A “Suburban Mom” Weighs-In as Only One Can

Let’s stray from our normal “business as usual” routine at TruthNewsNetwork. Daily you hear directly from us. But today as we face an election just six days away. How are other Americans feeling about the election, and, more importantly, about choosing between the two presidential candidates? I highly doubt there are very many voters remaining who are REALLY “undecided.” At this point, unless one has been living under a rock, the die is probably caste. To that end, I thought it would be good for me today to step aside and let you hear from another American: a suburban Mom. These are the voters who many on the Left maintain feel abandoned by Donald Trump: he failed to protect them and their children by ignoring the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, he should NOT be trusted to serve four more years.

You’ve heard this before here: “Facts Matter.” Let’s today turn our attention to one of those Suburban moms who tells us her story and where she stands as she, like you, faces choosing between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

I’m a white, college graduate, suburban mom in her 40s living in an upper-middle-class area. If you listen to the media, my fuel-efficient SUV should be proudly outfitted with a Biden/Harris bumper sticker.   Except it’s not. Not all of us fit into a big suburban box. I have two young girls — yes, girls — and this year I’m voting for them.

In 2016, I took a chance, and cautiously voted for Donald Trump based on the promises he made. This year, I’m proudly voting for him based on the promises he’s kept and the leadership he’s shown over the last three and a half years.  President Trump has done more that I support than any president in my lifetime, and certainly more than Joe Biden in his decades in Washington.



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