Tuesday Bullet Points: 12/12/2017

Bulletpoints today are limited to today’s Alabama Senatorial election, it’s surrounding details and it’s “not so obvious” results. 

  • Republican Judge Roy Moore or Democrat Doug Jones: pick your poison. Seems like both have good and bad — the bad in each is the good in the other and vice versa. Let’s look:
  • Roy Moore is a “drain the swamp” anti-establishment conservative. He’s pro-Trump to say the least;
  • Doug Jones is a liberal Democrat who is against the border wall, against tax reform, and is pro abortion;
  • Sexual allegations that have appeared with a vengeance against Moore never surfaced during his lengthy government service or six previous campaigns. They suddenly erupted immediately after his win in the Alabama Senatorial primary;
  • Well known “sexual misconduct” victims’ attorney Gloria Allred Is representing one of the alleged Moore victims. Questions surround a high school yearbook of the victim in which she claims is a signed congratulatory message from Moore. At least part of the message is fake. Allred will not allow signature authentication. Moore denies its his message or that he even knew the girl;
  • The Doug Jones campaign has released numerous ads that attack Moore on one front only: his worthiness to serve as Senator, all because of the sexual allegations against him. The Jones Campaign ads virtually ignore any Moore qualifications;
  • Alabama Republican Senator Richard Shelby announced he voted early and not for Moore. He said he wrote in a name of “a worthy Alabama Republican;”
  • The Establishment Republicans have gone all-in against Moore led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky). Even President Trump until several weeks ago indicated NO support for the Alabama Republican and only recently voiced support his for Moore. In doing so the President has couched it to be “voting for Roy Moore is keeping Leftist extremist Jones out of the Senate;”
  • Polling has been all over the place. Yesterday Fox News released a poll showing Jones with a 10 point lead. Surprisingly the usually conservative news outlet failed to mention that although Trump won Alabama by a 28% margin, their poll was weighted with just a 2% margin of Republicans. Obviously the Fox News poll does NOT represent the overwhelming Republican voter margin in Alabama;


Make no mistake about this election: it is critical to the Nation. Whoever wins that Senate seat will likely cast the deciding vote in the Senate for who will be the next U.S. Supreme Court justice, whether or not we will pass a comprehensive immigration bill, if there can be a unified healthcare plan to replace the crashing Obamacare healthcare plan, and if we will really get a true Tax Reform plan implemented. There is much at stake. No wonder there is such emphasis on the election outcome.

I will go on record here to say that I do not believe the issue that Senators Shelby, Mitch McConnell, other GOP Congressional members and many in other political positions around the country find with Roy Moore is for any alleged sexual misconduct. That is a smoke screen for something more sinister — in fact two more things.

The first is probably the most obvious: don’t think for a minute that Senator Al Franken (D-MN) is the only U.S. Senator guilty of sexual misconduct, if he IS guilty. We have already learned of the decades-old House slush fund that has paid out millions of dollars to the victims of sexual harassment by current and former House members. You can bet their comrades in the Senate share some similar guilt. The reason? There is truth in the saying that ‘unfettered political power corrupts.” There is something about the current atmosphere of power, authority, and impunity that permeates the Halls of Congress. In doing so those guilty of donning that robe of power — no matter if a Senator or Congressman — find themselves drunk with the permission it gives those who wear it to do anything they want with little or no consequences. Let’s face it: human nature itself dictates feeding its appetites for whatever it wants — especially when doing so has little or no cost.

The second thing at stake is hidden deep behind the smoke of this uproar in Alabama. And it has very little at all to do with Alabama. It is about the Deep State that we now know exists for certain and is in cahoots with Establishment Republicans. They view Roy Moore as a threat to their existence and all the power that comes with that. Judge Moore made it clear to voters in Alabama that his desire is to do nothing else in D.C. but link arms with the President to drain the swamp. These establishment lawmakers and others of the Deep State swamp critters do not want to see their evictions from their longtime places of residence and power. Think about it: pigs don’t view mud as something nasty or dirty. They’ve been in the mud for so long they love nothing more than wallowing in it. Swamp creatures love living in the swamp and are comfortable doing so. They don’t want to leave. Roy Moore moving in scares them. His ONLY objective in winning that Senate seat — and he’s made it clear again and again — is to help Donald Trump “Drain the Swamp.”

You know what is ironic? Mitch McConnell nor Senator Shelby have any right to tell Alabama voters who they should or should not vote for. Every Alabama citizen has a Constitutional right to cast their vote for whom they choose. Politicians and others who attempt to demean and denigrate voters in Alabama (including the Governor) who intend to vote for Moore (or for Doug Jones for that matter) illustrate an elitist attitude that simply illustrates how vile and evil the atmosphere in the swamp of Washington has become. NOTHING matters in this election other than the will of Alabama voters.

I believe those voters have the understanding and will act accordingly when voting for the best person to represent Alabama voters in the U.S. Senate. They have the same or even better understanding of ALL the applicable issues to be weighed when casting those votes. To that end I have a message for Washington: “Shut up and let Alabama voters make their choice.”

And McConnell: don’t even think about pulling some Senate shenanigans to attempt to withhold that seat from Roy Moore if he wins. YOU don’t decide who will be an Alabama Senator. Alabama voters will. If they choose Doug Jones: so be it. But the same holds true for Roy Moore.


No one has presented any evidence supporting any of the alleged Moore sexual allegations. He may have done one or all of them. He may be innocent of one or all. The U.S. is NOT a totalitarian government where an elite group of government officials  place in office those they like in disregard of citizen voters. The “presumption of innocence” has never been more appropriate than it is in Alabama right now.

Let the Democratic process work!

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