Please get it….or get Out

I am pretty certain Liberals did NOT get the message sent by American voters in this last election. That message? Americans are pretty much tired of business as usual in Washington D.C. and are not going to take it anymore. Even though that message from voters was sent in demonstrative fashion, most liberals in the political process still maintain those actions that voters in November summarily rejected. Liberals still feel they know what is best for all Americans and that to disagree with that or with their ideals is pure lunacy. And most Americans are stunned at the continued arrogance of the Left.

Let me re-state the political philosophy most Americans embrace: they are beyond just being tired of the graft, corruption, self serving attitude that permeates the D.C. political landscape — they are sick of it; they are tired of that environment sneaking into the state and local political process and that is taking over there too. And most Americans want it to stop. Americans want fairness for all in the legislation passed by elected officials and demand that elected officials make their decisions not based on politicians’ wishes, but only on those of their constituents. They want the end to the bombastic waste of public dollars and other assets, and the self serving politics invented in D.C. and passed down to state houses and to local governments. They want government at every level in the U.S. to once again be “of the People, for the People, and by the People.”

If you are a Liberal please pause for a moment. Consider that since 2008, Democrats have lost 1000 seats in state Houses, there are more Republican governors than ever, and with the exception of the west and east coast major cities, more towns and cities have Republican mayors than ever. Republicans control the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives in D.C.

It is laughable that the Democratic Party and its leaders, the Minority leaders in the House and Senate, and those from the Obama Administration who still occasionally grab a microphone, frantically lash out with such vitriol at all Conservatives. And with the Presidential appointment of Judge Gorsuch to the vacant SCOTUS seat to see within minutes prepared dossiers released lambasting him and his positions, liberals have revealed their fear of conservatives. Has America really come to this? Substance of an appointed Justice, the will of the American people expressed again and again by the mix of those elected at national, state, and local levels, mean so little to the Political Left that they march with total disregard for the opinions of those who they swore to serve? And what is so unsettling is that the substance of their political lives obviously no longer direct their political actions. That now comes only from the hurt, anger, fear, and hate for the very Americans they serve simply because those Americans feel differently than they.

While the Liberal Left argue among themselves about who in their ranks is or should be the voice of their movement, while they ignore the real problems in our nation, while they simply scream at every conservative both in and out of government just because of conservatism and not policies, while they continue to ignore what Americans need, want, and expect from those who govern, the wheels of the Nation on the World stage continue to turn. And things are getting done…by elected Conservatives.

I encourage all who agree with this to reach out to the politicians in your lives in peaceful, reasonable, yet firm ways to illustrate your concerns directly to them. Find the way that is most effective for you in your world in your busy life to reach out to them, but reach out to them. A phone call to their office, a text, email, letter, and/or face to face conversations when available send the message that at the 30,000 foot level they understand Americans are sending but has not gotten to their ground level. We all respond to the loudest most persistent voice in the room. For far too long that voice has come from the Liberal Left. It needs to change. At every center of government in America, every American voice must now be heard and no longer just the liberal voice. Please spend some time this week to find the best way for you to do so….and then do so. Do it for all those who are unable to do the same. Please do it for your fellow Americans, and please do it for yourself. If conservatives continue to refuse to speak out in at least as loud a voice as the Liberal Lefties have, conservatives will not be heard. Speak out loudly, and speak out now.

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