Biden Used Classified Documents Accusations Against Carter CIA Nominee

When it comes to classified documents, their mishandling, abuse, and politicization, Biden’s “DocuGate” is NOT Joe’s first rodeo. His supporters just think so.

President Biden and his supporters have sought to downplay the significance of the improperly handled and stored classified documents discovered at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, a think tank where Biden maintained an office. The documents are believed to relate to his time as vice president under Barack Obama. But then it emerged that another batch of classified documents was recovered from Biden’s personal garage at his home in Delaware. Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed a special counsel to investigate the matter.

Former President Donald Trump and his supporters have defended his transfer of classified materials to his resort at Mar-a-Lago, claiming that the president had the authority to declassify the materials. That case is also the subject of a federal investigation.

It is a barely concealed secret in Washington, D.C., that for decades, elite politicians have engaged in some form of bending or breaking the rules on classified documents — in some cases for plausibly benign uses as writing memoirs. Bill Clinton’s former national security adviser Sandy Berger stole documents from the National Archives in 2003 by stuffing them inside his clothing and then destroyed some classified materials. He claimed he wanted to review the documents to prepare for his testimony before the 9/11 Commission. Gen. David Petraeus was forced to resign as CIA director in 2012 after it was revealed he had improperly handled classified materials, including taking some to his home and sharing them with his biographer with whom he was having an affair.

While there have been cases where criminal charges have been brought — Berger was fined $50,000 by a federal judge and lost his security clearance, and Petraeus got two years probation and a $100,000 fine — it is rare for a high-profile figure to face any meaningful criminal consequences for such actions. That, of course, is not the case with whistleblowers — including Reality Winner, Jeffrey Sterling, Terry Albury, and Daniel Hale — who have been aggressively prosecuted under the Espionage Act and sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

The revelation that Biden illicitly stored classified materials, including in his garage, is a grave embarrassment to the president, particularly in light of the fact that Democrats have hammered away at Trump for months over the classified documents he retained at Mar-a-Lago. But there is also a relevant story from Biden’s past that bears mentioning.

The events took place during the administration of Jimmy Carter when Biden was a rising star in the U.S. Senate and an inaugural member of the Intelligence Committee, which was established in response to the lawlessness of the Nixon administration. Biden colluded with Republicans on the Intelligence Committee to kill the nomination of a CIA critic to be director of the agency. Among the reasons was that the nominee, Ted Sorensen, had admitted to taking classified documents for a biography of his longtime friend John F. Kennedy and had spoken out in defense of Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg. In fact, Biden went so far as to suggest Sorensen might be subject to prosecution under the Espionage Act.

As The Intercept reported in its special series “Empire Politician: A Half-Century of Joe Biden’s Stances on War, Militarism, and the CIA,” Sen. Biden campaigned aggressively for President Carter, but he later made clear that he was never a big fan of the famously liberal president. When Carter nominated Sorensen as CIA director, the national security establishment in Washington was apoplectic. Sorensen had no foreign policy experience and was out of place in the world of covert ops. Carter had said that he wanted an outsider for the CIA post as part of his pledge to reduce the agency’s power and budget.

Sorensen’s nomination came after a campaign in which Carter promised to wage war against the agency’s “excessive secrecy” and to expose and punish CIA officers who broke the law. “We must never again keep secret the evolution of our foreign policy from the Congress and the American people,” Carter declared. “They should never again be misled.” Carter ultimately failed to achieve many of his promises regarding the CIA, but the mere fact that he made such statements caused grave concern within the agency and among many Republican lawmakers. This conflict broke out into the open during Sorensen’s confirmation process.

So much for “DocuGate” historically, let’s fast-forward to 2023 and in what small “problem” Joe Biden finds himself.

Let’s “Investigate” Biden’s Classified Documents Debacle

Here we are with Joe Biden caught in another scandal. There’ve been numerous others, but this classified document mishandling is taking on a life of its own. Every day it seems that it is unlikely to ever be an end to this egregious wrongdoing. It’s a fact: Dems glory in just how bulletproof they are in such ugly situations. They, however, all seem to fall far from the tree.

We’re assured that the person hired to be special counsel in the Joe Biden classified document scandal, Robert Hur, “has a great record. He is a superb lawyer.” He was a pivotal right-hand man in a high governmental office. He “has a long and distinguished career as a federal prosecutor.” And was a key person dealing with a very special, special counsel.

That guy sounds like a total legal dreamboat. Except that those accolades were spoken by none other than disgraced former deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who conspired with the fellow disgraced Andrew McCabe to wear a wire to catch Donald Trump in a 25th Amendment-worthy meltdown because they hated him so much.

Pardon me if I don’t swoon.

The high government official was at the right hand of the awful FBI Director Chris Wray, who has overseen the complete transmogrification of the bureau from a law enforcement agency to an intelligence entity that spies on Americans. And the man touting his “distinguished career” is none other than the most ideologically Leftist hack who’s ever disgraced the office of the attorney general, Merrick Garland. And that’s saying something. Looking at you, “wingman” Eric Holder.

And there’s more. Robert Hur is the man who served as the DOJ point man to Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation looking into Donald Trump’s alleged side hustle as a Russian secret agent — Double 45.

He is the same guy who vetted retired British spy Christopher Steele, a disgraced (sensing a pattern here?) spy who was fired by the FBI (and then used on the QT by his cutout Bruce Ohr) and hired actual Russian spies on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s campaign to make up information on Trump.

Jason Foster, former chief investigative counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee working for then-chairman Chuck Grassley, says Robert Hur was one of the officials “who handled, participated in, or ha[d] personal knowledge of the FBI’s relationship and communications with” dossier author Christopher Steele.[emphasis added]”


“officials who handled, participated in, or have personal knowledge of the FBI’s relationship and communications with” dossier author Christopher Steele.

According to this doc:

— Jason Foster (@JsnFostr) January 12, 2023

Foster shared a document that shows Hur was a key man who dealt with Steele’s disinformation and got a FISA warrant to spy on Trump World using faked information that had been conjured up by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

He was Rosenstein’s lawyer during the Russiagate probe and used his office to block the so-called Nunes memo that described the corrupt law enforcement and Democrat campaign against Trump, according to a guy who should know, Kash Patel, Nunes’s top investigator. Patel says Hur should be the first subpoena issued by Jim Jordan’s committee, which will look into government corruption.

How dumb do you have to be to take the pee tape whopper at face value without supporting evidence? And then support that information for a warrant to spy on a private citizen, Trump’s campaign, and presidency? And then do nothing as that lie was repeated multiple times when he knew it was false. Unless he’s that dumb.

This dumbness shouldn’t be a resume enhancer; it’s a reason to drum this guy out of polite society with the rest of the scoundrels who deserve to be sued into oblivion and locked in the Washington, D.C. gulag.

You could take that resume and maybe talk a store clerk into giving you a dozen eggs or a barista to spot you a cup of cocoa, but we know all too well what a sham all of this was and the governmental players involved knew it too.

An alternative explanation is that they’re too damn dumb to have picked up on the scam early and stop a miscarriage of justice. Or there’s a third option: They hated Trump so much and used every weapon in their arsenal to get rid of him, the truth be damned. We’ll take what’s behind Option Three.

Hey, Joe, bring me those documents–I’ve got the gas stove fire working.

— FITF Squad’s Victoria Taft, The Adult in the Room (@VictoriaTaft) January 12, 2023

Let’s go over to the Washington Examiner, where the estimable Jerry Dunleavy explains Hur’s other connections.

Hur was appointed by former President Donald Trump to be the U.S. attorney for Maryland in 2017 and was confirmed in 2018. Maryland’s two Democratic senators, Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen, welcomed Trump’s selection.

Hur held that position until his resignation in early February 2021, following Biden asking nearly all of the Trump-appointed federal prosecutors to step down.

Garland had selected U.S. Attorney John Lausch, a Trump-appointed holdover, to handle the Justice Department’s investigation into Biden improperly keeping classified documents. Lausch, who flanked Garland during his Thursday announcement, is one of only two Trump-appointed federal prosecutors kept on by Biden — the other is David Weiss, the U.S. attorney for Delaware, who is investigating Biden’s son Hunter.

Biden fired all the other Trump appointees. He retained these two and then hired on another Trump appointee.

Rosenstein was effusive in his praise for his fellow swamp creature and enthused, “He was our point person in managing the [Mueller] special counsel investigation, so he worked very closely with the Mueller team and understands what they faced.”

By “understands what they faced,” do you mean “give me the man and I will find the crime”?

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National Review reported on more of Rosenstein’s enthusiastic support.

“He has a great record. He is a superb lawyer,” Rod Rosenstein, a former deputy attorney general under Trump, told National Review. Rosenstein recruited Hur to the Justice Department after previously hiring him and then supervising him as assistant U.S. attorney in Maryland.
Hur is “extraordinarily hard-working and effective,” Rosenstein said.

Hur, seeing the writing on the wall, resigned in 2021 when Trump left office and went to work in a  private white shoe law firm in the swamp.

Hur may be “extraordinarily hard-working and effective,” but will he go where the verified evidence leads him or will he preside over another Washington special counsel con job supporting the home team?

We’re told he’s a Republican and worked in the Supreme Court under former chief justice William Rehnquist, but that obviously hasn’t mattered in his treatment of evidence and facts along with his disreputable cronies in the swamp. James Comey and Bob Mueller were supposedly Republican-leaning too, so please spare us that nonsensical talking point.

Unless …  there is a smoking gun memo written by our hero Hur in protest of America’s version of a Soviet show trial during the Mueller cover-up op for Democrat Party criminality? Where’s that memo?

Does Garland want a dumb guy like this to oversee what could likely become another corrupt investigation that will do everything it can to prevent harm to The Big Guy?  I’d count on it.


Wouldn’t it be a pleasant change for Americans to be comfortable with what our media and government told us about all the things that plague our lives — a world in which we can believe everything we hear from both media and the political bureaucracy?

In case you haven’t heard, it’s becoming less and less likely to happen.

What are we to do? “Just trust them!”

I rest my case.

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