This COVID Madness Began With Clinton, Obama, and Now Biden With Fauci

The questions about the origin of COVID-19 have still not been answered. Well, that’s not necessarily the truth: the source (or sources) have not yet been “confirmed.”

Leading the pack in the field of possible “origins” is the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China. Even if that laboratory is not THE source of the virus, that lab figures heavily into the equation of COVID-19’s spread around the globe.

Little by little, facts about that lab through the years and its many U.S. connections keep showing up. At the same time, little by little, we are informed that numerous U.S. universities with extensive virology laboratory testing facilities have been sources for “experimentation” with various viruses, included the SARS-CoV-2 that is the virus that morphs into COVID-19. Generous “contributions” to those universities by the Chinese government have opened doors to Chinese scientists to work inside these U.S. laboratories on a bevy of projects. As it has been revealed, some of those are “gain-of-function” research operations.

Though Dr. Anthony Fauci vehemently denies that gain-of-function research has ever taken place on his watch, and indeed, NIAID has not funded such, it has been revealed that U.S. tax dollars HAVE been used to fund gain-of-function research.

The storyline spun by Fauci and other “experts” as to the source of Sars-CoV-2 points to bats as the source to cloud the picture even further. We are told that there are massive bat colonies close to Wuhan. Those bats carried Sars-CoV-2 and infected some animals sold at a nearby wet market in Wuhan. Fauci et al propose that as its source. However, NO bat from that area has been found to have the COVID-19 virus.

What About Those Chinese Scientists Working in the U.S.?

Renowned U.S. medical analyst and veteran Dr. Lawrence Sellin revealed that the Chinese Communist regime has reportedly infiltrated U.S. research programs with the help of Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.

“It is a consequence of “scientific chain migration,” a pattern of research program infiltration by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) that has been replicated across the United States for forty years,” wrote Dr. Sellin and independent researcher, Anna Chen, on Nov. 21.

The procedure followed by CCP members is basic: large groups enter laboratories and related centers in the United States and invite other comrades to take the most advanced knowledge and technologies from the country.

In this way, they also take advantage of the funding provided by the U.S. government. They then return to China to adapt that knowledge to developing programs, including the CCP military.

In 1979, a wave of thousands of Chinese researchers flooded 60 U.S. universities, based on an agreement signed between President Jimmy Carter and CCP leader Deng Xiaoping.

President Barack Obama, for his part, extended that agreement indefinitely. Many Chinese students and intellectuals obtained citizenship and permanent positions in these institutions while remaining loyal to the CCP.

Among the most outstanding are those who attain memberships in the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, millions of dollars in grants, including those from Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and attachments as university professors.

Meanwhile, they maintain active and ongoing exchanges with the CCP military and top Chinese universities and research centers.

Moreover, they have promoted the development of China’s controversial Talent programs, such as the “Thousand Talents Plan.” So did Xiao-fan Wang, a “foreign” member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and his wife, Xin-Nian Dong, a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences.

“U.S. research centers are de facto extensions of the Chinese Communist Party’s fused military-civilian research program,” Dr. Sellin reiterates.

In this context, renowned American journalist Tucker Carlson denounced that the country’s leaders have been selling “out America to China” for years to enrich themselves, and in doing so, “They betrayed us,” he concluded:

Carlson pointed to Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg as a clear example of one of the aristocrats in the service of the Chinese, who applies all the censorship imposed on him in the media, thereby enriching himself. This makes him doubt the way in which Bloomberg would defend the country’s sovereignty if he were to become president.

He recalled the case of former Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk, who became a foreign agent with ties to the Communist Party, and former Sen. Joe Lieberman who works for the Chinese company ZTE banned in the country because of the threat it represents.

He also mentioned former U.S. Virginia Rep. Rick Boucher, who works for companies considered dangerous, linked to the Chinese regime.

Carlson also points to other strategies through which the Chinese regime deeply hurts the United States in its struggle to dominate it, and he said it invests large amounts of money to do so. One such strategy is evident in the purchase and domination of the most American sport: basketball. He mentioned the leaders of the NBA, the coach of the Golden State Warriors and athletes like LeBron James, who defend the censorship imposed by the Chinese and against the cherished freedom of expression that is being preserved in the United States.

Also, through the Thousand Talents Initiative — a Chinese program that buys the services of entrepreneurs, scientists, and experts often in secret, they get the best of the technology and research developed in the country, for their benefit.

The academic world is the beneficiary of large amounts of money distributed by the Chinese system in universities, behind the backs of the authorities. Thus, Harvard and Yale universities were accused of hiding hundreds of millions of dollars received from foreign countries such as China and Saudi Arabia, among others.

The FBI is currently investigating more than 1,000 cases in which it believes China stole research from U.S. companies through espionage. As if that were not enough, the pervasive influence of the Chinese regime was present in Disney, which changed the ethnicity of a movie character to avoid the anger of its “masters in China.”

No less disturbing is the growing dependence on products made in China. Eighty percent of the antibiotics used in the United States at this time come from China, to cite just one fact.

Carlson is emphatic in pointing out that this whole situation was generated over many years, during which time American leaders of the time became rich by selling their own country. The Chinese regime has generated a long list of protests and grievances in many countries, and the human rights atrocities committed are among the most serious.

Practitioners of the Falun Dafa spiritual tradition and Uighur Muslims are ruthlessly persecuted.

The Trump administration stands out in its defense of human rights and religious freedom.

“Over the past 20 years, Falun Gong practitioners have experienced terrible and unacceptable human rights abuses in China,” says a statement issued by Rep. James McGovern (D-Mass.), chairman of the Congressional Executive Committee on China (CECC), and its co-chairman, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

Also, Assistant Secretary of State John J. Sullivan denounced “the horrors of state repression” of human rights by the Chinese regime on Sept. 24 to more than 30 countries in New York.

Talk about clouding the task to find the source of COVID-19 and its purported ties to China! They’re involved in pretty much EVERY industry in the United States. Therefore, their reach into our society has been virtually effortless, precisely because of the massive amount of money the CCP pours into our country.


Is it critical for us to know the source of the virus? If so, for what reason or reasons?

Yes, it is. Why? Finding an actual treatment without the knowledge of its source IS possible. But it would happen only in a hit-or-miss scenario. And even then, without the source, it would be challenging to produce an ironclad antidote. Look at the effectiveness of these mRNA vaccines and the Johnson and Johnson. All three have proven reliable as only a “temporary answer.” We have no real cure.

It’s time to demand answers to the questions we have: Why has there been no unified international investigation to find COVID’s source? After all, hundreds of thousands are dead, and millions more are severely ill from the virus, with many sustaining life-altering reactions to even COVID’s treatments.

I cannot believe if World leaders joined together with a single purpose to find the origin, it could happen quickly. Once known, the REAL scientists could then quickly craft medical countermeasures that work instead of forcing citizens of every country to accept these mechanically created medicines that may be helping some but are certainly killing far more than have all other vaccines combined in our history.

That’s NOT what U.S. Healthcare is supposed to be about. We have for generations touted our healthcare system as the greatest and most progressive on the Planet. We’ve never seen in this country the mass chaos we watch daily in which millions scramble for answers to a plausible question while fascist so-called experts are using the fear of COVID-unknown coupled to fear of death as tools to force all to accept these top-down “solutions” that are helping almost no one.

Americans are close to the line of telling our government, “No more! We demand answers, and we demand them now!”

I hope these Americans will stop there. But I expect that will not be all that happens. Frustrations coupled with fear and egregious totalitarian actions initiated by our federal and state governments have created an environment that almost always initiates violence among nations’ people in World history.

We do not need that in the U.S. We need honest and straightforward leadership on this and every other front. We need answers and not platitudes. We don’t need our president to try and make us feel warm and fuzzy. We need facts: the good AND the bad. And we need them NOW.

Our lives and our futures are at stake for all of us!

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Florida: Democrats’ Thorn In The Flesh

Remember the dog days of summer, when there was near consensus in the media that Florida was led by a madman whose reckless COVID-19 policies represented a grave threat to the nation? Those hyperbolic claims have been quietly shelved, now that the number of new COVID-19 cases in Florida has plummeted from 151,748 for the week ending August 20 to 19,519 as of October 8, according to the Florida Department of Health’s weekly Covid situation report.

According to the New York Times COVID-19 Tracker, Florida now has the second-lowest per capita COVID rate of any state: 12 per 100,000, behind only Hawaii, with nine per 100,000 as of October 18. Florida’s vaccination rate (59 percent fully vaccinated) is now above the national average (57 percent.)  St. Petersburg currently has a per capita COVID infection rate that’s lower than every county in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and other blue states.

As media elites waxed indignant over Florida’s alleged COVID sins this summer, many couldn’t hide their see-we-told-you-so delight when the Delta plague Florida’s shores. The Left eviscerated Governor Ron DeSantis for his opposition to mask and vaccine mandates. Joy Behar of ABC’s The View called him a “homicidal sociopath” and a “dangerous criminal.” Jennifer Rubin, the Washington Post’s “conservative” columnist, wrote that DeSantis’s conduct revealed a “breathtaking disdain for the well-being of his state.” Charles Blow of the New York Times wrote: “Yes, Florida, DeSantis is allowing you to choose death so that he can have a greater political life.” Writing for CNN, Columbia University economics professor Jeffrey Sachs declared that “Governors Ron DeSantis of Florida and Greg Abbott of Texas have, through their policies, been effectively leading their citizens toward death.”

MSNBC host Joy Reid called DeSantis “Dr. Death” and “the grim reaper of the South,” who was “rolling out the red carpet for the virus,” and “rooting for the virus.” She asked one guest to explain what she characterized as DeSantis’s strategy of “killing children in (his) own state and letting children die of COVID.” MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski called Florida’s governor “the DeSantis variant” and proclaimed him the new leader of a cult. “Almost all of these hospitalizations (and) deaths (in Florida) would have, and could have, been avoided if misguided Americans had not followed the crazed teachings of a growing death cult,” she said.

Salon picked up on the death cult theme in a piece roasting DeSantis with the headline, “The GOP’s death cult comes for the children.” The author, Sophia Tesfaye, claimed that DeSantis’s goal was to make public schools in the state “so unsafe and inhospitable that parents are forced to push their children into private schools.” The Daily Beast got in on the act with a plea headlined, “It’s Time to Put the Right-Wing Zombie Death Cult on Trial.” The author, Wajahat Ali, fantasized about putting DeSantis and other Republican governors on trial for “helping to actively kill people and harm children with their pro-death policies.”

While some liberals feared Floridians as an unwashed horde of invading barbarians, others laughed at the state’s misfortune. In an early September monologue, ABC’s late-night host Jimmy Kimmel said, “Of the 54,000 Americans who died from COVID since the start of the summer, almost one of five died in Florida, which, my God, all those orphaned ferrets, it’s a shame.” Kimmel faced no sanction from ABC because mocking dead Floridians is apparently still considered good sport on the coasts. Earlier in the summer, he had called Florida “America’s North Korea.” He and others fail to understand that since the start of the pandemic, Florida has, for many, become synonymous with freedom, representing a way of life and a state of mind as much as a physical place. The media deliberately mischaracterize DeSantis and others in the “disease-spreading, right-wing zombie death cult” that supports him as anti-mask and anti-vax, when in fact, Floridians  just want to be left alone.

People who have spent much of the last couple years living in fear resent Floridians’ freedom and are waiting for things to go badly there, as they did this summer. But the summer surge in Florida and across the South was predictable for mundane reasons. When the heat and humidity spikes, people retreat into air conditioning, where it’s easier to spread the virus. But as the temperatures have dipped in recent weeks, infection rates have plummeted across the South.

Meantime, the states whose COVID infection rates are now heading in the wrong direction are almost all in cooler-weather states run by Democrats, like Michigan, Minnesota, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico. Don’t expect the media to highlight this or question if the leaders of those states made bad policy choices.

The truth always finds a way to slip out, though. Florida’s second-quarter tourism arrivals were up 223 percent year over year, and the number of domestic visitors was up 6 percent over the record figures posted in 2019. (International arrivals were down substantially due to travel restrictions.) Visitors from cold-weather states like New York, New Jersey, and Illinois, expected to be stepping over bodies in the streets in St. Petersburg but were pleasantly surprised by how normal life is in Florida. At a time when the Left is having an authoritarian moment – pushing vaccine and mask mandates, demanding crackdowns on conservative speech, intimidating parents who criticize school boards, and branding anyone who disagrees with them bigoted or worse – Florida feels like a bastion of liberty.


It’s sad that instead of the media “know-it-alls” exercising the practice of Journalism they for so long have claimed sole ownership of, choose instead to give Americans little more than their tired, vapid, partisan drivel totally void of facts. And they continue this insanity knowing full well that Americans are on to their schemes! Even journalists who in the past claimed integrity in honest reporting have abandoned not only their profession but also their ability (or desire) to communicate “facts” to the American people opting instead for whatever they feel their political bosses want to see and hear.

Truth is NEVER supposed to be “For Sale.” But at CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, objective journalism went on vacation in the run-up to the 2016 election and hasn’t shown back up yet.

What the media elites refuse to accept (even if they actually understand it) is that Americans have caught on to their tricks and are no longer falling for them. Yet editors and producers alike still demand partisan thuggery from a fawning group of media lapdogs who are hopelessly leashed and collared so Joe, Nancy, and Chuck can lead them down whatever the “news path of the day” happens to be for Leftists.

Funny: some of the people who purported to be knowledgeable about everything and are expected to talk to Americans about facts decided to go to sleep and refuse to wake up. And they certainly are “reporting” about what their dreaming and, most certainly, forgot how to simply state facts and allow a nation full of pretty smart people to determine what the “news” actually means.

Sadly, I doubt it will change. Oh, they’ll never admit they were wrong about Florida or applaud the governor’s successes handling COVID. They certainly will never acknowledge their errors in “reporting.”

The saddest of all is nobody in management at these news outlet even cares about their “untruth” in reporting.

But Americans DO care.

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How Do YOU Plan on Tackling The World of “Wokeness?”

I like Ben Domenech. Besides being the publisher of The Federalist, one of the nation’s few “really conservative” news outlets. Last week, he sat in the hot seat on FOX News’ Primetime for an hour each weeknight. Though I have been a fan for some time, his sitting in that chair, giving us the daily “real” news from a truly conservative perspective. (it was neat to get facts without spin!) While sprinkling each hour with his suggestions for us all to adapt to play an active role in righting this ship of Democracy: the United States of America. He made some excellent suggestions for us. They’re so good and appropriate, I thought we’d share a few of his suggestions — just 85!

His suggestion is for all Americans to tackle the “Wokeness” the Left has created and thrust into the U.S. marketplace of ideas. While the Left’s approach is to demean all who reject their woke ideals, the cool, calm, and resolute Domenech quietly put any of those fears and concerns to the side and, in that calm, deep voice, gave us the keys. The overarching theme of these 85 suggestions is this: “Stop talking and start doing. Create the culture you want to see. Vote not only at election time but with every day of your life and every action you take. Self-government starts at home, with you, and now. If YOU don’t pick up the mantle and put it in action, who do you expect to do that for you?

Wow! That is a great starting point for this conversation. Let’s look at his 85 keys to doing just that:

1. Run for office.

2. Recruit someone excellent to run for office and a group of friends to help that person win.

3. Primary a woke or sleeping incumbent.

4. “Start a neighborhood group — present yourself under an umbrella that welcomes all other responsible members of your community who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and who are willing to stand up.” (quote from Ben’s monologue)

5. Cook some or some more of your own meals.

6. Grow some of your own food.

7. Shop at your local farmer’s market, or participate in community-supported agriculture.

8. Shop local for other stuff, too.

9. Cut cable and send the cable payment to something useful, like your local church or a fund to help kids escape public schools.

10. Work out. If you already work out, up your game. If working out is intimidating, start going for walks. See where it leads, and feel good about doing more than you used to.

11. Play board games with your kids instead of letting them watch some screen.

12. Organize a mass protest against school masking.

13. Start a local online news blog that uses open-records requests to obtain curriculum from the local schools and post screenshots and basic summaries of what you find.

14. Don’t send your kids to schools that medically and socially abuse them. Have education standards that are far above “free babysitting.”

15. Volunteer to coach local kids’ sports.

16. Go to church—every week.

17. Go to church midweek, too.

18. Go to your church’s Sunday School or education hour before or after the service.

19. Pick up and drive an elderly, handicapped, or otherwise needy person to church on your way.

20. Stop shopping on Amazon.

21. Volunteer through your church.

22. Volunteer at your child’s school.

23. Notice that a neighbor struggles with something, like childcare or lawn care or loneliness. Do something to help.

24. Invite people over to your house for dinner. If dinner is too intimidating, do drinks or dessert or popcorn.

25. Get to know your neighbors and your neighborhood.

26. Cultivate the art of hospitality, and use it as a tool to build community. Without thriving families and strong, close-knit communities, conservatives will never rescue or rebuild the republic.

27. Start or any group that brings people together in other people’s living rooms regularly: a book club, a woodworking club, a volunteer group, a craft club, a playgroup for preschoolers and their parents — the possibilities are endless.

28. At Christmas, go caroling in your neighborhood (even if it shocks the neighbors).

29. Visit senior centers, new neighbors, and anyone you think might be lonely; invite them to celebrate holidays with your family or church.

30. Try to buy less stuff made in China.

31. Watch local sports instead of pro sports. Better yet, participate.

32. Stop using social media. At the very least, use it as little as possible.

33. Move your savings and investments to pro-America institutions. If you can’t find any that are specifically pro-American, choose a small local bank or credit union. Or a pro-life one.

34. Pay down your debt. Try to go debt-free.

35. Move from a blue state or city to a red state or city.

36. Don’t pay for your kids’ school bundled into the mortgage; get a less expensive house and use the savings to give your kids a private education.

37. Bring someone a loaf of bread you made. Or a loaf of bread you bought from a local bakery.

38. Rediscover an old hobby. Or try a new one. Acrylic paint is cheap.

39. Read your kids books.

40. Take a bike ride. Bring your kids.

41. If you don’t have a spouse, make specific plans for how you plan to try to find one.

42. If you don’t have kids, have some. If you’re not married, do that first.

43. Call a relative you haven’t talked to in a while.

44. Call a friend with a different political worldview, and make it a pleasant conversation.

45. Read a book.

46. Make a budget, and follow it.

47. Think seriously about apprenticeships and starting in an entry-level job for your teens instead of or before heading off to college. Colleges are COVID traps right now, and even pre-COVID, the value they provided in exchange for the time and money invested in them was significantly diminishing. Businesses are starving for workers right now, and entry-level positions for many, eventually highly paying jobs are wide open, such as in the trades and entrepreneurial positions in small businesses, such as mechanics, construction, bakeries, florist shops, lawn care, and more. Employers are often paying people to acquire skills while they work in well-paid, good-benefit fields like health care and construction, and they will take any halfway competent, warm body right now.

48. Write a book. Publishing and libraries are a wasteland right now. People need better options.

49. Create a documentary.

50. Make jokes. Share them.

51. Make beautiful art, and bring it to art shows. Spread beauty.

52. Paint a public mural on a building visible to others that doesn’t look like those hideous graffiti “art” cities are putting up everywhere. Make it utterly gorgeous. Put those anti-beauty nihilists to shame.

53. Get your friends who can play or sing beautiful, classic, and fun music together and serenade passers-by in a local park.

54. Become a foster family. Private foster agencies are a perfect option.

55. Adopt a child.

56. Bring your local police station some home-baked goods or offer to buy officers on duty a nice big round of hot coffee from a local shop.

57. Call your local police station and tell them you support them and thank them for protecting you.

58. When your neighbors are rude, walk over and nicely talk to them about it instead of calling the cops on them.

59. Go to a city council meeting.

60. Smile at people while you’re not wearing a mask.

61. Whistle or sing while not wearing a mask.

62. Learn some cheerful songs. Sing them.

63. Support a Christian school. Or start one.

64. Homeschool or privately tutor the kids of someone who can’t.

65. Start a public charter school.

66. Ask your school board and school administration to use the Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum for civics and American government.

67. Read the Constitution.

68. Read The Federalist Papers.

69. Subscribe to the Claremont Review, and read it. Leave your finished copies on the table in your local library.

70. Move your investments out of institutions and companies that hate America.

71. Ask your library to purchase conservative books they don’t have in stock.

72. Complain to your library about them buying child mutilation books.

73. When one of your favorite video people uses Rumble, watch your videos there instead of YouTube.

74. Contribute to Alliance Defending Freedom, and First Liberty like your religious liberty depends on it.

75. Take a free online Hillsdale College course. Recruit friends to take the course with you and host discussions at your house, church, library, or another community center.

76. Donate your legal, financial, fundraising, maintenance, or other professional skills to a local church, Christian school, family, or another nonprofit charitable organization.

77. Start a men’s club of any manly variety — cigar-smoking, shooting, running, drinking, self-improvement, business coaching, etc.

78. Mentor someone personally or professionally.

79. If you’re a woman, start dressing more femininely. Try a few dresses on, and buy one.

80. Prudently allocate any stimulus checks you’ve received.

81. Stop using Google.

82. Intentionally improve your homemaking and home management skills.

83. Keep at least a few weeks of basic home supplies, including food, in stock at your home.

84. Stock at least some basic emergency preparedness supplies (more ideas here).

85. Support a Wide Awake writer on Substack, Patreon, or some other subscription or membership option.


Now you see why I really like Ben. His words of wisdom flow from him, not like those edicts we hear daily from Fauci and Psaki or President Biden either. And he SOUNDS sincere. Isn’t that a pleasant surprise in today’s raucous political environment in which everyone makes everything they say sound demeaning?

And he’s married to Meghan McCain — the daughter of late Senator John McCain (R-AZ). I guess that explains Ben’s calm approach to almost everything. His wife is a political tiger!

As you approach the next few days and weeks, wouldn’t it be prudent to adopt an approach as the one Domenech suggests? Why not stop worrying about everything every day ALL THE TIME! That worry certainly does not help you. In fact, your doctor would tell you it is tremendously dangerous to your physical and mental health.

Take a breath and start at the top of Ben’s list. You may not be able to get them all done in the next month or maybe not even the next year. But just launching yourself into specific tasks, each designed to help you and others, doing so will keep you concentrated on good things rather than the garbage and sewage from the D.C. Swamp that has dominated your thoughts and conversations.

It’s time that ALL Americans cancel “Wokeness.” It was created perceptually by the Left to use as a weapon against their political opponents. No, it’s not a “real” weapon. Why? Because conservatives have no idea what it specifically is and does! That’s the point of their use of it. They can define it, change it, and apply its poison to anyone and anything they so choose.

Hey: here’s a novel idea. Why not just CANCEL “Wokeness” and stop this craziness!

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Pending Revolution — in the United States!

You can “smell” it in the air. What is “it?” It’s the growing sense of anger, frustration, and futility of tens of millions of Americans who every day find themselves caught in a web of misinformation spun by America’s medical experts about everything-COVID-19. The stench — as it has become — has little to do with processing information we hear from our government but results from their constant reversals of “the Science” they demand we accept as undeniable facts. What exacerbates the futility are those life-changing demands Americans hear and implement that have cost them dearly during the past two years only to discover the “Science” we heard months, weeks, and sometimes just days ago is really NOT Science at all. What is it? It’s the opinion of someone who has a medical title or two and has an important appointed position in some prestigious medical or government entity. Their titles and job titles are what are supposed to justify our certain compliance with each of their edicts.

It’s just a matter of time before the boiling cauldron American’s emotion spills over into the landscape of cities and towns across the nation. I’m certain that boiling-point WILL be reached, and I think that day’s not far ahead.

Think about it: can you even number the lies we’ve heard from Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden, leaders in Congress, and governors and mayors that have resulted in dramatic life changes for several hundred million Americans? There have been so many we’ve become numb.

And then there’s the news.

The most cheerful headline I have seen in weeks was on Glenn Reynolds’ New York Post column: “No, Karen, we’re not masking again.” I hope he is right. I do wonder, though. I have no doubt that the second part of his headline, “A winning GOP message for 2022 [and] beyond,” is correct. At least it’s correct if it is expressed as a conditional: It would be a winning strategy was it adopted. As Reynolds noted, “There is a great deal of pent-up frustration and resentment over the inconvenience, the loss of freedom and the general climate of rage that the government’s pandemic response has created.” Indeed. And he’s right, too:

  • It’s irritating to be lectured by officials who claim to be smarter than you. It’s infuriating to be lectured by government officials who claim to be smarter than you—but clearly aren’t.
  • The on-again/off-again claims on masks and vaccination are just part of it. Tired of masks? Get vaccinated, they told us. Now they’re saying wear a mask, even if you’ve been vaccinated and even if you’re associating with others who’ve been vaccinated.
  • And there’s talk of more lockdowns, which a growing body of scientific evidence suggests were perfectly useless and downright harmful.

Is there any hope we will be successful wading through this political quagmire and get across and out of this swamp?

Regarding the question of hope, I am reminded that hope was said by some cynics to have been the last evil in Pandora’s story. It seems like only yesterday — in fact, it was just this past May — that both the president and the vice-president of the United States insisted that (as Joe himself put it) “Folks if you’re fully vaccinated — you no longer need to wear a mask.”

Of course, that was more than a year after “15 days to slow the spread,” Anthony Fauci’s steady stream of contradictory, though authoritatively delivered, advice, not to mention the recent advent of  The Delta Variant.

It was the New York Post, again, that cut to the chase on the latest with its cover of July 30. “Insanity!” read its oversized headline, and below was a large grid with a tiny bit of the upper right square marked. Of the 161 million people who have been vaccinated, only 5,601 have been hospitalized with the new version of the virus. Of those, only 1,141 have died. That’s .0007 percent. (And how old, one wonders, were those who succumbed, and from what comorbidities did they suffer?)

Now it turns out that the latest CDC advice was based largely on an outbreak at Provincetown after the informal party time of “Bear Week” in early July. Andrew Sullivan treated the news the skepticism it deserves. In fact, as another commentator pointed out, what the Provincetown outbreak really shows is that “even under perfect conditions for a superspreader event, the vaccine works spectacularly well.”

But even to talk about studies and statistics and “expert” advice is to assume that we are talking primarily about an issue of public health. We aren’t. Consider this list from Jim Treacher:

  1. Absolutely do not wear a mask;
  2. You must, must, must wear a mask or you’re killing Grandma;
  3. Don’t leave the house or you’re killing Grandma;
  4. If you can’t avoid leaving the house, stay at least six feet away from any other human being you see or you’re killing Grandma;
  5. Wash your hands 20 times a day;
  6. Do not touch your face or anything else, ever;
  7. Get vaccinated so you don’t have to wear a mask;
  8. You have to wear a mask even if you’re vaccinated;
  9. When the above rules change, and then change back, and then change back again, shut up about it or you’re a stupid MAGA-head;
  10. Don’t forget to vote Democrat!

Of course, the last item is more often left unspoken than it is overtly expressed, but it is an assumption, that pulls together the whole shifting kaleidoscope of contradictory advice. Treacher is right. “This isn’t about science. It’s about control. You will do as you’re told, peasants, and your moral, ethical and intellectual betters will continue to do whatever they please.”

I think Glenn Reynolds is correct that opposing the tyrannous spirit that stands behind the lockdowns, the mask mandates, and the smug, intimidating, politically correct demands for proof of vaccination would be a winning strategy for GOP politicians. Will they adopt it? Most will do so tentatively, if at all. That’s my prediction.

Last year a book was published by Joel Kotkin called The Coming of Neo-Feudalism: A Warning To The Global Middle Class. Some people thought Kotkin was overstating things with his talk of an increasingly divided society in which a tiny elite lorded it over an increasingly pauperized and disenfranchised mass. It turns out, though, that if anything Kotkin understated the trends. The weaponization of public health dictates, their enforcement by a vast and increasingly overbearing mob of nanny-state bureaucrats, is simply the latest manifestation of the profoundly anti-democratic spirit that has taken hold in the United States and other western nations.

It’s all about social control. At some point, there will be a revolt. The longer the arbitrary insanity persists, the more violent the reaction will be. The question is whether we are at or are approaching the point of crisis. Will the voters stand for another lockdown as we approach the 2022 election? Lockdowns dramatically increased the opportunities for voter fraud; 2020 showed that. That is precisely why the swamp is prepping us for another go. Let’s see if we stand by grumbling without taking action or if, finally, we actually do something.

I am certainly no pessimist. But I am not holding my breath.

(Does that sound like a pessimist?)

OK: I’m “pessimistic!”

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It Appears We’re Hearing Lies About All-Things COVID-19: Part III

We’re approaching — if we are not already there — “Critical Mass.” COVID-19 information’s manipulation by the Biden Administration, International Medical Bureaucrats, leaders in the Democrat Party in Congress, and the Mainstream Media feeds little more than fodder to the American People. Daily as we discover new lies by this “COVID Syndicate,” we uncover new and more surreptitious methods of invading the private lives of Americans by U.S. Intelligence agencies. We discover they have been practicing this for years.

Add to that the revelation last week that this presidential administration is apparently monitoring all Americans’ social media pages and pointing to specific posts that include what the Administration calls “dangerous and untrue COVID-19 information.” Every day we inch closer and closer to an “Emergency Proclamation” by the White House that mandates ALL must be vaccinated.

Yes, it’s something horror stories and movies were created to portray. George Orwell was certainly prophetic with his epic “1984.” And we all thought he was insane when it was published!

Facts Matter

Many cannot understand why the government will not be forthright with ALL the truth about everything to do with COVID-19. There are horrible side effects that afflict many. These include stroke, heart issues that sometimes are fatal, uncontrollable tremors, many others, including massive numbers of trips to the emergency room.

“If” President Biden was honest about COVID-19, he would mandate that all of the good AND the bad from COVID-19 be released equally to the American people. He’s NOT honest. Along with his so-called medical “experts,” he takes great pains to hide the adverse reactions to these vaccinations from us. Many people don’t realize that his own CDC publishes an updated list of ALL of the reported adverse reactions on the CDC website every Friday!

It’s obvious why they don’t publish those. The specifics of the adverse effects and the molecular changes that have already been discovered when revealed en masse to the American people will certainly start a revolt against this Administration.

How bad is it? We publish the weekly reported cases. In case you haven’t seen the latest, here are the details released through July 9, 2021, on the VAERS section of the CDC website:

  • Hospitalizations: 30,781
  • Urgent Care: 59,402
  • Office Visits: 82,535
  • Anaphylaxis Shock: 2487
  • Bell’s Palsy: 2885
  • Miscarriages: 1073
  • Heart Attacks: 3906
  • Myocarditis/Pericarditis: 2466
  • Totally Disabled: 9274
  • Thrombocytopenia/Low Platelet: 2552
  • Life-Threatening: 8832
  • Severe Allergic Reaction: 19,814
  • Tinnitus: 5422
  • Deaths: 10,991

Please note that these numbers are ONLY the reported numbers of each medical event. The CDC estimates that a REAL number would be at a minimum ten times more than these reported numbers for each adverse event.

Vaccine History

The VAERS Report by the CDC began back in 1990. Since that time, all adverse effects of vaccinations of all kinds have been kept in this same way. The VAERS Report, though on the CDC website, takes an IT genius to find it, set it up for each week’s numbers, and create a report.

Please see below a simple chart that plots the VAERS numbers of reported deaths from adverse reactions to vaccinations in the U.S. These numbers are the totals for ALL vaccines each year.

The graph below does NOT lie. Adding together ALL vaccinations for ALL diseases and viruses in the United States, there’s never been a calendar year since 1990 in which there were 1,000 or more deaths IN TOTAL for all vaccines given during that year — until 2021. In just five months and one week — this year — there have been 10,991 “reported” deaths from adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccinations.

Doesn’t this fact — especially when added to the exhaustive list above of all other adverse reactions — mean that there is some “thing” or some “things” out of wack in ALL of the COVID-19 vaccines being jabbed into the arms of Americans?

It Gets Worse

We in the U.S. should not close our eyes to the fact that we do not live in a COVID-19 vacuum. This plague has impacted the entire Earth. No nation has been or is safe from this monster that certainly came from a bioweapons laboratory initially meant to do just what it is doing now!

(Maybe it escaped that lab by accident)

As our close partner in pretty much all things, Europe has been devastated by COVID-19 just as we have. The European Union database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, which also tracks reports of injuries and deaths following the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines.” EudraVigilance is only for countries in Europe that are part of the European Union (EU), comprising 27 countries. The total number of countries in Europe is much higher, almost twice as many, numbering around 50.  So as high as these numbers are, they do NOT reflect all of Europe. The actual number in Europe reported dead or injured due to COVID-19 shots would be much higher than what we are reporting here.

The EudraVigilance database reports that through July 3, 2021, 17,503 deaths and 1,687,527 injuries were reported following injections of four experimental COVID-19 shots.

COVID-19 Vaccinations Are NOT Effective in Numerous Cases

This one floors me: we’ve been told from long before the first vaccine hit the marketplace in the U.S. that “if we don’t get vaccines developed quickly, and in the arms of Americans, millions will die!” Sure enough, Fauci’s cries for vaccines resulted in shortcuts by the epidemiologists and laboratory scientists. What occurred has NEVER before happened in U.S. history. Our government approved bringing vaccines to the marketplace with minimal testing, hardly any human trials of the vaccines — at least compared to the development and testing of every OTHER vaccine created in American history — and, Bingo! We have vaccines, and now the World is going to LIVE!

Something about two months into this government rush to vaccinate us all struck me wrong: why would the U.S. government foot the bill for all of this medicine? It’s one thing for Uncle Sam to step in and assure everyone who doesn’t have insurance can get the vaccination at no expense. After all, the government made it clear to us all that this was probably the worst scourge in American history.

So, now we find ourselves months into this “pandemic,” millions of vaccinations in the arms of tens of millions of Americans. That was supposed to take care of EVERYTHING! But it hasn’t.

Being completely vaccinated does not provide complete protection against COVID-19. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there have already been 4,115 recorded cases of completely vaccinated persons hospitalized or dying from COVID-19 coronavirus breakthrough infections. Nearly half the cases (49%) were women, and 76% were aged 65 and up as of June 21. According to Forbes, there were 3,907 hospitalizations and 750 fatalities among individuals who had breakthrough infections. However, not all hospitalizations may link to the CCP Virus (COVID-19).

If a person tests positive for SARS-Cov-2 (CCP Virus) two weeks after getting the single dose of Johnson & Johnson or the two doses from Moderna or Pfizer shots, it is considered a breakthrough case. Due to passive and voluntary reporting, the number of CCP Virus vaccination breakthrough infections is likely undercounted. The FDA reported, “These surveillance data are a snapshot and help identify patterns and look for signals among vaccine breakthrough cases,” and “No unexpected patterns have been identified in the reported breakthrough infections.”

The CDC switched from monitoring all reported vaccination breakthrough cases to only report instances that resulted in hospitalization or death on May 1, a decision that health experts condemned. Despite the CDC’s claim that the change in reporting will “help enhance the quality of the data gathered on cases of greatest clinical and public health relevance,” the change in reporting has resulted in a decrease in the overall number of breakthrough cases reported in the United States.

Something about all of this puzzles me. My state of Louisiana has struggled to get the populace to step up and get vaccinated. By the end of June, just 31% of Louisianans had taken the jab. However, in south Louisiana, in the area from Baton Rouge to New Orleans and to the Gulf of Mexico, the vaccination rate was about 70%. In our government’s estimation, that was a great achievement. But then, something strange happened.

Three weeks ago, in just 24-hours, 600 cases of COVID-19 in that region of the state were reported. In the next 24-hours, there were 300 more cases. Sure, these occurrences have been unfortunately common throughout the pandemic. But there’s something strange about THESE cases:

More than 60% of these cases occurred in people who had already been vaccinated! Worse yet, most were positive with the Delta Variant.

What’s worse than this: the Media in Louisiana, after reporting the onslaught of a “new wave” of COVID-19, the media suddenly went radio silent: no updates, no further case numbers were published, and no one talked about any of this.


There’s something sinister in the air. Think about these strange events and put them in perspective regarding all the mysterious events of late surrounding our government and COVID-19:

  • We are told in a White House press briefing that the White House has joined forces with Facebook to “identify” and remove posts that include “incorrect” or “misleading” information about COVID-19. Jen Psaki actually said, “People are dying because of this rampant misinformation about COVID on social media.” (That sounds a bit like “Big Brother” to me.)
  • President Biden, in every public speech he gives, excoriates everyone who has not accepted a vaccination. Think about that: there’s no caution, no embrace of the Democrat Party cry of years (regarding the legality of abortion): “My body, my choice.” He even issued a veiled warning to unvaccinated Americans last week in a speech saying, “Those who aren’t vaccinated will pay the price.” What the heck is the “price” he referenced?
  • In an interview, Biden’s Secretary of State Xavier Becerra stated that it is indeed the government’s right to know who has and who has not been vaccinated for COVID-19. His sole justification? The U.S. government has spent billions of dollars developing and making vaccinations available at no cost to Americans. That gives them the right to know.
  • Almost daily, we hear more and more conversations about making vaccinations mandatory. Constitutional experts have squared off about the legality of the government mandating vaccinations. Put that in context for a moment: can you see a scenario in which a group of government officials pulls up in front of your house. They knock on the door and demand proof of the vaccination status of all who live there. They then force anyone there who is NOT vaccinated to have a jab, “or else.” What would the “or else” be?

Don’t say for certain we are not facing this scenario. Four years ago, I was certain nothing like this could ever happen in the U.S. Today, not so much. In fact, I think we’re walking down a path toward this for certain!

What To Do?

Don’t succumb to FEAR! That is the worst option for any to take. The best thing for us to do is dig, dig, dig: dig for facts. Research via the internet and find as much information about everything possible regarding these vaccinations. Stay away from the “normal” news sources from whom you have been getting the “everything’s OK” news about COVID-19 vaccinations.

Rather than resort to cynicism, adopt the Reagan philosophy of “Trust but Verify.” Remember: the U.S. government has far more information than do we about pretty much everything. They make decisions based on having much more factual information than do we about everything. Watch and listen to what they say, but ALWAYS ask questions.

In the end, folks, we’re all going to be OK. God’s got this! When the unknown begins to choke your joy to be replaced by fear, bow your head and whisper a prayer. God understands, and he cares for our concerns. And if this worry and/or fear is about to overtake you, reach out to someone you know you can trust. If you don’t have such a person in your life, send an email to us: We can and will immediately put you in touch with someone who can help you.

We’re all in this together. That means we’re in it now, while we go through it no matter how it plays out, and we’ll still be together on the other side of this all.

Hold on to this one thought: The Best is Yet to Come. With God, we know that is the truth.

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Fear or Racism: Which is Worse?

Fear now daily grips the hearts of Americans. Why? Almost every day we see video footage of a police shooting that far too often involves a white policeman shooting a fleeing African-American man. Any shooting of ANY person by a member of law enforcement is sad and meets with great regrets. However, just as regrettable are the instances of such shootings quickly being weaponized by those who wish solely to stoke the cries of “Racism” that are ripping us apart as a nation.

“The shootings have to stop! They better stop, or else!” Cries like this from those in communities of color are far too frequent and way too loud. Subsequently, anti-police rhetoric is spreading across the country faster than has the coronavirus because disinformation about racist police shootings fuels its transmission.

The horrific murder of George Floyd ignited protests across the country, and despite the involved officers being charged, and one of them already tried and found guilty, most Americans agree racism and police brutality are wrong, public outrage soon expanded to condemn all police.

The shootings of Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and Rayshard Brooks have become symbols of racist police killings, regardless of the facts. The false narrative surrounding police shootings have caused law enforcement officers to be demonized, assaulted, and murdered.

The data is clear: There is no epidemic of racist police officers shooting and killing black Americans.

While every life is valuable, the number of blacks unjustifiably shot and killed by police is microscopic. Numerous scientific studies have proven that when behavioral, demographic, and other contextual factors are controlled, the racial disparity in police shootings disappears.

Despite these facts, politicians, activists, and the media continue to misrepresent the facts.

Reality: What’s that all about?

It’s rare for police to kill anyone. A black man is more likely to be killed by lightning than by a police officer. In 2019, police shot and killed 1,003 people in the U.S., according to the Washington Post’s Fatal Force database. Of those, 250 were black and 405 white. Police shot and killed 55 unarmed suspects, including 25 whites and 14 blacks.

Shooting an unarmed suspect can be justified if a suspect makes a furtive movement, attacks an officer, or tries to take the officer’s firearm. Of the 14 incidents of unarmed black men shot and killed by police in 2019, several involved high-speed car chases, fights with officers or had weapons recovered at the scene. Every shooting needs to be evaluated on its own merits, and only one of the involved officers has been charged with murder, but for this analysis, assume all involved excessive use of force.

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR), there were 686,665 sworn police officers in the United States in 2018. That’s one unarmed black male shot and killed for every 49,047 sworn police officers.

In 2018, police made 10,310,960 arrests, according to the FBI, and the race was known for 5.6 million offenders. Of them, 1,548,690 (27.4%) were black. There were 229 black males shot and killed by police that year, according to the Washington Post, for a ratio of one out of every 6,762 black offenders. The ratio of unarmed black men shot and killed (23) in 2018 was one out of 67,334 black men arrested.

In 2015, about 53.5 million people had at least one contact with police, and 95% of those contacts involved traffic stops, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). According to a BJS special report, 91% of whites and 85% of blacks contacted by police during traffic stops said police behaved properly. Of citizens contacted during street stops, 81% said police acted properly.  Only 2% of all citizens contacted by police experienced force or the threat of force.

If The Numbers Don’t Show It, Why Do We Continue To Hear It?

It’s true the relative percentage of blacks killed is higher than with whites, but the press does not cover the shooting of whites to the same extent, probably because it contradicts the narrative of racist police. Shootings later determined to be justified are still trumpeted as proof of racism — as with the 2014 death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO.

It seems there is a weaponized narrative that is played for the American people but seldom played in the context in which tragic police shootings happen. And such shootings happen far too often regardless of the race of the shooter or the person shot. Unfortunately, those who weaponize skin color in police shootings seldom mention police shootings — though each and everyone is horrendous — in which no person of color is who gets shot.

In Burnsville, MN, police got a report that a man, 30-year-old Bradley Olsen, had been involved in a carjacking. They pursued the vehicle Olsen was driving, he fired at them, and they returned fire, hitting and killing him.

In Fort Worth on the same day, police also responded to reports of a man trying to steal cars. The armed man fled on foot, and an officer told him to drop his weapon. As the officer pursued, 31-year-old Ryan Williams pointed his gun at the cop and fired a shot. The officer returned fire and killed him.

The difference between these two incidents was that Bradley Olsen was white, and Ryan Williams was black. Otherwise, the cases are largely indistinguishable — how they started, how they played out, and, emphatically, how they ended.

This is the overall sense that one gets from the Washington Post’s famous database of police-involved shootings. Reading through it, there is no stark racial difference that jumps out, rather a dreary sameness. The fact patterns that get people shot by the cops, whether they are white, black, or Hispanic, are largely the same.

There are the most extreme cases when suspects engage in gun battles with cops. But pointing a gun, including a fake gun, at an officer also is likely to end badly. So is approaching a cop with a knife or even a metal pipe and refusing, despite repeated orders, to put it down. Resisting arrest is a common theme and, quite often, the people killed by the police were obviously mentally disturbed.

The Washington Post database suggests we have a violence problem in America and certainly a mental-health problem, but not — at least not on the face of it — a race problem.

Consider just these police-involved killings detailed below. Almost every type of incident involved people of different races.

It’s Important To Be Honest About What Today’s Media Really Are

The great comedian Chris Farley had a recurring “Saturday Night Live” sketch in which he nervously and incompetently interviewed celebrities. “Remember when you were with the Beatles? … That was awesome!” he “asked” Paul McCartney in 1993, after fidgeting for a suitably awkward amount of time. “Yeah … it was,” replied McCartney, who played it straight.

That happened for real last Thursday, but without any self-awareness or comedy, when the entire White House Press Corps either effusively praised or more-than-gently handled President Joe Biden for the duration of his first press conference. Biden had his own struggles in the slow and painful press conference, repeatedly having to read off notecards to get through the few mild foreign policy topics and occasionally getting lost in “rhetorical cul-de-sacs,” as Fox News’s Bret Baier kindly put it. But somehow, it was the media performance that stood out as particularly cringe-inducing.

“[T]he perception of you that got you elected — as a moral, decent man — is the reason why a lot of immigrants are coming to this country and entrusting you with unaccompanied minors,” PBS’ Yamiche Alcindor, the second “reporter” to be called on, asserted Farley-style. Comedian J.P. Sears joked, in a sketch offering constructive notes for the “people running Biden,” that Alcindor sounded like she was worshiping a dictator and suggested that reporters go ahead and leave the over-the-top compliments out of their questions.

Alcindor’s posture toward the inhabitant of the White House has not always been that of a very supportive fan. Her questions of President Donald Trump were always hostile and never failed to accept Democrat narratives, no matter how false those narratives were. At this press conference, nobody so much as muttered quietly about her sycophancy. In fact, two more reporters riffed off her preposterous assertion.

“How far are you willing to go to achieve those promises that you made to the American people?” asked the Associated Press’s Zeke Miller, who also heads the White House Correspondents Association, pressuring Biden to help the media and other Democrat activists to end the Senate filibuster. Miller views his job, accurately, as an adjunct of the Biden White House, heading up its media division instead of something independent from the Democratic Party.

Alcindor wasn’t sure Miller made his lobbying for that major Democrat policy goal clear enough, so she spelled it out for Biden as if he were a remedial student. “[W]hen it comes to the filibuster, which is what Zeke was asking about, there’s — immigration is a big issue, of course, when it — related to the filibuster, but there are also Republicans who are passing bill after bill, trying to restrict voting rights. Chuck Schumer is calling it an ‘existential threat’ to democracy. Why not back a filibuster rule that at least gets around issues including voting rights or immigration?” she advocated, using Democrat talking points and slogans, from her perch as a “reporter.”

These media activists were completely the opposite of Trump. They weren’t professional or honest or trying to get at the truth. They were the adversarial political opposition, working relentlessly against him every day and at each press availability.

In any case, the rest of the Biden press conference was bad, too. As Michael Goodwin noted, no one asked him why he was reading from prepared talking points, unlike previous presidents. No one peppered him about the health reports he’s kept hidden, even when he repeatedly lost his train of thought.

Not only did the media not push back against his radical agenda, but they also seemed to think that nothing he proposed was radical enough. “Why don’t you, when will you, why haven’t you? Over and over, the aim was not to ask a question but to speed up an agenda,” Goodwin wrote. Here’s more:

The man who campaigned on unity is hell-bent on permanent polarization, meaning cancel culture and the supercharged racial climate are here to stay.

Biden gave license to the worst instincts on the left with his repeated sneering references to all Republicans, especially Donald Trump. At one point, he actually accused Trump of letting immigrant children ‘starve to death on the other side’ of the Mexican border.

He said it in a room full of 30 supposed journalists, and not a single one challenged him or even asked whether he meant it literally. In fact, not a single one challenged him on any of his falsehoods.

This is a clown world. This is embarrassing. This is unbecoming of professional adults. This is so ridiculous and self-debasing that even Chris Farley couldn’t have played it for laughs.

The term for people who lobby for Democrat policies in this clumsy manner is “Democrat activists in the propaganda field,” certainly not reporters or journalists. They need to be treated as what they are.

It’s time to stop acting like these political activists are professionals who do honest journalism. Continuing that pretense is not doing a favor to the public. It’s not true. With very few exceptions, these people are not there to do journalism, and we need to be honest about that with the public. Not everyone is as bad as everyone else, but nearly the entire press corps is somewhere on the Democrat activist scale, from lefty to fringe, from shrewd to clumsy and clownish.

What To Do

It’s easy to complain about the obvious reality that our political media are completely corrupted and engage in propaganda, not journalism. But as they are the largest, most powerful, and least accountable political advocacy group in the country, Americans also need to do more than complain as the press harms the country.

They need to be treated as what they are. So for the love of all that’s holy, stop calling them the “mainstream media” when they are anything but mainstream, with views far to the left of the average American, and they’re not media but propagandists and political activists. If you hear anybody else refer to the “mainstream media,” rhetorically slap that 1980s term out of their mouth.

Average Americans need to stop reading and watching the corrupt corporate media. They should immediately stop subscribing to them, stop advertising with them, and stop paying attention to them. Reporters at these outlets quite obviously hate many Americans and the values they hold, and it’s time most Americans realized that and acted appropriately in response.

If forced to engage with these corrupt political actors’ work, Americans should learn to identify the leftist talking points and assumptions in reporter questions and develop a reflexive suspicion toward them, without fail. Assume out of the gate that the narrative these leftists activists are pushing is not true.

Whether it’s claims about Brett Kavanaugh being a serial gang rapist, or claims about the Covington children attacking an innocent bystander, or claims about the 2016 election being won because Trump colluded with Russia, or any of the other daily false narratives they push, assume that the opposite is more likely to be true and only change your mind if you get real evidence from real reporters. When they all tell you in unison that indefensibly mild voter security reforms are the same thing as, and we’re not joking here, starving and dehydrating voters, assume they’re lying with every bone in their body.

It also goes without saying that average Americans should never, ever speak with a corporate reporter. Their decades-long track record of hostility, glee in destroying lives, and general mendacity mean you’re an idiot if you engage with them.

If You’re A GOP Official, Grow A Spine

If you’re a conservative leader of some kind, or an elected Republican official, the requirements are much higher. Maybe you don’t have Trump’s courage in taking on the media, but you must still do your part.

As a start, stop thinking of the corporate press as anything other than Democrat partisan activists and propaganda pushers. Have some self-respect and recognize this reality. My goodness, is it embarrassing to see the fealty and subservience that Republican and conservative “leaders” have in the face of the propagandists?

On Sunday, Rep. Michael Waltz taught a master’s class how to handle propaganda from a CNN host.

Waltz knew the details of the issue the corrupt CNN host was pushing propaganda about and had the confidence of his viewpoint to fight back.

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky always does an excellent job of understanding media’s false assumptions enough to push back on them immediately.

These men retain their composure and their principles and recognize the media as the corrupt activists they are. Yes, it requires preparation and nimbleness, but it can be done.

Consider Other Creative Responses

Another option, a great option, is to starve these corrupt actors from getting your free help. There is no need to respond to whatever your most powerful and unaccountable political opponent says you have to respond to, particularly on their own corrupt and partisan terms. Treat them as your primary political opposition because they are.

Conservative leaders should have lists of fraudulent reporters and the outlets they work for. Sometimes media outlets are 95 percent hack, with one easily controlled lackey who is less bad than his colleagues. They put that lackey out there to work with gullible members of Congress.

If the media outlet publishes lies and propaganda, as they so frequently do, they shouldn’t expect a quote from any self-respecting congressional GOP office for a while. Maybe ever. When the lackey can’t get quotes, even though he’s not as bad, it might lead to some internal pressure. If it doesn’t, leave them behind.

If you must respond, respond in such a way that the only quote they can publish or air is one ripping them to shreds as the propagandists they are. When the entire media establishment went to war against Rep. Devin Nunes on account of his exposure of their fake narrative of treasonous collusion with Russia to steal the 2016 election, his office seemed to have fun with the situation.

As an example, the Daily Beast took one of their many leaks from Rep. Adam Schiff’s office to write a hit on Nunes for linking the Democrat information operation of the “Steele dossier” to a later Democrat information operation even more focused on Ukraine. Asked for comment, Press Secretary Jack Langer responded, “The Daily Beast and its regular cabal of Democrat leakers don’t seem to realize they are claiming that Rep. Nunes made the same argument behind closed doors that he’s repeatedly made in public.”

Betsy Swan and Sam Brodey rewrote that statement, quite insufficiently, as “A Nunes spokesperson said the congressman had made the argument described above in public.” So Langer shared his actual biting quote with another media outlet, which published a fun story debunking the false narrative set by the activist reporters, with additional commentary from Langer:

‘The Daily Beast does not practice journalism. It’s just a Pravda-like messaging apparatus for the Democrats and resistance leakers,’ Langer told the Wire. ‘They flout fundamental journalism ethics and won’t even print responses they themselves request if the statements counter their narrative. They’re scribes and mouthpieces for their ridiculous anonymous sources, and they’ll regurgitate whatever dreck these unknown people spoonfeed to them.’

Embrace The Vibrant Media Space, At Long Last

The non-leftist media ecosystem is more vibrant and built out, thanks to corporate media’s failures. Right-of-center political groups and leaders should stop giving their news items to corrupt major media as if they’re nerdy and socially awkward high schoolers trying to convince themselves that the hot chick will get busy with them if they play it right.

They need to work with real journalists at non-leftist outlets. For all of its success in recognizing the corruption of corporate media, the Trump administration failed at this spectacularly.

The political organizations on the right need to be much more aggressive in responding to the falsehoods, lies, and defamations that routinely come against them from the political media. Where is the GOP war room that recognizes its main opponent is the media, not the Democrat Party that serves as the mere political arm of the media? Apart from the political concerns that the right half of the country should have with the corrupt media, this is a deadly serious situation for the country’s future.

“It should be borne in mind that the first step taken by any potential authoritarian or dictatorial regime is to gain control of communications, particularly the delivery of news,” wrote Judge Laurence Silberman of the D.C. Circuit for the Court of Appeals. “It is fair to conclude, therefore, that one-party control of the press and media is a threat to a viable democracy.”

That press conference was so horrific that it should serve as a wake-up call of how dire the situation is, with its weak, sycophantic questions after years of hyena-like behavior. The White House press corps, like most of the rest of the media, is an embarrassment. It pushes propaganda. Treat them like the propagandists they are.

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway is a senior editor at The Federalist. She is Senior Journalism Fellow at Hillsdale College and a Fox News contributor.

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Tucker Carlson Knows More Than we Think He Knows

Tucker Carlson has been known for years as a no-nonsense, gut-punching realist who has a striking propensity to cut straight to the heart of fallacies in politics. And he seldom takes prisoners.

In this 2020 election, Carlson has been more intense than ever, primarily because something about the Biden campaign, the polling, the verbiage of Democrat Party leaders during the campaign, and the calmness exhibited by the Media all did not create a realistic election outcome. Those Dems got their hoped-for vote results — at least initially. But the Media lost it in their glee that voting results showed those several hundred thousand Americans who waited in line for hours and sometimes days to get a good seat at a Trump Campaign rally appeared to be the only Americans who voted for Trump. More voters apparently preferred the guy that spent almost all of his time in his basement-bunker in Delaware, who never held a press conference, and when he DID speak to someone on camera often forgot where he was and sometimes even who he was. Two hundred people at a Biden campaign event was massive.

Tucker is in no way convinced of the validity of all of this, and his disdain for the media hacks that pushed Sleepy Joe to the forefront of election news spills from Carlson’s pores.

Tucker Gets The Media Sychophants

When it comes to cutting through the mainstream media’s claptrap, Tucker Carlson has it down cold.

The straight-shooting Fox News host’s positions have sometimes angered conservatives, but he was right on target on Monday when he delivered a post mortem on the 2020 election that can be summed up in four words:

Collusion in plain sight.

This isn’t the fictional “Russia collusion” kind of tale Democrats and their mainstream media allies foisted on the country for three years, beginning before President Donald Trump was even inaugurated.

It’s a bona fide system of dishonest cooperation in the deliberate service of the progressive agenda between the Democratic Party, the liberal mainstream media and the titans of Silicon Valley to manipulate what American voters know and when they know it.

It’s why the election’s “results” have left so many millions of Americans feeling like the election wasn’t simply lost — they feel like it was stolen. And that doesn’t bode well for the future of the Republic.

“On many levels, the system was rigged against one candidate and in favor of another. And it was rigged in ways that were not hidden from view,” Carlson told his viewers. “We all saw it happen.”

Carlson, as usual, had it nailed.

The Democratic Party’s role in the 2020 election is obvious. As the opposition party, its goal was to defeat Trump and no one can fault Democrats for it.

(The fact that they support a deranged, tyrannical agenda that’s better represented by vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris than the absent-minded, quite possibly criminal, figurehead of Joe Biden is another story. But on the purely technical grounds of team-sport politics, Democrats played their usual dirty game. As the saying goes, politics ain’t beanbags.)

The mainstream media — practitioners of what used to be the profession of journalism, on the other hand, has no such excuse.

As Carlson put it:

“The media openly colluded with the Democratic nominee. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris refused to explain what they would do if they were elected.

“That’s never happened before, in any presidential election in American history.

“But the media allowed them to do it.”

That’s a betrayal of the fundamental purpose of journalism, and an even more fundamental betrayal of the First Amendment that guarantees freedom of the press in the United States.

In the early days of the Republic, newspapers had open political allegiances that were known to friend and foe alike — and often proclaimed in the name of the organ itself — a newspaper called the “Democrat” for instance, wasn’t going to give the Whig side to a story and every reader knew it.

In the modern media environment, however, newspapers, television networks and entire news conglomerates portray themselves as paragons of fairness, but in reality operate as simply public relations vehicles for the Democratic Party.

Their coverage of the summer wave of the “mostly peaceful” riots that swept the country is just one of the most obvious examples.

That First Amendment “Thing”

The First Amendment was intended to ensure a press free of government regulation. What the current system does is ensure statist control over the media, with the media’s slavish compliance — a direct contradiction of the Founders’ vision (not to mention a moral crime against the concept of journalism in the first place).

And hovering over it all, like the vast surveillance state it has become, was Big Tech, the Big Brother of the 21st century.

“But above all, Democrats harnessed the power of Big Tech to win this election,” Carlson said. “Virtually all news and all information you are seeking will travel through a single company, Google.

“A huge percentage of our political debates take place on Facebook and Twitter.

“If you use technology to censor the ideas that people are allowed to express online, ultimately, you control how the population votes. And that’s exactly what they did.

“They rigged the election in front of all of us, and nobody did anything about it.”

The leftist politics of companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter are too well known for even the most blindly partisan Democrat to deny.

Building on years of documented anti-conservative bias, all three companies played a role in the 2020 election — some more openly than others.

The suppression of news potentially proving a link between Joe Biden’s son Hunter and corrupt political and financial figures in China and Ukraine showed conclusively that the executives of Twitter and Facebook are more than willing to keep Americans ignorant of information about favored politicians.

Google’s impact, on the other hand, has been less obvious, but might ultimately have been more effective for progressive purposes.

As argued by Carlson’s guest Robert Epstein, a self-described liberal concerned about the power wielded by the world’s largest search engine, Google has the power to sway votes simply by what it shows its viewers — or declines to show.

“There’s no question that they set about after the 2016 election to make certain President Trump, who I do not support by the way, to make sure he was not re-elected,” Epstein told Carlson.

“If you’re a Democrat and you’re a liberal, you like what Google and, to some extent, these other tech companies are doing, you like it. It’s to your advantage.

“The problem, though, is that we don’t know who Google is going to be supporting tomorrow.”

And that’s the real question: The mainstream media’s abdication of its job of informing Americans of what’s really happening behind the scenes, in favor of cheerleading for one particular side, has stripped the institution of its power to protect the country from potential misrule.

Instead, news outlets appear to be intent on perpetuating misrule by the Democratic Party.

Still, and contrary to what the mainstream media, Democrats and Big Tech are arguing now, the 2020 election still is not concluded — and won’t be until the Electoral College meets to select the president-elect in mid-December. What happens then will likely set the nation’s course for the foreseeable future.

But there are even bigger issues than that ahead.

In a country where the mainstream media is in bed with the political party that controls the House of Representatives and could well control the White House and Senate come Jan. 20, in a country where every major form of information technology supports that political party, where are Americans supposed to go for truly free information?

No matter how the Electoral College votes, no matter who takes the oath of office in January, more than 150 million Americans cast votes in the 2020 election (accepting, for the sake of argument the idea that all those Biden votes were legitimate). More than half of them are going to know in their souls that, as Carlson put it, there was nothing “fair” about it.

It was collusion in plain sight all right, and the rest is claptrap.

Tucker Carlson gets that. So do 75 million other Americans. Media hacks, Democrat Party leaders, and Democrat “sheepel” believe those 75 million and tens of millions of other Americans are too stupid to see the truth.

They see it — they ALL see it.

Rachel Maddow Has Determined What is the Trump Plan for COVID-19 Treatment: “Let Them Die!”

Everyone reading this knows my personal and professional animosity for Rachel Maddow of MSNBC. She seldom delivers the truth to her tiny audience, is the “shock-jock” for her television network, who always relies on some sensational “Uh-Oh!” to stimulate her fans. Who can forget that famous expose’ she gave to America by revealing one year of President Trump’s tax returns that mysteriously appeared in her mailbox. She built the expectation of blockbuster news the entire day. When she finally shared her terrible news, it seemed that President Trump paid “only” $15 million in federal taxes that year. Woe! Throw him in jail!

In the current uproar in D.C., Maddow finds herself lacking in relativity to today’s big news stories. “What to do?” Hmmm, how about another blockbuster, “Gotcha!” Her latest attempt to crawl back into being relative in the news is about Coronavirus. Why not? With RBG’s death, the holocaust of rioting, looting, and election hoopla, just flip the calendar pages back 30-days or so and find yourself another conspiracy. And that she has done.

What is her blockbuster? President Trump’s new COVID-19 strategy is to simply allow herd immunity, which enables the virus to run its course while in doing so, killing millions of Americans as we “hope” in doing so most Americans will develop a natural immunity to the disease. And to show us just how great a travesty for the President to don’t that strategy, she gave us some “shock-jock” data.

The President’s “new” position on treating the virus (according to Maddow) will result in millions upon millions of deaths throughout the country! Never mind this in NO way is part of what the CDC or the White House has shown to be a process that they have or will initiate to fight COVID-19. How in the world did Maddow even find herself in possession of those numbers?

To arrive at those death numbers, Maddow took the number of confirmed COVID-19 infections in the U.S. (what she claimed was just over 6.6 million) and compared it to the number of recorded deaths from the virus (around 200,000), concluding that the death rate from the disease was 2.9% and that pursuing a herd immunity strategy countrywide would thus result in multiple millions of American deaths before the virus would burn out.

“That would be what [President Trump] is aiming for,” Maddow said.

Here’s Rachel Maddow making her case directly to her viewers a few days ago after the President mentioned that “while” we are completing the aggressive development, testing, and getting an approved vaccine to the marketplace, we look at what has already developed in multiple countries around the world, “herd immunity.” She takes the President’s words and takes off on a trip to Planet Krypton:


Can you believe the insulting insinuation that runs throughout Maddow’s presentation? She states plainly in her closing that continuing the already aggressive and historic push to get a vaccine for COVID-19 to the marketplace is simply “too hard for this president.”

Let’s put that to the side for a moment and examine Maddow’s data and conclusions:

Strictly speaking, Maddow’s math is correct, but the numbers she’s using to make those calculations are, at least by the measure of earlier expert analysis, wildly off-base, or in TruthNewsNetwork-speak, “insane!”

The U.S. has indeed recorded well over six million COVID-19 cases (the website Worldometers puts it at slightly more than Maddow’s 6.6 million estimate, at just under 7 million). Comparing the number of recorded U.S. deaths to those cases will get you Maddow’s high death rate of around 2.9%.

But only counting the number of confirmed cases isn’t how virologists and public health officials calculate the total caseload of a pandemic disease. Instead, they use various tools — including serology tests, hospital data, and epidemiological projections — to estimate how widespread a virus is within society.

For instance, that’s how the CDC calculates the severity of influenza seasons in the country. “Because influenza surveillance does not capture all cases of flu that occur in the U.S., CDC provides [estimated] ranges to reflect the larger burden of influenza better,” the CDC says on its website.

Public health officials have made similar projections with COVID-19. One study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in July estimated “six to 24 times more infections” than had been recorded by public health officials in the U.S. at the time. And remember: “cases,” which is the word used by ALL media in reporting those tested positive for COVID-19, is an incorrect medical term. Testing positive for the virus is simply, in medical terms, called an “infection.” Cases are only confirmed when a patient becomes symptomatic and begins to require medical treatment. Those are two VERY different things that, if factored into the “official” COVID-19 numbers, would dramatically REDUCE the number of actual COVID cases in the nation. “Infected” and “Symptomatic” are vastly different in number. But classifying every infection as a case gives those anxious to petrify Americans with fear ammunition with which they can (and have) used against us all.

Several estimates of total COVID numbers throughout the country have been put forth throughout the pandemic in the U.S., with most of them falling more or less within the range of CDC Director Robert Redfield’s estimate in July that “for every case that’s reported, there are ten other infections.” (there’s that word “case” again, instead of using “infections”)

It is unclear if Maddow is aware of those estimates. Applying Redfield’s figure to current confirmed U.S. coronavirus infections would put the United States at close to 70,000,000 infections since the pandemic began in this country. Assuming the death toll is roughly accurate, then the national death rate of the disease in the U.S. would hover around 0.28%, or approximately ten times lower than Maddow’s claims.

Maddow stated that a minimum of 65% of the U.S., or about 215,000,000 citizens, would likely need to contract the disease for herd immunity to kick in. Applying an 0.28% death rate to that number of infections still produces a shockingly high number — a little over 600,000 deaths.

Yet that estimate also fails to account for the belief among some scientists that most of the population may have some degree of preexisting immunity to COVID-19, meaning much less than 65% of the people might have to become infected by the coronavirus before the disease begins to burn out.

The actual number of infections of COVID-19 throughout the United States may never be known; we also cannot yet say how much of the population is at least partially immune to the virus.

But Maddow’s approach to epidemiological analysis — in which she implicitly assumes that a disease’s spread is fully captured by merely the number of confirmed cases of it — is significantly divergent from that which is practiced by epidemiologists and other public health authorities.


I can only surmise ONE explanation for Rachel Maddow’s creating this faux horror story so that she can attempt to make herself and her failing show relevant during the current political “Scamdemic” in which we find ourselves. Consistently throughout her career at MSNBC, Maddow finds herself riding a rollercoaster of success and struggling to rescue her dwindling audience numbers based on the “conspiracy wind of the day.” Maybe she missed it: today’s conspiracy in D.C. is President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell throwing all reason and historical perspective regarding replacing a Supreme Court Justice to the wind! And she has NOTHING new to add to that conversation.

I will end by repeating something a former employee said to me in an office full of fellow employees when I reacted to some comment a person made with a funny quip that was innocent in my intent and its substance. But, somehow, it struck her the wrong way. She looked at me and said in a gentle and normal tone: “Dan, go lay down by your bowl!”

I think that might be an appropriate response to Maddow regarding this rush for relevance and struggle for ratings. But I won’t say it to her. You just think about it!

Is it Only Past Sins of Republicans Matter in Elections?

It is incredible how the Media, about a year before national elections, always seem to forget about the sins of politicians who run for office under the Democrat Party banner. Do you think that is done on purpose? Ha! This election cycle is NO different.

Don’t get angry because I pointed to only the sins of Democrat candidates and not Republicans. Why would I do such? Probably because the Media never STOP pointing Americans to the sins of Republican candidates: you know the “REAL” sins as well as their “PERCEIVED” sins! Democrat candidates get a free pass. If not a free pass a “get out of jail free” card.

I’m not sure of your religious perspective, but if you are a Christian who holds to the Bible as factual and the guide for Christians, we are taught that “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” I’m reasonably sure Democrats who run for office will occasionally blow one of the Ten Commandments, too!

Maybe, though, that is NOT true of Joe Biden. If you watch and listen to any news reports, podcasts, interviews, or analyses of many experts, it appears that Joe Biden stepped off a cloud to begin his formal campaign for President. And, of course, angels in Heaven — where Joe descended from on that cloud — do not commit sins. And if one ever did, it would not have been an “actual” sin, but merely an “honest mistake.” That’s the job of the Mainstream Media during this election cycle: making sure every voter in the U.S. knows in a detailed fashion that former Vice President Joe Biden is not only a good man, a great Dad, a wonderful husband, and a fantastic former U.S. Senator and Vice President.

Painting Joe Biden as a man of honor is a piece of cake for Democrats who have centuries of practice portraying sinners as saints. We don’t even need to go back to Jim Crow-era racists who dominated the party after the Civil War. Or presidents with feet of clay like Woodrow Wilson, who re-segregated the federal workforce in Washington, or even Franklin Roosevelt, who turned away a ship carrying Jews fleeing the Holocaust while allowing Japanese Americans to be placed in internment camps.

Their modern hero, JFK, was a philanderer whose sex partners included a mob boss’s mistress and White House interns not yet out of their teens. Bill Clinton has remained a party hero despite the infamous interludes with his own intern and robust evidence that he committed sexual harassment in Arkansas and multiple felonies – including perjury and suborning perjury – while in office. (Suborning perjury was proven)

Democrats haven’t worked this sliver of history on their own – liberal historians and partisan journalists have diligently twisted the past to create their new cast of heroes. Some of these leaders are now facing a long-overdue confrontation with past evil deeds only accentuates how successfully their past improprieties have been buried.

Now that Biden is their candidate – now that they need him – the propaganda effort to paint this troubling man in a rosy light is in full swing. The glory bestowed incessantly on this cherub from recent political past flows like rivers from the media talking heads. Even a recent smalltown editorial asserted that Biden “is extraordinarily kind, that he is principled in public and private and that he is fundamentally decent.” Their evidence: The video messages extolling Biden at the Democratic National Convention!

The issue is not the Democrats’ hero-worship – the Republicans did the same for Donald Trump during their convention – but the media’s benign acceptance of this spin as fact. (They didn’t accept that of the Republican Convention for Trump) Instead of addressing Biden’s disturbing past regarding areas they repeatedly assail Trump on – race, gender, abuse of office, veracity, and general character – news outlets simply declare his virtue and move on.

They ignore, for example, his troubling history on race. In 1991 Biden pulled the rope in the “high-tech lynching” of Clarence Thomas, leading the cause to derail his Supreme Court nomination in 1991 by promoting racist innuendos about hyper-sexualized black men.

In 2007, Biden asserted that Barack Obama was “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” Stop for a moment and consider how deep are the lakes of racial stereotypes one must pull from to say that.


The same media outlets that passed along every smear about Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court fight in 2018 quickly dismissed the more credible claims of a Senate aide who said Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993. As a candidate, Biden doesn’t just jeer and bully opponents, as Trump does – he does it with one-on-one expletives to ordinary Americans who ask him questions he doesn’t like.


The media has continually ignored clear evidence that Biden stood by while his son Hunter exploited his father’s position as vice president — for hundreds of millions of dollars. While Joe Biden served as the Obama administration’s point man on policy in the Ukraine and China, Hunter received $80,000 per month for a no-show job on the board of a Ukrainian gas company; through another one of his concerns, Hunter cut lucrative deals with the Chinese that included a $1.5 billion cash investment in a newly-formed Hunter Biden investment company.


Perhaps the most troubling examples from Biden’s past were the lies he used to tell about the death of his first wife and daughter in a car accident in 1972. Police reports say she drove into the path of an oncoming truck. For years Biden claimed that the truck driver, who tried to save his family, was drunk. He only stopped when the man’s daughter tearfully complained.


Let’s be honest: political party doesn’t matter; state of resident doesn’t matter; university nor fraternity or sorority doesn’t matter; religion doesn’t matter: all that matters is the status of a person’s heart. NO candidate for any office in the nation has any type of immunity just because they may be a member of one party and not the other. Political affiliation has never given any candidate a single bit of legitimacy based solely on which party may have done so.

Here’s what the majority of Americans want regarding politics and political parties: Truthfulness. This election like in no other in recent memory has exposed the worst in America’s political system. That’s hard to find.

I am not asking for,  nor do I expect, a free pass for Donald Trump for his past transgressions. I AM asking for everyone to handle the personal attacks regarding individual “issues” one has with Mr. Trump, Mr. Biden and any other person running for any office in a purely personal way.

Honestly, expecting any to accept or reject any candidate based on a perception of who that person is that is painted by a political party is a stupid idea. We owe it to each other to — especially for an election this important — put aside our personal opinions about each of these candidates make our election choices based solely on each candidate’s abilities and expectations of performing in specific ways that align with our views. 

That means: forget about political party affiliation!

The insanity of the demands that people of a certain religion, a certain national origin, a certain skin color, a certain economical class has any obligation to vote for any one candidate based solely on these above characteristics has throttled hatred and division between Americans never before seen. It must stop.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every voter put aside all of the partisan hand grenades the Media are throwing at us all day every day and determine for whom we will vote based solely on OUR opinion of who will do the better job.

What a novel idea, right? I wish someone else had thought about that years ago — certainly long before me.

Wait a minute: wasn’t that at least in part the process our forefathers put together when they created the American voting system?

Who changed it?!?!