A Blue Wave

It is humorous in this political environment that for every election at any level — federal, state, or local — those from both major parties declare specific partisan certainties of each election’s results. None of the specifics of those election results seem to matter to the parties. When their candidate wins, it’s because the other candidate’s policies were summarily rejected, and voters roundly approved their candidates. It’s the old “Glass half-full or half-empty” example in each election.

November 5th’s runoff elections around the nation resulted in a few changes — very few changes. But to read the major newspapers or watch or listen to national television morning shows, President Trump certainly was the candidate running on each ballot in each state that held elections. The moving trucks are today at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue moving the Trumps to their new permanent residence in Florida. America saw a “Blue Wave!”

“Morning-After“ 2019 November Election Blue Wave Headlines

(CNN) “Democrats were celebrating November 5th, while President Donald Trump and Republicans were left to explain why they were behind in one of the reddest states in the nation.”

(MSNBC) Morning Joe: “Trump lost Kentucky for the Republicans.”

(NBC News) “In a blow to Trump, Democrat Beshear is the apparent winner in Kentucky governor race, NBC News projects.”

(ABC News) “The Note: Blue wave continues the ride through Kentucky, Virginia.”

(The Philadelphia Enquirer) “The blue wave crashes down on Pennsylvania again, as voters from Philly to Delaware County turn left.”

The Philadelphia Enquirer’s FrontPage Election Headlines:

  • Trump is on borrowed time after Democratic election massacres in battleground Pa. suburbs | Maria Panaritis
  • Democrats win across the Philadelphia region as Republicans are fading even on friendly turf
  • Democrats make history by winning control of Delaware County

Wow! I guess this means it will be President Elizabeth Warren or President Joe Biden moving in to replace the Trumps at the White House. But, seriously, this “Blue Wave” process needs to be discussed at least once during this election cycle. So we’re going to do that today. But first, consider this:

Conventional wisdom is that after a defeat of almost any kind, the loser fades away into obscurity. The above media reporters and editors certainly expect that throw-in-the-towel response by Republicans regarding the Democrat wins. Democrat Party leadership feels this way: “Let’s beat them down mentally so they’ll simply pack it in.” You know what? Much of the time that works. But I doubt it will in this 2020 election madness.

Politically, any edge — even a perceptual one void of facts — opens a door for votes.

If you raise a pig as your pet and keep that pig in the company of a bunch of dogs, sooner or later, that pig will try hard to bark. The pig will believe it’s a dog. Of course, the pig is not a dog and certainly cannot bark like a dog. But “perception is reality.” That specific reality? “The pig’s gonna bark. Just listen!”


You should know that these election headlines we see and hear are NOT accidental. Nor is the term “Blue Wave.” There’s a “Blue Wave Political Partners, LLC” in the Northwest. Who are they and what do they do?

Based in Seattle, Blue Wave Political Partners, LLC was founded in 2014, evolving from H+P Political Compliance in order to accommodate the firm’s expansion into political fundraising. Lora Haggard and Jay Petterson have worked together since 2003. They were joined by Sue Jackson in 2007. Each brings a breadth of experience in accounting, budgeting, and federal committee compliance developed through treasury management on dozens of Democratic campaigns, committees, and organizations. With Kevin Geiger’s outstanding background in political fundraising, Blue Wave now offers fundraising services to Democratic campaigns and initiatives. Having each served in senior capacities on campaigns and committees, the partners of Blue Wave offer more than thirty years of cumulative political campaign fundraising and compliance experience. Blue Wave is also located in Georgia, Oregon, and North Carolina.

The fact that Democrats have a formalized arm — albeit a non-profit — to raise campaign dollars for Democrat candidates across the nation should tell us the importance to the Democrat Party of a “Blue Wave.“

There’s been no Democrat “Blue Wave” in recent elections. Not just in the federal government but in state and local elections, Republican and other Conservative candidates have increased their numbers. There are 27 Republican and 23 Democrat governors. That’s a slight edge, but an edge no less.  The Kentucky gubernatorial race (the results of which are still not final) would be the 24th Democrat governor. That mix can hardly be called that of a “Blue Wave.”

The shouts proclaiming a “Blue Wave” reverberated throughout the nation in 2018 when the midterm elections saw control of the House of Representatives go back to Democrats. One would have thought that all Republicans had been banished from the House, the Senate had turned blue in a landslide victory, plus, President Trump had resigned in disgust.

Keep this thought in mind: a reality in politics is not necessary for Democrats Shangri-la. Dems are masters at messaging “absolutes” to their members that are not absolutes at all. Often, those absolutes are outright lies. We’ve seen it happen countless times before. It happened in 2016 when Hillary failed to break that glass ceiling. And no matter Dems called their House victory in 2018 or the Kentucky governorship or the Virginia statehouse victories, none of those can truly be termed a “Blue Wave.” At best, they were “pale blue ripples.”

Democrats have a long way to go to get to the beach!

How can Dems “grease” the “Blue Wave” wheels?

For starters, how about a faux impeachment process? How about getting the most untruthful, arrogant, and least qualified attorney in Congress to head a fictitious impeachment process to rid the world of President Trump? Pelosi Democrats cannot afford for the American people to look-in on their secretive official/nonofficial, truthful/dishonest, hearings. Why is that? Americans would quickly discover that Rep. Adam Schiff (CA) has been lying to Americans about all-things-negative-about Trump for three years! He carries around a sharp-pointed stick, a microphone, and a notebook 24/7. What are their purposes?

The sharp stick is for Schiff to continually poke President Trump with untruthful allegations, knowing that the President will never allow false charges against him to stand without a response. Schiff thinks if he can goad the President into responding, Americans will automatically believe the lies Schiff is telling about Mr. Trump. (Schiff in doing that shows just how little he thinks of his fellow Americans)

The microphone is for the California representative to reach-out to his inside sources at the New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, and the news departments of the Big Three to give them exclusive uncorroborated, unsubstantiated and from “anonymous sources” facts about this impeachment matter currently underway. He’s never seen a microphone or TV camera he could not schmooze into carrying an interview in which he feeds Americans lies and rumors. Let’s face it: many Americans love them some gossip!

Schiff’s notebook? He must jot down all of his allegations and claims made against the President so that when he’s referred to previously answered questions, he has a point of reference to guarantee he’s not caught in any lies.

It’s a pretty good process IF your target audience does not require the truth. The funny thing for Schiff is this: it appears that he believes his own lies and is confident that Americans do as well! How could ANY reasoning member of Congress continue to peddle the same worn-out lies with which he has been trapped numerous times since Donald Trump was elected? Schiff orchestrated each of the conspiracy theories that have been used by press lackeys to fuel confusion in the minds of American voters regarding the truthfulness of the President. How else could he and other Democrats distract Americans from this historical economy and employment data? How else could Dems keep their blind sheep in line if the sheep all saw and heard the truth of all this?

It’s working masterfully for Democrats!

Make no mistake: Nancy Pelosi is no “dumb broad.” She has earned her political stripes by learning from the best and most deceitful politicrats through the years: Bill Clinton, Barney Franks, Teddy Kennedy, Harry Reid, David Axelrod, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, and the Obama Gang. Rep. Pelosi knows the system, and she knows how to work the system. Adam Schiff is her pride and joy and her first graduate from the Democrat School of Corruption. And Adam graduated Magna Cum Laude.

That’s what a Politicrat does!


All of this “Blue Wave” hoopla is by design. It’s sending a unified message primarily to rank-and-file Democrats that says, “House Leadership has this under control.”

But they don’t have it under control. Anytime the opposition is led by a crafty New Yorker who has worked through the most corrupt business environment in the nation to build a multi-billion dollar empire, and his political opponents are without any hope of success.

Just sit back and watch the next two to three months. Schiff and Company will crash and burn in this their Part IV of their “Get Trump” novel. They’ll be required to unleash Part V. I’m sure it will be more crafty, more devious, more intractable than the first four, but there’s one common thread through them all: President Trump did nothing wrong!

Honesty and hard work seem always to fuel great results. Why would Democrats think that the process no longer works?

It IS working. And it will see Mr. Trump at the podium in January of 2021 for his second oath of office.


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