An Orwellian Switcheroo: Charging Israel with Genocide

October 6th, 1973, as large numbers of American Jews attended temple services for Yom Kippur—the holiest day in the Jewish calendar—the shocking news broke that Israel had just been attacked by Arab forces from Egypt and Syria.

Amazingly, tiny Israel, even though blindsided by its hostile Arab neighbors, won this war in a mere three weeks. But this would not have happened without substantial aid from America, boldly authorized by President Nixon, who refused to stand by and witness another Holocaust against the Jews.

This surprise attack, the Yom Kippur War, coming on a day when so many Israelis were in their synagogues fasting and praying, elicited world condemnation.

The Narrative Changes 180 Degrees

Hamas invading Israel on October 7th, 2023


Now, almost 50 years later to the day, on the holy day of Simchat Torah, Hamas invaded the country and proceeded to perpetrate the most savage, horrific massacre of Israeli civilians imaginable.

However, this time around, Israel was afforded only a few days of commiseration before much of world opinion shifted to castigating Israel for its vitally necessary retaliation and sympathizing with…wait for it… the Palestinians, i.e., the perpetrators!

This is largely the result of the worldwide “Left Turn” in the ensuing decades, as major news agencies, universities, politicians, and others who quickly turned the reality upside down, are mostly Leftists. Let’s not forget that the Soviet Communists themselves created a false narrative of the so-called “oppressed Palestinians,” who were actually mostly disgruntled Egyptians and Jordanians who’d been misled by their own leaders and blamed Israel instead, as I’ve written about here.

However, there is also the fear factor, as cowardly and hypocritical Progressives know it is dangerous to criticize Muslims who are fond of beheading infidels while criticizing Jews is not only fair game, but one finds a lot of support from troves of anti-Semites who like nothing better than to find new excuses to “blame the Jews.”

And there’s the added advantage of Progressive virtue-signaling by mindlessly calling for the “liberation” of the Palestinians, “from the river to the sea”—meaning the complete annihilation of Israel—a notion we’ve recently learned is very popular at Harvard and MIT, among other overpriced Leftist indoctrination centers, aka universities.

What About Genocide?

Several popular alternative media sites, along with the notorious Squad in Congress, students in colleges across the nation, and protest rallies here at home as well as in Europe and the UK, claim Israel is committing “genocide” against the Palestinians.

And now South Africa—famous for decades of Apartheid, as well as one of the highest rates of gun violence in the world—took the infamously hypocritical step of hurling genocide charges against Israel at the World Court.

But to give them their due, the South Africans do know something about genocide—as their government has long turned a blind eye to the ongoing horrific genocide against white Afrikaner farmers committed by South African blacks.

Ilana Mercer, who wrote about this at length in her book Into the Cannibal’s Pot, had this to say in 2010:

Afrikaner farmers are being exterminated at the genocidal annual rate of 313 per 100,000 inhabitants. Or, in the estimation of Dr. Gregory H. Stanton, who heads “Genocide Watch,” “four times as high as is for the rest of the population,” making farming in South Africa the most dangerous occupation in the world.

She goes on to describe the savage butchery of these murders and to quote a blogger who called on: “fellow black people” to “take [their] land” and “rape every trespasser, namely white whores … till the last breath is out. … White kids will be burned, especially those in Pretoria and Vrystaat.”

Sounds eerily familiar—all the more so when you hear their clarion call: “Kill the Boer.” Just substitute Jews for Afrikaners and “Kill the Jews!” for “Kill the Boer!” and it’s déjà vu.

As South Africa points the finger at Israel, it is once again intentionally blind to the real genocide—whether that of Hamas or that of its own people.

As described in a review of Into the Cannibal’s Pot, Mercer documents the rise of antisemitism and Islamic radicalism in New South Africa, which set the stage for what Bret Stephens rightly calls “the moral obscenity” of South Africa charging Israel with genocide, and what I call a satanic inversion of reality.

But this is nothing new for the Left, which has long since learned to accuse others of things it does itself with impunity.

War Crimes

While the globalist Left and friends keep slandering Israel with “war crimes” charges—though we’ve never seen a nation at war take such precautions to spare civilian lives—there have indeed been obvious war crimes committed.

The funny thing, though, is that the Leftist press hasn’t mentioned these crimes. Might that be because they were committed by one of the Left’s protected “oppressed” peoples? Or perhaps it was an oversight, and the mainstream media will correct it shortly.

In the meantime, consider this list:

·      Rape: It is considered a war crime to use rape as a weapon, which Hamas used with great abandon on October 7th, even filming their atrocities. Almost all the women and even children were raped before being murdered or kidnapped–many were gang-raped. And some men were sodomized.

·      Chemical weapons: We now know Hamas used a toxic chemical gas to kill the IDF female observers and female IDF officers at the Nahal Oz outpost, where a “toxic flammable substance was hurled into the entrance of a building housing the surveillance commander center at the base.”

·      Targeting of civilians: The purpose of the entire raid was the targeting of civilians! It was the butchery of innocent civilians at the hands of the terrorists, whether at the Nova festival, in their homes, in their beds, or in their “safe rooms”. How do you explain their purposeful murder of babies? Hamas, along with many Palestinians who accompanied them to loot the homes of murdered Jews and cheer on the murderers, even targeted the homes of Jews they knew personally from having worked for them since Israel allowed Gazans to be day workers using a permit system.

·      Torture: The October 7th attack served no military purpose. It was a day of bloodletting and grisly butchering as Palestinians gave vent to the Jew-hatred at the center of their lives. “During the October 7th attack on Israel, Hamas terrorists raped, gang-raped, beheaded, burned, mutilated, disfigured, and tortured men, women, children, the elderly and the disabled.  Hamas terrorists chopped off fingers, arms, and feet, gouged out eyes, obliterated faces, and tied up dozens of people—including children—before burning them alive. They cut an unborn baby out of a pregnant woman, stabbed the baby with a knife, and shot the mother in the head.” They also cut the breasts off of some of the women and played catch with them while others did the raping.

·      Taking of hostages: If we take the UN’s Article 8 on War Crimes as our guide, we also find that taking hostages is a war crime, along with “willfully causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health”—which the Palestinians did to both the Israelis they murdered in Israel, and to the hostages they brought back to Gaza.

·      Genocide: Why did the Gazan terrorists kill Israelis? Because they’re Jews. They knew their raid would not lead to a military victory over Israel. They also knew Israel would retaliate. So why do it? For the glory of killing Jews in the name of Allah—aka genocide. By the way, Hamas’ charter clearly advocates genocide of the Jews.

There is simply no comparison between the abject evil that those Gazans inflicted on 1,200 innocent Israeli civilians and Israel’s clearly justified military retaliation. Any attempt to downplay the heinous, psychopathic rampage of the Hamas butchers is to support that evil.

One more thing: You’d think that Hamas since they took hostages in part as bargaining chips to entice Israel to release scores of terrorists in exchange for them, would have treated them with kid gloves.

Well, you’d be wrong.

Hamas starved them, beat them, and sexually molested them. Perhaps they would have taken better care of them if they hadn’t been promised a $10,000 reward from Hamas leadership for taking those hostages. Perhaps that reward meant more to them than the planned hostage swap.

History Right Side Up

One can scarcely imagine a more savage, grizzly, and malevolent spree of gang-raping, dismembering, and brutal murder than what Palestinian terrorists inflicted on Israeli civilians on October 7th—not only not sparing women and children but ostensibly seeking them out. And from eyewitness accounts, the barbarous Muslim assailants were laughing and jeering as they raped, slaughtered, and immolated their Jewish neighbors.

That diabolical orgy of sex and bloodlust cannot be forgotten when one considers the current Israel-Hamas war. As the world now knows, Hamas poses an existential threat to Israel. Therefore, those who support Hamas are supporting the eradication of Israel, i.e., genocide against the Jews. And in its genocidal resolve, Hamas is joined by like-minded Arab Islamists who continually plot, plan and attack Israel, directly or through proxies, e.g., Iran.

Ironically, both sides do agree on one thing: this battle is ultimately that of good against evil.

They merely disagree on which side is which.

Cherie Zaslawsky is a writer, freelance editor, and private educator/teacher/writing coach for high school students, as well as a confirmed Constitutionalist who nevertheless lives in California. Her work appears in Renew America, Lew Rockwell, American Thinker, Canada Free Press, WND, The Post & Email, and more.
See her Substack: Cherie Z’s Truth Be Told! 

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