Trump is Toast! Polls Say He’s Gonna Lose “Biggly!”

Three months from Election Day 2020, America is still running the risk of being blind and deaf when it comes to several critical aspects of our presidential election process.

In reporting about the 2020 presidential contest, at least some of those stories likely quote nationwide polls.

Yes, there are some reports on the statewide contests between the Democrats and President Trump. But the lion’s share focus on the national picture.

That’s what we saw earlier in this election cycle, with the major headlines coming out of the ABC News/Washington Post poll showing President Trump trailing five different Democratic candidates nationally. Publicizing polls like that may sound innocent enough, but here’s the problem: that’s not how we play this game.

Hopefully, most Americans have figured out that both the primary elections to choose a presidential nominee and the general election to select the president are state-by-state contests.

Yet most stories about the Democratic primary race focus on Joe Biden’s enduring lead in national polls and not on how the Democrats did in early voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire.

It’s as if we’re intentionally blinding ourselves to the most pertinent facts every time anyone talks about nationwide polls.

The simple solution to all of this undue focus on national polls is to simply focus more on the state-by-state polls, right? That’s what The New York Times did earlier with a special focus on the polls in six battleground states.

That makes sense in theory, but presents a new problem: statewide polls are much less reliable than nationwide surveys. Americans found that out on Election Night in 2016, when polls predicting victories for Hillary Clinton in the critical swing states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin all turned out to be wrong.

If you’re looking for a definitive reason why those crucial swing state polls were wrong, good luck. In the almost four years since the 2016 election, we’ve heard several explanations that either don’t hold up to scrutiny or cannot be objectively proven.

Perhaps the best example of that is the early explanation promoted by some pollsters who said that the 2016 swing state polls were wrong because most of them did not accurately weight them based on the respondents’ level of education.

But here’s the problem with that theory: the few statewide polls that were weighted for education levels also got the actual election results wrong. In some cases, The New York Times reported they were even more off the mark than the non-education weighted polls.

The other prevailing explanations are hard to fix or even prove. One theory is that a large majority of undecided voters decided to vote for Trump at the last minute. Another is that Trump was and is supported by disaffected Americans who are very unlikely to respond to pollsters at all.

Either way, voters and pundits alike are still flying pretty blind when it comes to statewide polls in this general election system that’s determined by statewide results.

So, on the one hand, American voters are blinded to more essential facts because of the dominating focus on national polls in presidential elections. On the other hand, doing the right thing by switching that focus to statewide polling would subject voters to data that’s more likely to be incorrect. It’s the blind leading the blind.

But other than that, everything’s fine.

There’s a multi-faceted silver lining to all of this if we’re all willing to admit the truth about this polling conundrum.

First, voters could do with more focus on what candidates are saying about the issues rather than the “horserace” aspect of our elections.

Many of the very same journalists who have been guilty of making the bulk of election “reporting” merely a series of repeating poll results have started to at least realize this is a problem for the health of our democracy and their profession.

Second, candidates who become more sensitive to the likely inaccuracy of statewide polling should become more likely to visit more of those states more often.

One of the great lessons of Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 bid was the fact that her decision not to make more frequent visits to key Rustbelt states came back to burn her.

It wasn’t that the Clinton campaign didn’t think visiting battleground states was important; it’s just that it clearly didn’t think Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan were battleground states at all.

With all we now know about the lack of reliability of state polls, the lesson major campaigns should now learn is that almost every state is a potential battleground.

That’s why Clinton’s defeat should have led to a much better informed political class that chose to abandon conspiracy theory explanations for the 2016 results, rely less on polls, and focus on how to better listen to and connect with more voters.

When Richard Nixon made a big point of visiting all 50 states in the 1960 election, his eventual loss in that contest taught political pundits that the better way to win the White House was to game the system and only focus on battleground states. But that’s led to a disconnect between politicians and many voters ever since.

The reality that every statewide poll is likely to be inaccurate and the additional reality that we don’t even know why should do a lot to wipe out that disconnect. At the very least, it should open everyone’s ears to a few more voices a lot more often.

So here’s where we are today: two national polls show Joe Biden holds a double-digit lead over President Trump. Real Clear Politics shows Biden’s lead at 8%. Based on the results of those polls, President Trump should go ahead and schedule the moving vans to pickup Melania’s goodies from the White House November 7th. (That gives her a few days to pack after the Biden victory) And everyone knows that the only reason she hung in there with the President was so she could bask in the soft lights and glowing media who could not get enough of her during these four years.

Uh-oh! Before you throw yourself into the middle of all that, remember this: election morning in 2016, of the 53 national polls which Real Clear Politics covered, 52 of them in their final poll guaranteed America that Hillary was a slam dunk winner by as many as 13 points in one poll. Imagine the shock and horror as the late-night results came in.

By the way, the only national poll that picked Trump to win was the poll from the University of Southern California!

I’m certain that the decision-makers at these polling companies are carefully considering their polling methods and the content of their polls. They certainly cannot bear to think something similar to that in 2016 could possibly happen again. For Trump to win in November would require a second polling atomic disaster!

Do you know what else we might consider? Those polling companies and their employees each have political preferences. Do you think it’s possible they let their biases impact the “reported” results of those 2016 polls? What else could have happened? The only other possible explanation was a HUGE number of those polled simply lied in those telephone interviews. That could NEVER happen, right? What American would even consider being dishonest in a telephone poll response?

It boils down to this for me: Most of these national polls that we see every day are taken from a sample of about 1000 Americans. Some are not even of “probable voters,” but are of “registered voters.” Conventional polling wisdom is that to accurately reflect a true representation of the political leanings of those surveyed, a sample must be weighted based on the actual voting split during the last presidential election. That would be the 2016 election.

Is it prudent for these “experts” to base their political reputations on what is supposed to be the voting appetite of about 130 million voters from a sample of only 1000 people?

I don’t call doing so prudent. If the most recent POTUS election is even slightly representative of November’s polling results, the numbers and samples that are used to create these polls are little more than a crap-shoot.

That doesn’t sound like a smart business model to me. My assumption is the polling companies really don’t care! Even if they miss with their projections the final results, millions of Americans (and thousands of polling company “experts”) can spend the next four years “repairing” their sampling models.

That’s really not a bad idea! Accuracy in polling: that’s really not a critical job. No matter what the November election results are, there will be plenty of 2022 campaign officials who are “dialing for campaign dollars” who need polls to show that their candidates are leading in their races.

Gotta have a great story to get an excellent campaign donation. And pollsters are surely outstanding sales folks. After all, they sold a campaign or two on the fact they can magically predict election outcomes.

The Trump “Shock” Poll

In Thursday’s “TNN Live” show from 9:00 – 11:00 AM Central (M-F), we shared the results of this poll. So many people followed up with questions and also requests for the poll I just decided to put it out in a story alone.

I’ve pasted it here for you all to see. But at the end of the poll, you’ll find a .pdf that you can download or copy for yourself and save it. Heck, you probably are gonna want to share it with people you know — especially the Trump supporters who find themselves in a little slump right now (like most of us) because the Democrat Party Media hacks continue to prop up Sleep Joe who, according to them, is wiping the ground with President Trump.

Me, I just feel Joe is little more than Bernie who starred in a movie shot at his house over a weekend. Nobody noticed during the entire weekend that Bernie was actually dead! Sound a bit like what we’re seeing every time we are forced to visit Sleepy Joe in his basement bunker?

The Trump “Shock Poll”

According to the poll conducted by the Washington based thinktank the Democracy Institute, President Trump is neck and neck with his rival Joe Biden on 47 percent. However, Mr. Trump would win in the electoral college system by 309 to 229 delegates because he is on course to win the crucial swing states including Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin where he outpolls Vice President Biden by 48 percent to 44 percent.

The findings come as the US President went to the iconic Mount Rushmore to make a speech attacking “the angry mobs” who want to erase America’s history.
He told the crowd of supporters: “There is new far-left fascism that demands absolute allegiance. If you do not speak its language, perform its rituals, recite its mantras, and follow its commandments then you will be censored, banished, blacklisted, persecuted, and punished. Not gonna happen to us.”

According to the poll, the concerns over the effects of the protests appear to be boosting Mr. Trump’s chances even though his campaign is believed to be flagging.
Given a choice between which phrases identified their views 71 percent chose “all lives matter” while 29 percent picked “black lives matter”.

Meanwhile, with statues of presidents and other historic figures being attacked and pulled down across the US, 74 percent said they disapproved of the actions while 77 percent disagreed with the assertion supported by many Democrat politicians that Mount Rushmore with the faces of four US Presidents carved on it “is racist”.

The poll showed that 59 percent approved of the President’s handling of the riots and protests but 40 percent want him to be tougher while 60 percent think Mr Biden has not been critical enough.
In addition, 67 percent prefer President Trump’s law and order message compared to 29 percent who want black community relations improved with the police.

Hopes that a black running mate for Vice President Biden will help seal the campaign for him have also been questioned in the poll with 79 percent saying it would make no difference.
And of greater concern for the Democrats is that Mr. Trump is still polling strongly with ethnic minority voters – 35 percent for black voters and 34 percent for Hispanics.

Worse still is Mr. Biden’s mental health after some stumbling performances and public concerns that he may be suffering from the early stages of dementia have also had an impact.
According to the poll 55 percent believe he is suffering from cognitive problems and 44 percent say that it means they are less likely to vote for him while 58 percent think aged 77 he is too old to be President.

Patrick Basham, the director of the Democracy Institute, said: “Between now and Election Day, the factor that will most influence the final outcome will be the debates between President Trump and his Democratic opponent. Should Biden regain some of his past skill at coasting through such encounters with moderate, platitudinous comments delivered with a smile, a little humor, and an Everyman demeanor, he will retain a good chance of enjoying a very competitive election.

“But, should Biden have even one ‘senior moment’ during which he forgets what he’s saying, or where he is, or the question posed to him, his chances of beating Trump will be somewhere between slim and none.”
The poll also appears to confirm that President Trump is benefiting from “silent support” which means it is not showing up in a lot of polls and has made Biden the odds on favorite to win.
While 77 percent of Trump voters are “enthusiastic” compared to 43 percent of Biden voters, 66 percent of Trump voters would not admit how they are voting to a friend or relative compared to just one-third of Biden backers.
But the US President comes out as top for strong leader 67 percent while Biden is seen as a consensus builder 55 percent and more likable 60 percent.

Democracy Institute/ Sunday Express poll

Trump’s National Job Approval

  • Approve = 47%
  • Disapprove = 52% Enthusiasm Gap?Q. “Are you strongly or very enthusiastic about your choice of candidate?”
  • Trump voters = 77%
  • Biden voters = 43%Q “Is your vote for Trump/Biden a positive vote for your candidate or a negative vote against his opponent?
  • Trump voters: positive vote = 81%; negative vote = 19%
  • Biden voters: positive vote = 29%; negative vote = 71% Q “Could your vote change before Election Day?”
  • Trump voters: Yes = 4%
  • Biden voters: Yes = 12%”Shy” Trump Vote?
    Questions to Undecided Voters
    Q “Does a relative or a friend plan to vote for Trump?”
  • Yes = 66%
  • No = 34%
    Q. “Will President Trump be reelected?”
  • Yes = 52%
  • No = 48%
    Question to All Voters
    Q. “Are you comfortable with your relatives, friends, and coworkers knowing how you vote?”
  • Trump voters: Yes = 29%
  • Biden voters: Yes = 82% National Popular Vote
  • Trump = 47%
  • Biden = 47%
  • Undecided = 6%
  • White voters: Trump = 52%
  • Black: Trump 16% Biden = 81%
  • Hispanic: Trump 34% Biden = 51%

Here’s the link to Download the Trump Shock Poll:

What Happens if Trump Loses in November? The “Great Reset”

How would you respond if I asked you, “Is your world one of questions without answers, fear without peace, anger without resolution, and unknowns with no way to know them?” If I asked that to most Americans today, they’d nod their heads in affirmation. I know I feel that way. What’s strangest of all is beginning in January of 2017, all such difficulties disappeared for most of us. Why? Because newly inaugurated President Donald Trump had begun fixing multiple things in the U.S. at once that we didn’t even know were broken. And even with the roadblocks he faced, he was successful at turning around the economy in dramatic fashion, reduced unemployment, and subsequently increased employments to levels never before seen. Additionally, he brought trillions of dollars of manufacturing back to the U.S., supervised the U.S. becoming energy independent and Earth’s largest producer of oil and gas, passed a comprehensive criminal reform bill, and gave Americans individually and even companies tremendous tax cuts. All of this while watching federal revenues climb to unheard-of levels in just three years!

Things were pretty darn good: until February of 2020. (They were good even in spite of his impeachment by the House)

Enter Coronavirus. And the slide down the tunnel of “Uh-Oh” began. And we haven’t stopped sliding as of the end of June.

But, never worry. The likes of John Kerry and Al Gore have a plan to fix everything: Global Warming, Coronavirus, national debt, cultural and religious differences, wrapped in a contrived economy that we in the U.S. will find it to no longer be our concern. I forgot: while we’re doing all that, we’ve got to ante-up a to global government the trillions of dollars necessary to prop-up this pipe dream.

What? You haven’t heard about the “Great Reset?” Although you are probably not familiar with it, it could be well on its way, if the World Economic Forum (WEF) and a bunch of other powerful global organizations have their way. Trust me, the Great Reset is gaining traction faster than a middle-school fashion fad—and this is not a good thing.

In case you don’t care to take my word for it, allow me to introduce the architect of the Great Reset: World Economic Forum founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab. “A Great Reset is necessary to build a new social contract that honors the dignity of every human being,” Schwab recently announced.

Yes, Schwab wants out with the old social contract, and in with the new. But, what would Schwab’s new social contract look like?

According to Schwab, “The global health crisis has laid bare the unsustainability of our old system in terms of social cohesion, the lack of equal opportunities and inclusiveness. Nor can we turn our backs on the evils of racism and discrimination. We need to build into this new social contract our intergenerational responsibility to ensure that we live up to the expectations of young people.” What the heck does any of this mean?

As if his description there wasn’t enough to make you do a double-take, consider this statement from Schwab, “This global pandemic has also demonstrated again how interconnected we are. We have to restore a functioning system of smart global cooperation structured to address the challenges of the next 50 years. The Great Reset will require us to integrate all stakeholders of global society into a community of common interest, purpose, and action.”

I don’t know about you, but when I hear phrases like “integrate all stakeholders of global society into a community of common interest, purpose, and action” my internal alarm bells ring louder than Big Ben.

In reality, the “Great Reset” is just another attempt at a global government. And a global government is a farce. There are 195 sovereign countries in the world. It is laughable, not believable, to expect that 195 countries, accounting for more than seven billion people, would ever agree to a Great Reset.

The world is full of nations with vastly different cultures, political philosophies, and social-economic systems. Have we not learned over the past few centuries that these countries would rather govern themselves than be under the thumb of a faraway, big, unresponsive dragon of a government? Have we not learned that local government, which is closest to the people, and most responsive to their needs and unique circumstances, is vastly superior to a far-off, out-of-touch, bloated worldwide governing body?

The Great Reset, if ever enacted, would turn back the clock to the pre-Enlightenment era; to a time when individual freedom was more a wish than reality and elites like Klaus Schwab were unquestioned. The Enlightenment changed the world for the better. The “Great Reset” would set the world back centuries and thus should be resisted at all costs.

Understand This…

None of the noise during this year that turned into chaos and then morphed into an impeachment, a pandemic, and now social and racial protests and riots was accidental. “Oh, Dan. That’s just another conspiracy theory!” Rethink that, folks. There are too many moving pieces that have been craftily placed in their appropriate places at the exact time necessary to keep the fires of destruction burning brightly for this to be just “another strange coincidence.” If something looks too real to be unreal, you can always bet it’s real. And this is real.

The idea of a global government has been the dream of a group of world elitist individuals and governments for centuries. Their thought in hypothesizing this has always been, “With just one government, one economy, one set of laws and rules, the World would move smoother, simpler, quicker than it ever will with 195 different countries, people, and governments each trying to function all by themselves. One entity is the best solution for every ill for every person on Earth!” Of course, all who believe that think they are the individual and the group that is best suited to operate such a government.

In the U.S., we heard the whispers before Obama’s election that he was the globalist that would be anointed to lead such a transition to a globalist society. His pandering to the big names in Europe and the Middle East was a clue something like that was being planned. Then, John Kerry and Al Gore jumped onto the bandwagon and became Obama’s messengers to the Rothschilds of France and Switzerland, Prince Charles in the U.K., and the others who get together each January in Davos, Switzerland to plot their path. Their specific plans? One world currency and economy, Climate Change, a single worldwide military, and a globalized education system. Taxation would be from the Top Down and would include all nations. Every aspect of life in America as we know would be obliterated. That would be necessary to make it happen.

Many feel that the massive amount of government debt for every nation would prevent the implementation of such a model. Others think (and I fall into this category) the “closer” to make such a reset would be if “they” — whoever “they” are — would offer each nation the cancellation of their entire national debt if they participate in such a platform of one global government.


Know this: This coming January, regardless of who is in residence in the White House, global elites by the thousands will board their private jets from every quarter on the Globe to make their way to Davos, Switzerland to drink, brag, and pontificate about all that’s best for the World and who should pull it all together as the leader of such a utopia. They’ve had this same conversation numerous times over several centuries. But the stars have never aligned to facilitate such a radical and necessarily universal transition by so many countries. I cannot imagine even trying to get Xi Jinping of China on the same page as Prince Charles of the U.K., let alone Kim Jong Un with Japan’s President to agree on some type of unified entity for Japan that includes everybody on the Korean Penninsula.

Does this mass of Autocratic globalist wannabees think they could possibly pull this off? They very well might be successful — “If” this one thing happens: it will NEVER occur with Donald Trump at the helm of the United States.

These globalists know that. Why do you think there is such a concerted effort on every front to discredit him, his policies, his considerable achievements for the American people, and his plans for even more significant achievements in a second Trump term?

They MUST remove Donald Trump from office to allow any possible transition to a Globalist structure even to get started.

I won’t waste your time and start naming more names. Just imagine for a moment if something like was happening, who in power in the United States would be the likeliest of individuals who are fighting so hard to remove Donald Trump. Every person that comes to your mind is likely to be a part of it. And there are certainly just as many again who are foaming to dump this President who has done little but rain on their parade. Obama was to lay the groundwork. Hillary was to move it forward in transition. Who was to take the torch from Hillary? We’ll never know because Donald Trump destroyed their grand scheme.

Am I certain of all this? There are few things involving our government, of which I am certain. In this, just as I have poured it out to you, I cannot honestly say I’m certain of every piece of this plan. But what I am certain of is that such a utopian worldwide concept has long been just a dream and that are thousands of very powerful, very wealthy, and very politically connected individuals that certainly feel they can make this a reality.

We lowly plebes will be forced to stand on the sidelines, hope and pray for our nation, and trust God to thwart the evil schemes of these evil people and “Keep America Great.”


Controversy: Who Can we Trust?

Every two years, we in the U.S. elect and re-elect members to the United States Congress. Every second such election includes that of the U.S. President and Vice President. And each of those elections typically exposes the financial faults of many of those who run for office. Why is that? Running a successful bid for any federal office today is an expensive process. Small campaign bank balances mean necessary aggressive “dialing for campaign dollars” f0r federal office candidates.

202o is no different.

Sketchy Campaign Contributions

We hear every campaign cycle of some person running for office who is outed for accepting questionable campaign dollars from an unseemly individual, group, or corporation that is embarrassed and must find a way to exonerate themselves from any alleged wrongdoing. Who would think that the purportedly “clean” Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) would not only have accepted campaign dollars from a seedy contributor but that it would show up in Romney campaign coffers directly from George Soros? But it happened.

Let’s take a look at a list of multiple Senators and Representatives who have kissed the ring of our nation’s own Globalist “Wannabe Leader,” George Soros:





















Most whose names appear on the Soros gift list are not surprising. Two stick out: Obama and Romney.

Soros famously stated he wasted money contributing to Obama, that the former president was feckless and afraid of doing the things necessary to forward a globalist agenda. Romney, on the other hand, has always (at least in public) worked diligently to keep his name clean and therefore shunned associations with shady characters like Soros. But, “the love of money is the root of all evil.” I guess that must apply to Romney’s sellout to the European billionaire and globalist political activist.

Planned Parenthood

The nation’s largest single abortion provider each year is prolific at passing out funds to politicians during each election. Why the massive interest? The federal government doles out about $500 million annually in taxpayer funds to support the Planned Parenthood assistance in women’s reproductive healthcare as well as education and birth control. It is still against federal law for Planned Parenthood to use federal funding to provide abortions. But it is a simple process of “left-pocket right-pocket” issue to skirt that provision of the Hyde Amendment.

Planned Parenthood is very generous with most of those taxpayer dollars and turns those funds right around to politicians. Here’s the list of PP campaign contributions in 2020 to federal politicians in both the House and the Senate:


As you can see, as far as Planned Parenthood is concerned, Republicans shun their dirty money. Democrats — not so much. There is little wonder why Democrats constantly stump for Planned Parenthood in fiscal matters. Democrat House and Senate leadership annually make certain their cash cow and abortion turnstile receive maximum campaign dollars. After all, how could Planned Parenthood survive without the tax dollars that are confiscated from us to forward to them? They’d be forced to “ask” for contributions. Leftists would probably die before forking over the millions in donations that come from Conservative Americans through federal taxes.


Let’s face it, folks: the U.S. government is not just ill, it’s broken. Our forefathers, (including the one who gave us the Declaration of Independence who statues are being torn down) led by Thomas Jefferson decried the very existence of political parties. He famously quipped about parties “If political parties were mandatory to assure my eternity in Heaven, I would gladly suffer the fate of the alternative by choice.” That’s a pretty lofty statement to make and certainly a slam at the party system in the U.S. then. Today, it’s much worse.

“Control begets power in Congress; power begets whatever the power-holder demands.” That sentence illustrates the fundamental evil of today’s political party system. The Democrat nor Republican parties have the title of being the evilest. There’s plenty to go around. And go around it does.

Party power permeates every part of America’s governing system. That power is THE most sought after attainment of any political party. Why is that? With political power in Congress, the ruling party can pretty much do whatever it wants. Its leaders cut deals through the proverbial “if I will, will you?” political negotiation tool. What that means is that nothing gets done for any elected member of Congress or his or her district until that Representative or Senator pays whatever price is demanded by controlling party leadership. It’s that simple. If a member of Congress truly wants to take care of the constituents back home, they MUST find ways to play the Congressional monopoly game. And in playing, they must find as much cover as possible to cover the required negotiations and compromises to get what their voters want.


Folks, we better be glad that Donald Trump is the occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and not Hillary Clinton. It is unfathomable how much graft and corruption, dealing, manipulation, passing of money under the table, and outright evil would have been done at this stage of her term as President. The greatest horror of that though, is that We would probably never know about it! The Department of Justice would be run by a Democrat Clinton pawn; James Comey would still be FBI Director, John Brennan CIA Director, and James Clapper, the Director of DNI!

Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad: we wouldn’t have to worry about any of the evil taking place because they’d never tell us. “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.”

What I DO know is that your bank balances would be very close to zero — and much closer than it is today. Literal tax confiscation would have been instigated immediately following her inauguration, and the money tree would be full of payback money for all her contributors. There would never be any more donation restrictions or transparency of donor requirements. Hillary’s minions would have immediately stripped those requirements from FEC regulations. PACs and SuperPACs would have free rein to contribute as much as they could gather for Hillary and every other Leftist in government running for office. “Loyalty Paybacks” would run wild in Washington. We’d never know about any of this. The Clintons for 30 years have perfected the process of maximizing money with absolutely NO paper trail. That way, no one is wiser from knowing about it. And no one gets hurt.

But what DOES get hurt in that type of environment is the democratic process of government that has kept this nation alive. I thought we’d be lucky to make it through Barrack Obama’s eight years. When we did, I let a sigh of relief go. When it appeared that Hillary was not just going to win in 2016, but was going to wipe the floor with Donald Trump, my heart sunk into my shoes and remained there — until election night.

God has given this nation one more chance. To make it through all the snares, snakes, and pestilences we see today; we are each going to have to either grow backbones or stiffen the one we have. It is going to take a concerted and unified effort to maintain any shred of honesty and sense of justice in a Biden presidency. Who can imagine any scenario in which we would awaken in November knowing we have a President Joe Biden.

Joe would personally do very little to hurt the nation. But his handlers already have a manuscript written, edited, and memorized by all who are part of that team to maximize the use of Joe’s hunger for the presidency but lack of ability to fulfill the presidential responsibilities unilaterally. Bernie Sanders didn’t just throw his support to Joe Biden because he’s a good loser. He has a vested interest in “helping” Joe usher in at best Socialism, and at worst Marxism. Either one of those we see in the U.S. in this century will be the final nail in the coffin of liberty and justice for all.

Pull yourself together and plan YOUR strategy for November. Don’t hesitate to draw like-minded people into that thought process, too. There is strength in numbers and always a plethora of additional ideas for group consideration.

The U.S. government was never and still is not designed for “a” person to run. To use the title of Hillary’s book: “It Takes a Village.” Planning is critical to not only implement a devised process for some specific objective. Preparation MUST contain the willing and capable players to not only participate in the game but to win it.

A second term for Donald Trump will be miraculous. But the first term for Joe Biden would spell the beginning of the end of this Republic.


Who are “They:” the players in this 2020 charade leading up to the ballot box in November? “They” must be a crowd full of folks with varied backgrounds, goals and objectives, anger, hatred, determination, and agendas. But who are “They?”

I’m not so vain as to think I know who all these players are. But isn’t it reasonable to think that there is a tremendous number of professional, organized, and structured goals and objectives somewhere in secret which dozens and maybe hundreds of pawns are heeding passed along from someone? There is too much order to what is being played out to simply be happenstance.

Let’s do this: let’s start at the bottom today and build a pyramid, first laying the bottom and largest layer of foundation stones and work our way to the top. We may not be able to get to who tops it, but I think we’ll be able to narrow the options significantly. Let’s get started.

The Stones

First, there must be a master plan. Let’s don’t complicate it; let’s just assume — and safely so — the objective of this operation is to remove Donald Trump from the presidency. No tools deemed necessary will NOT be made available. No processes are taboo in tackling that objective. It must pretty much be “anything goes.” And doesn’t that make much sense with all we’ve watched roll-out in the past four years? To make this work, the critical stones are broad bases on which the remainder of the process can safely set. Who’s first?


Nothing so difficult as removing a president could possibly be successful without significant numbers of members of Congress. After all, unseating a U.S. president must be through impeachment.

In this Congress, there has been a plethora of volunteers from even before the 2016 election, and even from the Republican Party. Who can forget the Trump hatred from the late Senator John McCain (R-AZ). “He would never participate in such a plan!” (NOTE: before we’re done, with this, you’ll be saying that quite often)

McCain has been fingered as the culprit who became the conduit for the piece of dirt used to begin this entire “removal” debacle. Former CIA Director John Brennan used McCain to pass along to the Comey FBI the unverified Steele Dossier that was used illegally to instigate the surveillance of Carter Page. McCain despised Trump.

Who else in Congress falls in line? RepresentativeS Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, and at least a dozen other Democrats who were certainly part of the Hillary Clinton Dynasty that Trump’s election destroyed before it ever began. There is no doubt they all colluded, at least with each other, to coordinate the evil seed-sowing of disinformation throughout the Mueller Investigation. Even to this day Schiff maintains he had/has “uncontroverted evidence of Trump collusion with Russia to assist his victory over Clinton in 2016.”

Was this hatred sufficient to burn the fire of impeachment brightly enough to sink the Trump presidency? No, at least not so far. But it was certainly sufficient to keep the fires burning for three+ years. And in doing so, their certainty of Trump illegal activity became a plague that ran like diharrea through the American populace sowing seeds of doubt and hatred for the President.

And in the Senate, there has always been Chuck Schumer (D-NY). Schumer has a decades-old personal and business relationship with Donald Trump. And he never cared for the Queens billionaire. In addition, Schumer works in tandem with his House Master Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to corral all the Democrat senators necessary to fuel the fire of anti-Trumpism. And numerous senators stand in line in orderly fashion, confirming Schumer’s every legislative attack on this president.

Of course, Schumer NEVER instigates anything at all. Nancy tells Chuck what to do early every morning!

There are many more names that have proudly donned the banner of “Cornerstone” of the “Dump Trump” pyramid. They’re each easy to spot. They all look and sound like Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) Each time Adam Schiff breaks wind, Swalwell loudly proclaims, “Excuse Me!”

“Never-Trump” Bureaucrats

How many of these are befitting the classification with other  Cornerstones? Probably far too many for us to count. The multitude of lifetime professional D.C. bureaucrats that were holdovers from the previous administration are incalculable. But there certainly are hundreds. And it didn’t take much coaxing from the leaders of the Left to get them to fall in line with their leaders, push for a job in the Trump Administration to support the “Dump Trump” efforts.

Many showed their spots unwittingly through the Mueller Investigation that in testimonies and subpoenaed documents have been exposed. Chief among them are James Comey, Peter Strozk, Lisa Page, Rod Rosenstein, Andy McCabe, John Brennan, James Clapper, even the three generals and one admiral who last week in one concerted effort rebuffed President Trump. In doing so, each betrayed their oath to the fabric of military leadership which has always said, “If you cannot in good faith adhere to your superiors requests and leadership, your obligation is to resign your office and keep quiet.” Each betrayed their oath of service to the nation.

We could continue a laundry list of bureaucrats most of whose names you know. But you get the idea of the foundation of this pyramid. Let’s move on.

“Old” Government

Here’s a cornucopia full of well-know political names that certainly play a role. The list includes each and every leader in the Obama Administration: Comey (before), Mueller (before), Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Joe Biden, each member of Obama’s cabinet, the leaders of each of the nation’s intelligence agencies with one exception: Admiral Mike Rogers of the National Security Agency. Rogers famously and secretly visited the president-elect in Trump Tower to reportedly reveal to Mr. Trump that his campaign offices there were being surveilled by the Obama FBI. The next day Trump moved his complete operation to his country club in New Jersey.

How far back does the “Old” government go in this foundation? It certainly included John Kerry, Al Gore, and Obama’s senior staff that served him in each of his two administrations.

We’ll stop here revealing the government “mafia” that primarily are the cornerstones of the “Dump Trump” pyramid. But you get the picture. Almost without exception, Obama’s entire government had obviously prepared to pass the mantle of the “new America” Obama thought he was called to usher in to Hillary Clinton. Trump’s fault? He had but one objective for his entire political career: to as President create a good and better world for every American. In doing so, he knew he would be required to tear down the Hillary ivory tower that Obama had constructed for her. And he has.

Democrat Party

Of course, the Democrat Party leadership has successfully created an environment in which they can with their minions using their “messengers” to disseminate their talking points to their followers. Under Obama, they were kept in line with blackmail messages from the White House: “If you don’t report the way we want you to report, covering what we say needs to be covered and attacking those we say are our enemies, your access to the seat of power in the U.S. will be cutoff.”

Every Democrat operative, elected official and every wannabe Democrat candidate has not dared to buck the Party. Though the party has its own leadership, there’s no real power there. Each take their instructions from Nancy Pelosi herself. Never doubt (at least until she’s gone) that she is the power broker of the Democrat Party.

The Messengers

The balance of the tower are layer upon layer of various media pundits: radio, television, internet news sites, internet liberal talk shows, broadcast and cable mainstream news programs and news reporters, major newspapers online and in print. And this group has worked the “plan” to perfection, finding ways to coordinate with each other and the “cornerstones” listed above, and in unified daily fashion drowned the American public, not with the truth, but with the political narrative of the day, given to them by the Messengers of the Democrat Party: The Leftist Media.

We will not waste your time talking about how evil are the mainstream media outlets and reporters, editors, publishers, and anchors. You know who they are. And they all dropped any ruse of existing credibility to go public with their Trump hatred, and they are all-in for getting rid of him. After all, they MUST have unfettered political access to be able to garner at least enough credibility to sell their wares to potential advertisers!


All that remains is the pyramid headstone. I would love to be able to beat my chest and give you “a” name or “the” names of those who comprise that topper of the pyramid. I could tell you who I think those folks are, but that would make this story today too simple and you’d probably forget about it before you eat dinner tonight. This entire story needs to resonate in your mind and heart through Election Day in November! YOU must figure who is at the top.

I WILL say this: my suspicions have been published here before. Remember: when the Obamas  bought that mansion just blocks from the White House and became the only outgoing presidential family in U.S. history to stay in D.C. after leaving office, I told you “There’s some sinister intent for making that move.”

You now know my thought about just one of those pyramid “toppers.”

Who else?

Here’s your assignment: YOU cast your eyes on the political (and financial and power) landscape. I’m a researcher, but I’m the first that will always say, “I don’t know it all and I almost always miss something.”

Here’s what I’d like for you to do: write who you think the top player or players in this are, send me their names and a paragraph with your reason for your choice. I will put a post together will all responses (including only first names) so we ALL can capture a unified picture that MAY give us real comfort of who is leading the way in this attempt to destroy President Trump. But, more importantly, what they all stand for.

Remember this: President Trump has warned us for sometime, “They’re not coming for me. They’re coming for YOU.”

Believe it or not, they are confident they will get him. I’ve told you for almost four years now they would impeach him, would continue to go after him, and if he wins in November, they’ll continue to attack him nonstop until he’s gone.

By the way: they want the destruction of ALL that YOU stand for too!

Send your names of those folks via email to: Make it as simple as you want. Just drop a simple email to me.

Once again, thanks for being here and part of this family. I’ll see you all at 9:00 AM Central today on “TNN Live!”


Who’s in Charge: The Media and Who Else?

You know the answer to that: at least in part. Today’s Media has taken over, not just being the mouthpiece of the Left, they actually are now creating a narrative that fits the template published by the Democrat Party titled “Everything Necessary to Run Donald Trump From Washington.” They all march in step; they all are daily right on point, and, at least according to them and their minions, they never miss a beat or a single Leftist talking-point.

Isn’t it odd how often in morning news one can quickly scan the morning talk shows on MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC and see and hear the same anti-Trump/conservative talking points with the same phrases and catch-words? How is that even possible without coordination?

But they send the hypocrisy needle pegged far to the left with this: they all know that Americans have caught-on to their operations and coordination, but they do not even care! It’s as if some publisher or editor says, “By gosh, we don’t care what THEY think. We’re going to take him down, and we don’t care who knows about how or why we’re doing so! WE speak for the majority of Americans, so we are speaking the TRUTH!”

But, NOW the heavy artillery is arriving. A new “Ex-Sheriff” is mounting up to join in the fight. We all know him as former President Barack Obama.

Former President Barack Obama is back in the news, working overtime to make himself relevant by claiming partial credit for the Trump economic growth and prosperity. We should be alarmed because of what we know about the Obama presidency and its disregard for American traditions about elections and how one treats political opponents. There is no sense of protocol or qualms about abusing power or trampling the U.S. Constitution.

Presidential protocol once meant former Presidents showed a measure of deference and respect for current officeholders. Former President Jimmy Carter, in 2007, broke this precedent when he called George W. Bush’s presidency, the “worst in history.” Until 2007, Carter was the uncontested winner of the worst modern presidency in history. But then I digress. President Obama is obsessed with President Trump, and Obama is supported by his army of paid and unpaid protesters, as seen in Organizing for Action, a pro-Obama group that will not leave the president alone.

Given the corruption in the FBI and Department of Justice during the Obama years, the unprecedented use of the institutions of government against political opponents, and the never-ending Mueller investigation, it becomes more likely than not President Obama has something to hide. From the moment Donald J. Trump became a serious threat to the leftist agenda, he was targeted with Saul Alinsky’s evil strategies.

Deception, infiltration, and manipulations are at the core of the Alinsky guide for redistributing power. Just think about America, the frenetic opposition to the president and Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, 8, 11, and 13:

Rule 8. “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.” Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new…

Rule 11. “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.” Violence from the other side can win the public to your side because the public sympathizes with the underdog…

Rule 13. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

President Trump and his administration have had the above tactics unleashed against them. The end goal is to keep him, so distracted he and his appointees will never have time to adjudicate any of the criminal behavior committed by the Obama Administration.

In the book by Dr. Carol M. Swain, Be the People: A Call to Reclaim America’s Faith and Promise (2011), pp. 13-15, she warned of what was then the precursor of fake news. In 2010, the Obama Pentagon was pushing for authorization to create an Office of Strategic Deception to gather and disseminate information to confuse America’s enemies. Given the compromised state of the leftist media, one can only wonder if this is behind the fake news we now get from once trusted news services.

If only we had an independent media committed to truth. Alas, we seem to have a media committed to partisan politics. In Saul Alinsky’s style, the goal is to isolate the president, keep the pressure on him, push all the negatives, and isolate him from friends and family. It is an evil strategy born from the imagination of the man who dared to give Satan a shout-out in the epigraph of Rules for Radicals:

 “Lest we forget at least an over the shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins – or which is which), the very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.”

Need we say more? We, the People, should not allow anarchists and former presidents to subvert the democratic process. We must “Be the People” who reclaim our nation.

Carol M. Swain is an award-winning political scientist and a James Madison Scholar at Princeton University.


All of this leads us at TruthNewsNetwork to wonder: exactly what have they been hiding for so long that they are so petrified of its discovery that they have unified and have spent (and are spending) hundreds of millions of dollars to prevent its revelation? I could speculate on an answer or two, but I will not do that. Just let it suffice to say there “IS” something or “ARE” some things that must be so egregious, so evil, and so unlawful that Democrats and others on the Left are willing to say and do anything to keep it hidden.

Their principal tool for doing so is Divisiveness and Misrepresentation. They must keep the attention of all conservatives on things other than what those Leftists are doing. Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, and Company have always used that as their chief tool: a diversion from the facts. And it has, in large part, been effective. The problem is that this time, President Trump broke loose long enough to not only say what he was going to do for the American people, but he also DID everything he said he was going to do for the American people. And that is something the Left in horror cannot handle. Why? Because there’s never been a Democrat in the White House who did that! And a Republican doing so has destroyed just about all of the credibility the Left had.

And they’re horrified.

Today on TNN Live at 9:00 AM Central, we are going to break down several of the things that have been happening behind the scenes that have dominated front page and television news: protests, riots, looting, shootings, CHOP, and police shootings. Yes, there are quite a few other things that Americans have been dealing with.

Did you see or hear all of the hoopla about the crowd at Saturday nights MAGA rally in Tulsa? The crowd was far more sparse than anybody expected. Have you all weekend long heard the drumbeats of Trump’s failure echoing across every Leftist media outlet? If you read their stories or listen to their reports, you might believe what they WANT you to believe: that Americans are done with Trump.

NO ONE has passed around information about the massive protests and blocking of entry at the last minute by Black Lives Matters and other protestors — so much so that the Secret Service shut down entry to prevent any of the nastiness getting inside. Join us live between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM Central at, and you’ll hear us speak live with several people that were there who will describe exactly what happened.

That is just one example of how afraid the Left is of Donald Trump.

We’ll close with this: why did Obama at the last minute decide to get involved with former VP Joe Biden? Because Obama is afraid that the illegal activity from his administration is about to be public, followed by certain indictments. And if he can assist a Biden victory in November, Americans will never see or hear the truth of any of it! Biden will immediately shut down all the investigations.

There’s far more than we see. Let’s see just how much light of truth we can use to expose it all!

Authoritarianism in America IS Alive: And It Isn’t in Donald Trump

We’ve seen the Left point fingers at Donald Trump as far back as just weeks after he declared his 2016 run for the White House. They’ve spouted claims of his desire to be a king, a dictator, a monarch, and an authoritarian. Subsequent to his successful service as President, many of those same critics have softened their attacks a bit, no longer claiming he wants to be a king or dictator. But they are holding fast to the “authoritarian” moniker. I think they chose that word simply because it sounds sinister and evil. And they need something evil to attach to this President. I think they also use it because very few know its meaning!

Just to show Americans how brilliant Leftist university professors are, two political scientists from Harvard University have identified four warning signs that indicate if someone poses a dangerous authoritarian risk to a nation. No U.S. politician, at least dating back to the Civil War, has come close to ticking off all four boxes, one of the authors told Newsweek—until Donald Trump came along. And Mr. Trump, according to those two, is certainly exhibiting the characteristics that lean toward the “A” word.

Do you even know what “authoritarian” means? If you don’t, you are certainly not alone. One on-the-street survey conducted near several university campuses showed that a large majority of students when asked for the definition had NO idea what it meant. In fact, most confused an authoritarian with a dictator. But one thing with which almost all agreed is that Donald Trump certainly qualifies!

What the Heck Defines “Authoritarian?”

Authoritarian: “1. favoring or enforcing strict obedience to authority, especially that of the government, at the expense of personal freedom. 2. favoring complete obedience or subjection to authority as opposed to individual freedom.”

Those two Harvard political scientists took it upon themselves to align the authoritarian definition with the current President. The used a broad brush in painting the picture in their writing to show the President’s authoritarianism by stating that “anyone not committed to the democratic rule of governing is an authoritarian.” And they summed up their allegations of POTUS:

“Trump was easily identifiable as someone who is not committed to the democratic rules of the game,” Levitsky told Newsweek on Thursday. “There is real cause for concern for the health of our democratic institutions.”

According to the pair, here are the four markers proving one’s authoritarian mentality:

  1. Rejecting or showing a weak commitment to democratic rules.
  2. Denying the legitimacy of political opponents.
  3. Encouraging or tolerating violence.
  4. A readiness to stifle or limit civil liberties of opponents, including media.
After they painted those four traits for us, they pontificated their “objective” summary, stating, “Those are things that Democratic candidates in the U.S. simply do not have,” they said. At least, until Trump.

Have I Missed Something?

First, in spite of all the noise of what was to be a heavy-handed presidency led by Donald Trump, we’ve seen a universal governing style by this president showing an undeniable commitment to democratic rule. As compared to the governing of his predecessor, Donald Trump, again and again, has railed against the top-down government from Washington, encouraging states over and over to take charge of their decision-making in governing themselves. He has lashed out at the Congressional control of Nancy Pelosi and others that almost daily stifle attempts by states and voters to push back against Big Government overreach.

Pelosi is the Congressional power jockey who in every piece of legislation proposed in the House under her leadership floods each bill with outlandish spending proposals that seldom have anything to do with assistance for everyday Americans. They almost always favor big campaign spenders and wealthy Democrat Party donors that most Americans are certain are just paybacks from the House Speaker.

Secondly, the Harvard scholars have confused Mr. Trump’s analyses of his opponent’s lack of governing proficiency for denying their legitimacy. Let’s face facts: just because someone is inept and unqualified in no way means they are illegitimate. He just as many Americans who are voters often question “capabilities” of his opponents and the opponents of other candidates. That’s not questioning legitimacy. It’s questioning capabilities to perform the tasks included in the position they seek. Doing so is actually an integral part of Democracy.

Regarding violence, Mr. Trump continually lashes out against ALL violence. He has never tolerated it and has taken dramatic steps to combat it numerous times with the authority of a U.S. President but always within his Constitutional authority. The recent responses to looting and rioting in several large U.S. cities show his demeanor is certainly not that of an authoritarian.

Finally, any allegation of attempts on his part to limit the civil liberties of any opponents is laughable. He certainly points out the fallacies of numerous opponents both political and media. But doing so is vastly different from “stifling” or “limiting” civil rights.

There ARE Plenty of American Authoritarians

They are everywhere! And we watch as they reveal their evils over and over in very public and demonstrative ways. They are not ALL in politics. But they ALL are in positions of power and seldom miss an opportunity to exert their powers over others. Do you want a few examples?

  • A Louisiana professor called on her colleagues to keep a list of students who engage in “hate speech” and “drop” them from classes at the public university after George Floyd’s death. Louisiana State University Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences Alyssa Johnson made the comments after the school’s official Twitter responded to those calls, saying, “we are subject to the constitutional limitation on our ability to take action in response to free speech.”

    Johnson wrote, in a now-deleted tweet: “If @LSU won’t take action, we as professors can. Keeping a list of names and if I see them enrolled in my course, I will drop them. It’s not just free speech, it’s hate speech and it’s a threat to student safety. #safespace #BlackLivesMatter”

  • Another professor in Johnson’s department, LSU Associate Professor William T. Doerrler, responded to another deleted tweet, writing: “Thank you!! If he enrolls in my class I’ll drop him too!”
  • The myriad of actions taken by governors and mayors during the COVID-19 pandemic have already resulted in lawsuits filed against states, counties, and cities for violating the Constitutional rights of citizens. The political leaders (none of which are the President) who are subjects of this litigation somehow draw their power to take such actions with total disregard for the infringement of citizens’ rights drawing from a mythical authority to do so because of the pandemic. In almost every case, one individual or a small group determines what action is necessary and initiates that action. These perfectly fit the definition of authoritarianism as described by these Harvard political scientists.
  • A Barack Obama rogue Department of Justice in conjunction with his FBI trampled all over the Constitutional rights of numerous members of the Trump Campaign when conducting illegal activities designed specifically to overturn the democratic election of a U.S. president. Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee were not only complicit in the attempted coup, but actually funded the production of false documents with which to initiate the attack.


There are two things many on the Left politically have either forgotten or never knew were factual. They have been mentioned numerous times here at TruthNewsNetwork. But in this environment and with these nonstop allegations against the President, it makes sense to repeat them:

  1. “Just because one thinks something is right doesn’t mean it is right.”
  2. “Just because one thinks something is wrong doesn’t mean it is wrong.”

Rather than relying on facts and reason, many in this charged political environment have abandoned reason and the pursuit of facts with which to form legitimate perspectives, we are daily witnessing the cries of a Mob’s desperation to attack this President just because of their dislike and disdain. But their emotional state is no basis for a Constitutional attack on individual Americans or their legal rights.

I have been patiently waiting for four years for those legal and political scholars to publish their narratives in support of the expressions of Constitutional rights guaranteed in the First Ten Amendments. I as of today have seen or heard none! Instead, the talking heads of the Left — the Mainstream Media — parrot the hollow threats in non-stop attacks against the Rule of Law, Equal Justice under the Law, and the freedoms retained by the States for the People contained individually and collectively in the First Ten Amendments.

Do you know why Jefferson was adamant to detail the specific authorities and rights our forefathers were NOT giving to the federal government but rather were specifically retained by the States? Because he knew actions, like we see playing out daily, would happen at some point in the future. He and others were adamant that they would guarantee future generations would NOT experience the authoritarian rule that crushed the spirits of individuals in Europe. That crushing was the final straw that led them to the New World. And they made certain it would never be infringed by any leaders in government, education, or business in America.

I’m not surprised by the authoritarian allegations made by the two Harvard scholars against Donald Trump. But I’m ashamed to hear that LSU professors have fallen into that trap. (I’m a rabid LSU supporter: Geaux Tigers!)

Biden is Dead Wrong — At Least on Two Counts

Now I know why former VP Joe Biden’s campaign handlers have worked diligently to draw from what little good there is from the lockdown during COVID-19: keeping Joe away from people. I don’t think even for one moment that his spending time in the basement of his house was just accidental. His problem is simple: every time he steps in front of a camera or a microphone, he steps in something that really stinks. Either of the two that have surfaced so far would suffice to lose the election for him. Both together may be what puts Donald Trump’s re-election over the top.

Biden: “Trump Squandered a Great Obama/Biden Economy”

Joe Biden claimed on Tuesday that President Donald Trump has “squandered” an economic expansion inherited from the previous administration.

“Donald Trump inherited the longest economic expansion in history from the Obama-Biden Administration, but like everything else he’s inherited, he has squandered it,” Biden wrote in a tweet.

The former vice president made his comment after the National Bureau of Economic Research noted on Tuesday that the U.S. economy peaked in February and has hit a downturn. In an article attached to his tweet, Biden said that the bureau’s announcement “that our economy has been in recession for months now is a reminder that well before the COVID-19 threat emerged, President Trump had already turned his back on the middle class.”

Biden criticized President Trump for cutting taxes for big corporations and the richest Americans instead of investing in the middle class, as well as driving manufacturing into a recession across the Midwest. He also blamed the president for systematically stacking the deck against working families.

“And now, even in a recession, President Trump is doubling down on this agenda, diverting money meant for small businesses to big corporations and his wealthy donors, and presiding over the largest corporate bailout in America with no strings attached, and little oversight,” he wrote. Biden said the president has forgotten about the middle class long before the CCP Virus pandemic hit the nation, causing millions of people to become unemployed and businesses to be shuttered.

Though Biden admitted that President Trump is not responsible for the CCP Virus, or coronavirus pandemic, he must be responsible for a completely bungled response that not only cost thousands of lives but millions of jobs that should not have been lost.

“The ‘unprecedented magnitude’ of the economic hit, and the ‘broad reach’ of it—that’s on Donald Trump,” Biden said. He added, “Millions of Americans are suffering right now because of his negligence and incompetence.”

In his article, Biden did not spend time talking about his own plans for the future as a candidate running against the incumbent president.

Biden also claimed that President Trump has “run the same playbook hollowing out our economy … the rich get richer, powerful get more power,” but data from the Congressional Budget Office shows that nearly 2.5 million Americans have been lifted out of poverty under Trump administration, while real household wealth has increased nearly $12 trillion since the start of 2017.

Before the CCP Virus outbreak hit the U.S. economy, the Trump administration had created nearly 7 million jobs since his election, including more than 500,000 manufacturing jobs, and the unemployment rate was at its lowest level in half a century.

There were seemingly no manufacturing or trade jobs under the Obama-Biden administration.

Christians Need to be Put on a Watch List

At the town hall, Biden advocated for a registry of all religious organizations that won’t toe the line of the gay agenda. That proclamation at the townhall parallels the agenda of the radical group called the Southern Poverty Law Center which is pushing for all opposition to the LGBTQ policies to be designated as “terrorism,” which under the “Patriot Act” means that an individual’s constitutional rights are nullified.

“What we had before to deal with hate crimes was we had a position in our administration, within both the Department of Justice as well as within Homeland Security, a provision to keep watch on these groups that we know are out there – like terrorist groups, they’re similar,” Biden stated, referring to the “danger” of Christians in American society.

Biden pushed three things to help end “hate crimes” against gays: passing the Equality Act, monitoring groups that are similar to terrorist groups, and rewrite federal civil rights laws to prevent discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Those seem benign enough, right?

Keep in mind, the Southern Poverty Law Center’s efforts for the designation of Christian groups as “hate groups” is, in essence, to criminalize the Biblical beliefs of more than one billion people on Earth. With such a formal designation, the federal government would be allowed to conduct surveillance legally on the Christian groups.


Oddly, NO Mainstream Media organization reported on either of these two declarations made by Mr. Biden. It should not be surprising that the MSM is already giving him free passes for anything and everything he says. I’ve heard of no one that holds him to account for the radical ideas he now espouses that are light years further left than even those of his former boss, Barack Obama. Biden is pandering to the far left to try and garner their support in the November election. And his opponents in the Republican Party have so far given him a pass on accountability for any of this.

There seems to be something ominous in all of this. His stances voiced, even in a vacuum, are grounds for a sound defeat for the former Vice President. But the details of just these two if ever announced by any other Democrat candidate would have been the basis for the removal from the ticket. Are Pelosi and Company planning to make a last-minute play to replace Mr. Biden with another Democrat? Would a Democrat National Committee’s declaration of a sudden physical incapacity of Joe Biden be sufficient to replace him?

Stranger things have happened.

One thing is certain: former VP Biden is NOT fit to serve as President today. The job and its requirements are far beyond his capabilities. And his wanton attacks on the Christian community easily disqualify him and certainly open pandora’s box of defeat.

I doubt Christians will find themselves with a terrorist designation. But simply the fact that a presidential candidate who was making a statement — not answering a question — would voluntarily state support for a religious group of people to be designated a terrorist organization. Let’s face it: there have been thousands of Christians around the world slaughtered by radical Islamists in the name of THEIR religion. They are not branded as a “terrorist” group — even in the United States. Yet in Biden’s mind, they should be.

“Out of the abundance of the heart a man speaks.”

The saddest thing about Joe is this: I believe he really thinks the economy was thriving under Barack Obama!

(In case you didn’t, the Obama economy was horrendous!)

When Lying Becomes Pathological

I’ve my entire life heard the term “pathological liar” used to describe the most despicable and dishonest humans on Earth. I never really understood its true meaning, until now. I fully understand not only its meaning but to whom it applies.

The above letter is self-explanatory. It illustrates exactly how deep is the dishonesty perpetrated by members of the Democrat-controlled media, leftist pollsters, and even television network and newspaper producers.

How could these dishonest polling numbers be considered pathological?

“Pathological Liar” defined: A pathological liar is an individual who chronically tells grandiose lies that may stretch or exceed the limits of believability. While most people lie or at least bend the truth occasionally, pathological liars do so habitually. Whether or not pathological lying should be considered a distinct psychological disorder is still debated within the medical and academic communities.

Does that definition describe the pathological actions of today’s Media?


It has become abundantly clear that there without question is intent on the part of the Mainstream Media (MSM) to insert themselves in the 2020 election for the purpose of impacting election results. That in itself might an innocent objective, unless one remembers exactly how rabid the MSM went during the 2016 presidential election and its aftermath. The target of their angst: Russia, Russia, Russia!

It seems it was discovered that the Russians (and probably other foreign actors) had found ways to infiltrate the American media to further their own purposes for election results. Some claimed it was Russia to benefit Trump. Others swear it was Russia impacting election results in Hillary’s favor. Which if either was correct, it is clear there were attempts to use the American media to impact that election. And it is certain they will do the same thing in the run up to November 3, 2020.


The American media have always played a role in national, state, and local elections. But their purpose was never to themselves impact election results, rather to facilitate the messaging of political candidates reaching the electorate with their political plans and ideas.

The Federal Communication Commission is responsible to guarantee all broadcast media outlets provide equal time for campaign ads for all candidates in each race. Additionally, the FCC policies political operations to assure Americans broadcast radio and television channels — which belong to the American people — are used and operating in lawful compliance. The FCC demands for all political advertising that every candidate receives the exact same advertising opportunities as all other candidates. That includes time provided and pricing for ads.

Leveling the political media landscape is a noble cause, IF the MSM just let it stop there. Unfortunately, they determined THEY should themselves play a major role in choosing candidates themselves! Heretofore they have implemented actions to do just that with no regards to their wrongfully impacting election results in biased ways. Who can forget this travesty that played out for the media during the 2016 election:

Notice all their responses to the election results. They had bought into their own pathological thinking that there was no way Donald Trump could defeat Hillary Clinton! The truth made NO difference in their mental and emotional responses during the campaign period. They were so convincing they convinced themselves through the non-stop lies Hillary was a sure winner. That is one of the issues with pathological lying: deceit and misrepresentation.

Don’t think for one moment that they did not learn from their 2016 mistakes. They’ve learned. They are STILL operating in the same mode. They’ve been hell-bent on doing and saying anything they can use to thwart a second Trump term. And they’re convinced once again they can do that.

They may be correct.

One thing has been confirmed. Until the last several years, conservatives and this President had a group of advocates that were totally committed to spurn political correctness and the “certain” election result outcomes that needed to be foretold and predetermined by the MSM. The conservative news advocate was FOX News. But the unbiased political narrative heretofore front and center and FOX is losing its luster. And with it goes impartiality in reporting. How so? Look at THIS story published on FOX Monday:

“A new national poll indicates that President Trump’s approval rating is dropping and that he trails Democratic challenger Joe Biden by double digits if November’s presidential election were held today.

According to a CNN survey released on Monday, the president’s approval rating stands at 38 percent, a dive of 7 percentage points from CNN’s previous poll, which was conducted in early May. And Trump’s disapproval rating jumped from 51 percent month ago to 57 percent now.

And the poll shows the former vice president and presumptive Democratic nominee topping the GOP incumbent in the White House by 14 points — 55 to 41 percent. That’s nearly triple the 5-point margin – 51-46 percent – Biden led by a month ago in CNN polling.

The president, who rarely misses an opportunity to blast a poll that he doesn’t like, took to Twitter soon after the survey’s release to charge that “CNN Polls are as Fake as their Reporting.”

There was more in the FOX News story. But the bundle of information necessary to show the legitimacy of ANY poll is glaringly missing. What is that?

Notice in the letter at the beginning of this story today: the entire second paragraph detailed the testing criteria, details of the polling process, and the sample detail.

The FOX story neglects to point out the most important details in ANY poll that gives it ANY legitimacy: two details. What are they? The breakdown of the sample voters by party affiliation, AND whether voters are registered voters are not, likely to vote, and even if they are registered voters at all!

This story by FOX apparently marks a dramatic change for FOX News. You may remember, after the 2018 midterms, FOX reached out and hired a different polling entity themselves — one that is dramatically partisan and is firmly left-leaning. That’s one issue. The second is the printing “partial” details of the CNN poll without including the undeniable proof that the CNN poll is undeniably non-representative of a realistic group of 2020 voters!

Why would any network do that — especially FOX News? Remember: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS and all the major newspapers conduct reporting that way all the time. But, for FOX it’s a new and shameful departure from truth in reporting and unbiased news gathering.


Does this mean FOX is in the MSM tank? It’s looking more and more that might be true. If you pay attention to FOX News programming, their news operations during the day and early evenings have made a sharp left move. But their evening show hosts remain rock steady in that conservative mode. Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Shannon Bream continue to raise the conservative banner.  But does this Monday report on the CNN poll mark a concerted move by FOX away from their previous policy of making themselves part of political stories and polling operation rather than just to report on those.

We cannot be for sure which way that organization is moving. But what we can be certain is that their competitors don’t bother to hide their political bias at all. In fact, they are proud of their partisanship — something NO real journalists would ever fall prey to.

Keep your eyes peeled. And share this information with all those around you. Many of your family members and associates when reading that CNN poll (and especially seeing it discussed by FOX News) will begin to bow under the weight of discouragement and false information.

Isn’t that what the MSM have been doing for most of this century anyway? They haven’t changed their song or their message. If this really is a move by FOX News, it will be the most dramatic and substantive change in political news of this election.

By the way: if anyone in politics has the capability to tackle such destructive and pathological actions it’s President Donald Trump. HE will keep us in the know about this slide left by FOX. And he’ll be loud and nasty — just as nasty as those who continue to spread false information to impact the electorate.

I want Trump in my corner on this!

Have You Had Enough?

I hope not, because they’re just getting started.

Remember yesterday I told you the gloves are off at TruthNewsNetwork. We are through at couching explanations for egregious acts taken by the Left: the media AND politicians AND their minions. We going forward are going to give you facts about what happens every day as we always have. But we’re going to give you the perspective of the possibilities for those actions being taken. We will always make clear what is fact and what is opinion. But the muck and mire in media today make it really difficult to even see the things that are happening let alone determine their purposes and meanings.

Why is All This Happening?

It’s all “purpose-driven.” What is the purpose and who is driving the activity? That answer is not a simple one. It’s detailed, it’s lengthy, but it is relevant. Let’s spend a bit of time to carve out a block of understanding.

  • Everything that happens (or does not happen) in Washington is politically driven. When I say “everything,” that’s exactly what I mean! Congressional recesses, receptions, visits from foreign dignitaries, press conferences, dates and times for press conferences, dates and times for filing legislation, whether or not legislation is considered on the floor of the House or Senate, who sponsors and who co-sponsors bills, who speaks on the floor and who does not. All of these things and numerous others are each and every one politically devised and offered to the American people always with one objective: to further the cause of the political entity in charge. And that means BOTH Democrats and Republicans.
  • Everything that happens in its purpose(s) is to, among other things, always attack the leaders of the opposing party. For example: any legislation that is put forth in the House of Representatives today has very little DIRECT ties to how that legislation is to and will impact the Americans for which it is offered. Oh, each piece always has some goodies attached to pacify the electorate. Every legislative House action in this Congress is fundamentally driven to defeat Donald Trump: Everyone.
  • In the Senate, under GOP control, actions are devised to protect the Republican agenda that at least in part is in place: confirmation of ambassadors, administration officials, circuit judges, district judges, appeals court judges, and the biggie: the US Supreme Court.
  • The Media march to the beat of one solemn drum: denigrate Donald Trump and destroy any and all of his supporters; keep a narrative created and rebounded throughout each day to cloud the reasoning of as many Americans as possible. And to be successful at that task, they must hide the truth by wrapping it in what they determine is a palatable package so as not to offend too many conservatives. (Examples of that below that happened yesterday (Monday))
  • This combination of what has become a “D.C. Monster” has been laughed at, derided, rebuffed, and scoffed at for a couple of decades. Its final designation seems to be the “Deep State.” Few will now take issue with that term because during the last three years Americans see daily the actions of a coordinated combination of Leftist politicians and diplomats along with the Media mouthpiece of the Deep State. They no longer even try to hide it! It’s in full view.
  • To be successful, all those considered to be “turncoats” to this cause must be eliminated: either literally or denigrated so vehemently over an extended period of time as to destroy the public credibility these people have. No punishment is too severe. There are many who have actually paid the price for their refusal to “play ball” with the Deep State that have mysteriously disappeared or have died.

The Media in All This — YESTERDAY (Monday, June 1, 2020)

Monday, President Trump shocked the world — especially those in Washington — by conducting a press conference in the Rose Garden and then heading with his Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Homeland Security, Chief of Staff, his daughter, son-in-law and a covey of Secret Service agents across Washington Park to St. Johns Church — the church that rioters looted during the last few days. He had in his press briefing made it clear that the issues that have happened around the nation in multiple cities that purportedly began as peaceful protests were all right: while just protests. But when in each city protests and protestors were allowed to become rioters and looters, the leadership in those cities and states were legally responsible for protecting their citizens, the property and businesses in those cities and states, and to enforce the laws of each state regarding protesting and rioting. I think it’s safe to say that the Media showed us NO demonstration during the past week in which any city or state effectively quashed the rioting.

Yet, mayors, governors, members of Congress, and pretty much everyone in the press blame President Trump. They do this in spite of the fact that each knows the President by law cannot take law enforcement or military action in any state without request, authorization, and implementation jointly with those cities and states.

I’ve heard more than one mayor, one governor, and one state Attorney General tell the President via mass media to stay out of their city and state! And he has — until Monday.

He put those mayors and governors on notice that “peaceful protest is legal and fine as long as they abide by the laws. Riots are NOT legal and will no longer be accepted in the United States.” U.S. citizens are watching as their private property, their businesses, and their livelihood are torched by thugs (yes, I used the word thugs) who are nothing more than anarchists who care not for the purpose of the peaceful protests. They simply want the U.S. government and all democrat political operations in the United States to cease. Their goal? To make that happen.

What’s the End Result Hoped For by the Deep State?

That answer is simple: to get rid of Donald Trump.


They have never seen a politician at any level in the United States who has such fundamental convictions regarding the Constitution, the Rule of Law, the rights of citizens, and the absurdity of the U.S. political system as it is in process today. And they do not know how to deal with it and him. So they wish to destroy him.

They cannot beat him at the ballot box. They failed in multiple bogus investigations including impeachment. They this year have used a worldwide pandemic to weaponize against the President. And now they have a new and nastier tool: anarchy.

Isn’t is sad that so many people have been sacrificed at the altar of power for the Deep State? Americans have literally been slaughtered just to try and tear down the achievements for the people by this man.

Why would they take such drastic measures? I could speculate here, and won’t. But what I will say is in my lifetime I’ve seen only two possible answers for such actions to be taken. And I’ve never seen any that have had such devastating results during their quest to use and to win.

The members of the Deep State cannot reconcile in their minds why a billionaire who has everything one could want in life decided to jump into politics and jump in right at the top. They cannot fathom what his endgame can possibly be.

Charlie Kirk put it succinctly in an interview about his new book. Take a listen:


Donald Trump has for two days been receiving counsel from those in his Administration about how to address the racial horrors unfolding on the streets of the U.S. Some wanted a speech to the nation. Others thought that would be too dangerous and become nothing more than political talking points. The President thought it through and made his historical speech and trek through Washington Park to St. Johns Church with a Bible. He didn’t give a speech. He just told the World that the U.S. was and is the greatest nation on Earth. We’re having difficulties, but we’re coming back. And we’re going to be stronger than ever.

I actually watched that unfold and got teary-eyed! There is no doubt that historians will mark that trip to the church as a historical moment.

Here’s how the Mainstream Media gave it to the nation with their story and news headlines:

Donald Trump says “I am your law and order president,” orders “heavily-armed soldiers to D.C. and threatens to deploy military nationwide — then has protestors tear-gassed so he can walk to a fire-damaged church and brandish a Bible (The Dail Mail)

Trump declares himself the “law and order” president as peaceful protestors are dispersed (CNN)

Trump threatens to deploy military against protestors as teargas fired outside White House (The Guardian)

Trump vows to send military to U.S. cities if governors don’t “dominate” protestors (MSNBC)

“Trump vows to Deploy Military if Violence Continues.” Police Clear Protestors with Tear Gas so Trump can Pose by Church. (NewYorkTimes)

Trump warns that he will dispatch troops if local officials do not crack down (Washington Post)

Do you see it? They are unified, on target with their purpose, and moving ever forward in strength to re-establish the Deep State as in total control.

The sad thing in all this? They want to accomplish it without Americans even knowing the Deep State exists!