Maricopa County Election Audit Result Are In!

  • CNN gave us the word on Friday: Final report from partisan Arizona review confirms Biden defeated Trump in Maricopa County last November.
  • Not to be outdone on the big news, the Wall Street Journal piped in on the news, too: Arizona GOP’s Election Audit Confirms Biden Win in State.
  • Public Democracy America reported the results and took it up a notch:

The GOPS’ audit of Maricopa County, Arizona 2020 election confirms that American elections continue to be free, honest, and secure.

A hand recount, as required by Arizona Law, conducted by members of all three major parties found no evidence of voter fraud. On February 23, 2021, Maricopa County announced that forensic audits of its vote tabulation equipment, completed by U.S. Election Assistance Commission accredited Auditors, had found no irregularities in the machines. The GOP sponsored audit of the election by Cyber Ninjas found the same result. There is no election fraud in Arizona.

Their report took months to complete and millions of taxpayer dollars. But their findings confirm what we already knew—that American democracy is strong and our elections are secure.

Election integrity and American democracy remains intact—and a model for the rest of the world.

Every major news outlet reported the exact same news. Therefore, I’m sure you will not be shocked to learn that what they said is NOT what the audit showed at all!

Fact: Election Processes in Arizona are Rife with Fraud and Corruption

Here’s a story from Sunday that is full of “facts:”

Arizona Senate Report on the Maricopa County Election Audit Highlights 49,000 Questionable Votes, Asks AG to Investigate

The report of the Maricopa County Forensic Election Audit of the 2020 election released at a public hearing of the Arizona State Senate chaired by Senate President Karen Fann (R-1) and Judiciary Committee Chairman Senator Warren Petersen (R-12) on Friday identified a number of significant election irregularities discovered during the audit.

Out of 3.4 million votes cast in Arizona in the November 3, 2020, presidential election, about 2.1 million were cast in Maricopa County. Of these, a little more than 1.9 million were early votes, either cast by mail or deposited in drop boxes.

Joe Biden was certified as the winner of Arizona’s 11 Electoral College votes over former President Donald Trump by Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D-AZ) and Gov. Doug Ducey (R-AZ) on November 30, 2020 by a margin of 10,457 votes. According to those certified results, Biden received 1,672,143 votes in the state, while Trump received 1,661,686 votes.

“The audit included a full hand-recount of all 2.1 million ballots from the 2020 General Election,” the report, Maricopa County Forensic Audit, Volume III: Result Details, began.

At the presidential ballot level, the report found very little difference between “the results of the hand-recount of the Presidential Race of the Maricopa County Forensic Audit” and the Official Maricopa County Canvass.”

Of 2,089,563 votes counted in the official Maricopa County Canvass of the November 3, 2020 election, 1,040,774 were cast for Joe Biden and 995,665 were cast for Donald Trump, a margin for Biden in the county of 45,109.

Of 2,088,569 votes counted in the Maricopa County Forensic Audit of the November 3, 2020 election, 1,040,873 were cast for Joe Biden and 995,404 were cast for Donald Trump, a margin in favor of Biden in the county of 45,469.

Establishment media outlets have celebrated the fact that the Maricopa County Forensic Audit hand count showed that Biden’s margin over Trump was 360 votes greater than the Maricopa County Official Canvass results. (Biden gained 99 votes, while Trump lost 261 votes in the audit hand count).

They have claimed these results confirm Biden “won” Arizona.

As Breitbart News reported, a draft of the executive summary, dated September 23, was leaked early Friday morning, and establishment media outlets focused on the statement in that leaked draft that, “there were no substantial differences between the hand count of the ballots provided and the official canvass results for the County.”

The official executive summary, Maricopa County Forensic Election Audit, Volume I: Executive Summary & Recommendations, as released by the Arizona State Senate on Friday afternoon and dated September 24, can be seen here.

The results of the audit, however, actually raise more doubts about the legitimacy of more than 49,000 votes included in the final counts of both the forensic audit and the Maricopa County Official Canvass results, a number that is more than four times greater than Biden’s 10,457 vote certified margin of victory.

Of these more than 2 million votes counted, the report stated the results of the audit found that there were questions about 49,718 of these votes that had a critical, high, or medium “potential impact the finding may have had on the election.”

The audit broke the election into four phases: “voter history, paper ballots, voting machines, and the certified results.”

Maricopa County Forensic Election Audit. Volume II: Operations & Methodology, stated:

The audit was designed to be a comprehensive review of the results from the Maricopa County 2020 General Election to confirm the effectiveness of existing legislation in governing elections, and to provide additional insights on possible areas of legislative reform that could ensure an even greater level of integrity and accuracy in how elections are conducted.

For this reason, the audit focused on four main areas of the election process: voter history, paper ballots, voting machines, and the certified results. These four areas enabled the audit team to focus on factors that impact elections in order to highlight areas of concern,” the report continued. (Emphasis added).

Of the 49,718 questionable votes of critical, high, or medium severity identified in Maricopa County Forensic Audit, Volume III: Result Details, 34,466 of these were in the voter history phase, 12,660 were in the certified results phase and 2,592 were in the ballot phase. The report did not identify any questionable votes in the voting machine phase.

Here is a breakdown of those 49,718 questionable votes:

  • 23,344 mail-in ballots were counted from individuals who no longer lived at the address to which the mail-in ballot was sent. The audit called these “mail-in ballots voted from prior address” in the voter history phase. (critical impact)
  • 9,041 more ballots were returned by voters than received in the voter history phase. (high impact)
  • 5,295 voters that potentially voted in multiple counties in the certified results phase.  (high impact)
  • 3,432 more ballots were cast than the list of people who show as having cast a vote. The audit called this group of ballots “official results does not match who voted,” in the certified results phase. (medium impact)
  • 2,592 more duplicates than original ballots in the ballot phase. (medium impact)
  • 2,382 in-person voters who had moved out of Maricopa County in the certified results phase. (medium impact)
  • 2,081 voters moved out of state during the 29 days preceding election in the voter history phase. (medium impact)
  • 1,551 votes counted in excess of voters who voted in the certified results phase. (medium impact)

An additional 3,587 votes were in the “low impact” category across 14 findings.

Section 5.1 of Volume III of the report identified the ballot scoring methodology used to separate ballot findings into the four categories of severity as to their impact on the election results: critical, high, medium, or low:

Ballot related findings are scored based on the total number of potential ballots impacted by the finding. Based on the range in which this falls within, a Severity is assigned . . . In these circumstances a severity will still be assigned to the finding based on the potential impact the finding may have had on the election.

If a ballot finding impacted more than 10,000 potential votes, its severity level was classified as critical. If a ballot finding impacted more than 5,000 potential votes, but less than 10,000 potential votes its severity level was classified as high. If a ballot finding impacted more than 1,500 potential votes, but less than 5,000 potential votes, its severity level was classified as medium. If a ballot finding impacted less than 1,500 potential votes, its severity level was classified as low.

A separate report, Pattern Recognition of Early Voting Ballot (EVP) Return Envelope Images for Signature Presence Detection, was prepared by EchoMail and presented to the panel by its lead investigator, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. The findings of that report included the following:

  • Maricopa County allowed 9,589 more Early Vote Ballot return envelopes (EVBs) to move forward to the signature verification process than the audit determined were eligible.
  • Maricopa County counted 1,917,008 EVBs as eligible to move on to the signature verification process. The audit determined that only 1,907,419 EVBs should have been eligible to move on to the signature verification process. (Early voting ballots were contained within EVB return envelopes, which required a signature of the voter on the outside envelope prior to moving it forward to the signature verification process).
  • 34,448 Early Vote Ballot return envelopes (EVBs) were duplicates, submitted by 17,126 individual voters, most of whom submitted two ballots, but some of whom submitted either three or four.

A third report on cybersecurity from a firm called CyFir, Digital Findings, was delivered by Ben Cotton. Key findings of that report included:

  • Maricopa County failed to perform basic OS Patch Management;
  • Maricopa County failed to update antivirus definitions;
  • Maricopa County failed to preserve security logs;
  • Maricopa County failed to establish and monitor host baseline; and,
  • Maricopa County failed to establish and monitor network communications baseline.

You can watch a recording of Friday’s Senate hearing on the audit report, as delivered by Doug Logan, president of Cyber Ninjas, the firm that led the investigation, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, and Ben Cotton, here.

 In a statement released by the Save America PAC Friday morning, former President Trump praised the audit results as reported in a leaked early version of the report:

The Fake News is lying about the Arizona audit report! The leaked report conclusively shows there were enough fraudulent votes, mystery votes, and fake votes to change the outcome of the election 4 or 5 times over. The number includes 23,344 mail-in ballots, despite the person no longer living at that address. Phantom voters! The official canvass does not even match who voted, off by 11,592—more than the entire Presidential Election margin. Voters who voted in multiple counties totaled 10,342, and 2,382 ballots came from people who no longer lived in Maricopa County. There were also 2,592 “more duplicate ballots than original ballots.” Just those fraudulent ballots alone total 50,252, and is fraud many more times than the so-called margin of “victory,” which was only 10,457. In addition, election data appears to have been intentionally deleted, and ballot images were “corrupt or missing.” This is not even the whole state of Arizona, but only Maricopa County. It would only get worse!

There is fraud and cheating in Arizona and it must be criminally investigated! More is coming out in the hearing today.

As the hearing began on Friday afternoon, Trump added this statement:

CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, and other Lamestream Media are feeding large-scale misinformation to the public about the Arizona Audit. The Audit was a big win for democracy and a big win for us. Shows how corrupt the Election was. Arizona State Senate hearing going on now and the information about what took place is terrible—a bigger Scam even than anticipated!

Midway through the hearing, Trump sent a third email:

It is not even believable the dishonesty of the Fake News Media on the Arizona Audit results, which shows incomprehensible Fraud at an Election Changing level, many times more votes than is needed. The Fake News Media refuses to write the facts, thereby being complicit in the Crime of the Century. They are so dishonest, but Patriots know the truth! Arizona must immediately decertify their 2020 Presidential Election Results.

Saturday morning Trump sent out a fourth email that read, “44,000 Ballots the Left Wants You to Ignore,” and included an image of the “Finding Summary Table” included in Section 5.2 of the report, Maricopa County Forensic Audit, Volume III: Result Details.

The theme that Maricopa County refused to cooperate with the audit was highlighted by each presenter during the hearing.

“I’m very disappointed to see that Maricopa County refused to cooperate with us. Not only did they not cooperate with us, they even went so far as to sue us,” State Senate President Fann said at the beginning of the hearing.

Fann added:

What you have not seen and not heard is about the statutes that were broken, how chain of custody was not followed, how we had a number of issues, which is why people questioned the ballots and the election. So I ask that you please keep an open mind, I ask that you please listen to this, because the reality of this is that this is all about making sure your vote counts.

At the close of the hearing, it was clear the State Senate expected the Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to follow up on the results of the report aggressively. Brnovich signaled his intent to do so even before Friday’s afternoon hearing began.

Judiciary Chairman Petersen identified eight key points at the close of the hearing:

  • The county’s obstructionism must be addressed. Their willingness to spend resources to block this audit;
  • The numbers don’t reconcile. We should be able to pull up these election results and be able to come up with a reconciliation so everything balances;
  • It appears they broke the law with duplicate ballots;
  • Churning of logs. we need to find out why that happened. Who did it;
  • Chain of custody;
  • Failure to preserve data files;
  • Cybersecurity weaknesses; and,
  • The envelopes with blank signatures. We have a lot of questions there that need to be answered.

“I look forward to working with the Attorney General,” Petersen concluded.

Fann also highlighted the follow-up by the Attorney General.

“I have already transmitted a letter to our AG’s office with those reports. We are asking him to open up a formal investigation … perhaps get some of the missing things we were unable to get. I have every confidence he will be doing that,” Fann concluded.


Every mainstream media and Democrat in party leadership at the national and state levels are desperately hoping that NO Americans take the time or effort to look past the headlines published in every Mainstream newspaper, broadcast on every Mainstream television news and talk show, and promoted by Democrat Party mind-numbed robots trying to make names for themselves.

There was rampant cheating and the election results as reported are grossly incorrect. And these are from ONE county in Arizona.

So here’s the salient question: What is going to happen now? The Governor of Arizona swore in an affidavit presented to the United States Electoral College guaranteeing the final results on that affidavit represented the “actual” voters of every Arizonan who cast their ballot. Arizona’s panel of electors cast their votes in the electoral college based on that affidavit.

Will Arizona Governor Doug Ducey notify the Electoral College he will withdraw that affidavit?

There are many things that come to mind about this issue, but there are two really important ones:

  1. If Ducey DOES withdraw his “official” election results affidavit, what will be the results be?
  2. Worse, however, if Ducey DOES NOT withdraw his “official” election results affidavit, what will the results be?

With this conundrum swirling above his head, I’m certain the Governor had a tough weekend when it comes to sleep. Can you imagine the number of texts, emails, and phone calls he’s received about this?

There is a plethora of unanswered questions about U.S. election integrity. The questions about Maricopa County and Phoenix have only just begun to be answered. But what about those same questions about the election “irregularity AND fraud” in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and, OMG, Georgia?

There WAS Voter Fraud In The November 3, 2020 Election

Ok, we’re stepping out on a proverbial limb here. I’ll go ahead and say it: There WAS voter fraud in the 2020 election!

It’s out now. And so the Cancel Culture folks and Big Tech will probably cut us off. But you know what? At TruthNewsNetwork, we operate independently from reliance on any of those to produce and publish both our written and audio products!

Let’s get right down to the nitty-gritty. As we told you, the media line that “every one of the Trump election fraud lawsuits was adjudicated by a judge to be false” is false! In several of those cases, the courts actually ruled in favor of the Trump Campaign.

What about the others?

The Trump Lawsuits

Each of those lawsuits was filed in state district courts. In the scheme of finding factual information, that means a judge that was NOT appointed but was elected determined in each case. A judge being elected: what difference does that make?

Elected folks run for office, which means a campaign, which means campaign contributions!

We’re not saying any judges are corrupt. But consider the circumstances:

  • A lawsuit is filed by the campaign of the most controversial political figure in the U.S. in decades.
  • The lawsuit alleges that state officials participated in a fixed election. Many of those state officials are political in some way. Some may actually contribute to campaigns of those who run for office — like State District Judge.
  • Only one such case was actually heard in state court. And that judge ruled FOR the Trump folks. It was a “procedural” lawsuit.
  • Each of the others was not denied or tried with a verdict against Trump. After the lawsuits were filed, no judge would allow a hearing (evidentiary hearing) in which those who filed the suit would be allowed to present evidence from which the judge would agree to a trial.
  • Why would the judges disallow these evidentiary hearings? They did NOT want such a trial to happen. After all, their states would be summarily attacked by conservatives across the nation if there WAS fraud. Secondly, they did NOT want any evidence presented to go “on the record,” which could denigrate the election officials and even the judge in the case.

So those cases were never even tried!

However, several state legislatures took action to hold public hearings. Numerous people gave sworn testimony at the risk of perjury and presented numerous documents, pictures, and testimony of multiple incidents of unlawful actions on the part of election officials. Though not effective in any legal proceedings, these testimonies caused millions of Americans to take notice.

The “Big Banana:” Georgia

We do not do this often. But FOX News Tucker Carlson presented massive evidence (that is uncontestable) to a large amount of proven voter fraud in the November 3rd election in Georgia. Rather than try to “relate” what he presented, we obtained permission to give it to your verbatim. So here you go!

Wednesday, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson showcased incidents of alleged voter fraud in Fulton County, GA 2020 presidential election vote tabulation.

According to Carlson, VoterGA, a group organizing a lawsuit seeking a rescan of ballots and a review of absentee ballots, alleged double-counted ballots, fabricated tally sheets, and creaseless mail-in ballots.

Partial transcript as follows:

CARLSON: On a Saturday night in late May of this year, an alarm sounded in a big nondescript warehouse in Fulton County, Georgia. The warehouse was an unlikely place for a burglary. It was under round-the-clock surveillance by both private security and local law enforcement including armed deputies with the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office.

Any unauthorized person entering from the outside would have to get past a locked 100-pound steel door, as well as a maze of motion detectors — not easy — but someone tried to do it, anyway and at just the perfect moment, 20 minutes after the deputies in charge of guarding the warehouse left their posts.

By the time those deputies returned to check out the alarm, someone had opened the 100-pound door to the warehouse. So, what happened that night? And why? We still don’t know.

It’s also not clear why the deputies left the warehouse or who took advantage of their absence? We do know that a lot of people might have had reason to try to get inside the warehouse.

Depending on who you ask, the building contains evidence that either confirms or refutes the claim that voter fraud affected the outcome of the 2020 election in the state of Georgia. Georgia is a place that Joe Biden won by fewer than 13, 000 votes. That warehouse holds more than 140,000 absentee ballots.

Now, what’s interesting is that for reasons that are difficult to understand, Fulton County officials have refused to let the public see any of these ballots.

An attorney called Bob Cheeley has been pushing for transparency. He has filed suit for the right to see those ballots. He hasn’t seen them all yet, but what he has found so far demands an explanation.

All of us, no matter who you voted for should want to hear that explanation. You can’t have a democracy if the public doesn’t believe election results. Increasingly, many people in this country don’t believe them.

The solution to that problem and it’s a significant problem is not to scream at these people, call them lunatics or throw them in jail. The solution is to tell the truth about what happened. The only way to restore trust in our system is with facts.

So what are the facts about the election in Fulton County, Georgia? Well, here’s the official version.

In May, the Chairman of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, a man called Robb Pitts explained that it was not necessary to look at the ballots, in fact it was ridiculous even to ask to look at the ballots because there had already been plenty of recounts and all the recounts reached the same conclusion.

Here is what Pitts said — and if it sounds familiar as you hear it, that’s because so many other people in authority have been saying pretty much the same thing.

(A video Clip was Played)

ROBB PITTS, FULTON COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS: I mean, I’m really baffled about this. What do they want? We’ve had three counts already.

The elections in Fulton County, Georgia, they were open, they were fair, and they were transparent.

The votes have been certified. The election has been certified, so it’s over.

This will be the fourth one, and I can guarantee you that the results will be — of this one will be just like the results were for count one, count two, and count three. No change.

Again, our elections are open, fair, and transparent.

(Video Clip ended)

CARLSON: “I can guarantee you.” We already know what happened, we’ve counted those same ballots four times. The election has been certified. Stop already.

And that’s the argument that Fulton County has used in court to keep those ballots locked away in a warehouse, except it’s not true. It now appears there actually was meaningful voter fraud in Fulton County, Georgia last November.

That is not a conspiracy theory. It’s true.

From the beginning, this show has tried to be fact-based when we talk about the 2020 election results. So here’s what we know tonight, factually. At least 36 batches of mail-in ballots from the November election were double-counted in Fulton County. That’s a total of more than 4,000 votes. Those numbers come from a group called Voter GA which along with Bob Cheeley sued to get them.

The final tally from the double counts we know about amounts to more than 3,300 votes for Joe Biden and 865 votes for Donald Trump.

Now before you dismiss Bob Cheeley and Voter GA as dishonest partisan actors, keep in mind that the strongly left-of-center Atlanta Journal-Constitution appears to agree with this at least in outline. The newspaper reviewed the available digital ballot images independently and concluded that hundreds of ballots were improperly duplicated.

What does that look like exactly? Well, here’s what it looks like.

At a press conference yesterday, a consultant with Voter GA called David Cross showed how we can be certain that votes in Fulton County were counted more than once. Watch.

(A Video Clip was Played)

DAVID CROSS, CONSULTANT FOR VOTER GA: What I’m going to show you here is two ballots side-by-side, one of them is marked for Jason Shaw, it’s got a little squiggle mark next to it, you can see it’s got the identical mark on the second one and the ballot image is stored up here on the top left.

So, this one over here is Scanner 5162. That’s scanner number three, batch number 235, image number 19 and that matches 234 image 59.

So you have the same ballot counted twice in the images and counted in the audit. How that’s possible, I don’t know.

(Video Clip ended)

CARLSON: “How’s that possible? I don’t know.” Every American should want to know because the answer gets to the heart of the integrity of our elections, otherwise known as our democracy. We’re not talking about a couple of ballots here. We’re talking about a lot of ballots, at least hundreds of ballots involved, enough potentially to affect the outcome of the election.

Here’s another example.

(A Video Clip was played)

CROSS: Here’s one of the next ones, all right, so same facts, number 234, image number two, and 235, image number 61, Republican, Republican, Republican, Republican all the way down to the point where this little spot up in Fani Willis matches this one over here.

So, no question that that ballot was counted twice.

(Video Clip ended)

CARLSON: So, what’s the explanation for this? Well, if you ask Fulton County, these discrepancies, the ones you just saw on the screen were isolated incidents, just a handful of bad ballots. It happens all the time.

The county claims that any errors were caught in previous recounts. The problem is that neither one of those claims is true. Surveillance footage obtained by Voter GA appears to show large numbers of ballots being scanned multiple times.

Pay attention to the tape we’re showing you to the woman wearing yellow at the desk. According to Voter GA, she slides ballots into a scanning machine, removes the ballots and then reinserts the same ballots. This happens multiple times.

The question is, how many times were those ballots counted? Was each vote counted more than once? Fulton County won’t answer that question.

Now one way to know the answer would be to check what are called audit tally sheets. Tellingly for months after the presidential election, Fulton County failed to provide more than a hundred thousand of those tally sheets including 50,000 of them for mail-in ballots.

When Voter GA finally forced Fulton County to turn over the tally sheets, the conclusion was stunning. Here’s what the audit found, quote: “Seven falsified audit tally sheets containing fabricated vote totals. For example, a batch containing 59 actual ballot images for Joe Biden and 42 for Donald Trump was reported as a hundred for Biden and zero for Trump. The seven batches of ballot images with 554 votes for Joe Biden, 140 votes for Donald Trump and 11 votes for Joe Jorgensen had tally sheets in the audit falsified to show 850 votes for Biden, zero votes for Trump, and zero votes for Jorgensen.”

Wait, did you just follow that? How is that not flat-out criminal fraud? We’d love to know because it certainly sounds like flat-out criminal fraud.

We’ve obtained photographs showing what went on during the recount process for mail-in ballots in Fulton County. These pictures were taken by a whistleblower who participated in the recount. She said she noticed something odd as she did. None of the ballots that she saw had any creases on them. You can see the stacks of unfolded ballots on your screen now.

That’s strange because of course mail-in ballots need to be bent in order to be mailed in. These ballots clearly had never been inside an envelope. And then the whistleblower noticed something else, all of the ballots, the whistleblower tells us have been filled out by a printer, not by hand and many of them supported the exact same candidates — Democrats including Joe Biden.

Voter GA detected a series of other apparent irregularities in the recount. The group’s audit found for example that quote: “Over 200 Fulton County mail-in ballot images contained votes that were not included in the hand count audit results for the November election.” Now, why is that? We don’t know.

Keep in mind, once again, the results in the State of Georgia were decided by fewer than 13,000 votes. It was a close race. Every vote mattered.

And then there’s this. An elections expert called Mark Davis analyzed data from the Post Office. He found that nearly 35,000 Georgia voters moved out of their county of residence more than a month prior to Election Day. They were ineligible to vote, and yet they did. They still voted in their old county. That is illegal. It’s not a small thing, violating election law is something we should care about.

And by law, their vote should have been excluded from the total, but they were not excluded. Why are we okay with that? Why are we okay with any of this?

We’re okay with it because we’ve been told we have to be okay with it. We’re undermining democracy if we ask questions about what happened during the 2020 election; and of course, that’s a perfect inversion of the truth.

Without answers to legitimate questions like the ones we just posed, and those are legitimate questions democracy dies.

People begin to understand the system they’ve been told that is on the level is in fact rigged, and when they believe that, God knows what they do next.

So, let’s find out what actually happened. Let’s find out immediately. Let’s find out without shame. It’s our right to know, it’s our responsibility to know.

One More “Gotcha”

Maricopa County is another hotbed of the November 3rd election controversy. We all know the allegations. We know that after a brutal fight with Democrats in Arizona and Washington, an independent forensic audit firm was brought in to do an audit of election ballots.

The Biden win in the state was small. Any significant change in vote tallies would probably change the state winner. So the results of the audit or critical.

The final report is pending. But the Arizona Senate leader stated late Thursday that “even though we don’t have the final report, we have been told that the final audit numbers are different from the number of ballots used to certify the election results.”

There’s only one possible reason for the delay in the full release of the audit report: Maricopa County’s Democrat-controlled election entity is “posturing” a response to the seemingly grim news for Arizona Democrats.

By the way, the Arizona governor who certified the election results, then sent them to Washington declaring all of Arizona’s electoral votes for Joe Biden, stated that if the audit results proved Biden was NOT the winner, he will de-certify the results.

What’s ahead in all this? Uncertainty, anger, fear, and MASS CHAOS!

To Download Today’s (Friday, July 16, 2021) “TNN Live” show, click on this link:

Is American Unity Possible?

Is there any way for unity after all that we’ve been through as a nation the last twelve years? “Twelve years? Shouldn’t that be four years?” Nope: remember that Barack Obama actually defined just how wide is the political chasm between people in our nation.

Throughout the Biden campaign, we heard the incessant cries that he wanted to be “the President of all the people, not just Democrats.” He claimed he would “work for the good of ALL the country.” He, as does every presidential candidate, taught us all that ‘“Now is a time for healing.”

Then came the November 3rd election. Chaos erupted. Any hope for unity was dashed on the rocky shores of the sea of “Just ignore the unproven Trump claims of a stolen election and trust us.”

The calls for unity continued and grew deafening: “Stop investigating ballot fraud. What we need now is unity!”

Do you want unity? That’s fair. Do you define unity between the political Left and Right as silencing the cries of one side? Which side should be silent?

What to do. If the Right in this case opted for the Left’s historical examples of unity in the U.S., it would look like this:

In unity with you, we will follow your example of the past four years and…

  • Deny the legitimacy of the 2020 election for the next four years.
  • Investigate the Biden family’s every business dealing at home and abroad.
  • Continually question Biden’s mental fitness to hold office.
  • Continually question Biden’s physical fitness to hold office.
  • Blame Biden for every person who dies from the coronavirus after January 20.
  • Blame Biden personally for every Black person who gets shot anywhere in America.
  • Never stop publicizing that Biden has been accused of grabbing a woman’s crotch against her will.
  • Emphasize that, any time a woman makes a claim of sexual harassment against Biden, she must be believed.
  • Continue publicizing that Kamala Harris slept her way into public office.
  • Remind people that, no less than Stormy Daniels, Kamala Harris was a public figure’s mistress.
  • Accuse Biden of treason for consorting with enemies like the wife of the Moscow mayor, who gave the Bidens $3.5 million, the Chinese who put the Bidens on their payroll, and the Ukrainians of Burisma.
  • Investigate the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, and if and when those photos can be released, they will be To the entire nation.
  • Demand that Biden condemns racism, anti-Semitism, and misogyny at least once each month while he’s in office.
  • Work to disrupt and slow the process of confirmation all of Biden’s appointments which require Senate advice and consent.
  • We will make one small exception and will not impeach. Just as Richard Nixon knew precisely what he was doing when he made Spiro Agnew his running mate (aka his life insurance policy), so did Biden by running with his.

Unifying Good Americans and Bad Americans

Empathy and a common cause are imperative for unity. Although, the effort to delegitimize Trump over the past four years also resulted in the de-legitimization of his voters. Clinton set the tone in 2016 when she referred to Trump voters as “deplorables.” The Democrats and the liberal-leaning media have since continued to depict Trump’s voters as stupid racists who supported a fascist committed to destroying America.

Will the Democrats recognize that Trump voters are not bad people, or will unity depend on Republicans first repenting for their sins to rejoin enlightened and civilized America? Michelle Obama pointed to the urgent need to unify America by reaching out to Trump voters as she stated that half the country — the Republican half — voted for “supporting lies, hate, chaos, and division.”

If the Trump voters have supported division and the Biden voters supported unity, the polarization of America has been between bad Americans and good Americans. There does not appear to be any empathy for Trump voters who believe that President Trump made America great again and blamed Democrats for destroying the country. Does unity entail mutual understanding and a common cause, or for the virtuous to emerge victorious over the wicked?

Unity under Identity Politics?

The self-acclaimed role of the Democratic Party as the defenders of minorities has implied that the Republican Party, as the opponent and the “other,” seeks to marginalize minorities. As Biden brazenly told a black voter during the campaign: “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” The tendency to view supporters of the opposition as bad people was also exemplified with Biden explaining to an interviewer that around 10-15% of Americans are “not very good people.” Does unity entail giving Trump voters a path to redeem themselves by supporting the right policies and voting the right way?

How will Biden respond to the fact that Trump increased his support with every demographic group except white men? Identity politics explained the Trump phenomenon in 2016 as racist and misogynistic white men unleashing their fury upon marginalized groups. Hannah-Jones, The New York Times’ 1619 Project author, explained that the large vote for Trump among Cuban Americans was because they are not Latino but white – who betrayed people of color by joining the White Supremacist movement. Will identity politics be ended or will the tolerant find common cause with the White Supremacists?

Unity Requires Consensus

There’s just than one way to reach unity: it’s not “I win, you lose.” That will NEVER inspire unity. There must be a recognition of differences with a mutual understanding and agreement that for unity to EVER happen, each party must be willing to concede some things to the other that caused the divisiveness that both claim to be trying to eliminate. Are we seeing ANY of that today?

Democrats are outraged that Trump and his supporters are undermining the legitimacy of the Biden presidency, which is believed to reaffirm the absence of a moral compass among these deplorables and irredeemables.

However, the Democrats did not recognize the legitimacy of the Trump presidency! The Trump presidency was tarnished with four years of Russia-Gate and depicting Trump as a Russian agent. Hillary Clinton just days ago repeated that the 2016 election was “stolen” from her, and in August she advised that “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances.” Yet the Trump voters are asked to concede the election without any plausible explanations for the obvious vote irregularity in six swing states.

What is the lesson learned for the Trump voters? Voters made excuses for Trump’s unabashed and un-presidential demeanor as a necessary personal trait to take on a biased media, tech-monopolies and the deep state. In the end, they consider Trump to have been deposed by a media that misrepresented Trump and never held Biden accountable, tech-monopolies that manipulated algorithms and imposed politically motivated censorship, and a security state that continuously undermined his presidency. Is the lesson that the next Republican candidate they vote for will have to be even more unapologetic and unabashed in the endeavor to make America great again?

The Divided States of America

One does not need to agree with the Trump voter or share their frustration. But the absolute resistance to recognize and accept how intense are their frustrations and beliefs will prevent unity.

The Biden election campaign consisted of delegitimizing and rejecting everything that Trump stands for, which implies there is not much room for a common cause. Trump aimed to reverse and undo all of Obama’s policies, and Biden has committed himself to reverse everything done by Trump. The Republican challenger to Biden in 2024 will likely seek to undo everything Biden seeks to do.

Let’s be honest: the U.S. has fragmented towards two sets of identities, values, and ambitions that view the other side as an enemy attempting to destroy America. Biden’s ambition to be a president for all Americans is “presidential.” It’s going to be difficult at best for Joe to hold onto the standard Democrat processes of constantly denigrating Republicans, diminishing their value in the World while preaching the need for all to unite.


Remember that old saying: “The proof’s in the pudding.” Americans have heard much lip service from Democrats about seeking unity. But I’m suspicious of there being a Democrat today who genuinely wants to compromise on the policies on which they have marched for four years demanding each and every one of them in “their” administration.

Unity requires compromise. We could list examples ad nauseum that illustrate that Democrat leaders have voiced numerous demands for unity in a Biden presidency. But little if any evidence of willingness to negotiate on any of their demands has  been rumored.

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In a nutshell, I am suspicious of the Democrat leaders in Congress as well as those already confirmed to be part of the Biden White House. But we all should give them the benefit of the doubt for now. I hope I’m wrong. But sadly, my optimism vanished just hours after the inauguration. Join us for the deep-dive every Monday through Friday as we dig into what’s happening — really happening — in D.C.

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“Overthrowing America From Within” (by Kelleigh Nelson)

  • “Restrictions of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us.”  William O. Douglas
  • “Those who suppress freedom always do so in the name of law and order.”  John V. Lindsay, Former U.S. Congressman
  • “There is no substitute for a militant freedom.”  President Calvin Coolidge
  • “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.” Thomas Jefferson

Oh yes, the perfect plan, a coup d’état if you please, was hatched and executed with skill by the Chinese, the Democrat Party and a number of Republican comrades.  Do you see it now?

Communist Collusion

The collusion was simple.  China hates President Trump, the establishment globalists in both parties hate President Trump, the mainstream media hates President Trump and Hollywood hates President Trump.  They formed a bond.  That bond undoubtedly led to the Chinese Wuhan Virus being loosed in late 2019.

If Vice President Al Gore could call the Chinese hierarchy in 1996 to gain funding for Bill Clinton’s second term by negotiating the giveaway of our military secrets for campaign cash, surely a call was made by Pelosi and her comrades in 2019 to destroy their enemy, Donald Trump.  The economy was soaring, Americans were happy, all was well until massive fear was sold to the American public about Covid-19 and the likely death rates in early 2020.  The economy was about to crash.

Coronavirus Task Force

The President’s Coronavirus Task Force was established on January 29, 2020, with Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar as chair. On February 26, 2020, President Trump named Vice President Mike Pence to chair the task force, and U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, Deborah Birx was named the response coordinator on the same day. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health and Director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Robert Redfield were brought into the task force on January 29, and were kept as the top advisors by VP Pence.

Mike Pence’s three chosen leaders, all of whom are Democrats, consistently enforced the never-before lockdowns and quarantines of healthy Americans, resulting in the devastating contracture of the economy.  How has that worked out for us?!

Anthony Fauci is a close friend of Nancy Pelosi, and appeared at the Atlantic Magazine’s 2020 yearly festival as the top speaker with Hillary Clinton.  Among the other 112 leftists present were Nancy Pelosi, Stacey Abrams, Bill Gates, and Marxist BLM cofounder Alicia Garza.

On March 16, a 20-page report from Neil Ferguson’s team at Imperial College London quickly gathered massive attention by producing enormous death estimates. Dr. Ferguson had previously publicized almost equally sensational death estimates from mad cow disease, bird flu, and swine flu.  Ferguson shared their projections with Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx and the White House coronavirus task force.  They even sent a copy of their report to the task force before its release.  The Imperial College model was proven to be complete trash.

It was Anthony Fauci who took the false death models to President Trump and told him the economy had to be temporarily shut down or 2.2 million Americans would die.  China spokesperson, World Health Organization (WHO) Director, Dr. Tedros Adhanom and Fauci are good friends and agreed on the death estimates.  WHO leaders, including Tedros, were accused of running interference for China’s propaganda to absolve the communist nation of responsibility for the global spread of Covid-19.Thankfully, our president cut off incoming Chinese flights to protect us.

Trump Economy Destroyed

Our president certainly did not want over two million Americans to die, so he shut down the economy, originally for only two weeks, but which lasted for months.  Democratic state and city leaders loved the totalitarian powers afforded by the shutdown and have continued the lockdown ultimately destroying small businesses and the middleclass.  All part of the plan to destroy Trump.

The devastation caused from the quarantine of healthy Americans has been far worse than the Wuhan virus.  More than 49 percent of San Francisco’s small businesses are gone forever.  In New York City, the devastation has reached over 60 percent, which is also the statistic for the entire nation. Think of it: 60 percent of all small businesses destroyed. Small businesses are owned by America’s middleclass — those who support Donald J. Trump.

Almost half of all black small businesses are closed forever, many from Covid-19, and those many who survived the COVID-19 shutdowns were destroyed by BLM and Antifa riots.  Suicides have reached astronomic levels; drugs, alcohol and marital and child abuse are at all-time highs.  America’s economic powerhouse was wiped out in one fell swoop, all planned and devised to destroy our President and the people who supported him.

COVID-19 deaths have reached 300,000, and a great portion of those deaths were in rehab or nursing homes where democratic leaders placed COVID-positive patients, spreading the disease and killing thousands of elderlies with comorbidities.

Fauci denied the use of the safe and cheap 60-year-old drug Hydroxychloroquine for treatment in early diagnosis of COVID-19.  He preferred his more expensive drug, Remdesivir, along with the vaccine that he and Bill Gates promoted to end COVID-19, an untested and dangerous inoculation that will fill their personal coffers.

I urge everyone to read the Johns Hopkins report put out by Genevieve Briand shared by the WayBack Machine.  The original article was put on the web and then pulled two days later.  There are no more deaths in 2020 than in previous years.  Deaths that would normally appear because of cancer, heart disease, flu, pneumonia, diabetes, etc. have all been categorized as COVID-19; the yearly death rate remains the same.  We have been lied to and the lemmings continue wearing their face diapers.

2020 Election Treason

Destroying the booming Trump economy wasn’t enough. The Marxist comrades who hate liberty and freedom had tried a myriad of attacks against the president, all of them failing, but this time they had to make sure.

In 1960, the election between John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon was won by Kennedy when Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley made sure the dead voted for JFK at the request of Kennedy’s father, Joseph Kennedy.  Texas did much the same for the vice president, Lyndon Baines Johnson, sealing the loss for Nixon. Vote fraud worked; treason was accomplished.

We’ve seen it time and again over the years. In 2018, Republicans all over the nation went to bed believing they had won their elections handily, finding out a week or two later they had lost. Recounts were done for days and weeks after the election of allegedly misplaced ballots which gave democrats the edge. 2018 was the test trial.  The House changed from a republican majority to a democrat majority with Nancy Pelosi and her comrades at the helm. We can thank Paul Ryan for allowing and encouraging 41 Republicans to retire that year. VP Pence’s closest friends from his six terms in congress also retired that year: Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Jeff Flake.

In the 2020 election, 28 states used the Dominion voting machines with Smartmatic software.  Six They were connected to the internet and a declaration from an active-duty military analyst was made public in December 2020. The analyst said that within five days of the election he/she was able to connect, which is Dominion’s proprietary URL, to China, Russia, Iran, Germany, Serbia and is a radical far left group linked to Barack Obama.  The organization is a radical Trump-hating group that protests and smears President Trump.

Treason and fraud gave the election to a dementia ridden 77-year-old whose vice-presidential choice slept her way to the top with Willie Brown, her senior by 31 years.  Within a year, I expect our first female president will be Kamala Harris, a hardcore leftist who hates America and who dropped out of the 2020 presidential race because she garnered so few votes and ran out of funds.  Harris is not eligible for the Vice Presidency or the Presidency because she is not a natural-born citizen.


The plan was conceived, plotted and carried out expertly by those who hate Donald Trump, America, her Constitution and the God given freedoms written within.  Four years of attacks on our president…Covid-19, the murder of our economy, and the treasonous fraud of our 2020 election finally destroyed President Trump’s landslide victory for a second term.

Donald Trump spoke our language, and that’s why we elected him in 2016.  He and his entire family have suffered four years of debasement by the cabal of globalists, including his own establishment VP who failed to save the Republic on January 6th, and then elbow-thanked Pelosi after his failure to act, proving he had betrayed both Trump and the nation.

Sixty years after the signing of our Declaration of Independence, the communists were here in America, and they’ve never left. They’ve grown via education, organizations and the freedoms allowed in this country.  Now we see the end results.

The left’s slow socialist takeover of America was ramped up when Donald Trump was elected in 2016.  Four more years of Trump at the helm would have put them behind by 50 years in their communist takeover of our country.

Had our president listened to the people who knew how to save his election and the Republic — General Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell and L. Lin Wood — we would not be facing the destruction of our Bill of Rights.  Instead, he listened to close advisors who continually told him to concede.

America’s greatness will be lost with the loss of President Trump. America is now in massive decline. God has all of this in His Hands.  Continue to pray for our nation and fight for the liberty and freedoms America was founded on by God fearing men who were willing to lose everything including their lives for FREEDOM.  Never give up!

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The Wolf Is At The Door

You may be shocked that I would say this: You’ve got to admire the Left. There’s no doubt they own the internet, the media, the courts (at least in Republicans trying to get a fair shake in state courts regarding election irregularities), and now the government. That when all lumped together means they have an excellent hand at the poker table BEFORE the dealer actually deals a hand. Even with all that, I’m stupified they have been able to do something I expected could only happen “when cows fly:” they have united America.

“Whoa, Dan!” Oh yes, they have united America — just the America that counts in “Leftist World:” the elite class of Americans. The only one of their number that has even uttered words like “we must unite for the sake of our nation” and “this is not a time for stoking divisions” is their POTUS-in-waiting, Joe Biden. They’ve identified a foil they can use for blame.

It’s not Donald Trump! They realize that at least half the country still loves him. However, the elites in the nation have hit a home run. For the very first time in four years, a chunk of Trump supporters have swallowed the evil pill of Mainstream Media, who incessantly beat the drum of “Evil Trump supporters incited the riotous atmosphere at the Capitol January 6th. Their evil cannot stand.” And they believe the President is at least partially responsible for the attempted insurrection. Believe it or not, many of the simpleton Trumpsters believe the President at best was an enabler of the Capitol violence at worst instigated terrorist acts. At best, he’s an enabler; at worst, a domestic terrorist. And everyone on the Left is doubling and tripling down on that rift of sorts to widen the anti-Trump gap a little wider.

Here’s how the Left is playing this: by getting ANY number of Trump supporters to agree to the culpability of the President, they are forcing each of his supporters to either back away from their fawning MAGA love for “their guy” or be guilty of complacency in the plot to destroy the Congress and the Capitol. And if they pull that lever, they will be immediately today and forever wear the label of “domestic terrorist.”

None of those folks went to D.C. for any reason other than to express themselves at their angst about the lack of interest from Congress to dig into the irregularities that were so obvious in the election that remain untested in the open. A few hotheads got out of hand; the police were oddly unprepared, which seems more every day that the Capitol’s lack of policing was intentional. Two people died.  Unfortunately for the Left, there’s no evidence of any attempt to overthrow the U.S. government last week. That would certainly strengthen their feckless attempt at the second impeachment of Trump in the House — which will NEVER be successful. (I know: “Don’t EVER say NEVER!”)

Yes, there was trespassing on the hallowed ground of government. But it’s ironic that people who have spent the last four years attacking the formerly sacrosanct office of the president of the United States with a hatred that surpasses anything seen before in the history of America, literally calling for his death, disgrace, silencing and imprisonment on multiple platforms all day, every day, as the international community looked on and rejoiced at America’s weakness. These people are now getting uptight about the holy ground of government. I have heard of exactly one (1) lectern and two (2) computers reported missing from the Capitol. You’d get more stuff stolen during a fire drill at your college library.

But all that doesn’t matter. Those who like to consider themselves the “adults” of America are now united in agreeing that this was a planned act of insurrection. Anyone who doesn’t agree to identify events as not just the impulsive behavior of a few hotheads but also a deliberate fomentation of the entire Trump movement is himself a traitor and a supporter of mob rule. The message is plain: if you disagree Donald Trump is responsible for this not-terribly-earthshaking act of violence, you have no future in America’s leadership.

This is insane on so many levels. But it’s mostly insane because it is entirely without thought for the consequences. A huge percentage of America — we could call them Middle America, but it’s bigger than that — still loves Donald Trump and thinks he and they have been maltreated. Does today’s leadership seriously want to alienate a huge percentage of a population that already feels disenfranchised? The question is no longer — and never really has been — whether Donald Trump believes the election was fair. The question is, does America believe it was fair? And is it really a good idea to keep telling Middle America, in particular, to sit down and shut up?

Grand idea: Why not just open investigations and show the World there was NO fraud in the election IF there was none?

The condescending and divisive language, the over-wrought name-calling, the stifling of alternate points of view — all this has to stop. 99% of Trump supporters do not support breaking the law. Their concerns need to be heard in a transparent, orderly, public fashion. But if they think they won’t be, what then? And once Donald Trump is gone, the leader they trusted, the one who gave the disenfranchised deplorables a voice and a chance to be heard — then who will deescalate, who will convince angry Middle America to walk out of the Capitol and go home?  Not Joe Biden, who is now claiming that police were too gentle to the rioters because of racism — as if racism had anything to do with anything that happened on January 6.

You’ve seen on nature channels how a pack of wolves hunts caribou. They cut off a single target animal from the herd and bring him down in a coordinated effort. Once they’re done with that one, they move on to the next. The Left pretends that once the herd gives up Donald Trump, lets him be cut off, and lets them devour him, they’ll be satisfied. They’re holding all of America hostage, promising that things will get better if we hand over President Trump for his extermination by the Mob.

“Give us Trump,” they cry, “and life can go back to normal.” The masses will sink back into their customary disengagement, and the smart people, Republican and Democrat alike, can get back to running the country. Trump is the problem! Under extreme pressure, most conservatives seem willing to agree.

But they’re listening to their emotions, not their brains. First of all, Donald Trump’s election to the presidency was the consequence of a change in American thinking, not its cause. Impeach Trump, take him down, destroy him, and all you’ve done is turn what is a movement of massive proportions into a disenfranchised and resentful conglomerate of American citizens — mostly voters — who are enraged at not being given fair treatment. That’s not a problem we want to create.

Secondly, Donald Trump is not the Left’s real target. We — anyone who holds conservative principles — are the target. What is there about accusations of “systemic” racism, “systemic” problems in America that the Republicans don’t understand? America’s system is the problem. America’s way of life is the problem. That’s what they’re after. The destruction of Donald Trump won’t satisfy them for long. The wolves will be back. And now they know that given the right pressure, we’ll throw them whoever they want. Who will be sacrificed next? If they get Trump, the pattern is permanently in place in history. The Left will know that forever when they come to Republicans with demands, and gutless GOP members will throw to the wolves whoever they want.

Nothing is more deadly than a hungry wolf who sets sights on the prey they KNOW whose family will give them up.

Anyone on the Right who supports the total de-platforming of the President by unelected oligarchs, anyone who expressed support for the idea of his removal via the 25th Amendment, and anyone planning to support the Democrats’ plan for impeachment this week needs to think very, very carefully about what happens next. Because if our elected officials impeach President Trump, they will be for all intents and purposes impeaching the legitimate aspirations and the legitimate questions of millions of Americans. This is not a recipe for restoring order and unity; it’s a recipe for disaster.

Don’t blame Donald Trump for the situation we’re in. Blame the institutions that refused to hear America out, the state courts that refused to allow in the record any of the piles of evidence presented in evidentiary hearings but never seen. Blame the media that joined in a blanket refusal to cover the rising swell of discontent. Blame the Supreme Court, which refused to hear what Middle America had to say. Blame every scribbler who indulged in some variety of the condescending and incessant cries of evidence being nothing but “baseless allegations.” Blame social media censors who only fueled — and continue to fuel — conspiracy theories by blocking, deleting, and stifling free speech. And blame every conservative who was too foolish to see what was happening before we got to where we are.

In an interview — now removed from YouTube — with an eyewitness to Ashli Babbitt’s shooting, a journalist addresses one of the rioters outside of the Capitol, a young man from New Jersey standing so close to Ashli Babbitt that he got blood on his hand. “Why did you enter the building,” the journalist asks? I can’t quote the visibly horrified young man’s exact words because the video has been censored. But he responds, calmly enough, that he and his fellows wanted to demand that Congress make an investigation of the election. “We just wanted to be taken seriously,” he says. “They’re laughing at the people who voted for Trump,” he says, “They laugh at us on TV, they laughed at us as we marched along the street.” He saw a man standing inside a window, laughing and filming as they walked by. “We just wanted a fair investigation, and now somebody’s shot,” he says as if he still can’t quite believe it.

You can condemn rioting and illegal entry into the Capitol without blinding yourself to reality. It’s time to stop laughing at Middle America. It’s time to start listening, and most importantly, to start de-escalating.

Are you seeing ANY attempts to unify, to overcome differences, to respect the rights of dissent, or any discussions of moving forward as one America?

There will be no “peaceful transition” without a dramatic reach out from the Left to that 99.9% of conservatives who are hungry to unite but leery of joining a bunch of wolves.

Don’t you think the Left should SHOW they’re really not wolves?

President “Uncle Joe” Biden: “Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

Soon after the election results, Joe Biden issued a statement of unity declaring, “Its time to put away the harsh rhetoric, lower the temperature, see each other again, listen to each other again.” Since Biden’s call, actions, and statements by Democrats and anti-Trump activists following the election shows quite the opposite: unity is out, and turning up the temperature on the political opposition is in. The truth is Democrats are waging a full-scale war against President Trump’s supporters by pushing a wide range of retaliatory measures targeting backers of the president. One can and should agree that a man just elected to the office of President — even while waiting for the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — would certainly reach across the aisle to embrace voters who, while not getting their winner a victory, are certainly a large block of voters one would expect a candidate-in-waiting would begin to unify them and do anything within reason to pull them into his “group.”

Joe Biden? Not so much. In fact, Uncle Joe has gone the opposite direction. Forget about unity; forget about healing; forget about bi-partisanship between the leaders in Congress that now answer to their chosen one — President Joe Biden, though that is not official until January 20.

Call this 76 year “old” man a dreamer, but it’s been my experience through ten different presidential administrations that unity in politics is mostly a dream. I have taken for granted, based on what I watched happen, that Joe would certainly work quickly to “enlarge his tent.” After all, based on political party affiliation, the country is still split right down the middle. Wouldn’t it be prudent for any newly elected president to try to erase every barrier between him and his followers and those who have differing political opinions?

If he was Nancy Pelosi, reaching across the aisle would be senseless. After all, her opinion of Republicans, which she shares publicly from time to time, starts somewhere close to “Screw them” and ends in her joining Hillary to stick at least half of the Trump supporters into HRC’s basket of deplorables.

But Joe’s NOT Nancy. Joe didn’t ever run for House Speaker, or for the House. Joe ran (and apparently won) the presidency. The last I heard, U.S. Presidents are President of all of the 330 million Americans, not just the 45-50% who carry that Democrat Party ID card. (Uh-oh: even though that ID card is required for entry into any Democrat National Party official function they can’t be a requirement to vote!)

There’s no doubt that this transition from Trump to Biden hasn’t gone quite as smoothly as Biden & Company would have preferred. But the election didn’t quite go the way Trump and his MAGA supporters would have preferred either. In a political race, someone has to win. That means someone has to lose. There were about 100 million election losers in this race: the 70+ million Trump voters and another 30+ million Trump supporters who could not LEGALLY vote. (CAPITALIZATION purposeful)


“Let’s just all join hands, sing together, then drink hot cocoa while we discuss peaceful things we will do together after Inauguration Day.” (Joe Biden at a campfire with a handful of “Trump Deplorables” sitting in a circle: Biden reading from a teleprompter)

That fatal wish came straight from Joe Biden’s mouth: “When I am inaugurated President, I refuse to be President of ‘some’ Americans. I will be President of ALL Americans.”

Just before that cozy campfire, Joe in a private online fundraiser sang a different tune. He laughed off the possibility of appealing to President Trump’s base — and then directly attacked some Trump voters, drawing comparisons from journalists and the Trump campaign to Hillary Clinton’s infamous “basket of deplorables” moment during the 2016 campaign. The event drew about 55 attendees online, according to the Biden campaign. During a question-and-answer session, Biden responded “probably not” when someone asked if he could win over Trump supporters, and then he launched into a scathing critique.

“There are people who support the president because they like the fact that he is engaged in the politics of division,” Biden said. “They really support the notion that, you know, all Mexicans are rapists and all Muslims are bad and… dividing this nation based on ethnicity, race. This is one of the few presidents who succeeded by deliberately trying to divide the country, not unite the country.”

Expectations of Unity?

Joe, in his not-very-illustrious but very long political career, has promoted himself to be a middle-class working American — the friend to manual laborers and “Pennsylvania steelworkers.” He certainly qualified to do that because he was from Pennsylvania!

So what could have Uncle Joe really meant when he spoke to those contributors? “Look, I’m a lifetime politician. I KNOW how to get things done. And when I can’t get things that I’ve promise, I KNOW how to convince voters and contributors that they didn’t get done because someone else screwed up. What I really meant when they wrote me those checks was I’m going to work hard to do what I promised you I would do. I’m Joe Biden! I’m ‘Old Reliable.’ Come on, Man!”

Uncle Joe: 2021

Joe ran on a pledge to unite the country, and this election showed again just how divided America is. He promised to fix that. He campaigned to restore a sense of calm and normalcy to the White House after four years of what he claimed was President Trump’s divisiveness. He ran promising to overcome almost exactly what he will now inherit — both deep division among the people and toxicity in the American electorate. Joe saw that in full display on January 6th.

We won’t delve into the details of the ruckus and nastiness that played out at the Capitol on Wednesday. Details — “truthful” details — about it are still pending. As has become normal when dealing with Democrats and voting, every day, more evidence mysteriously appears to show that what they tell Republicans is factual always seems to be not quite so factual. We’ll point out that at the morning rally held on the South Lawn of the White House, President Trump encouraged his supporters to make their way down to the U.S. Capitol to let lawmakers know how they felt about the certification of the electoral votes. The President’s “suggestion” for the large crowd to do that was turned into “D.C. fodder.” The attacks against President Trump erupted.

Since the Capitol’s intrusions and subsequent lockdown, politicians from both sides have never missed an opportunity to blame President Trump for what happened. Late on Thursday, the cries and demands for serious actions against him begin to climb in number and intensity. As the volume and the number of various politicians’ attacks against the President grew, so did Uncle Joe’s. Then “Mr. Unity” decided to speak.

Biden said that President Trump’s supporters who attacked the Capitol on Wednesday were “a riotous mob” and “domestic terrorists.” Biden charged Trump with “inciting a mob to attack the Capitol,” which he said was the culmination of four years of “unrelenting attack” by the president “on the institutions of our democracy.” He argued that the “past four years we’ve had a president who’s made his contempt of our democracy, our Constitution, the rule of law, clear, in everything he has done. He unleashed an all-out assault on the institutions of our democracy from the outset. And yesterday was but the culmination of that unrelenting attack.”

Biden emphasized that “what we witnessed yesterday was not dissent, it was not disorder, it was not protest. It was chaos. They weren’t protesters. Don’t dare call them protesters. They were a riotous mob. Insurrectionists. Domestic terrorists. It’s that simple.” He accused Trump of “inciting a mob to attack the Capitol, to threaten elected representatives of the people of this nation and even the vice president, to stop the Congress from ratifying the will of the American people in a just-completed, free and fair election. Trying to use a mob to silence the voices of nearly 160 million Americans who summoned the courage in the face of a pandemic that threatened our health our lives to cast that sacred ballot.”

And then Joe moved in for the Kill Shot: “No one can tell me that if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday, there wouldn’t — they wouldn’t have been treated very, very different than the mob of thugs that stormed the Capitol,” Biden emphasized. And he stressed that “we all know that is true, and it is unacceptable. Totally unacceptable.”

Nancy and Chuck

The “Prince and Princess of Darkness” had to throw in their two cents not to be outdone. Chuck Schumer urged that Vice President Pence “immediately” invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Trump from office. And Schumer warned that if Pence refuses, Congress should “impeach the president.”

“What happened at the U.S. Capitol yesterday was an insurrection against the United States, incited by the president,” the senator from New York wrote in a statement. “This president should not hold office one day longer.”

Nancy gleefully joined in urging Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Trump from office, calling him “a very dangerous person” who committed an “act of sedition.” Pelosi said if Pence won’t act, the House is prepared to impeach Trump again.


We can summarize this “extermination of Trump” charade quickly and simply:

  • Nancy nor Chuck have any intention to trade Christmas or Hannukah cards with the Trumps going forward;
  • They certainly want him to leave town ASAP;
  • It seems odd that he’s going to vacate D.C. in less than two weeks, and that’s not quick enough for the pair;
  • There MUST be another purpose for their dramatic demands to rid the nation of “President” Donald Trump. What might that be?

They are scared to death The Donald will go away for a while but then return to D.C. They are petrified that he might re-inhabit the White House in four years!

The only way to keep Trump from even qualifying to run again is to either declare him incompetent sufficient to finish THIS term — the 25th Amendment — or to impeach him in the House once more and convict him in the Senate. In either case, he would be ineligible to serve in federal office ever again.

You know what? Joe is not set to be inaugurated President until January 20th. Do you think there may be another “thing or two” that sneaks into the forefront that might create a pause in that inauguration process? What could that be? I don’t know — but at the rate that things throughout this election have popped up, you can bet that we don’t know all of what happened regarding January 6th at the Capitol and who were involved.

Stay close. To quote one of America’s greatest spokesman, “It ain’t over until it’s over.”

It ain’t over!

CPUSA Program

Innumerable Election Fraud Cases Dismissed for ‘Lack of Evidence’

Here are a few headlines on the first page of a Google search that states this: “How many 2020 election fraud cases have seen the evidence presented in court before being dismissed?”

Election 2020: A look at Trump campaign election lawsuits …
Trump’s Strategy To Contest Election Hinges On Claims Of …
Trump And The GOP Have Now Lost More Than 50 Post …
Trump loses 3 cases challenging ballots after dropping …
Georgia rebuts Trump’s voter fraud claims in court…
Trump rails at judges as another court rejects his lawyers’ claims…
Lawsuits pile up as Trump campaign alleges voter fraud in at …
Lawsuit tracker: Donald Trump’s legal battle runs into …
Challenging Trump in Court and Protecting the Black … – NAACP
Post-election lawsuits related to the 2020 United States …

These searches came on Google. Note: Not a single search references anything similar to what the search instructions asked: “How many 2020 election fraud cases have seen the evidence presented in court before being dismissed?”

Why would that happen? Answer: in fewer than a handful of the 50+ cases filed in state district and state supreme courts, and even the U.S. Supreme Court, did the courts actually allow evidence to be presented by the plaintiffs to show their justification for filing these claims!

Most were not even lawsuits as the mainstream media pounded into their audiences’ heads again and again. They were mostly motions asking for a chance to “show cause” in an “evidentiary hearing.” Yet Democrats and their media mouthpieces incessantly beat the drum of “No proof of voter fraud of any kind was proven by the Trump team — none at all!”

That’s a great talking point, but a somber one. It speaks to the suspicions long held by many true conservatives that the Rule of Law as detailed in the U.S. Constitution has been (and still is) being deleted as “The” framework of the U.S. legal system. Law enforcement officials have been told from the top down, “we no longer will enforce certain laws.”

We’ve watched it happen again and again. Barack Obama’s self-proclaimed “Wingman,” Attorney General Eric Holder received orders from the White House to stop prosecuting drug offenders for drug offenses other than trafficking.

“Wait a minute: aren’t there federal drug laws on the books that define in detail the types of drug infractions that are illegal, describes which level of crime each falls under, and what are the penalties for each?” There certainly are such laws. In fact, there are hundreds of federal laws that encompass every part of illegal drug possession, personal use, the sale of drugs, and even drug trafficking. Included in each are the mandated penalties for conviction of a violation of any of these laws. But Barack Obama skipped Congress — which is unconstitutional when it comes to laws passed by Congress — and many law enforcement officials now at the federal, state, and local levels have taken that lead. The latest is the “new” District Attorney of Los Angeles County. (We’ll bring that entire story to you at a later date)

2020 Election Fraud Exposes Underbelly of Lawfirms

Who would have thought that a sitting President would have difficulty finding lawyers to represent him in taking on the obvious election fraud of 2020? Donald Trump is probably the first president to face such difficulty. A Senate hearing was recently held in which a Trump attorney discussed exactly how evil is the legal system when it comes to defending a conservative like Donald Trump:

Attorney Troupis exposed exactly what has happened in the aftermath of the November 3rd “steal” from the Rule of Law. Knowing what Mr. Troupis said in his Senate testimony about the Wisconsin recount, how could anyone expect fair treatment by any court in this country regarding this election?

There today are hundreds of affidavits sworn under the threat of perjury presenting specific facts, pictures, and documents that show massive examples of rampant voter fraud in November. Americans have watched in horror in the 60-days since video evidence, audio testimony, and hundreds of news stories have evidenced the fraud. But none of that matters when courts refuse to consider the evidence in court. That’s what the law demands and provides. Sadly, the Leftists who orchestrated this Steal knew full well that partisan judges at local and state levels — including state Supreme Courts — could refuse to allow evidentiary hearings or presentation of this evidence in court and hijack the Rule of Law.

Why would these local, state, and state supreme court judges shortchange President Trump? It’s simple: none of them are “judges.” They are each ELECTED to their positions!

Uh-Oh. You now know where this is going.

Money, Money, Money

The Center for Tech and Civic Life gave grants to more than 2,500 jurisdictions this year to help departments pay for election administration. The money arrived as historically underfunded election department budgets were sapped from unforeseen purchases during the primaries and were forced to spend money on election workers, postage, and printing for the increasing number of voters who wanted to vote by mail. The nonprofit gave Chester County $2.5 million for the election, which is more than the county’s 2020 budget for voting services.

Chester County is one of several large suburban counties that ring Philadelphia — once-Republican strongholds that have shifted in Democrats’ favor in recent years. Pennsylvania was pivotal to Joe Biden’s victory over President Trump, and his win in the state was fueled in part by his success in Chester County. He won it by 17 percentage points — nearly double Hillary Clinton’s margin four years earlier.

With a tight budget and little help from the federal government, Chester County applied for an election grant from the Center for Tech and Civic Life, a previously small Chicago-based nonprofit that quickly amassed hundreds of millions of dollars in donations to help local election offices — most notably, $350 million from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan.

“Honestly, I don’t know what we would have done without it,” Turner said.

Many applaud the Zuckerbergs for their magnanimous gifts to those Pennsylvania election offices before the 2020 election. You probably will not be surprised to know that the Zuckerbergs and several dozens of OTHER billionaires decided to start this process in states that need financial assistance in their local election offices, especially in smaller districts around Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia.

“If it quacks and waddles, it’s almost always a duck!”

We’re not saying that all these Trump Campaign lawsuits that were never allowed to present evidence in these swing states were because of political corruption based on money from political supporters. But it seems odd that in such a critical election in our nation’s history that so many similar variances happened across the country, all for the very first time. And while those were happening, that would surely initiate court actions post-election because the very obvious election irregularities were almost all met with total resistance by the courts in each of these states.

“If it quacks and waddles, it’s almost always a duck!”

Americans are tired of that duck showing up!

Is This All Just Another Conspiracy Theory?

I wondered about that myself. Then I started thinking through all the moving parts that would have to fall in place for this to happen. There is NO logical way to conclude that somehow everything happened just as it happened without a huge operation that surely had to be structured, planned, organized, and implemented. But, what plan and who coordinated and implemented the plan? Could massive campaign contributions from Leftist billionaires for state election campaigns for local and state election employees be the key to coordinate this very obvious interruption of the legal process to question in court election fraud?

And then “Mr. Bean” stepped in with a possibility that seems plausible.

British actor Rowan Atkinson, world-famous for his role as “Mr. Bean,” railed against cancel culture this week, calling it the 21st-century digital equivalent of a revolutionary mob out on a witch hunt. “The problem we have online is that an algorithm decides what we want to see, which ends up creating a simplistic, binary view of society,” Atkinson said in an interview. “It becomes a case of either you’re with us or against us. And if you’re against us, you deserve to be ‘canceled.’”

So the Hollywood Left, Big Tech, professional sports activists, rap stars, Mainstream Media television stars, and major newspaper writers have created an environment on a national level that holds power to dictate actions allowed and those not allowed on the part of public servants!

I guess the story that Attorney Troupis gave before that Senate Committee you heard above really confirms this legal “Cancel Culture” theory more than likely did the job! No attorneys wanted to represent the President in court. No state judge wanted to be guilty of going against the Cancel Culture “gods” by allowing evidence of election fraud to come into their court’s records because they did NOT want to be disenfranchised from their professional lives. And, sadly, those elitists really do have the power to do just that!


As of this story’s writing late Tuesday night in Louisiana, the two Georgia U.S. Senate runoff elections are virtually tied with 76% of the votes in. It’s only 9:00 PM Central. It’s early. I can see a scenario in which “It’s late. We have hundreds of thousands of votes left to count. The turnout was monstrous! We want to make certain — especially with the uproar that occurred November 3rd — that we get EVERY vote cast counted and that we are certain no illegal votes are included in our count. We’re going to call it a night, get back together at 7:00 AM Georgia time tomorrow morning, and pick it up to hopefully get voters “verified” results by late afternoon on Wednesday.”

For some time, I have been expecting something like that water pipe break in Atlanta that never broke but was effective to shutdown Fulton County’s counting process late in the evening November 3rd to happen during the runoff counting.

“You don’t think they’ll really try to cheat to win those two Senate seats, do you?”

Reportedly, 6000 GOP poll workers enrolled to watch at polls during voting and the counting process. And since these two runoff races are so close, the Cancel Culture minions managing the counting process would need some excuse to empty those rooms of poll watchers. They’ve got to have a break to get those suitcases with mail-in ballots out to get them counted!

A “46” Right Now Won’t Be Good for The United States

Biden is reported by the Mainstream Media as having won the 2020 presidential election. On January 20th, he just might be inaugurated as the 46th president of the U.S. As it stands today, he received 306 electoral votes and more than 80 million popular votes, the most of any presidential candidate in American history. But President Trump’s refusal to accept the outcome of an election he declares was stolen is unique in American history, underscoring how divided the country has become — and will remain.

Trump himself won the second-largest number of popular votes in American history (74 million), and Republicans won enough votes down ballot to make inroads in the House of Representatives as well as critical gains in statehouses and legislatures. Remember: that came as Democrat Party leaders in Congress projected a massive legislative “Blue Wave” for November 3rd. Nothing could be further from the truth. Add Trump’s success in creating a decisively conservative Supreme Court, most recently with Justice Amy Coney Barrett replacing the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Biden will emerge with the weakest mandate since Jimmy Carter in 1976. Few political historians believe he will run for reelection in 2024.

A challenge for Democrats that few have mentioned is that Trump’s popularity extends well beyond his most vocal supporters. He received 11 million more votes than he did in 2016 and, in so doing, constructed a broader electoral coalition that includes more Hispanics and Black Americans: you know, those “people of color” that Democrats have “owned” (pun intended) for generations.  A significant piece of that coalition sees Trump’s refusal to concede as a display of courage, not an assault on democratic norms.

While many Republican Party elders don’t like Trump, public opinion is the reserve currency of politics. He will leave office as (by far) the most popular and influential figure in the GOP. The last-minute push by Congress members to delay or derail the election certification serves as a foreboding sign of what’s to come. As long as a significant portion of Trump’s voters remains loyal, he will cast a long shadow, compelling Republican leaders to support him to avoid alienating his backers. For them, Biden will be #NotMyPresident and considered illegitimate.

Facing a jilted opposition loyal to the Trump brand, Biden will find it more challenging to govern than under the “normal” conditions of split government. There will be neither a badly needed large stimulus package nor long necessary changes to the system. Progressive priorities like a higher national minimum wage, a new voting rights act, and filibuster reform are non-starters. Markets typically welcome divided government because it creates hurdles to tax increases and new regulations. Still, gridlock will be worse than in the past as Republicans block Biden’s judicial appointments and challenge left-of-center executive branch appointments, hampering agencies that have critical functions.

The new occupant of the Oval Office — if it’s Joe Biden — will be seen as illegitimate by roughly half the country.
Biden’s supporters will criticize congressional inaction caused by an obstinate Trump-supporting coalition and encourage the president to take unilateral executive actions of questionable legality. Biden’s detractors will accuse him of overriding the opposition and exercising excessive power when he governs by executive order. But think about this: rule by partisan decree has become the norm under former president Barack Obama and then Trump, and significant challenges — among them enacting entitlement reforms, increasing access to health insurance, reducing income inequality, and simplifying the tax code — will only grow harder to tackle as time passes. The more polarized the country becomes, the less likely its eroding democratic institutions will enable the compromises necessary to resolve fundamental problems.

If the vaccine rollout proceeds as hoped, the pandemic subsides, and the economy rebounds strongly from the recession, Biden may win some political capital with Republicans. Still, there are massive challenges ahead for the most ambitious vaccination campaign in US history. And every day, new “problems” hit the headlines with a vengeance, evidencing that Moderna and Pfizer’s vaccines might leave something to be desired. If the vaccine process flops and the country’s health and economic emergency extends deep into 2021, Republican opposition will intensify and grow more rigid.

The major risks of “46” — again if it’s Biden — are domestic, but the consequences of no-holds-barred party warfare extend beyond America’s borders. Aside from the shared desire of Republicans and Democrats to punish China for decades of technological and economic advancement at the expense of America’s intellectual property and manufacturing workforce, they disagree sharply — with each other and among themselves — over the objectives of U.S. foreign policy. Washington’s mismanagement of the pandemic, meanwhile, is compelling its friends to ask why they should entrust it with the far bigger task of revitalizing the nation’s foreign policy, which many think Trump moved way forward. At the same time, detractors swore he could never do it. Biden will try to reassert American leadership in global affairs re-embracing the leftist utopia of a “Global Nation” that puts the “America First” mantra in a grave. But polarization and an inability to manage crises at home mean the U.S. won’t inspire as much new confidence as Biden hopes. (Can anyone imagine an international crisis and Biden calmly handling all parts of it without starting a war?) Europe decided in advance to buck Biden’s goals by agreeing to a comprehensive agreement on investment with China.

Also, the size of Trump’s base and the demographic broadening of his political following will force allies to reckon with the possibility of another “America First” president taking office four years from now and overturning commitments made by the Biden administration. That’s why Biden, a man with decades of experience in the Senate, must try to secure the kind of bipartisan buy-in on foreign policy that Obama, his Democratic predecessor, and former boss, could not. Fat chance that will happen!


Staunch political polarization and declining global alignment make for a sobering foreign view from the White House. Both of those will be more pronounced, though, if the office of the presidency is permanently delegitimized, which is possible if Biden runs the show for four years. It’s not just Trump and his top surrogates, after all, who claim 2020’s contest was rigged: 70% of Republicans polled afterward said the election was not “free and fair.” An opposition that believes Biden stole the election will be far more aggressively rejectionist than one that merely wishes Trump had prevailed. Don’t be tricked into believing that a Biden presidency will evoke a “let’s just all get along” movement! MAGA folks are hot under the collar and will be for a long time if Joe moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

In short, following a Trump presidency that many Democrats still believe Russian agents won for him, (even knowing that Hillary paid the Russians to spy on Trump!) Biden’s term will open the era of the asterisk presidency, a time when the occupant of the Oval Office is seen as illegitimate by roughly half the country and by the lawmakers these election skeptics send to Congress. Such a political reality has never occurred in another G7 country, but it’s the reality of the world’s most powerful democracy today IF we have a Biden inauguration.

The Only Thing That Matters: Truth

Slowly, but steadily, more and more Congress members are stepping forward to support the move by legislators to object on January 6th to the acceptance of the electoral college votes that state governors have certified as those that represent the “true” wish of the voters in their states. The most recent and demonstrative is that of Texas Senator Ted Cruz which stated:

“Congress should immediately appoint an Electoral Commission, with full investigatory and fact-finding authority, to conduct an emergency 10-day audit of the election returns in the disputed states. Once completed, individual states would evaluate the commission’s findings and could convene a special legislative session to certify a change in their vote, if needed.”

American voters in droves (and mounting in number daily) are publicly proclaiming their belief that November 3rd’s election does NOT represent the People’s will and does NOT evidence a true election. Those same voters are expressing their angst at members of Congress NOT doing so. Why is that?

Tens of millions of Americans have watched as hundreds of firsthand reports have been given, sworn under the penalty of perjury, showing evidence of election fraud that are being ignored by leaders in office and the Mainstream Media. It comes as no surprise that a FOX survey shows at least 30 percent of ALL Americans believe the votes included a vast number of fraudulent ones, 77 percent of Republicans feel that way. Even 10% of Democrats feel that the Biden victory is fraudulent.

It is unconscionable that many Washington leaders ignore this evidence and are pushing forward with what appears to millions to be a fraudulent presidency of a candidate that did NOT win legally. Why is it unconscionable for elected members of our government to do so? Because in doing so, they are ignoring the oath of office they took to serve in Congress.

The Congressional Oath of Office

“I (name) do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter, So help me God.” (Title 5, Section 3331 of the United States Code)

The Constitution states that “The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations” (Article I, section 4).

In the November 3rd election and the run-up to that date, there were tens of dozens of changes made to numerous states’ election processes, none of which (if any) were made in the Constitutionally mandated method. The legislatures did NOT make those changes — various hired state executives, elected Secretaries of State, and even governors made those changes in direct violation of the Constitution. Only state legislatures have that authority unless Congress steps in and does so, which did not happen.

“So how does that pertain to United States legislators?” Simple: the legislatures must act on the illegal action taken by these unauthorized individuals. They must right the wrongs committed against their citizens. Didn’t they swear an oath to do that — to defend the Constitution of the United States?

Oh, there’s one additional responsibility of that oath: “and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.” Anyone can rightfully accept that a state’s election laws are upheld, as are the Constitution’s provisions at the same time.

The Maniacal Rumor Mill

Is it any surprise that the conspiracy theorists have been having a field day with this? I’ve seen and heard reports from people I always thought were credible that are alleging as fact all kinds of unverifiable actions committed and/or pending: “Joe Biden will never be inaugurated. He has already been arrested and is headed to Guantanamo Bay;” “Pelosi, Schumer, John Brennan, and Adam Schiff have been notified of their immediate arrest after the January 6th joint session of Congress.” And the craziness goes on and on.

Why not just dismiss all this based on it coming from partisan hacks trying to make a buck from gullible Americans? Because no one can knowingly and honestly say that because the facts that prove the election wasn’t fraudulent have not been investigated for their veracity.

So the rumors continue, as does the fear and havoc across the nation as we enter a new decade — all of which is needless angst perpetrated against Americans by the unholy union of Leftist Media and Democrat Party sycophants and, yes, even some GOP RINO’s.

“Thuggery” Instead of “Representation”

Political thuggery and partisanship bear no particular party name.

Many Americans laughed during the 2016 campaign when candidate Donald Trump began talking about the “Swamp” in D.C. and “draining the Swamp” of all those who were living in the mire of the D.C. swamp.  That Swamp was/is full of bureaucrats and lifetime politicians who were not content to govern solely as  “servants” but chose to build powerful and lucrative careers feeding at the trough of sustenance provided by the American people. Gone were the days when Americans volunteered two years of their lives to leave their farms, towns, and communities to go to Washington to represent their fellow Americans in lawmaking in the U.S. House of Representatives. U.S. Senators that were initially representatives of the states discovered how attractive were those Senate jobs that could make them a lot of money “IF” those Senate state appointments were changed to come from public elections instead. think of it: “campaign in your state, raise a lot of campaign dollars, trade obligations for campaign dollars with donors, and then everyone gets taken care of when they get to Washington and start passing out “deals” and opportunities!”


Don’t be lulled into thinking the 2020 election and its results are over — it’s anything BUT over. Am I saying that Donald Trump will somehow continue as President and serve for four more years? Will these U.S. lawmakers from the House and Senate that are planning to object at the joint session of Congress be successful and force both the House and Senate to move to separate considerations of these objections and vote on who should be President rather than the vote tallies as presented at the electoral college? Will Joe Biden NOT be President? I’m not saying that at all. But I AM saying that all of this is unresolved and will NOT be resolved by January 20th or February 20th or March, April, May, June, July, or any time this year!


The sleeping giant named “The American People” have been rustled from years of slumber. Americans have benignly lived private lives in blind faith that their nation’s leaders have operated the government honestly, legally, ethically, morally, and solely for the good of all Americans. That trust included confidence of their being nothing but adherent to the Rule of Law and that any wrongdoing in the government would be handled by those elected to do so. And “The American People” have rudely awakened to the realization that our government leaders have taken advantage of us while we snoozed and have ripped from us the substance of what our nation has been for 260 years!

This Giant is NOT happy. There are tens of millions of people who Donald Trump activated by exposing bits of the Swamp’s underbelly. Contrary to what Leftist leaders tell their minions, Trump has NEVER demanded anyone from Americans but patriotism, love of country, loyalty to the Constitution, and adherence to the Rule of Law. That has enraged the Left! They cannot deal with it in the ways they have always handled others who have tried. Oh, they tried: again, again, and again. But each time, Truth has been revealed. And when that light has shined, more and more Americans saw the light of Truth.

I have said numerous times that Truth is absolute: there are no “versions” of it. There are no such things as “My Truth and Your Truth.” The Left does not understand that. It was a snippet of mantra which they successfully sold to a marching army of left-leaning political elites. And Leftist leaders cannot find a way to erase the facts Americans have seen in the last four years under this administration!

Want an example? Here is just one of the thousands:

William Cohen, a former Republican senator from Maine and Defense secretary under former President Clinton, blasted GOP lawmakers challenging the results of the 2020 presidential election in a Thursday interview in which he suggested the formation of a new political party.

Cohen made the comments on CNN’s “The Situation Room” while discussing Sen. Josh Hawley’s (R-MO) plans to object during Congress’s counting of the Electoral College vote on Wednesday. Cohen called Hawley’s actions “shameful” but warned that Republicans are just following President Trump’s lead, calling him the party’s “ringmaster.”

“We have to remember that the current occupant of the White House is a ringmaster and what he expects to do is snap his whip and all the elephants hop up on chairs,” Cohen said. “What they have to understand is he is going to continue to snap the whip whether he’s in office or out of office. And every time they’re going to have to jump up and sit on that stool to satisfy him and his supporters.”

The days of Leftist leaders talking down to and about Americans who disagree with those leaders are over. The sleeping Giant has awakened!

What’s going to happen? I cannot say, but I can “surmise.” I think that there is still a sliver of opportunity for the truth of the egregious and gargantuan voter fraud from November to be “confirmed” to Americans. Much of it has already been exposed. But even if that happens, it’s uncertain what result we would see.

What I CAN predict is that the Great Awakening that began during the 2016 campaign and continued after the election continues to grow at a rapid pace. Eyes and ears have been opened. Millions of people see and recognize what they first thought was fact, and has been revealed nothing more than partisan drivel has been driving our government for many years. They know and are now committed that it must stop.

Just as I penned this story, I received the following note from a TruthNewsNetwork partner in Australia. (I do not know this person) I thought it was applicable to share with all today:

DearTruth News Network,

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am deeply concerned (and frightened) by the Great Reset, as well as the ‘Plandemic’ and the Covid vaccines. All I want is to return to normal again. Here in Australia we are governed by globalist socialists who support lockdowns, the poison Covid vaccines and the Great Reset. We do not have a ‘Trump’ here. Australia’s politicians have all sold out and are ‘compromised’.

In my heart I do believe that President Trump will win! But the big question I’d love to ask you is: What will happen to us here in Australia when Trump wins? I mean, will Australia, like the USA, be removed from the shackles of the Great Reset/Plandemic/Covid vaccines, etc? In other words, will Trump’s win destroy this evil socialist reset program in JUST the USA, or will Trump’s win destroy this evil reset worldwide, including Australia?

Thank you very much. I really look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards and God Bless,
Shane Stephenson,
Melbourne, Australia”

That’s from an Aussie concerned about us who watches our government and our leaders from “Down Under.” Do they see something that we do not?

What’s going to happen? What that will look like is still pending. However, there are two things that I can say are beyond question by anyone:

  • The Son of God said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free;”
  • “The Truth Will Out.”

Those two in tandem will change our nation for the better. Yes, I hope this change will happen this year — and I’m certain it will begin. Will it begin with a different POTUS or the one we have now for four years? I cannot say which will happen. But either way, the Truth is going to drive this nation in a way it hasn’t seen in quite a while.

We’re going to all be all right: “God’s Got This!”

Courageous Patriots Challenge The Invisible Government

(Guest Contributor Kelleigh Nelson with Today’s Story)

The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government, which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states, and nation… The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control both parties, … and control the majority of the newspapers and magazines in this country. They use the columns of these papers to club into submission or drive out of office public officials who refuse to do the bidding of the powerful corrupt cliques which compose the invisible government. It operates under cover of a self-created screen [and] seizes our executive officers, legislative bodies, schools, courts, newspapers and every agency created for the public protection. – New York City Mayor John F. HylanNew York Times, March 26, 1922

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.  George Orwell

These are dark times, in which the propaganda of deceit touches all our lives. The information age is a media age. We have politics by media; censorship by media; war by media; retribution by media; diversion by media – a surreal assembly line of clichés and false assumptions.  Every time we turn on a computer or pick up a digital device, we are subjected to control: to surveillance of our habits and routines, and to lies and manipulation…propaganda and brainwashing, pushed and promoted by those who wish to “fundamentally change America.”

Edward Bernays, who invented the term, “public relations” as a euphemism for “propaganda,” predicted this more than 80 years ago. He called it, “the invisible government.”  He wrote, “Those who manipulate this unseen element constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of …”

The aim of this invisible government is the conquest of us: of our political consciousness, our sense of the world, our ability to think independently, to separate truth from lies.  And these big lies are delivered with the regularity of a metronome.

And yes, China’s Covid kills, but so does cancer, heart disease, flu, pneumonia, diabetes, starvation, and countless other illnesses.  But none of these illnesses are a threat to America’s freedoms; that threat is communism and the destruction of our inalienable Bill of Rights by treasonous foreign and domestic enemies.  Their goal was the elimination of the Constitutional Republic’s “one man, one vote” in the 2020 election. The lies of Covid gave them privy to promote mail-in ballots, and the ability to cheat their way to false victory.  This traitorous deed was an act of insurrection.

Three people stand above the fray to battle for the same freedom and liberty our founders fought for prior to America’s Revolutionary War.  For more than a decade before the outbreak of the American Revolution in 1775, tensions had been building between colonists and the British authorities.

The same tensions are building in America today, and the enemy is far worse than the British. Should America fall to communism, all will truly be lost, so gird your loins for freedom, and don the full armor of God.

For the Love of Country

Three warriors stand together to expose the deceit perpetrated on the American people, Lt. General Michael Flynn (RET), Attorney Sidney Powell, and Attorney L. Lin Wood.  These three have put their reputations on the line for their love of country, for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  These three, and so many more who have volunteered to help, are battling to save our Republic.

General Michael Flynn was raised in Rhode Island in a family of nine children.  He grew up in a busy, but loving Irish Catholic household, with dad Charles, a former Army sergeant, and mom Helen stressing the importance of education.  The General’s mother received her law degree at the age of 60…oh yes, education was essential.

Graduating from the University of Rhode Island with a BS, he went on to earn a Master of Business Administration in Telecommunications from Golden Gate University, a Master of Military Art and Science from the United States Army Command and General Staff College, and a Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College. He is a graduate of the Military Intelligence Officer Basic Course, Ranger School, Military Intelligence Officer Advanced Course, Army Command and General Staff College, the School of Advanced Military Studies, and Naval War College.  His military awards are numerous.  He served as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under President Obama before retirement.

After 33 years in Army intelligence, Flynn was appointed as National Security Advisor to President Trump. Obama’s Deep State knew they had to get rid of him or their evil machinations would be exposed.  The FBI set-up of this brilliant military soldier and leader resulted in four long nightmarish years for him and his family.  Their faith and the prayers of millions who love this family carried them through this crucible.

On May 7, 2020, the Department of Justice filed a Motion to Dismiss with prejudice, the charges against the General.  U.S. attorney, Jeffrey Jensen had been appointed by AG Bill Barr to look into the case, and the Acting Director of National Intelligence, Chief Richard Grenell, declassified records proving the General’s innocence.

In late November, President Trump issued a “Pardon of Innocence,” the first in American history.  This was done to release him from the entanglements of dealing with an overzealous maniacal Deep State Judge who refused to dismiss the charges.

General Flynn’s book, The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies, co-authored with Michael Ledeen, belongs in everyone’s library.  Field of Fight offers a plan that combines creative and strategic solutions with political engagement and effective military action.

General Michael Thomas Flynn is fighting to save our Constitutional Republic.

Attorney Lucian Lincoln “Lin” Wood, Jr. was born in Raleigh, NC in 1952, but was raised in Georgia after moving to Macon at the age of three.   Wood has stated in news accounts that his family struggled financially with frequent episodes of domestic abuse involving his parents. After a school dance, the then 16-year-old Wood returned home to find his father had beaten his mother to death. L. Lin Wood Sr. pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter; a charge reduced from first-degree murder. He served a little over two years in prison. Wood has stated that it was this experience that solidified his earlier decision to become a lawyer.  He was on his own at age 16.

Lin Wood is one of the top libel, defamation, and First Amendment lawyers in the U.S. earning him the title of “Attorney for the Damned.”  He has represented such clients as Richard Jewell, a security guard falsely accused of the Centennial Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta in 1996.  The Jewell case was followed by John and Patsy Ramsey, the parents of JonBenét Ramsey.  He was also hired by the former presidential candidate, Herman Cain to fight off sexual harassment charges.

More recently, he defended Covenant Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann who was libeled by mainstream and social media, by churches, elected public figures, and celebrities.

Lucian Lin Wood Jr. is waging the war to save our Constitutional Republic, and to prove the treason and fraud in the 2020 Georgia election.

Attorney Sidney Katherine Powell was born in Durham, North Carolina, and graduated from the University of North Carolina with a BA and JD.

She is our modern-day Deborah of the Old Testament who was clearly one of the Bible’s most outstanding figures.  Deborah served ancient Israel as a prophet, judge, military leader, songwriter, and minstrel. (Judges 4-5) Sidney is also thought of as our present-day Joan of Arc who rose up to fight powerful forces to save her country and change the course of history. Joan’s courage, fortitude and resolve ultimately brought about victory for France and spawned a renewed sense of patriotism and hope among its countrymen.

The U.S. and her freedom-loving patriots are now in a similar, dire situation, fighting for liberty in the midst of insurmountable odds — a pervasive Deep State, insubordinate military officials, a corrupt FBI, blatant censorship by big-tech, and now, what many, including Powell, believe to be a stolen election.

The Deep State, many of whom surround our President, are trying to burn Sidney Powell’s reputation at the stake, but it won’t work.  Like General Flynn and L. Lin Wood, her brilliance and accomplishments are overwhelming.

Former federal prosecutor under nine US attorneys from both political parties over ten years and three districts, Ms. Powell was lead counsel in 350 criminal appeals for the United States and more than 150 since in private practice. It was from her experience in several of her cases that she felt compelled to write Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice after seeing a core group of federal prosecutors break all the rules, makeup crimes, hide evidence, and send innocent people to prison.

Her second book, Conviction Machine: Standing Up to Federal Prosecutorial Abuse, co-authored with Harvey Silverglate, describes overzealous prosecutors, perjury traps, negligent judges, perverse limits on self-defense, vague and overabundant criminal statutes, insufficient requirements for criminal intent, and no accountability for prosecutors. Powell and Silverglate offer the blueprint for reforming the DOJ and criminal justice system.  Like the General’s book, these two belong in everyone’s library.

Pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell has just released a massive 270-page document to Zenger News (  including affidavits, evidence, and testimony from many witnesses and sources detailing alleged fraud in the 2020 election.

Sidney Powell has put her life on the line to rage a battle against widespread treason.  Please help to fund her efforts by supporting her and the people working with her.  Go to and help her to save our Republic!

The Trotskyite Republican Party

Us deplorables, the hardcore Trump supporters, don’t understand the lack of eliminating the 5th columnists in the Trump administration.  Barr, Wray, and others should have been gone long ago.  To be brutally honest, I’d like to know why Bill Barr was allowed to give a pass to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, John Brennan, James Clapper, Bruce, and Nellie Ohr, and countless other Deep State players.  And where is John Durham?

We’d also like to know just who vets Trump’s administrative choices.  His Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, and attorney Pat Cipollone are countering the president’s desire to hire Sidney Powell as special counsel for election fraud investigation.  They should be handed pink slips and ushered out the door to their Deep State hiding holes.

General Flynn tweeted President Trump and told him precisely who his choice is, and that would be Sidney Powell because “she will go to the truth and that scares the hell out of everyone.”

When President Reagan left office, the party turned against their own President.  They are now doing the exact same thing to President Trump.  Sidney Powell has tweeted about the Republican Party opposing incoming Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville from joining an attempt to suspend the tally of the Electoral College vote next month.  Quite obviously the majority of the Republican Party doesn’t care about an illegal election, even when it affects one of their own.  What does this make them?


In his book, Mere Christianity, C. S. Lewis said, “The State exists simply to promote and to protect the ordinary happiness of human beings in this life.  A husband and wife chatting over a fire, a couple of friends having a game of darts in a pub, a man reading a book in his own room or digging in his own garden – that is what the State is there for.  And unless they are helping to increase and prolong and protect such moments, all the laws, parliaments, armies, courts, police, economics, etc., are simply a waste of time.”

It is General Michael T. Flynn, L. Lin Wood, and Sidney Powell who are leading the charge to save our Republic for just what C. S. Lewis has described, to keep our American flag flying high for freedom, liberty, and justice.