Are Classified Documents Critical To U.S. Security Or Not?

So far, the mistakes that led to the current scandals have yet to be identified by either the parties that possessed classified documents or the agencies that produced them. Biden has offered no explanation for how classified papers, some reportedly going back to his days as a senator, have been found in offices in Philadelphia and Washington D.C., as well as the garage and at least one other location in his Wilmington, Delaware, home.

And neither the extent nor nature of the documents has been revealed. Pence has said he takes “full responsibility” for roughly a dozen pages of classified briefings reportedly from foreign trips turning up in his Carmel, IN, home. Still, it remains unclear how they got there. 

While there have long been complaints about the overclassification of  government documents – an estimated 50 million documents each year – there is a general belief that they must be protected. When classified documents were discovered at Trump’s home, President Joe Biden said he couldn’t understand “how anyone could be that irresponsible. … I thought, what data was in there that may compromise sources and methods” regarding national intelligence. 

The partisan furor has been heightened by the Justice Department’s unprecedented step of raiding a former president’s house while concealing information about Biden’s classified documents for months and now slow-walking searches of the various places they could be. The latter includes the University of Delaware, which has fought Freedom of Information Act requests to review the mountains of documents Biden dedicated to it after his terms as senator. However, it’s been revealed that the FBI IS reviewing some of the those University of Delaware Biden documents.

Will we ever know their content and how many classified documents are found among them?

White House officials have rebuffed all queries into how Biden has handled sensitive material or if any changes have been made to their procedures in light of the embarrassing revelations. Administration officials have dismissed the controversy as simple human error.

“It was probably mishandled carelessly,” Davis said. Davis also believes some of what press accounts have labeled “classified information” is likely sensitive but not necessarily classified formally, meaning what has transpired are examples of bad judgment more than criminal.

Yet the mystery of how documents the government considers sensitive enough to raid houses and appoint independent counsels wound up in multiple, insecure locations lies at the heart of what is going on now, according to Nunes.

“We know how documents got to Mar-a-Lago, and it’s a little odd that they seem to know something was missing,” he said. “We don’t know how the documents got to all of Biden’s places, but something doesn’t add up unless someone took it.”


“Houston, we have a problem!”

Maybe the call is not to Houston but to the entire United States. Make no mistake, the mishandling of classified documents IS a major catastrophe. Don’t think that for one second the examples listed above are the only representations of classified document mishandling.

How serious is it? Not much at all, as long as we’re OK with our secrets showing up in the hands of computer hackers, foreign terrorist organizations and governments, and — even worse — the U.S. media!

Americans know the importance of taking care of government secrets. And their misuse must be stopped. However, just as it is critical for their mishandling is the fact that the Biden Administration — just as did the Obama Administration — has chosen to include the mishandling of classified documents by only their political opponents as “prosecutable.”

Even if GOP members of government are found innocent, the Mainstream media give Democrats the unlimited opportunity to use to attack those GOP wrongdoers.

Unless and until the U.S. Government purposely enforces any and all violations of the use of classified documents, our government’s highest and most critical classified information will be available to the hights bidder!

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