily our enemy right now, they don’t have loyalty to the U.S., they are loyal to the interests of the government that funds them. And that government says ‘Death to America.’ ISIS’s strongholds are in Iraq and Syria. We all know what they want to do to Americans.”

Walker continued, “Besides, the government of Iraq is involved with the militia who gets all their support from Iran, the number-one state sponsor of terrorism. ISIS has a haven in Libya. Al-Shabaab is in Somalia and has pledged their allegiance to ISIS. Iran has several terrorist groups affiliated with it. Yemen has Al-Qaeda, ISIS and the militia. And in Sudan, Hamas raises money for terrorism and has a presence. The bottom line is this: Americans need to understand that this is for national security.”

But Walker does have some difficulty with a portion of the President’s EO: “But we also need to be concerned with the interpreters, linguists and soldiers who worked shoulder-by-shoulder with the U.S. to fight against terrorists. There are thousands of translators and friendly forces over there who earned the right to come to America. They’ve all become targets to groups like ISIS because they worked with America. They made many sacrifices in doing so, they deserve a second chance.”

Walker continued, taking about his experience as an interpreter himself: “I was one of those translators. I worked with Navy SEALs to help kill the enemy. Working with the American military, made my family and me a target. Al-Qaeda murdered my brother because of me helping the Americans. There are translators over there, who have proved their loyalty. ISIS and other groups keep a list of their names. It’s not like in Washington, D.C., you can’t just hide out somewhere. In all seven countries, you’re either known by your family or tribe, and everyone is connected. You cannot hide yourself, they will find you. When the terrorists find you, they don’t just murder you, they murder your brother, sister, dad, mom, grandparents, cousin, and friends, too.”

Should everyone from Iraq be allowed to come to the U.S.? “No, I don’t believe that everyone deserves to come here, but the ones who showed their loyalty do.” About President Trump’s decision for the temporary ban: “I am in full support of the decision that the president has made. We all need to forget about ourselves and put American lives first. Trump’s decision will help prevent terrorism and the death of more innocent people.”

In this conversation, many have taken to calling anyone who agrees with a ban from immigrants from these countries as racist. Of course people from the Middle East are NOT of another race at all, they are of a different ethnicity. In closing, Walker had a few words for those playing the “race card:” “What about all the other rich Muslim countries? They banned Muslim immigration from the very beginning. Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar— are they racist, too?”

In closing, take a close look at the picture below. Believe it or not, this is a state-of-the-art fully self contained refugee center complete with everything necessary to house comfortably 1 million plus people. It’s ready to go with complete plumbing, heating and air conditioning, and pretty much all the creature comforts. And it’s sitting….empty….in Saudi Arabia. It was built to accommodate Middle Eastern refugees as this facility was needed. But it’s empty. And it’s empty for religious reasons — religious bigotry. In the Muslim religion, Sunni and Shia don’t mix well. And so rather than try to accommodate refugees of both Muslim sects, the Saudis simply prefer to not accommodate either refugee sect.

So President Donald Trump is racist?

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