Joe Biden’s $1.8 Trillion “New” Plan We Cannot Afford

Here we are again, bringing you a “new” Biden spending plan. It seems like we’re doing that every two weeks or so. In fact, I’m certain there have been at least six or seven such plans from Democrat leaders in Congress, along with those that “supposedly” are inked at the White House. As usual, this new one is a doozy. Let’s take a look at its details and how much it will cost Americans: Oh, not you and me. It won’t cost us anything because there’s no way we Baby Boomers could pay for this and all the other ones, even if we paid EVERY dime of our personal incomes to the federal government! But that’s a story for another day.

The American Families Plan

President Biden on Wednesday outlined the American Families Plan, an ambitious package that calls for $1 trillion in new spending and $800 billion in new tax credits and aims to significantly expand access to preschool and community college, as well as child care and health care benefits. Biden detailed the proposal during a speech before a joint session of Congress in which he rolled out his agenda for the coming months. The centerpiece of the speech is the families’ plan, which is being rolled out less than a month after Biden unveiled a $2.3 trillion infrastructure proposal.

The American Families Plan calls for a $200 billion program offering universal pre-kindergarten for all three and four-year-olds; $109 billion for tuition-free community college for any American who wants it; $85 billion to increase Pell Grants to benefit low-income and minority students; and more than $4 billion in funding for larger scholarships, certification and support programs for teachers.

The plan builds upon provisions of the American Rescue Plan by extending the Affordable Care Act premiums tax credits indefinitely (sounds much like Government operated Healthcare to me) and makes the earned income tax credit expansion for childless workers permanent. If passed and signed into law, it would permanently make the child tax credit fully available to the lowest-income families while extending other aspects of the credit expansion, such as the increase in the credit amount, through 2025.

The proposal also calls for the creation of a national paid family and medical leave program. The $225 billion earmarked for this specific giveaway would provide workers up to $4,000 a month if they require leave to care for a new child, care for a seriously ill loved one, deal with an illness, or another serious reason.

Other measures Biden called on Congress to pass include $45 billion for meal programs for children and low-income families, unemployment insurance reform, $225 billion for child care that includes a $15 minimum wage for early childhood staff, and expanded child care center accessibility. Officials said the plan would be paid for through tax reforms targeted at wealthy Americans, such as an increased capital gains tax rate, a higher top income tax rate, and increased IRS auditing enforcement on high-income individuals and businesses.

“We view the American Families Plan as a core element of President Biden’s strategy to build back better and generate a strong and inclusive economy for the future,” a senior administration official said.

The plan, which faces an uncertain future in Congress, does not go as far as some Democrats hoped. Some have pressed for a permanent expansion of the child tax credit, and it’s not clear that lawmakers will be satisfied by the proposal to make part of the expansion permanent while extending other parts through 2025. Key Democrats signaled that the House bill would include such a provision despite Biden not putting it in his initial proposal.

Biden has also faced pressure from members of his party, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), to include health-related provisions expanding health coverage and lowering drug prices. The ideas had initially been expected to be part of the plan, but Biden did not include them in the final version. Asked why such provisions were not included, a senior administration official said that the permanent ObamaCare premium tax credit represents a “critical investment” and insisted that Biden remains “fully committed to negotiations to reduce the cost of prescription drugs.

The White House views the plan as a companion to Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure and climate plan he announced last month, and officials said that the investments would be made over a 10-year period. The two plans combined total more than $4 trillion in government spending, on top of the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill that Biden signed into law about 50 days into his term. The administration’s two most recent proposals include tax increases that we are told would pay for both plans in full over a 15-year period.

Biden’s proposed jobs plan would allegedly be paid for through an increase in the corporate tax rate. Wednesday’s proposal would roll back the 2017 Trump tax cuts by increasing the top individual tax rate from 37 percent to 39.6 percent for taxpayers in the top 1 percent of income. Biden is also proposing an increase in the capital gains tax rate for households making more than $1 million to 39.6 percent.

Senior administration officials made clear the proposal is meant as a starting point and that Biden is open to hearing suggestions on what should be included and how to pay for the package. But Republicans are likely to oppose Biden’s family plan, and the tax hikes proposed to pay for it, and some moderate Democrats could also oppose the plan because of its large price tag and tax provisions.

One Administration official quipped that if people have other ideas about financing these critical investments, Biden is open to hearing them. “But he believes that these issues of tax fairness, of making sure people pay the taxes they already owe, are fundamental and necessary.”

Why do Democrats continually call new taxes “Investments?” By definition, investments are voluntary. Unless I missed something in Civics and American History, taxes levied by any government are anything BUT voluntary! If anything, they should all be labeled “confiscatory budget Income snatches from American.”

Biden and other top administration officials are set to embark on a publicity blitz after Wednesday’s speech to educate the public about both the infrastructure proposal and the families’ plan to win over support for both measures. The White House now faces a complicated road to getting both proposals passed. Even as officials have said publicly, they hope to see some progress on an infrastructure bill by Memorial Day and passage by summer. The White House has not ruled out using budget reconciliation to pass Biden’s proposals without GOP support, which Democrats resorted to passing his coronavirus relief bill.

There’s Another Racist Election Law in the Making: Texas!

Have you noticed that the far left in the U.S. is so engaged in picking and choosing (and coordinating) the “tool of the day” with which to attack the psyche of everyday Americans? Today, if it’s not “racism” it’s “homophobia” or “xenophobia” or “sexism” or any one of two dozen weapons with which to attack. And it’s not random! Someone’s pulling the strings of those necessary to keep the angst at a fever pitch among us all.

And it’s working!

Of course, matters of race always seem to be the easiest go-to tools for so-called progressives to use against average Americans. After all, nobody wants to be labeled a racist. If that ever happens to you, your life as you’ve known is over.

Oddly enough, though, the hard left through their media hacks and now even with Big Tech, Social Media Giants, and even large corporations have launched a new approach to “keep us down:” Racial Equity. What does that look like?

Racial Equity

We live in the wackiest of times when woke corporate leaders should propagandize for promoting “racial equity.”

They tried it in Georgia, to no avail. The state passed a law to improve a haphazard, disorderly voting process shaped (or unshaped) by pandemic requirements. The heads of two Georgia-based corporations, Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines, scowled. Their finger-wagging lectures to non-woke state leaders were absurd but much publicized.

Major League Baseball wasn’t going to put up with being ignored on a matter unrelated to game length and such. In a door-slamming, cat-kicking snit, MLB announced it was moving the All-Star Game from Atlanta, capital of the offending state, to Denver. Take that, all you Trump fans! And any other states, like Texas, considering a swift return to the disenfranchisement of black people — watch it, you hear?

Watch what? That’s the real question. The Texas legislature’s proposed voting reforms are ‘racist’ solely in the eyes of those who spot racism in throat-clearings and dog toys. That’s to say, in everything.

The Texas Senate’s bill is called the Election Integrity Protection Act of 2021. Its purpose: “to prevent fraud in the electoral process.” The racism imputed to the bill’s supporters (Republicans — you know, probably voted for Trump over Biden) consists in provisions that would allow ‘watchmen’ at polling places, abolish voting in your car, and forbid the mailing-out of unrequested absentee ballots.

Gosh, what impositions! Personally asking for an absentee ballot! Getting out of your car to vote, or else acknowledging physical disability through utilizing the absentee process! Gov. Greg Abbott accuses progressive-tilting Harris County of mailing out, in the last election, unsolicited ballot applications to millions ineligible to vote by mail.

You can see, easily enough, the ideological advantages inherent in such a plan — or in any like plan that might be concocted, de-privileging the responsibilities of citizenship in the same way Southern Democratic bosses, a century and a half ago, resorted to bribing black voters. You don’t want people of color, do you, imagining they’re perpetually getting used by the system: valued less for their intelligence and character than for their sheer reliability.

Race, race, race: isn’t that what this voting reform thing is all about? Up to a point. Beneath the surface is the power-question that informs all political controversies. Somebody or others wants to run the show, to tell others what to do and how to do it.

Efforts to maintain power can generate unappealing arguments and action, but that’s not what goes on in Georgia and Texas, where the seizure of power from those who wield it is the dynamic in play. It’s led to preposterous contentions. Take Beto O’Rourke’s feverish declaration that the Texas Senate’s reform bill is “a voter suppression bill targeting working Texans, communities of color.” The liberal Houston Chronicle calls the legislation “the Texas Voter Harassment Act.”

As Joe Biden would say, c’mon, man. This is absolutely over the top — unconnected to reality. It’s “harassment” to make you request your own absentee ballot? Yes, and what makes ‘working Texans’ and ‘communities of color’ more unlikely than anyone else to study up and vote honestly? Rhetorical bilge is all that foes of the legislation have to throw at it.

Not that bilge isn’t in large supply these days, in corporate headquarters as well as newsrooms. Texas, improbably for a pro-free market state, has its own component of woke capitalists. American Airlines, which headquarters in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, has declared itself “strongly” against the Senate’s legislation.

“Voting is the hallmark of our democracy,” AA insists, “and is the foundation of our great country. We value the democratic process and believe every eligible American should be allowed to exercise their [sic] right to vote, no matter which political party or candidate they [sic] support… At American, we believe we should break down barriers to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our society — not create them.”

Well, duh. Who says otherwise? The Republicans promoting the bill? In what context? What provision of the bill would overthrow Americans’ sense of American ideals?

Therein lies the problem. Critics of voter reform legislation unfailingly fail to show how measures meant to entrench honesty at the polls undermine the democratic process — unless we need a little less honesty around here, recognizing as we should that crooks and cheats deserve representation too.

The Texas legislation is going to pass, given Republican control of the legislature; the governor is going to sign the bill; and then the legal fraternity is going to get busy, filing lawsuits, doubtless in the aggrieved language test-driven during the current debates. Given the present composition of the U.S. Supreme Court, you are entitled to hope the new law will largely survive — that a little more honesty will somehow show its face around American polling places. But the background racket in our present so-called debate over reform isn’t a sign of encouraging things to come.


This upcoming voter debacle in Texas is sadly just another tool to push us all apart. If it’s not voting in Georgia or Texas, it’s about illegal immigration, shootings, police brutality or COVID-19 lockdown chaos.

I wish I could say the week ahead will be “just another week.” I could say that, but it probably would not be a fair claim to make. Very little in the nation is so easily predictable anymore. But there ARE certainties that we see play out almost perpetually. Sadly, those are each associated with the weaponization of race against us.

I’m sorry to say that there is no end in sight of this vicious cycle of racial animus. Oh, I’m certain we COULD end the vitriol and hatred. But doing so is predicated on if our leaders are sold-out to achieving such. They’re not at that point now. And I’m not sure the majority ever want to get there. Why? Divisiveness is just another tool, another ploy, another way to keep things stirred up.

Reasonable people can reach reasonable solutions on every matter of disagreement, but only if their singlular purpose is to end the furors that perpetually divide us. 

Far too many of those in leadership have sold their souls to their causes and have NO design on reconciliation with those with whom they differ. Want an example? Joe Biden, throughout his campaign for the White House, continually called for unity and the end to divisiveness. Millions listened to his words and heard in them some hope for the end of political strife, constant bickering and incessant attacks on the Constitution. We live in a nation torn by our differences rather than unified by our commonalities. America’s glass was certainly half-empty. And we wanted it half-full. Biden promised he’d do that.

He’s already achieved numerous of his promises, but without even a small attempt to unify the nation. And it appears that path for him as President will continue.

Coaches cannot run out on the field or track or gym floor and win competitions their teams enter. Players do that. All coaches can do is teach and demonstrate to the players of the game how to go about winning.

No coach can be successful by teaching the acceptance of lies and gross misrepresentations. Great coaches demand honesty, hard work, coordination and cooperation among players and coaches, and their unification around common objectives. None of that do I see in this government. Certainly, I see NO real attempt from the White House to accomplish this. From the Biden Administration, all we hear is it’s “Our way or the highway.”

Unless Joe Biden turns off the spicket of non-stop political thuggery and empty promises and angry attacks based on falsehoods, all is lost. Unless and until he truly embraces those commitments he made when taking his oath of office, his time as President will continue to be marred by the fruits of his efforts as POTUS: angst, lawlessness, hatred, division, and resulting lawlessness.

Do you think he wants that as his legacy?

On second thought: forget about that question. Why? He knows who will write the history of his presidency. Therefore he doesn’t need to worry about looking bad to generations to come. After all, it’s pretty easy to print what the boss tells you to print.

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President Joe Biden: The Big Lie

I thought the “Big Lie” was the story of cheating in the November 3rd election; that millions of votes reported as Biden votes were actually Trump votes that were changed by Dominion voting machines software?

That’s what we were “told.” Yet, regardless of what the Democrat Media expects us to believe, the book is STILL out on just what happened in that election. Of course, no one dares to voice publicly any doubts about the final 2020 election results. Do so, and your life as you have known it is over. The Cancel Culture gurus swoop in, erase everything you’ve ever accomplished while simultaneously branding your forehead with the scarlet “C”– “Conspiracy Theorist.” That brand prohibits you from ever finding yourself on the receiving end of gifts of “credibility, legitimacy, logic, inclusion, and knowledge.” Of course, those Cancel Culture gurus hold the keys exclusively to doling out such honors. Disagree, and you’re eliminated from public life in America.

If that is the key to acceptance, how does someone like Joe Biden possibly have any role in his life other than “former Senator?” During his public career, he has compiled mounds of lies with his life. And the lies he’s spoken when added to those life-lies build a mountain that almost blots out the sun over Muscat, Oman in July. Instead of “Commander in Chief,” he should bear the title “Liar in Chief.”

Wait a minute: we’re supposed to honor every person elected to serve in office, aren’t we? Yes, we are. We honor them for the office in which they serve. We honor them because we are taught to “honor those placed in authority over us.” That would include Joe Biden. But what we are NOT to do is quietly turn our backs to the lies and gross misrepresentations made to us by this president or any other. A Presidential Oath of Office does not indemnify any person from culpability for any of their wrongs — certainly not telling lies.

Joe Biden may hold the record for spinning the most whoppers of anyone who has ever won the right to inhabit the White House. That’s saying something. There have been quite a few miscreants who lived there before him. Joe may not be in a class of his own when it comes to telling the most lies. But, if not, it certainly doesn’t take long to call the roll in THAT class.

Let’s do this: there are so many lies in his history that were VERY public, each of which was mind-boggling. Before we look at those, we’ll list every lie he’s told since taking the oath of office on January 20, 2021. (sources for stories regarding these lies can be found at the end of this story)

Joe Biden’s Presidential Lies

  • Biden Says Purchases At Gun Shows Don’t Require Background Checks
  • Biden Repeats Spurious Claims About Georgia’s New Election Law
  • Biden Insists ‘No One Making Under $400k Will See Their Federal Taxes Go Up.’
  • Biden Repeats Falsehoods About Trump’s Tax Cut
  • Biden Says Georgia’s Election Law Cuts Back Voting Hours for Working Americans
  • Biden Insists He Is Tough on China
  • Biden Makes Misleading Claim About R&D Investments
  • Biden Falsely States Top Corporations Don’t ‘Pay a Cent in Taxes’
  • Biden Says Trump’s Tax Cuts Only Helped the Rich
  • Biden Says Majority of Migrant Families that Cross Border Are Sent Back
  • Biden Says Trump Admin Didn’t Address Communist China’s Human Rights Abuses
  • Biden Says Migrants Not Flooding the Border Because of Him
  • Biden White House Claims Regular Talks With McConnell
  • Biden Lowers Tax Hike Threshold After Promising It Would Only Affect People Making Over $400K
  • Biden Makes Sweeping Projection About Child Poverty
  • Biden Overreports Number of Vaccinated American 65 and Older
  • Biden Claims US COVID Death Toll Exceeds Three Wars and 9/11
  • Biden Claims Coronavirus Was Met with Silence
  • Biden Says Goal of 100 Million Vaccine Shots in 100 Days Was Tough for Him to Meet
  • Biden Says COVID Spending Bill Garnered Bipartisan Support
  • Biden and White House Deny Border Crisis as Crossings Surge
  • Biden Says Administration Not Opening New Migrant Centers
  • Biden Repeats False Claim That Trump Told Public to Inject Bleach
  • Biden Lies Again About Not Inheriting a Vaccine Plan
  • Biden Says There Is ‘Overwhelming Consensus’ to Pass Excessive COVID Spending
  • Biden Denies Psaki Said Schools Should Open Just One Day a Week
  • Biden Claims COVID Vaccine Wasn’t Around When He Assumed Office
  • Biden Statement on Impeachment Falsely Attributes Officer’s Death to Capitol Riot
  • Kamala Harris Repeats Bogus Claim New White House Starting ‘From Scratch’ on Vaccines
  • Biden Said He Would Fire Staff ‘On the Spot’ for ‘Disrespect.’ Hasn’t Fired Deputy Press Secretary
  • Biden Said He ‘Misspoke’ When Claiming the US Would Reach Only 100 Million Vaccines in 100 Days
  • Biden Trashed Trump’s China Travel Ban as Xenophobic Before Signing His Own
  • Biden Team: Trump Vaccination Plan ‘Worse Than We Could Have Imagined’
  • Biden Warns Pandemic Will Worsen After Pledging to Shut Down Virus
  • Biden Claims Federal Government Never Acted with Urgency to Combat Pandemic
  • Biden Team Tells CNN Trump Offered No Plan for Vaccine Distribution
  • Biden White House Claims Elites ‘Celebrating’ Is Exception to Mask Edict
  • Biden Falsely Claims ‘All’ Media Smeared Vaccine Plan as ‘Impossible’
  • Biden Vows to Be Unity President After Smearing GOP Sens. as Nazis

Believe it or not, there are MORE lies that he’s spoken since we gathered these — and the list keeps growing daily.

Don’t forget; there is a long list of whoppers that dwarfs this list of lies that then-Senator Joe Biden told through the years before taking the oath of office. Here are just a few of those. (sources for stories regarding these lies can be found at the end of this story)

  • Joe Biden claimed twice that he met with Parkland, Florida, shooting survivors when he was vice president, even though he was already out of office when the attack took place.
  • Biden said his helicopter was “forced down” near Osama bin Laden’s lair in Afghanistan.
  • Biden said he was a coal miner
  • Biden said he was “shot at” in Iraq
  • Biden said he called Slobodan Milošević a “damn war criminal” to his face
  • Biden said he participated in sit-ins at segregated restaurants and movie theaters
  • Biden said he criticized President George W. Bush during lengthy private meetings in the Oval Office
  • Biden claimed he and Obama ‘solved’ Iran
  • Biden claimed he did not support ‘nation building’ in Afghanistan
  • Biden inaccurately claimed he opposed the war in Iraq
  • Biden now claims to have supported Obama’s 2011 raid that killed bin Laden
  • Biden now claims he never supported moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
  • Biden claims ‘nobody warned me’ about conflict of interest with son Hunter and Ukraine dealings


Need we go on? We could honestly present to you a list far longer than those above that report more lies told by Joe Biden in his early years as a Senator and through two previous failed attempts to win the Democrat Party nomination for President — which he lost dramatically. But there’s no need to list any more of his fables.

Here’s the bottom line: the incontrovertible fact that now-President Joe Biden has constantly told egregious lies during his political campaign proves that Americans cannot trust him to tell the truth, let alone fulfill any of the promises he’s made to us leading up to our southern border crisis and in the future.

Which story that he tells that can we can believe — or SHOULD we believe? After all, we’re not talking about a “loose talking point” or a “vernacular faux pas.” We’re talking about lies told by the Manager of our government regarding the most important issues in our lives. 

How many lies from a President should be accepted before Americans throw in the towel on Joe, settling for the proven fact that “Joe just doesn’t tell the truth?”

That’s a tough thought to digest. There is little or no doubt our nation sits atop a precipice that the administration for the eight years before Trump’s term in office quietly but steadily pushed the U.S. toward.  Their totalitarian policies were clouded with uncertainty and purposeful lies. Donald Trump pulled back the curtain used by the Obama/Biden Administration to hide those evils. That can no longer be argued! Today, President Biden runs victory laps for what they did to the nation.

Lest we forget: should Donald Trump have won last November and faced this same crisis at our southern border, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) would have already convened the House which would have overwhelmingly passed Articles of Impeachment against Mr. Trump. This time, they’d almost certainly be successful in removing him from office in a Senate trial!

Prediction: The death March that Joe has the nation headed down MUST be stopped. One way or the other, he’s going to be stopped. And he cannot lie his way out of this dilemma. Either Pelosi and Schumer and Vice President Harris will step in and invoke the 25th Amendment. The Biden Cabinet with the Vice President’s nod would remove Joe Biden from office for being “incapable of fulfilling the responsibilities of the presidency.” Maybe instead, Jill Biden will make a call letting everyone know that “Joe has sustained a medical emergency of such magnitude he has decided to step aside for the Vice President to take over the role as President.”

It has never been a case of “can Joe Biden make it as President through eight years or even the balance of THIS term?” It’s been, from the beginning, “how long before he’s removed from office? He certainly cannot make four years.”

Sources For Data Included in this Story:


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Biden’s $2.2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan: Here Are the Details

You’ve waited for it; now it’s here: “American Jobs Plan” in draft format. Take a look at it. See if you can get even in the same zip code with “infrastructure projects!” You can’t. of the $2.2 trillion, if your generous you can only add up to approximately $600 billion in infrastructure. The remainder, dictated in the draft bill, will be disbursed when, how, and to whom at the sole discretion of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Biden said the plan will invest about $2 trillion this decade. He dubbed his proposal the “American Jobs Plan,” which marks the first part of a two-part economic plan. Some programs and investments did not include a specific price tag. They are added at the end.

Infrastructure Plan: 

$621 billion in transportation infrastructure and resilience.

  • $115 billion to modernize bridges, highways, roads, and main streets most in need of repair. This includes funding to improve air quality, limit greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce congestion.
  • $20 billion to improve road safety.
  • $85 billion to modernize existing transit systems.
  • $80 billion to address Amtrak’s repair backlog.
  • $174 billion investment in the electric vehicle market.
  • $25 billion for airports.
  • $17 billion in inland waterways, coastal ports, land ports of entry, and ferries.
  • $20 billion for a new program that will reconnect neighborhoods cut off by historic investments and ensure new projects “increase opportunity, advance racial equity and environmental justice, and promote affordable access.”
  • $25 billion for a dedicated fund to support ambitious projects that have tangible benefits to the regional or national economy but are too large or complex for existing funding programs.
  • $50 billion in dedicated investments to improve infrastructure resilience.
  • Building a national network of 500,000 electric vehicle chargers by 2030.
  • Electrify at least 20 percent of the yellow school bus fleet through a new Clean Buses for Kids program.

$111 billion to replace 100 percent of the nation’s lead pipes and service lines to ensure clean, safe drinking water.

$100 Billion to build high-speed broadband infrastructure to reach 100 percent coverage.

$100 Billion to re-energize America’s power infrastructure to form a more resilient grid that will place the United States “on the path to achieving 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2035.”

  • This will include a $10 billion investment to “put a new, diverse generation of Americans to work conserving our public lands and waters … and advancing environmental justice through a new Civilian Climate Corps”

$213 billion to produce, preserve, and retrofit more than two million affordable and sustainable places to live.

  • Includes establishing a $27 billion Clean Energy and Sustainability Accelerator to mobilize private investment into distributed energy resources; retrofits of residential, commercial, and municipal buildings; and clean transportation.

$100 billion to upgrade and build new public schools through $50 billion in direct grants and an additional $50 billion leveraged through bonds.

$12 billion in community college infrastructure. States will be responsible for using the dollars to address both existing physical and technological infrastructure needs.

$25 billion to help upgrade child care facilities and increase the supply of child care in areas that need it most.

$18 billion for the modernization of Veterans Affairs hospitals and clinics.

$10 billion in the modernization, sustainability, and resilience of federal buildings,

$400 billion toward expanding access to quality, affordable home- or community-based care for aging relatives and people with disabilities.

$180 billion investment in R&D and the technologies of the future:

  • Includes $35 billion in the full range of solutions needed to achieve technology breakthroughs that address the climate crisis and position America as the global leader in clean energy technology and clean energy jobs. This includes launching ARPA-C to develop new methods for reducing emissions and building climate resilience, as well as expanding across-the-board funding for climate research.
  • $15 billion in demonstration projects for climate R&D priorities, including utility-scale energy storage, carbon capture, and storage, hydrogen, advanced nuclear, rare earth element separations, floating offshore wind, biofuel/bioproducts, quantum computing, and electric vehicles.
  • 15 billion in creating up to 200 centers of excellence that serve as research incubators at Historically black colleges and universities and other minority-serving institutions to provide graduate fellowships and other opportunities for underserved populations, including through pre-college programs.

$300 billion to strengthen manufacturing supply chains for critical goods

  • $50 billion to create a new office at the Department of Commerce dedicated to monitoring domestic industrial capacity and funding investments to support the production of critical goods.
  • $50 billion in semiconductor manufacturing and research, as called for in the bipartisan CHIPS Act.
  • $30 billion over 4 years to create U.S. jobs and prevent the severe job losses caused by pandemics through major new investments in medical countermeasures manufacturing; research and development; and related bio preparedness and biosecurity.
  •  $46 billion investment to jumpstart clean energy manufacturing through federal procurement.
  • $52 billion in domestic manufacturers.

$100 billion in proven workforce development programs targeted at underserved groups and getting students on paths to careers before they graduate from high school.

  • $5 billion over eight years in support of evidence-based community violence prevention programs. Biden is calling on Congress to invest in job training for formerly incarcerated individuals and justice-involved youth and in improving public safety.
  • $48 billion in American workforce development infrastructure and worker protection. This includes registered apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships, creating one to two million new registered apprenticeships slots, and strengthening the pipeline for more women and people of color to access these opportunities through successful pre-apprenticeship programs such as the Women in Apprenticeships in Non-Traditional Occupations.

Some of the programs or proposals that don’t involve money, or did not have a specific funding amount:

– Calling on Congress to tackle long-term unemployment and underemployment through a new subsidized jobs program.

– Calling on Congress to eliminate sub-minimum wage provisions in section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act and expand access to competitive, integrated employment opportunities and fair wages for workers with disabilities.

– Calling on Congress to ensure all workers have a free and fair choice to join a union by passing the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act and guarantee union and bargaining rights for public service workers.

– Asking Congress to tie federal investments in clean energy and infrastructure to prevailing wages and require transportation investments to meet existing transit labor protections.

– Calling on Congress to provide the federal government with the tools it needs to ensure employers are providing workers with good jobs—including jobs with fair and equal pay, safe and healthy workplaces, and workplaces free from racial, gender, and other forms of discrimination and harassment.

– Biden is calling on Congress to take immediate steps to spur the construction and rehabilitation of homes for underserved communities.

– Calling on Congress to pass the Neighborhood Homes Investment Act, which calls for the creation of a new federal tax credit that will produce new equity investment dollars for the development and renovation of 1-4 family housing in distressed urban, suburban, and rural neighborhoods.

– Calling on Congress to quadruple support for the Manufacturing Extensions Partnership—increasing the involvement of minority-owned and rurally-located small-and-medium-sized enterprises in technological advancement.

– Calling on Congress to ensure that new jobs created in clean energy, manufacturing, and infrastructure are open and accessible to women and people of color.

– Calling on Congress to invest in job training for formerly incarcerated individuals and justice-involved youth and in improving public safety.

– The President’s plan will invest in vulnerable communities through a range of programs, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities program, the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Development Block Grant program, new initiatives at the Department of Transportation, a bipartisan tax credit to provide incentives to low- and middle-income families and to small businesses to invest in disaster resilience, and transition and relocation assistance to support community-led transitions for the most vulnerable tribal communities.


Of course, this is NOT a formal bill, (yet to be drafted) and certainly is NOT the final format in which the “Infrastructure” bill will be, but it’s the only template we have right now to start digging into.

I challenge you to download the .pdf version linked below and email the heck out of it to everyone you know. 

We discovered yesterday that the Senate Parliamentarian cleared the way for Senate leadership to pass this legislation using the “reconciliation process,” formerly known as the “nuclear option.” That means, Democrats no longer see the need to attract the necessary ten Republican members of the Senate to vote with Dems to pass a bill.

What does that mean? Without the 60-vote requirement, it means that a piece of legislation that fits within the reconciliation process can be passed with a simple majority vote. There are 50 Democrats and 50 Republican Senators. And in the case of a 50-50 tie, Vice President Kamala Harris will cast the deciding vote, meaning this bill will be certain to pass and be signed into law.

How to stop it? Reach out to YOUR U.S. Senators and demand that their votes on this issue express the wishes of your state’s voters solely and NOT the wishes of any political party. Secondly, you can spread it around. Download the synopsis draft of it (linked below) and email the heck out of it to every person you know. Ask them to contact their Senators as well.

Americans have a continuous uphill climb to achieve any legislation in Congress that is for the American people until this administration breathes its last breath. And that’s four years.

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Pro-Life or Pro-Biden

Almost all of the Democrat presidents during my lifetime have been Pro-Life: at least for a while. Those include Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and now, Joe Biden. It’s funny how they all “worked” the narrative of both Pro-Choice and Pro-Life to work for their political benefits: even the Baptist Sunday School teacher Jimmy Carter. They each, along with their wives, when campaigning were Pro-Life adherents except for Barack Obama. Obama made a big push in his first term to appease the Evangelical Right using “reducing the numbers of women who get abortions” as something of an olive branch to the Right. It failed miserably. At least one can say the Obamas were true to their convictions rather than switch to Pro-Life.

Abortion has since the early 70s been the lightning rod for Evangelicals. This group holds firm to the scripture from Jeremiah in the Old Testament that references a conversation between God and the prophet Jeremiah. In that conversation, God said to Jeremiah: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” God made it abundantly clear in that missive that Jeremiah was alive, even before he was born.

That matters little to the proponents of abortion: abortion of all kinds. It’s an easy slope from “no abortion” to “abortion for the sake of the mother’s life,” to “selective abortion,” and then to “abortion only in the case of rape or pregnancy through incest.” I guess that means that one’s position on abortion is as fluid as whether you choose Coca-Cola or Pepsi. But I’m one of those who believe God’s word to Jeremiah was HIS position on abortion: Jeremiah was alive — according to Jeremiah 1:5 — before he was born. I’m all-in on that one.

To the Catholic Church’s credit, they have held closely through centuries their tenet of the sanctity of life: Pro-Life. It’s seldom today that we see any religious organizations maintain a position for their adherents for any period of time. But the Catholic Church remains today a staunch supporter of Pro-Life and that life begins at inception.

That’s not saying, however, that EVERY Catholic toes the line on that. Many have “fallen by the wayside” and chosen to embrace a more “contemporary” and “timely” opinion of the matter, as did the Carters, the Clintons, and the Bidens, even though the Bidens are, to my knowledge, the only Catholics in the group. Because of this and several other controversies in the Church, Catholicism is under siege. But still, the Church holds fast to their covenant to Pro-Life.

Enter Joe Biden running for President.

Joe’s “current” position on abortion, along with other conundrums in his life (which we leave for another discussion), has the church and millions of Americans struggling to reconcile his former opinion of abortion and his current thoughts on the matter. While campaigning, Joe was something of a chameleon: when he was with Pro-Choicers, he was Pro-Choice. When he was with Pro-Lifers, he did not espouse a disdain for abortion, but he never condemned it. However, he always supported the Hyde Amendment, which prevents taxpayer funds from paying for abortions. Apparently, Joe has waffled once again on that. The Hyde Amendment’s provision was delineated from the COVID-19 stimulus bill. Now it appears Planned Parenthood will get paid by Uncle Sam (that’s you and me) to abort babies.

But President Biden is having a bit of a tiff with many Evangelicals, which he wooed while running his campaign. He never stated he would NOT support abortions. The group claims that, in exchange for their support in the election, he would “meet with them for the express purpose to find consensus” on the matter. They voted for him. They’ve not heard a peep from the White House. They are incensed!

In an open letter released Sunday, Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden urged him to “honor his commitment” and include the Hyde Amendment in Democrats’ $1.9 trillion COVID-19 spending package, writing “we feel used and betrayed.” The letter states:

We are very disappointed about the COVID-19 relief package’s exclusion of the Hyde Amendment, a longstanding bipartisan policy that prevents taxpayer funding for abortion. We’re even more upset that the Biden administration is supporting this bill. As pro-life leaders in the evangelical community, we publicly supported President Biden’s candidacy with the understanding that there would be engagement [with] us on the issue of abortion and particularly the Hyde Amendment …We feel used and betrayed and have no intention of simply watching these kinds of efforts happen from the sidelines.

It’s quite apparent the evangelicals feel they have been betrayed.

How do you feel about this? If you’re a Christian, do you share their convictions? Do you think Biden has turned on his long-held support of Pro-Life?

I must be honest: there’s no doubt in my mind that Joe Biden made his change on the matter specifically to dodge the angst any Democrat presidential candidate would experience while running for office. His change certainly happened for political purposes. Was he right for doing so? That only matters to a few people — far too few as far as I’m concerned. Sadly, unborn babies have become nothing more than an afterthought, a mistake, an “oops” to far too many people. Joe, however, has changed his mind.

So what do you think about his change? Millions of American Christians voted against him in large for that stance. These Evangelicals supported him (and voted for him) based on a promise from a politician: “C’mon, Man!”

One of America’s most outspoken Evangelical pastors from Berkeley, California, weighed in on the matter on Tuesday. Mario Murillo published his thoughts on this group, their actions in supporting Biden, and gave tens of millions of other Christians a few thoughts about this debacle. Here’s Mario:

“Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden.” They are the theological equivalent of “Karen” in a department store, screaming for the manager—totally devoid of self-awareness. Here is how normal people would have handled this: “Uh oh! We did something really stupid, we endorsed Biden. Let’s not remind people of our folly by writing a letter that will remind everyone.” But no. They had to write a letter.

Speaking of lacking self-awareness, just look at their name: “Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden”? Their name is a self-cancelling phrase. Kind of like saying, ‘godly atheist’.

What did they expect? “He lied to us!” Joe Biden always lies. He lied about his grades. He lied about his achievements. He lied about China. He lied about his son. He is a liar and has always been a liar. Again, what did you expect?

Wouldn’t you have loved to have been a fly on the wall when ‘Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden’ extracted a promise from him? Here’s a quote from their letter: “The Biden team wanted to talk to us during the campaign to gain our support, and we gave it on the condition there would be active dialogue and common ground solutions on the issue of abortion. There has been no dialogue since the campaign.”

Aw, you poor things! You trusted a campaign promise and you voted for him, but now Biden won’t talk to you about abortion? Reread that naïve sentence again. They actually believed they would get “common ground solutions” on abortion from the most pro-abortion, thieving, dishonest administration in history? They made a deal with the devil and now they feel hurt?

And do any of you pro-Biden Evangelicals believe you have a snowball’s chance that Biden will be threatened or feel remorse for using you? Do you think anything will come from your letter?

I will digress for a moment…

Something happens to the brain of certain Christian leaders when they taste the smugness of academia. They yearn to prove that Christians can be as smart as “regular” intellectuals. Instead, their insecurity drives their mind to oxymorons. The Bible says, professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.

They despised Trump because of his personality. Trump―the most pro-life president ever! They found him to be crude—too crude for the elite-class, educated in ivy-covered halls, halls they want to be accepted in. So, they said, “Look at us, look at how sophisticated our Christianity is.” Their need for acceptance outweighed the need to stand for righteousness. Again, professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.

In their letter, they say they feel “hurt and abused.” They have no right to feel that way. The ones who are actually hurt and abused are the thousands of Christians who looked up to them and relied on them to provide godly counsel on the election. Instead, in their reckless disregard for counsel and wisdom, they helped usher in the most anti-Christ administration America has ever known and aided in empowering the death mills of Planned Parenthood.

You who signed that letter aided evil in the name of good. Instead of whining that Biden lied to you, you should all be repenting for voting for Biden in the first place. And even worse, you should be repenting for leading others to violate their Christian conscience.




In giving their support to Biden, these Evangelicals, knowing his very vocal stance on abortion, were foolish to expect any other action than what they have received from President Biden. Quite honestly, political positions of all kinds are today and have been for more than two centuries been in play during every campaign. Winning an election is considered far more important than one’s conscience, faith, or beliefs. Any or all of those go out the window to get a vote or two.

This reminds me of far too many folks who purposely slip on a conviction occasionally. Oh, they justify doing so by thinking, “I know I shouldn’t do that. But it’s just one thing. I’ll let it slide just this one time.” And that, though, justifies their actions.

I suggest for all of you what I accepted many years ago about these types of choices. It comes from a life fundamental God gave us first in Genesis. God promised Noah after the flood that as long as Earth existed, four things will never change: there will always be day and night, always will be Winter and Summer, there will always be hot and cold, and there will always be “seedtime and harvest.” “Seedtime and harvest,” or “reap and sow,” is the only one of the four promises which people have control of its results. Let me explain:

When a farmer wants to grow corn, he plans corn seeds. When he wants to grow wheat, he plants wheat. It would not be brilliant to expect apples to grow from the corn seed or watermelons to grow where he planted wheat.

I know: I’m not a philosopher. I promise this is NOT original! (I’ll give God credit for it) But it works…and it’s true.

Those Evangelicals thought Biden would honor his commitment. Mario laid bare the truth of their foolishness, expecting something different from Joe. “He promised he would meet and converse with us!” Throughout his career, Joe has consistently planted seeds of misrepresentation, hypocritically committing to do many things he never did and, sadly, NOT doing many things he committed to do. This is just one more notch in his belt.

They should have rejected his commitment based on the numerous examples of reap and sow in Joe’s life that messaged he was not telling the truth.

Do you ever face this kind of conundrum? Are you guilty of perpetrating yourself? Have you faced someone who has done it to you? We all have. Sadly, it’s part of human nature.

How do we fix it? We can only fix ourselves in this matter. And all we can do is plant good seed in the promise of God that what we planted will grow, just like we expected.

Joe, on the other hand, is probably going to continue to reap the seeds that he sowed throughout his life. That’s God’s promise.

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Who’s Getting Gas When Biden Runs Us Dry?

President Biden was scheduled to deliver his first major speech on foreign policy Monday. Instead, it was postponed “due to inclement weather.” Apparently, the two inches of snow that fell on the capital this past weekend made travel too risky.

It’s just as well that the speech was rescheduled. After all, Biden doesn’t have much to brag about on the foreign relations front. Indeed, in his first week in the Oval Office, the president seemed determined to elevate partisan politics over good policy.
Here are five of Biden’s first frustrating moves he has made that delight the radical left but bode ill for American prosperity and security.
#1. Canceling the Keystone XL pipeline. 

This energy project would have more than doubled the nation’s pipeline capacity to import Canadian crude oil efficiently, economically, and safely via pipeline. Biden blocked it on day one. That’s bad climate policy. The oil will now be transported via alternative means that will create more greenhouse gasses.

♠♠ It’s bad economics. The cancellation will kill thousands of jobs and raise energy costs in the U.S. and Canada.

♠♠ It’s a bad strategy, undermining U.S. energy security.

♠♠ It’s, above all, bad foreign policy — a financial body blow to America’s closest ally. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney called the move a “gut punch.”

America can best transition to an environmentally sustainable future by building up our economy and exercising global energy leadership through strength. Killing Keystone XL does none of that.
#2. Clumsy on Climate.

Biden decided to rejoin the Paris climate agreement. The Trump administration had pulled out of the agreement because its provisions did nothing to restrain the world’s biggest emitter, China. Meanwhile, it would have imposed tremendous costs on the United States, without lowering global temperatures by any discernable amount. None of the signatories have come even close to hitting the targets established in the agreement. Indeed, China’s greenhouse gas emissions are now double that of America and higher than when Beijing signed on.

Meanwhile, the United States has made remarkable progress outside the agreement by relying on the power of market forces. Our per capita carbon emissions have declined for the last decade — a record unmatched by any other country. There is simply no good reason to rejoin the pact. In fact, even the United Nations last Friday released a report recommending that the U.S. should NOT rejoin the Accords because of the great strides made by the U.S. in reducing annual greenhouse gas emissions!

There is, however, great danger in rejoining. It all boils down to what winds up in Biden’s “nationally determined contribution” (NDC), a country’s domestic plan to reduce national emissions under the agreement. The NDC is likely to call for centrally-directed government interventions to “green” America faster. And these types of interventions invariably stymie innovation and misallocate taxpayer dollars. Often, they end in scandal. (Who can forget Solyndra and $500 million taxpayer dollars that disappeared under Obama?)

Market-based solutions would better lead a transition to a real “green industrial revolution.” Rejoining Paris is arm-twisting expediency to drive a radical political agenda that will make America less competitive in a highly competitive world.

#3. Nothing New for New START.
The Obama administration struck a nuclear arms control deal with Russia that didn’t really control much of anything. The treaty only covered 45% of Putin’s arsenal. It allowed Russia to build more nuclear weapons (while requiring the U.S. to reduce its nuclear arms). And to cap it off, the treaty featured a very weak verification system. With New START due to expire, the last administration was negotiating for a better deal. The Biden team ignored all that work. Instead, it wants to sign a five-year extension of Obama’s deal.
In a world where both Russia and China are becoming more dangerous nuclear nations, verifiable agreements that reduce threats are more important than ever. Signing up for same-old, same-old sends a terrible signal that the Biden administration is more anxious to honor Obama-era mistakes and the left’s arms control agenda than deliver real arms control.
#4. Irresponsible Immigration Policies.

One irrefutable success of the last administration was securing better control of our Southern border and enforcing immigration laws. Biden is trying to undo all that. Biden WILL undo all that. Biden IS undoing all that.

He halted the building of the border wall, introduced a radical amnesty bill, and immediately began suspending or reversing policies that had led to tighter border security and the enforcement of immigration law. These are open border policies that pose real threats to the safety, health, prosperity, and security of all Americans.

Biden’s pronouncements and actions have already triggered a new rush of illegal immigrants. With strong borders, we can remain a nation of immigrants, grow our economy and protect our citizens. But this wholesale retreat from border security is the clearest sign that Biden is willing to put the left’s politics above the interests of our citizens.

# 5. Muddling the Middle East.
Before the last team left the White House, they had crushed the Caliphate, boxed in Iran, and normalized relations between Israel and the Arab nations. This established the strongest foundation for stability in the Middle East that we have had in a generation. But rather than building on this real success, the Biden team delivered equivocal and confusing messages about returning to the Iran Deal — another example of one-sided, Obama-era “statecraft” that enriched and empowered the greatest destabilizing force in the Middle East.
The White House should be building on policies to promote collective security and economic cooperation that blocks Iran, China, and Russia. That would be good for America. Instead, Biden seems more concerned with resurrecting Obama’s failed Middle East agenda.


Here’s the scariest thing of all: Joe Biden has not yet even initiated foreign policy measures. Can you imagine what our foreign policy will look like when Biden interfaces with Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Iran’s Supreme Leader, and what about Kim Jung Un? Everyone else already knows him from his days as Obama’s vice president: “Good Ole’ Uncle Joe!”

  • Biden operates with that aura of being just “another good ole’ boy.” He DOES have a past with many of these leaders — not necessarily a good one. The Ukrainian president cannot be too fond of Joe right now. After all, Joe bragged about blackmailing the previous president of their country using a $1 billion loan guarantee as the “deal-closer.”
  • Xi Jinping certainly has a bone to pick with this President. Why? They certainly cut some sort of deal when Hunter joined his father on Air Force Two for that meeting in Beijing in which Xi brokered the $1.5 billion deal for Hunter with that Chinese investment company. Remember: Joe is really “Quid Pro Quo” Joe. And Biden probably hasn’t yet given Xi what was promised by the former Vice President and Obama. It’s payback time. And Xi will surely play that card.
  • Iran’s Supreme leader surely spent all of the $150 billion that Barack, Joe, and John Kerry surreptitiously slipped “under the door” on their way out of office. In exchange, the leader got kicked to the curb by President Trump when he canceled that Obama deal that, by the way, gave them all that money without anyone in Congress even knowing about it — certainly not the American people. I’d love to be a fly on the wall during that phone call!
  • Vladimir, on the other hand, might be an easy fix. Joe and his crew spent four years convincing Americans — at least the U.S. Mainstream Media — that Trump was in Vlad’s pocket. That first meeting or phone call will certainly be brief. They’ll share niceties and then Vlad will jump on in there and ask Joe how much he’ll charge to give Russia complete access to the CIA database.

I know, that’s a bit extreme. And, quite honestly, I hope no American ever has to ponder that as even a possibility. But remember this: there is plenty of evidence in the open marketplace that links President Biden and members of his family to several “We’re for Sale” plans that all came together because of Joe Biden’s lengthy and significant political service in Washington D.C. The Biden Family Syndicate parlayed his name to create massive income.

The only question is: Will we ever know for sure who and how much?

And, don’t forget this — Joe has just gotten started at the “top of the heap!”

The Post Trump Era

So what’s life looking like for you in the Biden presidency? Are you enjoying the way he’s single-handedly running the U.S.? Forty-four Executive Orders and counting and a walloping massive cut of jobs for Americans, an energy policy that has, in just 11 days, driven the price of gasoline skyrocketing up fifty cents a gallon, and he has proven he’s a liar already by awarding a quarter of a billion dollar contract to a foreign company for services available from several American companies. He promised on his watch he’d “Build Back Better.” Yeah, right.

It’s “Biden Land” for sure now. And he’s just gotten started!

Biden’s “Destroy American Jobs” Energy Policy

Joe started off with a bang on Day One.

  • He canceled the federal permit for the XL Pipeline Project that immediately killed 11,000 American jobs.
  • He announced the cancellation of any new oil or natural gas wells on federal lands which immediately put the state of New Mexico in a financial tailspin along with several other Western States. The entire New Mexico public school system looks to federal oil and gas royalties for direct funding of 60% of the system’s cost without which officials say will immediately shut down public school operations.
  • Joe terminated the ongoing building of the wall at our southern border. Yes, he promised while campaigning to do so. But he cost the nation billions by terminating construction immediately with no planning or preparations for all those whose lives were instantly altered by his unilateral executive action. How so? Millions of dollars in building materials and machinery now lie idly in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California that can no longer be used. The equipment amassed along the border that the federal government purchased are worthless. Hundreds of permanent jobs were canceled immediately. And the feds won’t reveal the nature of the numerous contracts between the government and private companies for building the wall. American taxpayers will either pay huge contract cancellation penalties or face years of lawsuits with those private companies, several of which will certainly shutter operations and put more Americans in unemployment lines.
  • Each day, details of the hundreds appointed to serve in the Biden Administration are exposed as being “quid pro quo” hires for President Biden. The $40 million Russia Collusion hoax investigation during Biden and Obama’s final year in office has become the hunting ground for Biden Administration top level managers. After all, evidence proved Biden and Obama both were in on the details of the fake investigation. Add to those appointees and hires the multiple Trump and Conservative haters and an attorney to head the DOJ Civil Rights Division that publicly has blamed police in the U.S. calling them the most dangerous national security threat in the nation. Then there’s the partner of the lawyer who Hunter Biden hired to represent him in his money laundering investigation by the FBI who Joe just “happened” to name as a federal prosecutor. We’re certainly not done yet. New names with their seriously speckled partisan political agendas are being revealed daily.
  • None of the above can outdo Biden’s first big “in-your-face” to those American companies he built his “Build Back Better” campaign slogan around. Joe thumbed his nose at the numerous American pharmaceutical companies for a federal contract to provide rapid in-home COVID-19 tests and gave the $230 million contract to an Australian Company: Ellume. In doing so, Biden proved that ALL of his campaign promises were nothing more than payback to all those who had stayed faithful to Joe and Barack.

We promised we would every week update Biden’s list of lies, misrepresentation, and any evil or questionable actions taken as President. Obviously, he is keeping us busy through Monday. Sadly for us all, it’s pretty certain we’ll be telling you more and more unbelievable and unexplainable nose-thumbing Uncle Joe has been and apparently will continue to do to us all.

There’s no one who can better explain exactly what America faces with this unilateral form of government we have with a Democrat House, Senate, and White House. He is an American conservative commentator, classicist, and military historian. He has been a commentator on modern and ancient warfare and contemporary politics for National Review, The Washington Times and other media outlets.

Hanson is a professor emeritus of Classics at California State University, Fresno, the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow in classics and military history at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, and visiting professor at Hillsdale College. Hanson was awarded the National Humanities Medal in 2007 by President George W. Bush, and was a presidential appointee in 2007–2008 on the American Battle Monuments Commission.

I’m certain he’s qualified to speak to all of us! Listen to his “take” on what we’re facing today.

Victor David Hanson

The new AT age, as in “After Trump,” began on either Election Day, Nov. 3, or on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20. But either way, reality as we had known it for four years has been abruptly reinvented. Pfizer had hinted that a vaccine could be ready in late October. Then, mysteriously, it wasn’t. Then, stranger still, it appeared — a few days after Election Day.

Suddenly, after Joe Biden’s inauguration, Illinois, Michigan, and other blue states eased some of their lockdown restrictions to get their economies back on track despite little change in COVID-19 rates. During the Trump Age, the president was supposedly responsible for every death from COVID-19. Now, the media reports that career scientists and health administrators in the federal government, especially at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, were largely to blame for past slow testing and were tardy and lax in apprising the nation of the infectious threat.

The Biden campaign’s widely reported promises of a new, superior COVID-19 plan turned out to be more of the same old, same old from the Trump Age. Biden did mandate the wearing of masks on all federal property. But he then immediately undermined his own order during the first few hours on the job by going mask-less during a photo op at the Lincoln Memorial.

Stranger still, President Biden announced during his first few hours in office: “There’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months.” For the first time, we now learn that there is “nothing” Biden can do about COVID-19?

Despite millions of vaccine doses being produced when he entered office, Biden went on to warn that many more Americans will die in the next few months — more than 600,000 COVID-19 fatalities in total. The watchdog media just shrugged. Coincidentally, after weeks of disastrous state incompetence in getting residents vaccinated, Amazon has told the new administration that it will lend its infrastructure and organization to speed up vaccinations.

If Amazon could announce that in late January, why not weeks earlier?

Speaking of Amazon, it is opposing mail-in ballots for its own employees voting on whether to unionize a warehouse in Alabama. Amazon says it’s worried about fraud. Yet Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos also owns the Washington Post, which ridiculed those who were concerned about massive mail-in voting in the 2020 election.

Coincidently, with the inauguration of a new president, “nonpartisan” COVID-19 czar Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, now suddenly accuses his former boss, Donald Trump, of ignoring his wise counsel. But for all of 2020, Fauci had been a master of the “noble lie” — the Platonic idea that government elites should deliberately misinform the supposedly less intelligent people for their own good. Fauci gave conflicting assessments on mask-wearing, on the percentages needed to achieve herd immunity, and on the impossibility of the virus having originated in a Wuhan laboratory. He claimed that he offered false or unproven narratives to avoid panic or to encourage Americans to follow his correct policies.

In the new age, expect the media and government to suddenly resent any mention of pushback against a sitting president. Questions about the Biden family’s past multimillion-dollar influence-peddling overseas or even Biden’s cognitive ability can no longer be asked.

If the Republicans win the House of Representatives in 2022 and follow the new Democratic model of impeaching a first-term president without a special counsel report, it will be called a national disgrace. Even worse, we will be told, would be the reckless mention of the 25th Amendment. The very suggestion of removing an elected president due to supposed cognitive challenges will become abhorrent. For that matter, so too would be the appointment of any special counsel. Why waste two years, $35 million, and dozens of lawyers to harass a sitting president with unfounded charges of Ukrainian or Chinese “collusion?”
IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t forget Lt. General Michael Flynn will be joining us live on “TNN Live’s” streaming radio show Thursday morning, February 4th, between 9:00 and 11:00 AM Central to talk through much of what happened to he and his family during the assault they endured by Biden/Obama’s FBI. He will all share with us an insider’s front-row version of the current happenings in Washington. To join the streaming show, just click on the blue horizontal banner above this story that says “Click to Listen Live” and join the show. Pass Flynn’s appearance along to others!
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Biden’s Got Something for Everybody!

He’s issued Executive Orders in just ten short days that equal more than the total number of EO’s issued by the three previous U.S. presidents combined. And “EO Joe” is just getting started. He’s got a plan for everything. But, remember: he told the world from the Oval Office, “I don’t know what things are in these Executive Orders I’m signing. Kamala told me that they’re all good. That’s good enough for me!

Now that Americans know not only the contents of those orders but the immediate and long term impact on our nation they are making already and will continue to make, it’s more frightening to think about what’s ahead that he’s going to do than worry about what damage he’s already done.

And there’s “COVID-19 Relief” waiting on the horizon: with lots of money — YOUR money.

“COVID Relief Biden Style”

President Biden’s plan for federal coronavirus relief resembles the American Recovery Reinvestment Act (ARRA) signed by President Obama after the 2008 financial crisis. It uses several federal agencies to separately distribute financial assistance to persons unemployed, in poverty, or otherwise with low incomes, on top of the dozens of programs already in place. Predictably, it will result in a disappointing economic recovery as long as it lasts.

The plan includes a $100 weekly unemployment bonus, on top of the $300 bonus passed last month, which itself is on top of about $400 in weekly state unemployment benefits. It also includes additions to rental assistance, food stamps, health insurance assistance, and direct payments to households, all of which are available only if the recipient remains unemployed or otherwise with sufficiently low income. Biden also proposes to more than double the federal minimum wage.

These types of assistance have been studied, with some authors finding no “statistically significant” adverse effect on hiring, work behavior, or earning power. But expect, as Obama’s team did 12 years ago, Biden’s team to claim that the adverse effects are zero for the individual programs and their combination.

Theirs is a “fallacy of the heap,” a logical fallacy that was well known to the ancients, long before economics was a profession. The fallacy states that removing a single grain of sand from a heap of sand still leaves us with a heap of sand—the same with the second grain of sand, and the third, and so on. Therefore, according to the fallacy, any number of grains of sand can be removed without removing the heap itself.

Every introductory economics teacher has to confront this fallacy. Invariably the class includes a student pushing back on the law of demand that raising prices reduces demand, “Raise the price of a car by a penny, and that will not stop anyone from purchasing the car.” The teacher has to say, “OK, let the seller of the car raise the price $10,000, just one penny at a time. Each penny increase does not affect sales — therefore, a $10,000 price increase has no effect on sales,” and the fallacy is apparent.

The same holds for incentives to hire, work, or earn. Incentives to work may remain after adding a bit to food stamps, or rental assistance, or any of the other programs. But eventually, the absence of incentives will be apparent, especially among people whose incentives were already substantially reduced.

This is why the ARRA never came close to delivering the recovery promised by the Obama administration (in particular, by Jared Bernstein, who is now slated to be a member of Biden’s Council of Economic Advisers). The 2009 recession was particularly bad for unmarried people and others not receiving the most generous assistance from the ARRA.

This time, as vaccination and other measures begin to reduce the harms from the coronavirus, the economy’s fundamentals will be pushing toward recovery. Simultaneously, the Biden plan holds it back about 5 million jobs below pre-pandemic levels (in addition to the 3 to 4 million reductions in employment from the December 2020 relief package). The Congressional Budget Office projects that the minimum wage provision by itself will cost more than 1 million jobs.

Biden’s plans for health insurance may do the most to reduce work. The 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA) created what is now the most important credit against the personal income tax: credits for premiums paid for individual health insurance plans sold on the ACA “exchanges.” The rules determining eligibility and amounts for the credits create two kinds of disincentives to work.

The most important, but often forgotten, is a specific tax on full-time work created by the ACA rule prohibiting the large majority of full-time workers from receiving credits because of their employment status (regardless of how much or little that job pays). These workers become eligible for the credits if they leave employment or switch to part-time employment. The second disincentive applies to the very few workers who purchase health insurance on the ACA exchanges: their credit is phased out with their income.

Take Mike Smith, who, in 2010, was working long hours in California as a district manager for a national auto parts retailer. Despite wanting to help care for his grandchild and elderly in-laws, Smith kept the manager job into his 60s because he and his wife wanted the health insurance that came with it.

They both retired in 2014 because the ACA gave them heavily subsidized health insurance, for which they would have been ineligible if Smith had remained in his district manager job. Why spend their own money on health insurance when taxpayers would now pay most of the premiums for them?

In other examples, workers at many schools, restaurants, and municipal offices were having their hours cut, so the new law does not recognize them as full-time workers. Biden would increase these disincentives to hire, work, and earn.

The words of wisdom still stand: Subsidize something, and you’ll get more of it. As a result, expect the Biden economy to have additional unemployment, additional poverty, and lower incomes for a longer period.

Biden Attacks The Fossil Fuel Industry One More Time

“Listen to my words: I am not banning fracking. Let me say that again: I am not banning fracking. No matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me,” Biden said in a speech in Pittsburgh on August 31, 2020.

How many times did he say that during the campaign? I don’t know the exact number, but he said it often. And as politicians do — especially Democrat politicians — Biden knew Americans are stupid and will believe what candidates promise during their campaigns, knowing they have little or no intention to fulfill those promises. Biden used that age-old adage in politics: “Promise what you need to promise to win an election. After you’ve won, the people will forget your promise.”

Biden’s done that one more time.

Speaking at the White House, Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed President Biden would follow through with campaign promises to ban new fracking on federal land. “President Biden promised to end all new oil and gas leasing on federal lands when was a candidate,” a reporter asked. “Does the administration still have that commitment today? To end that lease?”

“We do, and our team will review the leases. We just have only been in office for a few days,” Psaki said.

Biden’s Executive Order pen went to work and did just that: put a “Moratorium” on the issuance of fracking permits on federal land.

What does that really mean? In the “real” world, placing such a Moratorium is simply an excuse for the Biden Administration to try and solve the fracking problem pleasing both sides. By calling it just a moratorium on new permits allows them to say, “We didn’t ban fracking: just new permits. And that is only temporary.” Simultaneously, they can claim to their climate change freaks, “We did it! We banned fracking!”

“Politispeak” is all this rhetoric amounts to. There’s NO truth in how they phrase it. The truth is Biden doing so will cost western states hundreds of millions of dollars and at least one million jobs!

Wednesday, January 27,  Western Energy Alliance filed a lawsuit in Wyoming federal court challenging President Biden’s executive order banning oil and natural gas leasing on federal public lands. The complaint challenges Biden’s order as exceeding presidential authority and constituting a violation of the Mineral Leasing Act, National Environmental Policy Act, and the Federal Lands Policy and Management Act.

“The law is clear. Presidents don’t have the authority to ban leasing on public lands. All Americans own the oil and natural gas beneath public lands, and Congress has directed them to be responsibly developed on their behalf. Drying up new leasing puts future development as well as existing projects at risk. President Biden cannot simply ignore laws in effect for over half a century,” said Kathleen Sgamma, president of the Alliance. “Biden’s ban is an overreach meant to satisfy the environmental left, but it would seriously harm the livelihoods of tens of thousands of westerners and put at risk millions more as state services become unfunded.”

The suit claims:

  • The Executive Order conflicts with existing laws
  • Biden’s ban would result in $33.5 billion in lost GDP in his first term.
  • President’s action risks over $8.8 billion in conservation funding
  • If extended, over the next 20 years, the Biden Ban would result in $639.6 billion in lost GDP, $286 billion in lost wages, $151 billion in lost state tax revenue, and job losses climbing to 343,088 annually, according to the Wyoming Energy Authority study.
  • The Great American Outdoors Act was signed into law on August 5, 2020. It directs up to $1.3 billion annually toward addressing the $13 billion maintenance backlog at national parks. The funding comes from royalties and leasing revenues paid by companies to the federal government from oil and natural gas on public lands. The law also directs $900 million annually to the Land Water Conservation Fund from offshore leasing and development.

That’s just Wyoming! Do you know which state will take the largest and the most immediate financial hit with the “Biden Ban?” New Mexico. A massive amount of the state’s revenue from royalties from gas and oil wells in those federal lands. 60% of the state’s public school revenue comes directly from those royalties. Thursday, the state public school administration stated that the state public schools would be forced to close without those revenues.


This administration’s actions in just ten days have already resulted in catastrophic and unnecessary horrors for thousands of Americans. And the fear of future lost jobs, homes, businesses, and the huge increases in the cost of energy to ALL Americans are actually putting about 10 million Americans into a place of uncertainty about their futures. That uncertainty has not been felt since the Obama Administration. (Hmm… that actually explains a lot)

Scariest of all is the understanding that the President and Vice President have made abundantly clear their number one objective is to fulfill every promise they made to the far-left in Congress and the climate change syndicate who pumped tens of millions of dollars into the Biden Campaign.

I guess we can justly change the President’s name to “Quid Pro Joe.” He’s been called that before. But, at that time, the name was just a jab at this alleged Ukraine blackmail scheme. But now, Biden will wear it because he’s earned it.

And he’s not even close to finished yet: certainly much more is ahead.

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Biden’s American Inclusiveness Dream

“Can’t we just all get along?”

If Joe Biden were candid about his non-stop stately declarations of “I want to be the President for all Americans,” he’d continue with his magic recipe to cure all of America’s problems: we just all need to “get along.”

Let’s take a look at Joe’s first steps toward inclusion:

  • POLITICO and the Washington Post have published pieces of late in which promises are made about political diversity in Biden’s camp staffing.
  • He has named quite a few Big Tech heavyweights and is rumored to be considering some current and former Republicans to critical posts. Among the names being floated for possible Biden Cabinet posts are Meg Whitman, the CEO of Quibi and former CEO of eBay, and former Ohio Gov. John Kasich, both of whom spoke at August’s Democratic National Convention. Massachusetts GOP Gov. Charlie Baker and former Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) have also been mentioned, as has former Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.), who resigned from Congress in 2018 and became a lobbyist. There is not one conservative in the lot. In fact, John Kasimcigma and Jeff Flake epitomize the term RINO: “Republican in name only. No inclusion yet on staffing.
  • One of his Wednesday executive orders was to discontinue deportations immediately. How inclusive is that? Remember: the rumored 10-12 million illegals already in the U.S. contain several criminals who have sordid criminal pasts in their home countries, and many continued those habits after sneaking across the border. Ask Texans about that. According to reports from the Texas Department of Justice, the latest report shows 245,000 criminal aliens were booked into Texas jails from 2011 through February 2018. The aliens, two-thirds of whom were in the country illegally, were charged with more than 650,000 criminal offenses. They have been convicted of almost 600 murders, 30,000 assaults, 3,300 sexual assaults, 9,000 burglaries, 20,000 thefts, 38,000 drug crimes, and 274 kidnappings. These are conservative figures because they included only alien arrests reported to DPS by Texas police agencies. Additionally, arrestees not “biometrically verified” by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security were excluded from the data set.
  • As all candidates do, Joe told Americans he would immediately tackle the economy. He fraudulently quoted the unemployment numbers and the numbers of closed businesses while blaming Trump for all that. His promised remedy for that? Get everybody to buy only American made products! And his first big “tackle” in the economy was to take executive action to cancel the XL Pipeline permit, which instantly stopped construction. That will quickly eliminate 11,000 jobs for Americans along with $2.2 billion in payroll. Biden “inclusiveness” Part II.
  • We found out how Joe will keep foreign terrorist acts (which we saw not during the last four years) from occurring here during his administration. How? “The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, welcomed President Joe Biden’s announced termination — on his first day in office — of the previous administration’s discriminatory Muslim and African Bans.”  Of course, the ban was NOT a Muslim ban. Far more Muslim countries were NOT part of the ban than those which were. But calling it a Muslim ban by the mainstream media gave Biden campaign fodder to use against Trump. The fact is, you’d have a tough job naming one U.S. terrorist act this century that was NOT committed by someone from a Muslim country.
  • Joe added a few more executive orders, which included reversing the rollbacks to vehicle emissions standards; undoing decisions to slash the size of several national monuments; enforcing a temporary moratorium on oil and natural gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and re-establishing a working group on the social costs of greenhouse gasses. Each of those will immediately when executed, put American workers in unemployment lines and raise taxes on us all. In the wake of the XL Pipeline termination and returning egregious vehicle emissions standards, the price of gas has already seen gas at the pump start climbing. And his “temporary” moratorium on oil and gas leases in the Arctic will again sideline workers. By the way, can you define the meaning of “the social costs of greenhouse gases?”
  • Another order that Biden signed on Wednesday instructs federal agencies to prioritize racial equity and review policies that reinforce systemic racism. Biden also revoked a Trump order limiting federal agencies, contractors, and other institutions to hold diversity and inclusion training. Both of these will immediately cost millions of dollars for business owners and drive employees at every level in companies absolutely crazy trying to “prioritize racial equity” and figure out exactly where they can even find “systemic racism.” Both of these are purposely ambiguous.
  • Biden’s order stopping illegal deportation has a caveat which the mainstream media failed to relate on Wednesday. Biden ordered the immediate release of EVERY illegal being held! That means ICE is prevented from processing any illegals, including criminals, some of whom are known to be felons. That means that 10,000+ illegals are RIGHT NOW released without ANY way to know where they are in the U.S.
  • Parents with small children in public schools should immediately have a sit-down with them. Why? They will now — thanks to the President — be sharing restrooms with other students who may biologically be dressed as a student biologically opposite of the name on that restroom door. That order signed by Biden probably is the death-nail on women’s sports in the U.S.

And he’s just getting started. What a start!

We’re Adding a Once-A-Week Feature at TruthNewsNetwork: Each Monday, we will list the previous week’s “Biden Lies.” Of course, if the President goes a week without any substantive lies, we’ll give him a pass. But if he continues his practices from his first 3.5 days, we’ll have a busy Monday each week!

Let’s get started with our first week’s edition:

Biden’s Lies Week of January 20th (Inauguration Day)

Number 1: Biden Warns Pandemic Will Worsen After Pledging To Shut Down Virus

President Biden spent the entire campaign last year running on a platform to shut down the novel coronavirus, only to back away from the signature pledge on day three of his White House tenure with a bold admission. “There’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months,” Biden said on Jan. 22.

Number 2: Biden Claims Federal Government Never Acted with Urgency to Combat Pandemic

Joe Biden claimed the federal government failed to “act with the urgency” necessary to combat the coronavirus pandemic, apparently neglecting to mention the Trump White House’s Operation Warp Speed that produced two viable coronavirus vaccines by the year’s end. Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn also pointed out that Congress passed trillions in stimulus, providing pandemic efforts and economic recovery funds.

Number 3: Biden Team Tells CNN Trump Offered No Plan for Vaccine Distribution

Sources within the Biden administration told CNN they inherited no vaccine distribution plan from the previous White House. “There is nothing for us to rework. We are going to have to build everything from scratch,” one source reportedly told CNN’s MJ Lee, except there was, as outlined in Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed.” We published the Trump Administration exhaustive Vaccine Distribution Plan in October that had been written, edited by the CDC and the Pentagon to include even more distribution detail, and put in the hands of thousands of U.S. hospitals, medical clinics, and Homeland Security offices.

Number 4: Biden White House Claims Elites ‘Celebrating’ Is Exception to Mask Edict

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki justified Biden’s decision with his family to forgo face masks at the Lincoln Memorial after signing an executive order requiring them on all federal lands. “He was celebrating a historic day in our country. We have bigger things to worry about,” said Psaki, whose dismissal of the face mask as an insignificant issue was contradicted by the White House edict passed hours earlier. (“Rules for Thee but not Me!”

Number 5: Biden Falsely Claims ‘All’ Media Smeared Vaccine Plan as ‘Impossible’

Joe Biden defended his administration’s goal to vaccinate 100 million Americans within his first 100 days in office after a reporter questioned whether the target was too modest. “When I announced it, you all said it wasn’t possible. C’mon. Gimme a break, man,” Biden snapped. (Joe just forgot his projections about COVID. After all, in September, while campaigning, he stated numerous times that 500,000 would die from COVID by election day due to Trump’s inactions. Cognitive Decline, maybe?)

Number 6: Biden Vows to Be Unity President After Smearing GOP Sens. as Nazis

Biden launched his first term as commander-in-chief by branding himself as the unifier-in-chief while aggressively pursuing a partisan progressive agenda promoting left-wing ideas of “social justice” after smearing two Republican senators as Nazi collaborators. “To all those who did not support us, let me say this: Hear me out as we move forward. Take a measure of me and my heart,” Biden pleaded with the American people.

Less than two weeks prior, however, the “unity” president smeared Republican Sens. Josh Hawley of Missouri and Ted Cruz of Texas as Nazis.


None of us wondered if we’d have much to dig into here every day during the Biden Administration. Now we know why! Not only did he before his election give us untruths and comedy gaffes daily, but he also seems to be continuing with the circus show daily. We’ll let him be the ringmaster, but we’re going to chronicle for all that he does.

Seriously, this is no laughing matter. This is without question the most critical time in our nation’s history. All those principles on which it was founded are under attack — and, sadly, from a sitting U.S. president! He is confident the massive undergirding of his party’s surreptitious plans for moving the U.S. far left will be benignly accepted by the majority of Americans. In thinking that, he’s deluded.

One quick prediction and we’ll close: Joe Biden will be President only as long as the Democrat Party machine needs him. Once Joe blinks or falters, Jill will one day call Pelosi and Schumer and tell them Joe slipped in the shower, hit his head, and announced he “doesn’t want to do this anymore!”

Think about it: then we’ll have President Harris!

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The Wolf Is At The Door

You may be shocked that I would say this: You’ve got to admire the Left. There’s no doubt they own the internet, the media, the courts (at least in Republicans trying to get a fair shake in state courts regarding election irregularities), and now the government. That when all lumped together means they have an excellent hand at the poker table BEFORE the dealer actually deals a hand. Even with all that, I’m stupified they have been able to do something I expected could only happen “when cows fly:” they have united America.

“Whoa, Dan!” Oh yes, they have united America — just the America that counts in “Leftist World:” the elite class of Americans. The only one of their number that has even uttered words like “we must unite for the sake of our nation” and “this is not a time for stoking divisions” is their POTUS-in-waiting, Joe Biden. They’ve identified a foil they can use for blame.

It’s not Donald Trump! They realize that at least half the country still loves him. However, the elites in the nation have hit a home run. For the very first time in four years, a chunk of Trump supporters have swallowed the evil pill of Mainstream Media, who incessantly beat the drum of “Evil Trump supporters incited the riotous atmosphere at the Capitol January 6th. Their evil cannot stand.” And they believe the President is at least partially responsible for the attempted insurrection. Believe it or not, many of the simpleton Trumpsters believe the President at best was an enabler of the Capitol violence at worst instigated terrorist acts. At best, he’s an enabler; at worst, a domestic terrorist. And everyone on the Left is doubling and tripling down on that rift of sorts to widen the anti-Trump gap a little wider.

Here’s how the Left is playing this: by getting ANY number of Trump supporters to agree to the culpability of the President, they are forcing each of his supporters to either back away from their fawning MAGA love for “their guy” or be guilty of complacency in the plot to destroy the Congress and the Capitol. And if they pull that lever, they will be immediately today and forever wear the label of “domestic terrorist.”

None of those folks went to D.C. for any reason other than to express themselves at their angst about the lack of interest from Congress to dig into the irregularities that were so obvious in the election that remain untested in the open. A few hotheads got out of hand; the police were oddly unprepared, which seems more every day that the Capitol’s lack of policing was intentional. Two people died.  Unfortunately for the Left, there’s no evidence of any attempt to overthrow the U.S. government last week. That would certainly strengthen their feckless attempt at the second impeachment of Trump in the House — which will NEVER be successful. (I know: “Don’t EVER say NEVER!”)

Yes, there was trespassing on the hallowed ground of government. But it’s ironic that people who have spent the last four years attacking the formerly sacrosanct office of the president of the United States with a hatred that surpasses anything seen before in the history of America, literally calling for his death, disgrace, silencing and imprisonment on multiple platforms all day, every day, as the international community looked on and rejoiced at America’s weakness. These people are now getting uptight about the holy ground of government. I have heard of exactly one (1) lectern and two (2) computers reported missing from the Capitol. You’d get more stuff stolen during a fire drill at your college library.

But all that doesn’t matter. Those who like to consider themselves the “adults” of America are now united in agreeing that this was a planned act of insurrection. Anyone who doesn’t agree to identify events as not just the impulsive behavior of a few hotheads but also a deliberate fomentation of the entire Trump movement is himself a traitor and a supporter of mob rule. The message is plain: if you disagree Donald Trump is responsible for this not-terribly-earthshaking act of violence, you have no future in America’s leadership.

This is insane on so many levels. But it’s mostly insane because it is entirely without thought for the consequences. A huge percentage of America — we could call them Middle America, but it’s bigger than that — still loves Donald Trump and thinks he and they have been maltreated. Does today’s leadership seriously want to alienate a huge percentage of a population that already feels disenfranchised? The question is no longer — and never really has been — whether Donald Trump believes the election was fair. The question is, does America believe it was fair? And is it really a good idea to keep telling Middle America, in particular, to sit down and shut up?

Grand idea: Why not just open investigations and show the World there was NO fraud in the election IF there was none?

The condescending and divisive language, the over-wrought name-calling, the stifling of alternate points of view — all this has to stop. 99% of Trump supporters do not support breaking the law. Their concerns need to be heard in a transparent, orderly, public fashion. But if they think they won’t be, what then? And once Donald Trump is gone, the leader they trusted, the one who gave the disenfranchised deplorables a voice and a chance to be heard — then who will deescalate, who will convince angry Middle America to walk out of the Capitol and go home?  Not Joe Biden, who is now claiming that police were too gentle to the rioters because of racism — as if racism had anything to do with anything that happened on January 6.

You’ve seen on nature channels how a pack of wolves hunts caribou. They cut off a single target animal from the herd and bring him down in a coordinated effort. Once they’re done with that one, they move on to the next. The Left pretends that once the herd gives up Donald Trump, lets him be cut off, and lets them devour him, they’ll be satisfied. They’re holding all of America hostage, promising that things will get better if we hand over President Trump for his extermination by the Mob.

“Give us Trump,” they cry, “and life can go back to normal.” The masses will sink back into their customary disengagement, and the smart people, Republican and Democrat alike, can get back to running the country. Trump is the problem! Under extreme pressure, most conservatives seem willing to agree.

But they’re listening to their emotions, not their brains. First of all, Donald Trump’s election to the presidency was the consequence of a change in American thinking, not its cause. Impeach Trump, take him down, destroy him, and all you’ve done is turn what is a movement of massive proportions into a disenfranchised and resentful conglomerate of American citizens — mostly voters — who are enraged at not being given fair treatment. That’s not a problem we want to create.

Secondly, Donald Trump is not the Left’s real target. We — anyone who holds conservative principles — are the target. What is there about accusations of “systemic” racism, “systemic” problems in America that the Republicans don’t understand? America’s system is the problem. America’s way of life is the problem. That’s what they’re after. The destruction of Donald Trump won’t satisfy them for long. The wolves will be back. And now they know that given the right pressure, we’ll throw them whoever they want. Who will be sacrificed next? If they get Trump, the pattern is permanently in place in history. The Left will know that forever when they come to Republicans with demands, and gutless GOP members will throw to the wolves whoever they want.

Nothing is more deadly than a hungry wolf who sets sights on the prey they KNOW whose family will give them up.

Anyone on the Right who supports the total de-platforming of the President by unelected oligarchs, anyone who expressed support for the idea of his removal via the 25th Amendment, and anyone planning to support the Democrats’ plan for impeachment this week needs to think very, very carefully about what happens next. Because if our elected officials impeach President Trump, they will be for all intents and purposes impeaching the legitimate aspirations and the legitimate questions of millions of Americans. This is not a recipe for restoring order and unity; it’s a recipe for disaster.

Don’t blame Donald Trump for the situation we’re in. Blame the institutions that refused to hear America out, the state courts that refused to allow in the record any of the piles of evidence presented in evidentiary hearings but never seen. Blame the media that joined in a blanket refusal to cover the rising swell of discontent. Blame the Supreme Court, which refused to hear what Middle America had to say. Blame every scribbler who indulged in some variety of the condescending and incessant cries of evidence being nothing but “baseless allegations.” Blame social media censors who only fueled — and continue to fuel — conspiracy theories by blocking, deleting, and stifling free speech. And blame every conservative who was too foolish to see what was happening before we got to where we are.

In an interview — now removed from YouTube — with an eyewitness to Ashli Babbitt’s shooting, a journalist addresses one of the rioters outside of the Capitol, a young man from New Jersey standing so close to Ashli Babbitt that he got blood on his hand. “Why did you enter the building,” the journalist asks? I can’t quote the visibly horrified young man’s exact words because the video has been censored. But he responds, calmly enough, that he and his fellows wanted to demand that Congress make an investigation of the election. “We just wanted to be taken seriously,” he says. “They’re laughing at the people who voted for Trump,” he says, “They laugh at us on TV, they laughed at us as we marched along the street.” He saw a man standing inside a window, laughing and filming as they walked by. “We just wanted a fair investigation, and now somebody’s shot,” he says as if he still can’t quite believe it.

You can condemn rioting and illegal entry into the Capitol without blinding yourself to reality. It’s time to stop laughing at Middle America. It’s time to start listening, and most importantly, to start de-escalating.

Are you seeing ANY attempts to unify, to overcome differences, to respect the rights of dissent, or any discussions of moving forward as one America?

There will be no “peaceful transition” without a dramatic reach out from the Left to that 99.9% of conservatives who are hungry to unite but leery of joining a bunch of wolves.

Don’t you think the Left should SHOW they’re really not wolves?