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Conservatives are Blind to Who’s In the Shadows

What’s in the shadows we cannot see?   There is a lot there I promise.  For one thing this Russian business (as I promised) is there and is blowing up in our faces.  And we haven’t seen anything yet!  This for the Democrats is not about the Russians at all.  It’s about one thing:  getting Trump no matter what it takes.  And it is all being orchestrated (and has been for months) by Barack Obama who is in the shadows in the “Bunker” — his 9000 square foot mansion 2 miles from the White House.  Let’s look at some facts:

  1. Who in the U.S. government started the love fest with the Kremlin?  It was 2003 and Democrat Senator Teddy Kennedy.  In documents released after the fall of the Soviet Union, it was shown that Ted Kennedy wrote letters, had phone calls and personal meetings with Russian officials including President Andropov for one purpose:  to coordinate political attacks with American Democrats to unseat Ronald Reagan who was almost unilaterally dismantling the Soviet Union.  And that was just the beginning;
  2. Who can forget the Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s love fest with an open microphone in Obama’s first term.  Obama told Medvedev to relay to “Vladimir” the following:   “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, can be solved, but it’s important for him to give me space,” Obama can be heard telling Medvedev, apparently referring to incoming Russian President — and outgoing prime minister — Vladi­mir Putin.  “Yeah, I understand,” Medvedev replies, according to an account relayed by an ABC News producer, who said she viewed a recording of the discussion made by a Russian camera crew. “I understand your message about space. Space for you . . .”  “This is my last election,” Obama interjects. “After my election, I have more flexibility.”  Hmm…..sounds like Barack, Dmitry, and Putin were making some plans to cook something up;
  3. The American Democrat relationship with Russia did not end there — it continued.  Enter Chuck Schumer.  The New York Senator was seen in a widely distributed photo from 2003 with Putin in New York eating donuts and drinking coffee together.  The image was reportedly taken while Putin was in New York to visit the state’s first branch of Russian gas station chain Lukoil.  Is it possible that the Russian government would open gas stations in the U.S. (in New York) without the knowledge and “door opening” of both the federal government and the state government of New York?  Of course not.  And who would be the obvious choice to open those doors?  Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY).  Schumer reportedly also has a close personal relationship with Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak who is at the center of this entire controversy.  Any questions from the media about Schumer’s ties to Russia?  Nope;
  4. What other Democrats in Congress have had meetings with Kislyak?  Among that group are Senators Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Maria Cantwell of Washington, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Jack Reed of Rhode Island, Robert Casey ofPennsylvania and Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island.  Joe Manchin of West Virginia stated he met with Kislyak as well as Missouri Senator Claire McCaskell who came out yesterday angrily about A.G. Sessions meetings stated as a longtime member of the Senate Armed Services Committee she had never met with the Ambassador.  That was later proven to be a lie.  She met with him on two different occasions.

Who REALLY has ties to Russia?  Barack Obama!  Isn’t it obvious?  Think about what he said to Medvedev for Putin.  Why would that message be sent by the U.S. President to the Russian President?  It would not have been sent unless it was relevant to some specific topic.  There was some plan that had been discussed previously that caused Obama to need to send through Medvedev that message for Putin.  There is no other plausible explanation.  When a bunch of kids are playing outside and one purposefully picks up a rock and throws it through a window, what happens?  An angry mother comes out to confront the kids for breaking the window.  The kid that threw the rock immediately points to another kid and says to the angry Mom, “He did it!”  Who’s the bully who threw the rock here?  It wasn’t Donald Trump.  He was innocently playing ball with his buddies.  One of them threw the rock and Trump is getting blame.  Obama put the word out from the “Bunker” that Trump did it.   And Democrats not only know about it, they are participating in the plan to “Dump Trump!”

Obama’s Justice Department officials carefully collected information before leaving and have turned those classified documents into playing cards.   They are designed to do one thing:  discredit President Trump.  They’re even being in the possession of those who have them is illegal.  Make no mistake:  if any Trump Administration appointees or employees have had any contact with any Russians at any time, those contacts have been noted, documented, and are in the “chain of release” to the Media as determined at the “Bunker.”  I suggest that anyone in the Trump campaign or Administration that has Russian contact in their history come forward immediately in full disclosure.  Why?  If they do not you can be it will certainly be released to the public…..from the “Bunker” to the Media.

Is Donald Trump or any members of his Administration in cahoots with Vladimir Putin or any other Russian official?  Absolutely Not!  You know why I can say that so emphatically:  if this had happened or was happening, Democrats under the orders from the “Bunker,” would already have raced to begin impeachment proceedings against the President.  I am about to say something that you can take to the bank:  THERE IS NO EVIDENCE.  Remember that first story that broke the Russian/Trump connection in the NY TIMES?  Even in that article, buried in the middle, was their disclaimer that said simply they HAD NO EVIDENCE for what they put in the story!

But remember this about Democrats:  they do not need evidence to indict anyone.  They do it masterfully in the “court of public opinion.”  Millions of Americans think General Flynn worked with the Russians to release Obama’s sanctions against Russia.  Millions of Americans think that Steve Bannon worked with the Russians to affect the election in favor of Donald Trump and against Hillary Clinton.  Democrats have used the Media for years to put their indictments into the public eye against anyone or any policy they so choose to attack.  And they have perfected the process while Conservatives sleep.  They are masterfully using the Media today to attack the President.

This war on the Trump Administration by the Obama “Bunker” Administration is far from over.  The Russian Connection means nothing to them.  Getting General Flynn and hoping to get Jeff Sessions and others are just little steps toward what they hope to be the coups de grace:  a noose around the President’s neck.  They want Donald Trump.  And they will not stop until they get him.

There are a few things that need to happen immediately in the Trump Administration that can and will stop this War.  They must be done and done quickly.  Tomorrow we will discuss those here.  Make a note to login to join in that conversation.


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