Audio Report: Harassment and Russia Collusion

Time for another audible report, this time discussing sexual harassment and the Russian Collusion investigation. Both segments have observations and thoughts you probably heard nowhere else. Enjoy! Please pass along to a friend.



1 thought on “Audio Report: Harassment and Russia Collusion”

  1. Dan, while I agree creating a green space for sexual harassment there should be a system put in play that would prevent anyone whether male or female from arbitrarily destroying someone’s life with unjust accusations. For now we are talking about sexual harassment what’s next? Being accused of child abuse? We have greedy lawyers drooling over of filing charges against anyone and everyone especially businesses or corporations which will have deeper pockets. While I think all sexual harassment or child abuse claims should be reported I also think as in any civil case looser pays and or subject to a civil retaliation for someone trying to unjustly destroy a person’s reputation or life because of a disagreement in political stance or domestic disagreement.

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