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Before we get to Governing….

There is just too much “noise” in D.C.  We just elected a new president and a new Congress.  It’s been more than a month since everyone swore into their newly elected positions.  And, yes, there are legislative actions underway, but not nearly to the level as promised and expected by the American people.  It seems that as quickly as Congressional and Executive actions are initiated or attempted, some “noise” appears that causes any potential positive actions to come to a screeching whoa.  The political agenda for which Donald Trump was elected has continually been severely handicapped by what others have termed “fake news.”  The Left media have developed and are working their plan to perfection:  push out misinformation as coming from “anonymous sources,” and they feed off each other, recycling each piece of fake news ad nauseum.  Unfortunately for the nation, this practice perpetrated by the Left News media has proven successful at forcing these governing pauses.  So they continue…and continue…and continue.

How do we get through these roadblocks and get back to the business for which this Administration was elected:  “Making America Great Again?”    First, it is unrealistic to expect any bipartisanship in this Congress.  The Democrats have already illustrated their contempt for and joint coordinated efforts to railroad the Trump Agenda and prevent it from moving forward.  The constant distractions are each either created or kept alive by Democrats.  They have arrogantly opposed  the normal process in a new administration of quickly confirming a Cabinet.  There are several hundred “under-secretary” positions that must be confirmed too.  And that obviously cannot happen until Cabinet secretaries are confirmed.  As it is right now….it ain’t working.

So what do we do to get this “party started?”  Let me just answer by putting these coming from me as if I was the newly elected President:

  • I would ask for Attorney General Session’s immediate resignation.  He’s a well qualified and really good guy, but he has voluntarily surrendered all the “bullets” in his gun.  How?  He has recused himself (and arguably unnecessarily) in two instances that the Left confronted the Senator with:  potential prosecution of Hillary Clinton and the supposed Russian cooperation with the Trump campaign.  Why would the Democrat Senators on the Judicial committee ask for his recusal from the Clinton issues?  They did so because they KNOW there’s corruption there.  And his recusal gave the Left a huge victory and emboldened their efforts.  They look at this as “one down” from their Christmas list.  The second came from the Russian recusal.  On this issue also there is obvious Leftist corruption they do not want investigated by the Trump Administration.  Knowing that the President does not want to appoint an Independent Prosecutor, (who always find more than you want them to) conning the A.G. into recusal was a huge win for them.  That’s “two down.”
  • I would immediately appoint Rudy Guliani as Attorney General.  He is undoubtedly the most qualified federal prosecutor/NY Mayor/political veteran that any president could hope to find.  He also has a clean past and could easily pass scrutiny from the Senate committee and would surely succeed in assuming the A.G. role.  By the way, in his hearings when he is asked about recusal in either of the above matters, he should show them his middle finger and make it clear that he is joining President Trump in D.C. to “Clean the Swamp,” and that includes every critter in the Swamp — no exceptions.  The GOP controlled Senate may have to use the nuclear option to get him confirmed, but who cares — there would be “real” justice in the Justice Department at last.
  • I would not ask the Attorney General to take specific actions in investigating any people, but I would make it clear that anything goes and I expect his department to ferret out ALL corruption in the federal government, no matter what is necessary to get it done.  The American people want that.  (That means Hillary and the former President are in play if there are any reasons to investigate either or both)  Additionally I would ask my A.G. to pull alongside the Congressional investigation of the Obama Justice Department slush fund investigation and offer to add to (or take it over if they want to give it up) or to give any additional resources necessary.  What is that investigation about?  Oh, no big deal.  It’s just that many of the GOP in Congress have wondered what has happened to those billions of dollars in fines from banks — including overseas banks — and U.S. and foreign corporations that the Justice Department has tagged with huge fines.  Where’s all that money gone?  One bank alone was popped for $2 billion in fines.  Only a few weeks into the investigation it has been discovered that under Eric Holder and then Loretta Lynch, offers were made to those big banks and corporations who have crossed the E.P.A. line and have been fined billions.  The offer?  “Instead of paying those BIG dollars in fines to the U.S. government, you can pay much smaller amounts to not-for-profit entities that we designate.”  Some of those fine payments have been reduced by as much as 90%.  Who were those not-for-profits?  Just political organizations — liberal organizations — that the President and his cronies wanted to prop up with some serious taxpayer funding.  That investigation is ongoing and is full of corruption.  Some of those payments that were directed to those liberal political organizations should have been paid to the people and companies that were damaged by those banks and companies.  Nope.  Those payments ended up in the pockets of those chosen to receive the $$ from the Obama Justice Department.  Surely you have heard the national media screaming about in the last week since details have started coming out, right?  NOT!!!!
  • I would totally stop ALL media White House press conferences…..period.  Everyone in the nation now knows without exception, NO news that comes from the President or the White House is printed or broadcasted in the exact same way as the media receive it.  The national media almost without fail choose to present it in their narrative with their interpretation of not just the facts, but what they SAY the intentions of the White House were in the releases.  That’s the door to “fake news” that we all see thrust on us daily.  So what do we do about real news from the White House?  That is very important to Americans.  We cannot do without the news.  Simple:  start a White House YouTube Channel open to all, start a State Department YouTube Channel, a Justice Department YouTube Channel….you get the idea.  This is the ONLY way this Administration can ever hope to get the real stories and truthful thoughts, intentions, and perspectives of all that is being done out to the American people.  The media will simply NOT let it get to Americans through conventional means anymore.  They want Americans reliant upon them and their narrative for the “truth,” which in many cases is not.  As President, I would take my Administration’s message directly to the people on the White House YouTube Channel no less than once a week.  I would not worry about any networks or newspapers and their thoughts or concerns.  Presidents are not elected to feed the media.  The media is supposed to investigate and report — that’s their job.  With rare exceptions the media today do not do that.  They rely on others news sources and political information from political insiders instead of investigating and reporting actual facts.  And we all know how reliable that is.
  • I would aggressively seek out every Justice Department, State Department, Environment Protection Agency, and Commerce Department employee that is a holdover from the Obama Administration and immediately terminate them.  All such employees work for their department at the pleasure of the President.  Those jobs — each and every one — need to be manned by those who are not only qualified for each job, but are supportive of this President’s agenda…period.
  • I would meet with GOP leaders on Capitol Hill and urge them to take whatever measures are necessary to confirm each Cabinet appointment within the next 10 business days and have all agency employees that require Senate confirmation confirmed and on the job by March 31st at the latest.  No Administration can accomplish the tasks the People elected them for without the support staff they need to get those jobs done.
  • I would empower the Intelligence Agencies to legally do everything within their power to ferret out any and all terrorist cells and/or individual on American soil with not regard to political correctness.  PC is NOT a tool or instrument that which radical Islamist terrorists are evenly remotely interested in or care about.  I would identify a group of Muslim experts from different Middle East countries, hire them to create a “Islamist Think Tank” and activate a council comprised of high ranking experts from each of the intelligence agencies to work hand in hand with those Muslim experts to understand the thinking of radical Islamist terrorists in the U.S., infiltrate as possible their ranks in the U.S. with informants, and find any and all ways possible to prevent further attacks on American soil.

In summary, it is simple:  America is at War.  We have so far seen a few battles in that War.  They will increase in number and intensity as Leftists ideologs continue to work with Leftist politicrats to socialize America.  Before you laugh off what I say please ask yourself to offer up the answer to that one question that pops up every day:  Why?  Why are all these things happening politically that are being rolled out daily?  Why hasn’t Obama gone the way of every other American President?  Why does the Leftist media continue to force their narrative down the throats of Americans with disregard for the truth?  Until then, just be honest to yourself.  If we all do that, we’ll find answers.  I’m afraid those answers are World changing.

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