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Anger, Disbelief, or Fear?

That’s a good question regarding the motives for the obvious disdain expressed by Democrats during the first State of the Union message of President Trump. Longtime Congressional Dem leaders, members of the Congressional Black Caucus, and many rank-and-file Democrats sat on their hands most of the evening. Something’s up for certain. What could it be?

While most everyone else in the Hall was on their feet applauding, here’s the things President Trump touted for which Democrats failed to applaud OR stand:

  • Black unemployment is at the lowest rate in recorded history;
  • The stock market has zoomed to never-before-achieved highs adding $8 Trillion of value to stocks — stocks owned by Americans, many who are Middle Class building retirement accounts;
  • Female unemployment is at its lowest level in 18 years;
  • His commitment to use all Federal resources available to fight opiod abuse;
  • 2.4 million new jobs created in his first year as President;
  • His promise to provide 1.8 million Dreamers amnesty and a path to citizenship — twice as much as offered by Obama in 2013 — which Democrats supported;
  • His promise to end immigration lottery and chain immigration replacing them with merit-based immigration — which Democrats supported in 2013;
  • His support for standing during  the National Anthem;
  • His praise for companies that on their own chose to give 3 million+ middle class employee bonuses $3 Billion+ in bonuses because of the new Tax Law;
  • Massive tax cuts for low and middle class Americans;
  • Companies like Apple announce they are bring hundreds of billions of profits made overseas back to the U.S. to build new factories and add tens of thousands of new jobs;
  • We are a nation with the motto “In God We Trust.”

It is uncanny to see the stark contrast during his address — not just between Democrats and Republicans on the floor, but between Democrats and the huge crowd of spectators in the Hall balconies that were guests of lawmakers.

So What’s Going on With Democrats?

Let’s look at and analyze the possible explanations for Democratic  venom for all things Trump as they appear on various political stages in America:

  • They simply hate him.

Congressional Black Caucus response when POTUS remarks that Black unemployment is lowest in history

I’ve believed for more than a year Democrats simply hate him and therefore refuse to support any issue he supports and any legislation he supports. They as a group support every issue he does not support as well as any legislation he does support. That would make sense — until last night. Certainly that explanation would be plausible IF the issues he has put forward that HE supports were the ones they have hated historically. Example: Immigration. His new immigration proposal is virtually identical to legislation that cleared the Senate in 2013 that the House then voted down, BUT he doubled the number of Dreamers that would be eligible for amnesty than Dems asked for in 2013.

  • Democrats want him to fail.

This theory can easily make sense, especially in the atmosphere created and amped up continuously during the 2016 campaign by the Leftist media and maintained even after his election. Remember, they for months all laughed on-air at any mention that Donald Trump could ever be elected President. He was and that embarrassed them all. Any and all of his successes while in office simply serve as salt rubbed in their wounds of being wrong in their election certainties that all placed Hillary at the podium giving that State of the Union speech — certainly not Donald Trump.

  • Democrats do not support the issues he detailed in his speech.

This is a tough one to mention. Why? Lower taxes for the Middle Class, numerous new jobs, low unemployment for Women and Black Americans, Immigration Reform, have all been the “property” of the Democrat Party for decades — yet they have failed miserably in attempts at making  those happen. Simply because he’s Donald Trump — the leader of America’s deplorables — they have turned against their historical ideals and election platform planks. Their leaders — Pelosi and Schumer — demand undying support for the politically correct positions on all issues when either blows their dog whistle. Pelosi and Schumer are in locked step against everything Trump supports, even if they supported those issues previously. Does this not — if it’s true — illustrate exactly the depth of hypocrisy on the Left: “Symbolism over Substance?”

And here’s the scariest of the possibilities:

  • Dems literally no longer support these longtime Democrat Party fundamental positions.

Could it be that these fundamental Democrat positions held for decades could no longer be positions which Democrats believe and support? If true, that means a 180 degree position change almost overnight.

  • Democrats fear Donald Trump.

This may be the most plausible explanation for what we saw play out at the Capitol. Because of the results already visible of the positive Trump policies, Dems are deathly afraid of what is happening. They fear Donald Trump’s ability to brush aside the constant blustery threats of Schumer and Pelosi, and to ignore or simply laugh at the continued hysterical attacks from the Mainstream Media. But most importantly, the Dems see that Americans are seeing not only that the President’s campaign promises have begun to come to pass, they are actually working! 

But their biggest fear is that with each economic, social, and foreign policy victory for the Nation under this President’s Administration, the political power long held by the Democratic Party erodes a bit more. And that power and control erosion is growing and consuming every liberal principle in its path. They simply do not know what to do. 


Seldom are decisions that are made based on fear the right choices. Because of that, we’re seeing Democratic leadership crumble before our eyes. What Pelosi, Schumer AND Establishment rank-and-file GOP and Dems in Congress are watching in horror is that political bunk is no longer acceptable to Americans. Americans in growing numbers are accepting the truth of that age old Scriptural principle, “You will know the truth AND THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.”

Because of this, the call of “Make America Great Again” is becoming believable.


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