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“Anonymous” Sources

American news has turned into “yellow” journalism. It’s almost like we live in a third-world country. NBC News had to withdraw a news story they released nationally one day ago because the substance of the story wasn’t true! Nothing like that would have happened in the time of David Brinkley or John Chancellor. Why? They wrote and broadcasted REAL stories with REAL sources. And NBC editors verified the substance of every story before it was aired. That obviously is not the case for NBC anymore…..and definitely not for the others.

News sources are key elements in the life of news. No news organization can flying solo obtain every news item that Americans want/need to see, read, or hear. Sources are critical to that process. However, anonymous sources have become the scourge of the news industry. We see that playing out before our eyes daily. It has led to a news environment in which Americans no longer can take the word of Walter Cronkite, Peter Jennings, Brinkley, or even Mike Wallace because their integrity and historical truth in reporting the news dictated that could safely be done. Americans today must question EVERY NEWS STORY. Why? Because the truth is missing in American news so often.

Listen closely to the two segments of today’s broadcast. You will be shocked at the truths and will be challenged as well. Thanks for listening!


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