The House Intelligence Committee Memo: Nuclear Bomb!

The nuclear bomb that is nastier and more powerful than any ever in our nation is about to explode. We are about to have the layers of the “corruption onion” called “American Intelligence” peeled back to lay naked the near-treasonous actions by the very individuals charged with protecting America. That protection is designed to carefully and thoroughly guarantee Americans we are safe 24/7 from all those who seek to take advantage of everything and everybody who lives in the U.S. It is anticipated that details contained in this memo will change the way American Intelligence operates today and forever.

What is already shockingly proven factual is that in an unprecedented manner those at the highest management levels of each Intelligence agency have locked arms with each other to mount and implement an attack on the Constitution, the rule of law, and the greatest political system on Earth — until today. The scariest of these pending revelations? For the first time in American history, the Mainstream Media and the Democrat Party have joined forces to coverup the truth of this corruption and take every measure possible to prevent Americans from discovering it. Their messaging is identical!

Who is blowing the dog whistle and passing out the talking points? Is it Schumer. Maybe it’s Pelosi. Maybe it is George Soros. It might even be — I’m going to say it — Barack Obama.

The book is out on who is in charge. But make no mistake, the Media AND the Democrat Party have resorted to the most vile, most vicious, loudest and wildest methods every seen to in lock step with each other STOP the release of the memo.

I cannot wait for its release! I will have plenty of narrative immediately upon its release. I will also post it in its entirety immediately when it is released to the public.

Make a point to check back here — hopefully tomorrow morning (Friday, February 2) to read it and share narrative, thoughts, and even questions.

I’ve said it before: “Buckle up….we’re about to take a wild ride together!

1 thought on “The House Intelligence Committee Memo: Nuclear Bomb!”

  1. I think someone or someones are pulling the strings, but I don’t think it’s Pelosi, Schumer or even Obama. I think they are puppets being used in an attempt to subvert our government. I hope we can dig deep enough to find the true deep state.

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