It Appears We’re Hearing Lies About All-Things COVID-19: Part III

We’re approaching — if we are not already there — “Critical Mass.” COVID-19 information’s manipulation by the Biden Administration, International Medical Bureaucrats, leaders in the Democrat Party in Congress, and the Mainstream Media feeds little more than fodder to the American People. Daily as we discover new lies by this “COVID Syndicate,” we uncover new and more surreptitious methods of invading the private lives of Americans by U.S. Intelligence agencies. We discover they have been practicing this for years.

Add to that the revelation last week that this presidential administration is apparently monitoring all Americans’ social media pages and pointing to specific posts that include what the Administration calls “dangerous and untrue COVID-19 information.” Every day we inch closer and closer to an “Emergency Proclamation” by the White House that mandates ALL must be vaccinated.

Yes, it’s something horror stories and movies were created to portray. George Orwell was certainly prophetic with his epic “1984.” And we all thought he was insane when it was published!

Facts Matter

Many cannot understand why the government will not be forthright with ALL the truth about everything to do with COVID-19. There are horrible side effects that afflict many. These include stroke, heart issues that sometimes are fatal, uncontrollable tremors, many others, including massive numbers of trips to the emergency room.

“If” President Biden was honest about COVID-19, he would mandate that all of the good AND the bad from COVID-19 be released equally to the American people. He’s NOT honest. Along with his so-called medical “experts,” he takes great pains to hide the adverse reactions to these vaccinations from us. Many people don’t realize that his own CDC publishes an updated list of ALL of the reported adverse reactions on the CDC website every Friday!

It’s obvious why they don’t publish those. The specifics of the adverse effects and the molecular changes that have already been discovered when revealed en masse to the American people will certainly start a revolt against this Administration.

How bad is it? We publish the weekly reported cases. In case you haven’t seen the latest, here are the details released through July 9, 2021, on the VAERS section of the CDC website:

  • Hospitalizations: 30,781
  • Urgent Care: 59,402
  • Office Visits: 82,535
  • Anaphylaxis Shock: 2487
  • Bell’s Palsy: 2885
  • Miscarriages: 1073
  • Heart Attacks: 3906
  • Myocarditis/Pericarditis: 2466
  • Totally Disabled: 9274
  • Thrombocytopenia/Low Platelet: 2552
  • Life-Threatening: 8832
  • Severe Allergic Reaction: 19,814
  • Tinnitus: 5422
  • Deaths: 10,991

Please note that these numbers are ONLY the reported numbers of each medical event. The CDC estimates that a REAL number would be at a minimum ten times more than these reported numbers for each adverse event.

Vaccine History

The VAERS Report by the CDC began back in 1990. Since that time, all adverse effects of vaccinations of all kinds have been kept in this same way. The VAERS Report, though on the CDC website, takes an IT genius to find it, set it up for each week’s numbers, and create a report.

Please see below a simple chart that plots the VAERS numbers of reported deaths from adverse reactions to vaccinations in the U.S. These numbers are the totals for ALL vaccines each year.

The graph below does NOT lie. Adding together ALL vaccinations for ALL diseases and viruses in the United States, there’s never been a calendar year since 1990 in which there were 1,000 or more deaths IN TOTAL for all vaccines given during that year — until 2021. In just five months and one week — this year — there have been 10,991 “reported” deaths from adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccinations.

Doesn’t this fact — especially when added to the exhaustive list above of all other adverse reactions — mean that there is some “thing” or some “things” out of wack in ALL of the COVID-19 vaccines being jabbed into the arms of Americans?

It Gets Worse

We in the U.S. should not close our eyes to the fact that we do not live in a COVID-19 vacuum. This plague has impacted the entire Earth. No nation has been or is safe from this monster that certainly came from a bioweapons laboratory initially meant to do just what it is doing now!

(Maybe it escaped that lab by accident)

As our close partner in pretty much all things, Europe has been devastated by COVID-19 just as we have. The European Union database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, which also tracks reports of injuries and deaths following the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines.” EudraVigilance is only for countries in Europe that are part of the European Union (EU), comprising 27 countries. The total number of countries in Europe is much higher, almost twice as many, numbering around 50.  So as high as these numbers are, they do NOT reflect all of Europe. The actual number in Europe reported dead or injured due to COVID-19 shots would be much higher than what we are reporting here.

The EudraVigilance database reports that through July 3, 2021, 17,503 deaths and 1,687,527 injuries were reported following injections of four experimental COVID-19 shots.

COVID-19 Vaccinations Are NOT Effective in Numerous Cases

This one floors me: we’ve been told from long before the first vaccine hit the marketplace in the U.S. that “if we don’t get vaccines developed quickly, and in the arms of Americans, millions will die!” Sure enough, Fauci’s cries for vaccines resulted in shortcuts by the epidemiologists and laboratory scientists. What occurred has NEVER before happened in U.S. history. Our government approved bringing vaccines to the marketplace with minimal testing, hardly any human trials of the vaccines — at least compared to the development and testing of every OTHER vaccine created in American history — and, Bingo! We have vaccines, and now the World is going to LIVE!

Something about two months into this government rush to vaccinate us all struck me wrong: why would the U.S. government foot the bill for all of this medicine? It’s one thing for Uncle Sam to step in and assure everyone who doesn’t have insurance can get the vaccination at no expense. After all, the government made it clear to us all that this was probably the worst scourge in American history.

So, now we find ourselves months into this “pandemic,” millions of vaccinations in the arms of tens of millions of Americans. That was supposed to take care of EVERYTHING! But it hasn’t.

Being completely vaccinated does not provide complete protection against COVID-19. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there have already been 4,115 recorded cases of completely vaccinated persons hospitalized or dying from COVID-19 coronavirus breakthrough infections. Nearly half the cases (49%) were women, and 76% were aged 65 and up as of June 21. According to Forbes, there were 3,907 hospitalizations and 750 fatalities among individuals who had breakthrough infections. However, not all hospitalizations may link to the CCP Virus (COVID-19).

If a person tests positive for SARS-Cov-2 (CCP Virus) two weeks after getting the single dose of Johnson & Johnson or the two doses from Moderna or Pfizer shots, it is considered a breakthrough case. Due to passive and voluntary reporting, the number of CCP Virus vaccination breakthrough infections is likely undercounted. The FDA reported, “These surveillance data are a snapshot and help identify patterns and look for signals among vaccine breakthrough cases,” and “No unexpected patterns have been identified in the reported breakthrough infections.”

The CDC switched from monitoring all reported vaccination breakthrough cases to only report instances that resulted in hospitalization or death on May 1, a decision that health experts condemned. Despite the CDC’s claim that the change in reporting will “help enhance the quality of the data gathered on cases of greatest clinical and public health relevance,” the change in reporting has resulted in a decrease in the overall number of breakthrough cases reported in the United States.

Something about all of this puzzles me. My state of Louisiana has struggled to get the populace to step up and get vaccinated. By the end of June, just 31% of Louisianans had taken the jab. However, in south Louisiana, in the area from Baton Rouge to New Orleans and to the Gulf of Mexico, the vaccination rate was about 70%. In our government’s estimation, that was a great achievement. But then, something strange happened.

Three weeks ago, in just 24-hours, 600 cases of COVID-19 in that region of the state were reported. In the next 24-hours, there were 300 more cases. Sure, these occurrences have been unfortunately common throughout the pandemic. But there’s something strange about THESE cases:

More than 60% of these cases occurred in people who had already been vaccinated! Worse yet, most were positive with the Delta Variant.

What’s worse than this: the Media in Louisiana, after reporting the onslaught of a “new wave” of COVID-19, the media suddenly went radio silent: no updates, no further case numbers were published, and no one talked about any of this.


There’s something sinister in the air. Think about these strange events and put them in perspective regarding all the mysterious events of late surrounding our government and COVID-19:

  • We are told in a White House press briefing that the White House has joined forces with Facebook to “identify” and remove posts that include “incorrect” or “misleading” information about COVID-19. Jen Psaki actually said, “People are dying because of this rampant misinformation about COVID on social media.” (That sounds a bit like “Big Brother” to me.)
  • President Biden, in every public speech he gives, excoriates everyone who has not accepted a vaccination. Think about that: there’s no caution, no embrace of the Democrat Party cry of years (regarding the legality of abortion): “My body, my choice.” He even issued a veiled warning to unvaccinated Americans last week in a speech saying, “Those who aren’t vaccinated will pay the price.” What the heck is the “price” he referenced?
  • In an interview, Biden’s Secretary of State Xavier Becerra stated that it is indeed the government’s right to know who has and who has not been vaccinated for COVID-19. His sole justification? The U.S. government has spent billions of dollars developing and making vaccinations available at no cost to Americans. That gives them the right to know.
  • Almost daily, we hear more and more conversations about making vaccinations mandatory. Constitutional experts have squared off about the legality of the government mandating vaccinations. Put that in context for a moment: can you see a scenario in which a group of government officials pulls up in front of your house. They knock on the door and demand proof of the vaccination status of all who live there. They then force anyone there who is NOT vaccinated to have a jab, “or else.” What would the “or else” be?

Don’t say for certain we are not facing this scenario. Four years ago, I was certain nothing like this could ever happen in the U.S. Today, not so much. In fact, I think we’re walking down a path toward this for certain!

What To Do?

Don’t succumb to FEAR! That is the worst option for any to take. The best thing for us to do is dig, dig, dig: dig for facts. Research via the internet and find as much information about everything possible regarding these vaccinations. Stay away from the “normal” news sources from whom you have been getting the “everything’s OK” news about COVID-19 vaccinations.

Rather than resort to cynicism, adopt the Reagan philosophy of “Trust but Verify.” Remember: the U.S. government has far more information than do we about pretty much everything. They make decisions based on having much more factual information than do we about everything. Watch and listen to what they say, but ALWAYS ask questions.

In the end, folks, we’re all going to be OK. God’s got this! When the unknown begins to choke your joy to be replaced by fear, bow your head and whisper a prayer. God understands, and he cares for our concerns. And if this worry and/or fear is about to overtake you, reach out to someone you know you can trust. If you don’t have such a person in your life, send an email to us: We can and will immediately put you in touch with someone who can help you.

We’re all in this together. That means we’re in it now, while we go through it no matter how it plays out, and we’ll still be together on the other side of this all.

Hold on to this one thought: The Best is Yet to Come. With God, we know that is the truth.

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What Can We Do As Citizens To Fight the Illegal Immigration Problem?

Let’s be honest: this presidential administration is doing nothing to fight the illegal immigration problem. In fact, daily we are spoonfed bits of information from the media revealing NEW ways the “Biden Crime Syndicate” are breaking immigration laws and thumbing their noses at the American citizens who in the hundreds of thousands are working on their own to pushback against the lawbreakers flooding across our border.

Let’s be clear: not all who come here are criminals. We don’t have any desire to denigrate these immigrants, many of whom are honestly trying to find better living conditions for their families. But many of them have criminal records — often from committing felonies — before they get here. In fact, many have U.S. criminal records from previous trips across our border in which they committed crimes and were arrested and deported.

Here’s the conundrum for Americans that elevates in intensity daily: “Illegal” means “Illegal.” That means ALL who enter the U.S. without permission to do so (pursuant to federal law) is considered, by the law, an “Illegal Alien,” not “Illegal Immigrant.”

Why do we use the term “Illegal Alien?” Because that is the language used in federal immigration laws governing immigration. Democrats a few years ago changed the terminology to “Illegal Immigrant” to make American citizens feel warm and fuzzy about those whose very entry without doing so within U.S. immigration policy are breaking laws and are therefore technically “Criminals.” (That may not be politically correct, but it IS correct: it’s the law!)

Why do our federal law enforcement officials not stop illegal immigration? Why don’t they go after illegal alien lawbreakers like they do domestic criminals?

That’s the question of the day. I can (and will) answer that. But the answer is NOT a comfortable one and doesn’t justify the allowing of illegal alien crossings.

First, what does federal law say about illegals entering the country?

8 U.S. Code § 1325: (a) Improper time or place; avoidance of examination or inspection; misrepresentation and concealment of facts

Any alien who (1) enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers, or (2) eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers, or (3) attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a willfully false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a material fact, shall, for the first commission of any such offense, be fined under title 18 or imprisoned not more than 6 months, or both, and, for a subsequent commission of any such offense, be fined under title 18, or imprisoned not more than 2 years, or both.

In other words, anyone entering the country somewhere besides ports of entry, by lying or cheating about purposes for coming, hiding their identities, or concealing other facts are considered to be breaking the law.

Secondly, what does federal law say about those who assist illegals entering the country?

8 U.S. Code § 1323 – Unlawful bringing of aliens into the United States

1. It shall be unlawful for any person, including any transportation company, or the owner, master, commanding officer, agent, charterer, or consignee of any vessel or aircraft, to bring to the United States from any place outside thereof (other than from foreign contiguous territory) any alien who does not have a valid passport and an unexpired visa if a visa was required under this chapter or regulations issued thereunder.
2. It is unlawful for an alien (except an alien crewmember) to the United States to take any consideration to be kept or returned contingent on whether an alien is admitted to, or ordered removed from, the United States.
The bottom line is this: it’s illegal to enter the country illegally; it’s illegal to assist someone to enter the country illegally.

There’s one more entry on the “bottom line:” that little thing — an “oath” — that’s sworn by every elected public servant and by most appointed political public service that says:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

In other words, they each swore an oath to protect that Constitution “thing:” The Rule of Law. And the Biden Administration and most of the Democrats in Congress are NOT abiding by their sworn oaths.

What Can U.S. Citizens Do About the Government Lawlessness in Illegal Immigration?

It is “well settled,” says the U.S. Supreme Court, that it is the federal government, not state governments, that “has broad, undoubted power over the subject of immigration and the status of aliens.”Arizona v. U.S., 567 U.S. 387, 394 (2012).

But the “pervasiveness of federal regulation does not diminish the importance of immigration policy to the States,” which bear the many “consequences of unlawful immigration.”

States can legislate and act in this space to a limited — but crucial — extent as long as their actions are not preempted by federal law. For example, states can pass licensing and similar laws directed at those who employ, recruit or refer for a fee illegal aliens. There is no doubt, given the enormity of the problem and the limited resources of the federal government, that the assistance and support of the states is essential to comprehensive and effective enforcement of our immigration laws.

The federal government, despite its vast financial resources and expansive workforce, simply does not have the manpower to enforce every federal immigration law. That is where the states come in, as they are force multipliers in confronting the problem — and no one can rationally deny that we have an illegal alien problem in this country.

What States Can Do

What follows is a list of the major types of laws that states have passed to enforce immigration law at the state level, and a discussion about how they work, and why they make common sense.

Require Licensed Businesses to Use E-Verify. One of the major driving forces behind illegal immigration is our economy and the ability to earn money. That is where the term “economic migrants” stems from. Aliens from less prosperous areas of the world want to take advantage of our thriving economy and high standard of living. Aliens in the U.S. send over $54 billion per year back to their native countries. Mexico receives the most remittances, over $24 billion in 2015, making up 2 percent of the nation’s economy and nearly 20 percent of income in the poorest parts of the country.

But illegal aliens are not authorized to work for businesses in the United States. That is one of the major differences between being an illegal alien and a lawful permanent resident (LPR, or “green card” holder). The former are prohibited from working; the latter can be employed, just like American citizens. But as is obvious, many illegal aliens are working in the United States. Where else would the remittances come from?

States can pass laws that make it more difficult for illegal aliens to work, hold jobs, and earn salaries by considering requiring businesses, which are licensed by the state, to use E-Verify.

Target Businesses Who Knowingly Hire Illegal Aliens. The other aspect of the Arizona law that was upheld by the Supreme Court, above and beyond the use of E-Verify, is the part that provides that the license of a business can be suspended or revoked by the state if an employer “knowingly” hires an illegal alien. Willful ignorance of immigration status by businesses happens all too often.

Pass Vehicle Laws Aimed at Thwarting Day Labor. One obvious outward sign of aliens who are in the country illegally is the proliferation of day laborers. llegal immigrants choose the day-labor route precisely because it avoids official work verification tools, such as E-Verify.

The Arizona legislature decided to do something about the day laborer phenomenon by passing three criminal laws aimed at this practice. None of those laws were preempted by federal law, and none has been struck down by the courts, so each is available for states to pass. In general, the Arizona vehicle law makes it unlawful to hire or pick up passengers for work under certain circumstances:

Under the first provision is a state law crime for the occupant of a motor vehicle that is stopped on a street to attempt to hire or hire and pick up passengers for work at a different location if the motor vehicle blocks or impedes the normal movement of traffic.

  • Notice that the statute does not mention the word immigration at all, and applies to legal and illegal immigrants alike, as well as citizens. It also applies to the “occupant,” which would include both the driver and non-driver occupants in the vehicle.
  • The second provision is focused on the day laborer. It is unlawful for a person to enter a motor vehicle that is stopped on a street, roadway, or highway in order to be hired by an occupant of the motor vehicle and transported to a different location if the motor vehicle blocks or impedes the normal movement of traffic.
  • The third provision applies to illegal aliens. The statute reads: “It is unlawful for a person who is unlawfully present in the United States and who is an unauthorized alien to knowingly apply for work, solicit work in a public place or perform work as an employee or independent contractor in Arizona.”

Each of these provisions was part of the controversial and much larger Arizona statute called the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act, or as it came to be known, Arizona S.B. 1070 (S.B. because it was passed in Senate Bill 1070).

The Obama Administration sued the State of Arizona, challenging many provisions of S.B. 1070, claiming that they were unconstitutional, and moved for an injunction to prevent Arizona from enforcing the statute. The Obama Administration did not seek to enjoin the first two sections. The district court refused to enjoin the entire act, and instead evaluated the constitutionality of individual provisions.

Require State and Local Law Enforcement to Determine Immigration Status. In 2012, the Supreme Court upheld another section of Arizona S.B. 1070, which required state and local law enforcement officials to make a “reasonable” attempt to determine the immigration status of any person they stop, detain, or arrest if “reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien and is unlawfully present in the United States.”

Any person arrested “shall have the person’s immigration status determined before the person is released.” But officers may not consider “race, color or national origin…except to the extent permitted by the United States [and] Arizona Constitution[s].

State legislatures can require law enforcement officers to verify the citizenship status of anyone who is stopped, detained, or arrested on state and local matters. Moreover, “no formal agreement or special training needs to be in place for state officials to ‘communicate with the [Federal Government] regarding the immigration status of any individual, including reporting knowledge that a particular alien is not lawfully present in the United States.”

Prevent Sanctuary Policies in Counties and Cities. We have discussed this extensively. States have the authority to pass legislation preventing any municipality of any kind from creating Sanctuary status.

Empower Legal Residents to Sue Officials Who Thwart Immigration Law Enforcement. Another provision of Arizona’s law that was upheld is a prohibition on local officials implementing any policy that limits the enforcement of federal immigration laws.37

U.S. v. Arizona, 703 F.Supp.2d 980 (D. Ariz. 2010). This provision was upheld by the federal district court, and the U.S. Justice Department did not appeal that particular holding, nor a number of other holdings in that decision.

This statute allows any legal resident of Arizona to bring an action in court against any official who adopts or implements such a policy—and provides for the recovery of attorneys’ fees and costs if he or she prevails. A violation is also punishable by a civil penalty of up to $5,000 a day “for each day that the policy has remained in effect” after the lawsuit is filed.

Pass Laws Making It a Crime to Transport, Conceal, or Induce an Alien

Make It Illegal to Provide Illegal Aliens Licenses, Automobile Plates, or In-State Tuition

Publish Crimes Committed by Aliens


The bottom line is simple: the Federal Government is NOT acting to stem the flood of illegal aliens into the U.S. But states have numerous rights AND the responsibility to pass laws that have already been tested at the Supreme Court as valid that can help do just that!

Though the Constitution is clear that immigration law and enforcement are chiefly the responsibility of the federal government, every state has the legal right to attack their own individual illegal immigration problems in the ways detailed above.

EVERY State — including YOUR state — should be abiding by the oaths of office each legislator and governor swore and craft ways to protect YOU from the ills of ALL criminal actions to first prevent them from occurring. Then, of course, offenders need to be held accountable under the law for their abuses.

The only way this can happen is if YOU engage personally in this process. It starts with “You,” then to someone with whom you share your concerns regarding this and who will commit to working to get YOUR state engaged in fixing these problems.

Don’t say it cannot be done! It has already been done. It’s not necessarily easy and takes much work. But it is a job in which we ALL must engage!

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Details of Biden’s DOJ Suit Against Georgia: You’ll Cringe!

I wasn’t surprised when the Democrat Left objected to Georgia’s legislature’s passage of a new election integrity bill. I wasn’t surprised when activist Democrat Stacy Abrams joined fellow Democrats who each lied continuously about the law’s contents and alleged implications for African Americans. Further, it came as no surprise that the Mainstream Media donned the cloak of “Keepers of Truth” and spread the Abrams’/Democrats’ lies 24/7 about its black voters’ suppression. None of what they have collectively spewed since the Georgia law’s passage nor of any other of states’ election law revisions signed into law suppress the voting rights of ANY AMERICAN VOTERS!

But what DID surprise me was the Biden Administration’s actions regarding the Georgia voting law.

On Friday, June 25, 2021, the Biden administration filed a 46-page complaint against the state of Georgia, alleging the state’s Election Integrity Act of 2021 violated Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. For a lawsplainer on the Voting Rights Act, read here. But for a taste of the surreal state of the U.S. Department of Justice under President Joe Biden, follow along.

1. It’s Still 1965

Given that on occasion President Joe Biden believes he’s still in the Senate, it should come as no surprise that his Department of Justice believes it’s still 1965.

In alleging that provisions in the Georgia voting-integrity law violate Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, the DOJ opened its complaint by proclaiming that the Georgia legislature enacted the law “against the backdrop of Georgia’s history of discrimination against Black Georgians. ” The complaint continued with an entire section headed “The State of Georgia’s History of Discrimination,” which stressed, “the history of official racial discrimination against Black citizens in Georgia with regard to voting is longstanding, well-documented, and recognized by federal courts.”

The DOJ drafted its complaint as though that reality still exists and acting oblivious to the Supreme Court’s decision in Shelby County v. Holder, even though a few paragraphs later the Biden administration noted that Georgia had been subject to the preclearance requirement of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act until 2013 when the Supreme Court decided Shelby County.

But as the Supreme Court made clear in Shelby County, since Congress passed the Voting Rights Act in 1965 “things have changed dramatically,” and “conditions have changed significantly.” At the time the Voting Rights Act passed, “the blight of racial discrimination in voting” had “infected the electoral process in parts of our country for nearly a century.”

Accordingly, as part of the Voting Rights Act, Congress required states that had maintained tests or devices as a prerequisite to voting such as literacy and knowledge tests or good moral character requirements, “and had less than 50 percent voter registration or turnout in the 1964 Presidential election,” to obtain federal permission before enacting any law related to voting. Georgia was one of nine states subject to Section 5’s preclearance mandate.

However, after recounting the extreme circumstances that originally justified Section 5’s usurpation of state control and disparate treatment of the states, the Supreme Court concluded that “the conditions that originally justified these measures no longer characterize voting in the covered jurisdictions.”

For instance, the Supreme Court noted, by 2009, “the racial gap in voter registration and turnout [was] lower in the States originally covered by § 5 than it [was] nationwide,” and the covered states saw near parity between black and white voter turnout and registration rates. This reality led the Supreme Court in Shelby County to declare Section 5 unconstitutional, and Georgia and her sister states thus free to pass laws regulating voting without seeking federal government approval.

Yet to read the DOJ’s complaint against Georgia, one would think nothing had changed. Or maybe a more apt assessment would be that the men and women running the Biden administration’s DOJ want Americans to think nothing had changed. Well, and that the DOJ honchos don’t like the Shelby County decision and the Supreme Court stripping the power of federal bureaucrats to micromanage state election systems.

2. Georgia Republicans Are a Bunch of Racists

The DOJ’s complaint point-blank accuses the Georgia legislature of racism. In enacting the Election Integrity Act of 2021, “the Georgia General Assembly intended to deny or abridge the right of Black Georgians to vote on account of race or color,” the complaint opens.

Significantly, to sue under Section 2, the DOJ does not need to allege intentional racism. Rather, the federal government need only claim that the challenged “standard, practice, or procedure. . . results in a denial or abridgment of the right of any citizen of the United States to vote on account of race or color.”

While elsewhere in the complaint the government focuses on the results of the challenged provisions to claim the impact disproportionately affects black voters, the DOJ didn’t leave it there, as it could have, instead of seeing fit to brand the Georgia General Assembly as full of racists.

3. Racists Exist, therefore the Law Is Racist

Besides calling the Georgia legislature racist, the DOJ’s complaint wants to hold the state responsible for racists everywhere. For instance, someone created “a GIF with a slow-swinging noose aimed at [an election worker]” and later that same election worker “faced death threats,” the complaint alleges.

Horrible? Yes. Relevant in any way? No.

That didn’t stop the DOJ from including the allegation, as well as another that noted that “one phone caller threatened to behead Reverend Warnock and referred to the church at which he is a paster, Ebenezer Baptist — the church once pastored by Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. — using a vile racial epithet.” The church, the DOJ explained, had to filter comments on its social media pages given the significant number of racist comments related to Rev. Warnock’s candidacy” for U.S. Senate.

Another allegation noted that “during the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial contest, a racist robocall referred to candidate Stacey Abrams as “Negress Stacey Abrams” and “a poor man’s Aunt Jemima.”

Again, horrible and, as the DOJ says, vile. But completely irrelevant to whether the Georgia law violates the Voting Acts Right.

4. A Complaint Is Not a Campaign Ad

The Biden administration’s peddling of random and anonymous racist comments as reflective of both the Georgia legislature and the state as a whole mirrored Democrats’ campaign strategy over the years to convince blacks not to vote for Republicans. The irrelevant allegations merely added some legalese to charges, such as Biden  in 2012 that, “They’re going to put y’all back in chains.”

Several other portions of the complaint likewise sounded strikingly similar to campaign commercials touting Democratic candidates. “Vice President Kamala Harris became the first Black and Indian-American Vice President ever elected,” the complaint boosted. And “on January 5, 2021, with strong turnout among Black voters, the State of Georgia elected its first Black Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock, and its first Jewish-American Senator, Jon Ossoff,” the complaint cheered.

The most striking of the allegations came later when the DOJ claimed as a reason to believe the law was racist that “many elected officials in Georgia have not been responsive to the particularized needs of Black residents.”

5. One Thing Has Nothing to Do with the Other

Likewise irrelevant, yet included in the DOJ’s complaint, were references to Stop the Steal, and litigation about claims of voter fraud in 2020.

“Despite a dearth of evidence,” the Biden administration wrote, “accusations of fraud around the absentee voting process and the tabulation of votes circulated widely.” The complaint continued, “lawyers behind several lawsuits seeking to overturn presidential election results in multiple states hosted a press conference at a ‘Stop the Steal’ event” where calls “Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to be locked up,” were made.

The DOJ further stressed that “a barrage of lawsuits alleging voter fraud were brought.” Why, exactly, was that a problem? Here’s the DOJ’s answer: “These lawsuits often included allegations focused on counties containing significant numbers of Black voters and other voters of color.”

Similarly problematic in the DOJ’s view was that at least one Georgia senator whose committee bore responsibility for handling the voting legislation had attended a senate hearing at which unfounded claims of voter fraud were presented. What does that have to do with Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act? Nothing.

Probably the most shocking irrelevancy, however, was the DOJ’s beef that “a number of lawmakers in the Georgia Senate, who subsequently helped draft, promote, and pass SB 202, issued a statement in support of an unsuccessful lawsuit brought by the State of Texas asking the United States Supreme Court to overturn Georgia’s election results.”

Not only does this allegation have nothing to do with Section 2, but the DOJ also ignored that Texas’s complaint about Georgia’s handling of the election presented a constitutional claim premised on the Electors Clause and the state’s failure to conduct the legislatively mandated signature checks and its use of dropbox voting — something the legislature had not provided for.

While the federal government might find the Electors Clause claim meritless, it isn’t exactly a good look for the Department of Justice to criticize a state for seeking redress in the courts for claimed constitutional violations. And it is laughable to further suggest that the Election Integrity Act of 2021 violates Section 2 because some lawmakers involved in that legislation supported Texas’s litigation.

6. It’s a Partisan Law

Equally laughable are the DOJ’s allegations concerning the supporters of the new Georgia voting law.

“On February 17, 2021, SB 202 was introduced in the Senate with only white sponsors,” the DOJ wrote in some sort of “gotcha” moment. The DOJ then outdid itself by complaining that the Senate passed the bill “along party lines with no support from Black legislators,” and the House did the same.

They then complain Kemp signed the law “behind closed doors and before a group of supporters that did not include any people of color. When Rep. Park Cannon, who is Black, attempted to witness the signing, she was arrested.”

Is it strange that the governor would not invite a representative who called the legislation “Jim Crow 2.0” to its signing? Or that she would be arrested after officers told her to stop pounding on the governor’s door during the signing ceremony?

7. Problems, What Problems?

The Biden administration’s complaint also takes a hilarious-if-it-weren’t-so-sad spin on the legitimate concerns that drove passage of the Election Integrity Act of 2021, with the DOJ acting as if there were no problems in Georgia’s administration of the 2020 election.

The DOJ spins began early in its refusal to even acknowledge the name of Georgia’s law, the Election Integrity Act of 2021, instead, saying the bill is known as “Georgia Senate Bill 202,” and referring to the voter-integrity law like SB 202 throughout the complaint.

Then, the Biden administration ticked through the challenged provisions, which include the prohibition on the government from distributing unsolicited absentee ballot applications and the bar on private organizations from distributing duplicate absent ballot applications. The DOJ also objected to the requirement that in requesting an absentee ballot, voters without a state-issued driver’s license provide a photocopy of another form of identification, which could include a utility bill.

The lawsuit further alleged that limits on the time period for registrants to request a ballot, limiting absentee ballot drop boxes, barring out-of-precinct ballots, and banning the distribution of food or drink to persons waiting in line all violated Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act.

For anyone knowledgeable about the issues that plagued Georgia and other states, the DOJ’s arguments proved guffaw-inducing. Consider, for instance, the DOJ’s complaint that “SB 202” now requires voters to provide identification for requesting an absentee ballot.

“Since 2006, in-person voters in Georgia have been required to show photo identification,” the complaint read, but “prior to SB 202, absentee voters were exempt from this requirement.” “Instead,” the DOJ explained, “election officials would compare the signature on a voter’s absentee ballot envelope with the voter’s signature in the voter file.” But now, to the horror of the DOJ, instead of using a signature match, Georgia requires voters to provide identification to request a ballot then again when the ballot is submitted.

This complaint is pretty rich given that Georgia was previously sued for requiring a signature match and to settle that litigation the state entered into an agreement establishing a stringent process for rejecting applications based on a mismatch in the signatures: In effect, the cumbersome procedures agreed to end the signature requirement for the 2020 election.

Yet the DOJ now complains that it is too burdensome for black voters to provide their driver’s license or state identification number, or another identifying document such as a utility bill, to request an absentee ballot.

Similarly, in complaining that Georgia’s new law tightens the use of dropboxes, the DOJ ignores two main issues the legislation sought to address. First, Georgia’s legislature had never approved the use of drop boxes. That supposed “authorization” came from the State Election Board.

But the Electors Clause of the Constitution mandates that state legislatures determine the rules for federal elections and not unelected bureaucrats or judges. Thus, the Georgia legislature’s approval of drop boxes actually expanded voting opportunities from what the legislature had previously authorized.

Second, the DOJ’s complaint that the Georgia law limits the number and locations of drop boxes ignores that the flood of drop boxes used in 2020 were not properly monitored and ballots were not properly safeguarded. For instance, earlier this year, Georgia’s secretary of state referred three counties “for investigation after those counties failed to do their absentee ballot transfer forms in violation of Georgia Rules and Regulation.” Also, two weeks ago, the secretary of state announced an investigation into Fulton County following revelations that it “is unable to produce all ballot dropbox transfer documents.”

8. Left Hand, Meet Far-Left Hand

While in its lawsuit against Georgia, the Biden administration claims that Georgia’s requirement that voters cast ballots in the proper precinct violates Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, just a few months ago, the Biden administration agreed that Arizona’s out-of-precinct voting law was valid.

That admission came in the form of a letter to the Supreme Court in the case of Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee, following Biden’s inauguration. The Trump administration had previously submitted a “friend of the court brief,” supporting Arizona’s voting-integrity legislation that banned ballot harvesting and required voters to cast ballots in the proper precinct. After the Biden administration took over, it informed the high court that “it does not disagree with the conclusion in that brief that neither Arizona measure violates Section 2’s results test.”

Yet now, the Biden administration claims that Georgia’s statute barring out-of-precinct voting violates Section 2. It’s almost as if the Biden administration has something against the state of Georgia.

Summary: How Do you Make Sausage?

The bottom line, after nearly 50 pages, is that the Biden administration just does not like the fact that the Georgia legislature passed the Election Integrity Act of 2021, and the complaint unwittingly makes clear that is the real beef the DOJ has with the new law. How else to explain the DOJ’s allegations related to the legislative process, and its complaint, for instance, that one of the law’s bill sponsors had indicated that a future bill would include a provision not later included in the bill as past?  Or the tedious detailing of the process by which the bill passed?

It’s almost as if Biden forgot how the Obama-Biden administration squeezed through the so-called Affordable Care Act.

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Who’s Got The Biggest: Biden or Putin?

In answer to our title question, obviously, Vladimir Putin has the biggest: Russia is 1.7 TIMES the size of the U.S. Granted, President Putin does not “own” Russia — so it’s technically not “his” — but his country is certainly larger than President Biden’s. But I don’t think that really matters. After all, we know that being the biggest in almost everything does not transfer into being better at almost everything.

In every previous summit meeting between the leaders of Russia and the U.S., there has been much at stake. And each nation’s leader brings abundant pressure to these summits to “win the day.” And their plans are almost always to “diplomatically” attack the other while not appearing to be too boisterous or proud. At the same time, systematically show the World the other is weak, inept, and incapable of governing as good as their opponent.

As a matter of fact, it seems these “get-togethers” might be the same thing as two schoolyard bullies shouting at each other in front of a bunch of buddies, “Mine is bigger than yours!”

It seems that the Geneva summit by these two titans of world politics may have been a “calmer version” of the two schoolyard bullies. And the determination of whose is bigger is yet to be determined.


If you’ve never been to Switzerland, you’ve missed many treats. The geographic landscape coupled with the diversities that naturally emote diverse feelings in those from other countries are evidence of stark differences with the U.S. If you are uncertain about the location of Geneva concerning Switzerland’s other large city — Zurich — it’s easy to explain: Zurich is on the north side of the Swiss Alps, and Geneva is across the massive and spectacular range of mountains. Zurich is a business hub for northern Europe, while Geneva is known as a hotspot of political diversity that represents the political landscape of all of Europe.

I’m certain much of that was lost on Biden and Putin during their stay in Switzerland. They both were surely captured by the World Champion International “Whose is Bigger” battle! And Wednesday, it was on.

The “Foes”

There was a time when summit meetings between the presidents of Russia and the U.S. were world-historical events on which the balance of world peace rested. Yesterday — not so much. Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin didn’t even manage to fill the five hours allotted for their talks in Geneva Wednesday in large part because they didn’t have much to talk about. Russia today threatens no U.S. vital interests, commands no alliances or strategic resources, and remains a world power in only two areas, both inherited from the Cold War — its large nuclear arsenal and its U.N. Security Council veto.

Wednesday’s Putin-Biden summit — unlike the explosive Trump-Putin meeting in Helsinki three years ago where Trump hinted he believed Putin’s word over that of the U.S.’s own intelligence agencies — was a diplomatic nothing-burger. Putin described the meeting as “quite constructive” and called Biden a “balanced” politician. Biden, speaking at a separate press conference, called the summit “positive.”

There were no breakthroughs — but at least, by Putin’s account, there was “no hostility” between the two sides. The two leaders agreed to keep their ambassadors “in place” (after several months of petulant “withdrawals for consultations,” the diplomatic equivalent of a hissy fit, in the wake of a spring Russian military buildup). The only epic thing about the Geneva summit was a mutual agreement to launch “consultations” on cybersecurity — and that was only an epic of understatement, given Russia’s status as the world’s most aggressive state sponsor of cyber-crime, hacking, and malware attacks — most recently on a U.S. oil pipeline.

There was also no agreement on the only areas where Putin’s cooperation could actually influence real-world conflicts — Ukraine, Syria, and Iran. On the contrary, Putin has recently moved to escalate the conflict in Donbas by deploying Russian forces on the Ukrainian border. In Syria, Bashar al-Assad is Russia’s single international ally — and he owes his survival solely to Putin’s military intervention on his behalf. And on Iran, Russia was once an important U.S. ally while Barack Obama was putting together his grand deal to lift sanctions in exchange for Tehran’s scrapping of its nuclear program. That kind of cooperation has become unthinkable in the wake of Russian interference in the U.S. elections of 2016 and Putin’s harsh crackdown on domestic opposition and murder attempts on enemies abroad.

The only surprise was that the talks were so apparently cordial, despite Biden agreeing in a TV interview earlier this year that he believed Putin was “a killer.” The Russian president insisted the talks were “not hostile,” with both sides showing a “willingness to understand one another.” Biden refused to answer whether he stood by his 2011 comment that Putin had no soul.

In all other ways, both sides stuck to their scripts. Putin, his long-term immunity to irony still very much intact, compared his own crackdown on Russian opposition leaders — notably Alexei Navalny, who was poisoned and then imprisoned, whose name Putin still refuses to pronounce in public — to the U.S. Capitol police’s actions against Capitol rioters last year. The Russian president also cited Guantanamo Bay as a response to criticisms of his human rights record and emphasized the number of people shot every day in American cities. “Who is the killer?” Putin asked.

This kind of tone-deafness to criticism and willingness to keep a straight face while denying well-documented outrages such as the Skripal poisoning or the invasion of Crimea has been the hallmark of Putin’s rule for 20 years. The only thing that has changed is that for the first time, he’s encountered a U.S. president uninterested in any reset, concession, or meaningful “adjustment.”

Over the intervening decades since the 1985 Reagan-Gorbachev summit in Geneva, Russia has shrunk from an imperial superpower with a host of international allies. The truth is that Biden neither fears, needs, nor respects Putin. By seeking a summit meeting, Biden successfully defused a potential flare-up of the Ukraine war. But the fact the meeting happened at all is about as good as it’s going to get for Putin. As for the rest, Biden, along with much of the rest of the world, has given up on changing the Kremlin’s behavior — and instead is concentrating on containment. Whether Putin got the message that the West’s patience is at an end will only be clear if and when he stops his escalating campaign of online hostility and domestic repression. Biden, for one, seems to be under no illusions. “I’m not confident [Putin] will change his behavior,” was one of his final comments as he walked away from the podium after a summit that could be the last more or less cordial meeting between the US and Russia for some time.


My takeaway from the summit is quite simple. I feel certain that most Americans hoped that our president would NOT go into this summit and show extreme political weaknesses to the World — especially when sharing the same stage with the seasoned presidential veteran from Russia. To that end, Americans were certainly NOT let down. Honestly, Biden performed far better than most Americans felt he could. With his dramatic cognitive decline over the past year or so, many were actually afraid that Biden would expose Biden. Though a seasoned U.S. career politician, he is incapable of facing international political foes in such a setting.

At least President Biden did NOT embarrass the U.S. And even if you’re one who had great expectations for some type of a Putin knockout, you must admit Biden “took it to” Putin. There was NO knockout. In fact, there was NO knockdown. As to who won the day, it will take some time for the dust to settle and details of the summit to be leaked by political bureaucrats who shared the room with the two “fighters” during the summit before we’ll get a true sense of the effects of the meeting.

Two things are certain: Putin is a formidable opponent, and Biden is inexperienced and was over-matched on that specific point. Putin, after all, has faced off with now eleven U.S. presidents. This was Biden’s first foray into summits with foreign country presidents. Experience cannot be achieved without experiencing such meetings multiple times.

If anything at all, Putin proved that he remains the Russian leader we have seen in various roles for decades. On the other hand, Biden showed us all that his age, physical and mental conditions, and political prowess were certainly overshadowed by Putin’s.

After examining reports from the summit and subsequent press conferences, my thoughts are simple: Vladimir Putin knows how to press all the political buttons at such events. Joe Biden still relies on his political history of making speeches to Americans as a U.S. Senator and Vice President. And as we advance, I’m uncomfortable in that I doubt Biden will be able to catch up with Putin on the important international issues our nation already faces that involve Russia.

We need to pray for President Biden. Why? For two specific reasons: he’s the leader of our nation. And as the leader, it’s foolish for any American to hope for his failure. If that should happen, it will NOT happen in a vacuum: we’ll all go down with the Captain. Secondly, if Joe goes down, his replacement is Vice President Kamala Harris. OMG!

Pray daily…and pray HARD!

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“Kalamity Kamala”

Vice President Kamala Harris assumed her role on the Biden ticket carrying a bunch of baggage. Her considerable political career in California is littered with the bodies of her victims — and some of those victims were children.

No doubt the Mainstream Media continually give the VP a free pass. After all, even though she’s NOT African-American (Her mother is Indian and her father Jamaican), she’s the first Vice President that is both female and “of color.”

Most Americans first noticed her political dark side during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings to confirm Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. She was, by any measure, rude, obstinate, and downright ugly to the now-Supreme Court Justice. But that darkness had been with her quite a while before that. She was known as being ruthless to those who crossed her while she was California’s Attorney General. Her “rep” was she’d throw the book at those who opposed her politically while allowing people she liked to get away with just about anything.

When she was district attorney, Kamala Harris established a truancy court that prosecuted parents if their children missed school. Then, in 2010, Harris sponsored a state law that made truancy a criminal misdemeanor. As a result of the law, dozens of parents have been charged across California, and at least 2 parents have served jail time.

Some of the people who suffered from the truancy laws include chronically ill people and single mothers and parents of children who had been traumatized by perpetual bullying at schools.

Harris refused to investigate the police shootings of two Black men in 2014 and 2015. She also did not support a 2015 bill in the state assembly requiring the attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor specializing in police use of deadly force. But, of course, she changed her tune when in the U.S. Senate.

In video footage from 2013, Harris appears to mock those on the left who chanted reforms like “build schools, not jails” and “put more money into education, not prisons” Her response suggests that they are naive sloganeers who do not understand crime prevention. However, critics argue that this depicts that Harris was more interested in sending people to prison rather than looking at preemptive measures to reduce crime.

As district attorney and state attorney general, Harris led offices that criminal justice advocates say were overly aggressive in pursuing convictions and lacked transparency. She is alleged to have “fought tooth and nail to uphold wrongful convictions that were secured through official misconduct that included evidence tampering, false testimony and the suppression of crucial information by prosecutors.”

In 2015, lawyers for an inmate convicted of murder attempted to have the case thrown out after new evidence suggested that Riverside County prosecutors lied on the stand during the initial trial. Harris’s office, representing the state prison system, resisted, only backing down after footage of one of her deputies being eviscerated by three federal judges went viral.

Her past in California was just as vile.

Critics have alleged that Harris “slept her way to the top.” They highlight her relationship with Willie Brown, a powerhouse in California politics, who was 30 years older than Harris.

From his powerful position, Brown appointed Harris to the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board and the Medical Assistance Commission — positions that together paid her around $80,000 a year on top of her prosecutor’s salary.

Last year, Brown, who later became the Mayor of San Francisco, claimed that while dating Harris,  he gave her powerful and influential appointments that furthered her political career. In a letter to the San Francisco Chronicle, Brown wrote,

“Yes, we dated. It was more than 20 years ago…Yes, I may have influenced her career by appointing her to two state commissions when I was Assembly speaker,”

“And I certainly helped with her first race for district attorney in San Francisco,”

“The difference is that Harris is the only one who, after I helped her, sent word that I would be indicted if I ‘so much as jaywalked’ while she was D.A.,” Brown wrote. “That’s politics for ya.”

The “National” Kamala Harris

Harris was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2017. As a Democrat and a woman of color, she garnered much attention and favor from her fellow Senate members. And she quickly found a place on the prestigious Senate Judiciary Committee.

Few remember details of her brief (and failed) 2019 campaign for the Democrat Party nomination to run against Donald Trump. Her public demeanor and somewhat nasty representation plagued her in the campaign. As a result, she struggled to relate to American voters who spotted her dark side quickly. Subsequently, she drew just minuscule numbers in the polls — even in California! After a shellacking by former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard in one national debate, Kamala dropped out of the race before January 1, 2020.

Many Democrats were aghast that she got the nod to join the Biden ticket. Speculation abounds as to her as the choice. Certainly, her skin color and gender weighed heavily in her becoming Biden’s running mate. (I may be silly, but isn’t that somewhat racist?)

But they won.

Vice President for the “Previous” Vice President

Upon becoming president, Joe Biden created a disaster at the nation’s southern border. He foolishly ordered an immediate halt to the construction of our border wall. Unfortunately, he also abandoned Trump administration policies that were clearly working. The result has been a massive increase in the number of illegal immigrants entering the United States.

This stampede of migrants has overwhelmed our resources at the border and created a true humanitarian catastrophe. To show he was taking action to deal with the problem, Biden appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to be his point person on the border crisis.

Even though he has selected crazed leftists for many of the positions in his administration, choosing Harris may have been his worst appointment. Harris is a total embarrassment who has never succeeded in any position throughout her political career.

As a presidential candidate, Harris departed the race early after a series of pathetic performances in debates. Her fundraising collapsed, and she exited several months before the first presidential caucus.

Biden rescued her from political obscurity when he chose her as his running mate. However, as the vice-presidential candidate, she failed to capture the imagination of voters and was fairly ineffective. In her only televised debate with her Republican opponent, Vice President Mike Pence, she was terrible and lost convincingly.

Her performance as vice president has been even worse, so it is mystifying why Biden would choose her for such an important role in dealing with the border crisis. In this position, she has been even worse than expected, acting in an arrogant, ill-informed manner that has only exacerbated the crisis.

For months, Harris has been dodging questions about whether she would visit the border. Eventually, the Biden administration morphed her mission into an investigation of the “root causes” of the border catastrophe. To further her investigation, she visited Guatemala and Mexico last week. To say it was an unmitigated disaster is an understatement. It was possibly the worst foreign trip for any United States vice president in modern history.

Her performance was so poor that even pro-Biden news outlets like CNN reported the White House was disappointed in the trip and “perplexed” by her statements. For example, in an interview with NBC news anchor Lester Holt, Harris seemed unprepared when he asked her about visiting the border. Her excuse was that she had not visited “Europe” either.

This answer was so poor that Meghan McCain of ABC’s The View commented that Harris “sounded like a moron” in the interview. McCain also noted that Harris seems to laugh whenever asked about the question. She remarked that her “nervous laugh is making me nervous that she doesn’t know what she’s doing.”

Sadly, she does not know what she is doing on any issue. Her incompetence was on display during her recent trip, where she clearly did not make any friends.

In Guatemala, the vice president was greeted by angry local residents who were upset that the Biden administration policies had worsened the problems in their country. Their signs read “Trump Won,” “Go Home” and “Kamala, Mind Your Own Business.”

The meeting with the President of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei, was not much better.  He noted his disagreements with the Biden administration on the border crisis. In a CBS interview that aired right before the Vice President arrived, Giammattei criticized the Biden administration. He said, “We asked the United States government to send more of a clear message to prevent more people from leaving.” He also observed that he was “not on the same side of the coin” as the vice president on the issue of migration.

In her press conference with the Guatemalan leader, Harris stated that migrants should not come to the United States for asylum because they will be returned to their home country. She claimed that “The president and I discussed that fundamentally, most people do not want to leave home, they don’t want to leave the place where the language they know is spoken.”

Despite the challenges of traveling thousands of miles in dangerous conditions, the migrants continue to come to the United States because the Biden-Harris administration has created an open border. Along with stopping the construction of the border wall, the new administration ended President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy for asylum seekers. In addition, immigration court cases are being “fast-tracked” for families that recently crossed into the country from Mexico.

Illegal immigrants have viewed the Biden administration policies as a clear sign to enter the United States. The results are both catastrophic and predictable. According to United States Customs and Border Protection, over 178,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended at the border in April 2021. The influx is not stopping as the problem continues to explode.

As the person charged by the president to deal with this crisis, Harris has refused to visit the border and examine the problem personally. Even though she now claims that she will make the trek to the border at some point, the delay has been totally unacceptable. According to United States Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA), “I hope she does visit the southern border very, very soon. It is imperative. The longer she waits, the harder it is for her to explain why she hasn’t gone to view the crisis herself and form her own opinions about what’s going on.”

For Vice President Harris, there will be no escape from the border question until she visits. She was even questioned about it during participation at an LGBTQ pride parade.

Not only is her refusal to visit the border a major problem, but her lack of consistency is not helping matters. After telling migrants to stay home during her visit to Guatemala, she changed her tune in an interview on Friday with the Spanish news wire service EFE. Instead, she claimed that she was committed to providing a “haven for those seeking asylum.”

Vice President Kamala Harris is the epitome of both inconsistency and incompetence.

It is clear that her eyes are set on replacing Joe Biden in the White House: either running against a Republican opponent when Biden’s term is completed or should Biden step away for some reason. It’s also clear to most Americans that “Kalamity Kamala” is NOT qualified to become the Chief Executive of the U.S.

And even if she was qualified, her incessant “Hillary Clinton” cackle would certainly cost her votes from many Americans!

She’s toast.

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The Biden Corruption Syndicate Goes to the Bank: American Voters

It’s one tax increase after another from President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrats in Washington.

The Treasury Department released its “green book” in late May detailing most of these tax hikes. But now, Democrats are sneaking in yet another: a 95% tax on the most common prescription medicines.

It’s amazing what controlling Congress with a tiny majority will do for confidence. The top personal income tax rate, which is also the tax rate paid by successful small businesses such as LLCs, sole proprietors, partnerships, and S corporations, would rise from 37% to 43.4%. The corporate tax rate would go up from 21% to 28%, close to the highest rate in the developed world. The capital gains tax rate would rise from 23.8% today all the way to 43.4% for higher earners. A second, “double death tax” would be created by taxing people on their unsold investments at death, assets that would then still be subject to the 40% death tax. Some Democrats are even grumbling that their leaders won’t try for even more tax increases on top of these, such as a gas tax hike or a carbon tax.

Then there’s H.R. 3, the crown jewel of healthcare legislation coming out of Pelosi’s slim majority. The bill imposes government price controls on 250 of the most common prescription medicines, including insulin. In order to make sure that the price control is adopted, the government gives an “option” for the drug to be subject instead to a brand new 95% drug tax. Since people ultimately pay taxes, the 95% Pelosi Drug Tax will fall directly on consumers of prescription medicines, notably seniors.

Behind door No. 1 is a price control that will lead to scarcity, government rationing, and less money for the next miracle vaccine. Behind door No. 2 is a 95% tax on prescription medicines, immediately doubling the price of drugs at your local pharmacy. Either of these bad options would immediately turn the pharmaceutical industry into a bought-and-sold subsidiary of big government, like the electric company or the post office, or Amtrak.

The next time the world needs a miracle cure for whatever we’re calling the next COVID-19, or for diseases such as HIV and malaria? Well, we might have a problem.

There is hope, however. Centrist House Democrats, in numbers high enough to sink H.R. 3, are coming out against the bill. They sent a letter to Pelosi this month asking her to scrap the bill and start all over again with a bipartisan, bicameral agreement that they could sell back home. They’re thinking about the 2022 midterm elections.

Bottom line: This is bad legislation that will hurt your bottom line and the future of American healthcare.

But there’s more to this Biden tax-and-spend landscape!

The new pitch aims to avoid Republican scorn by sidestepping the president’s previously proposed corporate tax rate hike. It would instead implement a minimum corporate tax rate of 15%, aimed at some of the most profitable corporations in the country.

The proposal marks a concession on the overall cost of the bill from Biden, whose last pitch was worth $700 billion more.

But Biden has not won over Republicans with this modified tax proposal, a GOP source familiar with negotiations told ABC News.

Republicans have been clear from the onset of negotiations that they do not support raising the corporate tax rate because they do not want to modify former President Donald Trump’s signature tax reform legislation. During a briefing on Thursday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki argued that by raising the minimum rate, the 2017 tax bill would not be altered.

“This should be completely acceptable to a number of Republicans who have said that they — they want to leave — their bottom line is they want to leave the 2017 tax law untouched,” Psaki said.

But according to the Republican source, GOP lawmakers see Biden’s rejiggered proposal, which includes several other tax modifications along with the 15% minimum rate, as nothing more than a corporate tax hike by another name. That brings back memories of Sarah Palin’s bid to replace Biden as VP in 2012. Remember this: “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”

So will Biden’s tax and spend budget, no matter how this administration tweaks it or what color lipstick they use to make it look like something else.

But, hold on, folks: believe it or not, it gets worse!

What’s A Few Trillion Between Friends?

President Biden will pursue as much as $6 trillion in new federal spending for the 2022 fiscal year, increasing to more than $8 trillion by 2031. His budget, which is the first full one since taking office in January, includes raising taxes on corporations and high-income households. The Oval Office forecasts that budget deficits would begin to wind down in the 2030s, long after Biden is gone.

The proposal reveals that the funding will go toward his two-part infrastructure project: the American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan. These proposals go beyond roads and highways as they include subsidized child care, two years of free community college, free universal pre-K, and climate change investments. In addition, other funding will be designated for Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and Defense – the programs that eat up a great chunk of the annual budget.

Biden’s budget also forecasts that inflation will top out at 2.3% annually over the next decade. This suggests that the White House agrees with the Federal Reserve that inflation will be nothing more than a blip on the radar and that concerns of runaway inflation are overblown.

Since the Democrats possess slim majorities in both the House and Senate this year, the president has a decent chance of having these enormous spending requests approved. Meanwhile, Republicans are warning about a double whammy of rising inflation and higher taxes, with Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) saying in a statement that “President Biden’s budget blunder sets us up for an even worse economic recovery than the Obama-Biden record of the slowest in history.”

So, is this an investment in America’s tomorrow, or even more costly expenditures that will weigh on cash-strapped taxpayers and penalize future generations?

Will US Deficits Have Consequences?

A decade ago, the $1.3 trillion budget shortfall seemed like the good old days compared to what lies ahead for Uncle Sam’s balance sheet and pockets. Instead, the United States is in for a level of spending unseen since the Second World War. Typically, presidents put together a wish list budget and a practical alternative. Many of the policies emanating from the Oval Office or the chambers do not appear pragmatic.

Biden and his team will inevitably try to market this plan in a number of ways: discuss how it will build America back better, argue that only the wealthy will pay for it, and promise that the deficits will certainly be wiped out by the next decade. But are these reasonable ideas?

“Build back better” has been the slogan for both Biden and his counterparts in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, choosing to hit the great reset button to accomplish progressive objectives. In the short term, perhaps offering free child care and free tuition will provide a jolt to the broader economy. However, as borrowing costs rise and bubbles begin to deflate, the bills will need to be paid. Remember, the U.S. is still trying to pay for all the egregious outlays since the last recession.

So far, the administration has vowed that higher corporate tax rates and an increase in the capital gains tax will serve as panaceas to the sky-high price tag. On the surface, it looks like the wealthy are footing the bill (the top 5% pay almost all the nation’s taxes). However, once that same plane is shattered, the unintended consequences are uncovered, such as capital fleeing the country or the higher tax rates being passed onto the consumer in the form of stealth inflation.


What the heck is going on in this administration? Even everyday Americans understand that it’s impossible to tax a country into prosperity. Oh, but it IS possible to tax a country into an economic depression! Does Joe Biden actually know what runaway government spending does to average Americans? Certainly, he knows! He may be in some type of cognitive decline, but he’s a consummate Democrat politician so he KNOWS well the economics of “tax and spend.” Democrats have perfected it. It’s their roadmap to governing panacea: “promise the world, tax the people to give them the world, then leave them in economic horrors that take a decade or more to fight through.” After all, those same Dems will no longer be in control so feeling heat is something they won’t taste.

Even considering all of the above, I’m certain the Democrats in power have more madness hoped for at the end of this tax and spend nightmare: a Democrat Party perpetual power in government in which they control EVERYTHING. In that utopia, taxing the people will NEVER be a problem. Why? The government (controlled by their party in total) will NEVER have to face the challenges that come with free and fair elections. After all, why even have elections at all if your party determines every election outcome?

With their seized power and a few election cycles to soak Americans with unsustainable debt, massive inflation, foreign policy fiascos too many to even remember, and government corruption that dwarfs that in Venezuela, those Democrats will have no one to check their actions or be thrown out of office. They will control everything!

There are far too many examples of their hoped-for totalitarianism to which we can point as a comparison of the model Dems plan to foist on our nation. Don’t be tempted to lean back in your chair and think, “They can never pull something like that off. Americans are too smart and have too much political will and power to allow such travesties to occur. We the people will stop them!”

The problem with that is two-fold: one, the people will no longer have the power to address any of this corruption in the “normal” way: like kicking those evil lawmakers out by voting them out. Secondly, by the time Americans find a way to take back their government, these same Democrats will have long before milked the U.S. economy of every dime they can find. In doing so, the U.S. economy will fall hard, fall far, and will fall quickly. There will be no stopping it.

So what do I suggest? Start making noise — and lots of it! Point every person you know to these discussed facts and talking points. Let’s face it, folks: most people are too busy, too occupied, to even weigh into such a slanted and evil political hierarchy under which we all live. That could only happen — if it could happen at all — if American voters had power and the unity of principle to even do such a thing. I don’t think Americans have either.

Get ready, folks. We need to buckle down. It’s going to be a wild ride. In fact, the Biden Corruption Train left the station months ago. And it’s not going to stop until it reaches the station at Biden La-La Utopia, USA!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t even have a ticket to board that train. And if I did, I doubt that I would use it.

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Impeachment Conversations Are In The Air

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Every U.S. President has put a hand on a Bible with the other hand raised before all Americans as people worldwide look in to watch and hear the incoming U.S. President declare his undying commitment to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Almost all Presidents have done just that — or did their best to do so and only failed because of Congressional roadblocks. But this president has failed miserably to keep his oath. “What specifically has he done that evidences that?” Joe Biden is NOT protecting the Constitution!

What Is the U.S. Constitution?

The Constitution is NOT the framework of the U.S. Government itself. Instead, it is a collection of guidelines that establish the “process” by which our government operates. So there’s no need for us to go into exactly how the government is structured — we all know that. But the specifics of being the head of the Executive Branch of our government gives any president the most power held by anyone or any group who also serves in government. But NO president has authoritarian power! In such a structure, any president would have individual authority to pretty much run the control as he or she sought fit to do.

The Constitution carefully delineates the “who’s” and “what’s” of power in our government: three co-equal branches. A president heads just one of those. And the other two have co-equal powers with a president, and each branch has the ability to keep the other two branches in check.

Wasn’t that a grand skeleton our forefathers put in place to keep anyone or any bodies from taking unilateral control?

The most important power held by a president is to execute the laws passed by the only constitutional entity empowered: the United States Congress. Therefore, every president has a law enforcement division charged solely to monitor and “police,” if you will, the people of the United States and all others who are found inside its borders to guarantee that section of our Constitution is kept in operation, according to the laws and regulations enacted by the Congress and executed by a president.

Joe Biden did NOT relinquish that authority. In fact, he single-handedly took authoritarian control over the execution of our laws. He has personally determined which laws to enforce and which not to enforce. His doing so is unconstitutional.

Joe Isn’t The First

Joe Biden didn’t invent the process to execute the United States laws arbitrarily or not. In fact, several previous presidents have ignored illegal immigration and the execution of the laws passed by Congress. For example, Presidents Carter, Reagan, both Bush presidents, Clinton, and Obama did the same thing in picking which immigration laws to execute and which to ignore and, in some cases, to change. And immigration laws are not the only such laws unenforced.

In his first term, Barack Obama ordered his first Attorney General, Eric Holder, to stop executing the verbiage detailed in federal drug laws. Obviously, all duly-passed laws contain the details defining the laws and detailing the penalties levied against those who break those laws. Federal drug laws passed by Congress certainly do so. But Obama demanded Holder stop enforcing illegal drug possession laws under certain circumstances. His doing so was a dramatic departure from presidential precedent and came with dire outcomes.

Immigration laws have been treated the same way regarding their execution with the enforcement of the included penalties.

No President has the authority to do that.

“Dan, Congress will not abide by the wishes of these presidents regarding certain unfair and egregious laws. Therefore, some presidents who the people elect to run the country WANT those horrible laws to be done away with, and, if not repealed or changed, ignored.”

Most Americans are numb to that worn-out excuse for the obfuscation of presidential responsibilities. A LARGE majority of Americans want laws enforced: ALL laws.

What Happens When a President Ignores Laws?

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that illegal immigration into his state had reached crisis levels and declared the situation at the border a “disaster.” Abbott issued the disaster declaration granting the state and local governments greater flexibility to use state and national resources to deal with the crisis. Abbott’s disaster declaration comes amid record levels of illegal immigration into the United States spurred by the election of President Joe Biden in November.

“President Biden’s open-border policies have paved the way for dangerous gangs and cartels, human traffickers, and deadly drugs like fentanyl to pour into our communities,” Abbott said in a statement. “Meanwhile, landowners along the border are seeing their property damaged and vandalized on a daily basis while the Biden Administration does nothing to protect them.”

“Texas continues to step up to confront the border crisis in the federal government’s absence, but more must be done,” he continued. “By declaring a state of disaster in these counties, Texas will have more resources and strategies at our disposal to protect landowners and enforce all federal and state laws to combat criminal activities stemming from the border crisis. Working together with local law enforcement, the state will continue to take robust and meaningful action to keep our communities safe.”

Abbot’s declaration rips Biden, blaming his administration for the border crisis and for endangering Texans and “causing a humanitarian crisis” at the border.

“[T]he Federal government used to take seriously its responsibility to enforce federal immigration laws and secure the international border, which allowed Texas to collaborate on law enforcement and related activities along the border,” the declaration says. “[U]nder the Biden administration, however, the federal government has shown unwillingness, ambivalence, or inability to enforce federal immigration laws, to deter and stop illegal border crossings into the United States, or to meaningfully partner with Texas in pursuing these goals.”

In March, the Department of Homeland Security acknowledged that illegal immigrations are surging across the United States’ southern border in “record numbers.” The Biden administration has continued to downplay the situation, however, refusing to call the wave of illegal immigrants crossing the border a “crisis.”

“The federal government is responding to the arrival of record numbers of individuals, including unaccompanied children, at the southwest border. Since April 2020, the number of encounters at the border has been rising due to ongoing violence, natural disasters, food insecurity, and poverty in the Northern Triangle countries of Central America,” DHS said at the time. “The federal government is working around the clock to move unaccompanied children from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) care and to place them with a family member or sponsor until their immigration case is adjudicated.  The risks posed by the spread of COVID-19 have made this mission all the more difficult.”

The Biden administration officially ended former President Donald Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy, though it had been effectively ended for some time. The Trump administration enacted the policy to keep immigrants applying for asylum in Mexico while they await their court hearing. Under Biden, asylum-seeking immigrants are released into the interior of the country to await their court date.

Biden has also cut back on immigration enforcement. The Washington Post reported that the administration had “effectively abolished” Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s ability to arrest and deport illegal immigrants. The agency is averaging one arrest every two months.

This is just one example of the horrors that have resulted from the suborning of a president stopping the execution of duly passed immigration laws. Hundreds of thousands of illegals we know NOTHING about today live among us in towns and cities across the nation. Included in those illegals are felons who have been convicted of crimes from burglary to murder — some convicted of such crimes when illegally residing in the U.S. previously who were deported! Yet, Biden’s policies welcome them here with open arms.

I won’t bore you with statistics of the crimes committed to American citizens and businesses by illegals. We hear them every day, yet Americans’ cries for establishing and maintaining the Rule of Law contained in the Constitution fall on deaf ears. And it is common knowledge why such egregious lawbreaking is allowed to happen and even encouraged: to pack the nation with government-dependent illegals whose very presence was a gift from Joe Biden’s political party. The sole purpose of this criminality is to establish, grow, and perpetuate unilateral and permanent political power for the Democrat Party.

If you disagree, PLEASE provide facts that support your theory.


The greatest danger of this practice that has fearfully almost been normalized is this: if this type of government is allowed to exist and goes unchecked and those responsible not held accountable, the United States will soon be an authoritarian state with NO Rule of Law. That means the abolition of government “of the People, by the People, and for the People.” The People will be a fascist, authoritarian government with a populace without a voice in governing.

What should be done to reconcile this? What CAN be done to accomplish that?

The normal process would be to vote all those elected out of office in duly established elections at the state and federal levels. But, unfortunately, that hasn’t been too effective of late. And greater than half the nation feels our elections today are under siege by those seeking to overturn the process by which we choose those who govern.

Stopping this president while in office is the same process used to attack former President Trump twice: Impeachment. Impeachment must be initiated in the House of Representatives. The House is controlled by Democrats led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi certainly is complicit in the establishment and maintenance of the lawlessness perpetrated in this illegal immigration. And she controls House legislation. It is doubtful an impeachment process will occur on her watch.

What then? Sadly, it appears the Biden open borders travesties will probably continue unchecked unless and until American voters take back our nation with a massive rebuttal of all this government lawlessness at the voting booth. The first such opportunity will come in November of 2022, when every House of Representatives member must leave office or run for re-election. Only then could such changes be initiated.

Can that be done? Certainly. Will it be done? That’s up to Americans. But, in either case, millions of more crimes will continue unchecked under this president and his lack of adherence to the Rule of Law. Texas has done the only thing any state can do until some change at the federal level happens. Texas leadership is committed to protecting its citizens by enforcing laws, even if the Biden Administration turns its back on Biden’s oath of office. Unfortunately, it will take multiple states to take a similar stand against rampant criminality ignored and encouraged by President Joe Biden.

That’s sad to consider — really sad. But it’s factual.

It’s time for Americans to take a stand.

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Obama’s Crippling of our Military is back: Under Joe Biden

When Donald Trump was working during his transition to the White House — after the November 2016 election victory and before his inauguration on January 20, 2017 — he met with all the leaders in the Executive Branch of government to get the “lay of the land” from all those folks in the know. That certainly included the status of the United States military, its budget by various service branches, and the military’s infrastructure needs. So imagine the face-slap Mr. Trump took when U.S. generals reported to the “new” Commander-in-Chief that no branch of the military had ANY ammunition in stock for ANY of its weaponry!

Why was that the case in 2017? President Obama (with V.P. Biden) had stripped the military of its ability to purchase equipment necessary to maintain its readiness for an emergency of any kind and its ability to update its already outdated weaponry. Of course, in such a situation, previous U.S. militaries were provided by each administration sufficient funding to maintain its existing weaponry. Not so under Obama/Biden. In fact, during the eight years of their administration, the pair stripped the military of most of its might. All this occurred while our enemies abroad steadily enlarged their military infrastructures using new and innovative technology. In fact, our competing nations often rebuilt and/or added to their military arsenals with military equipment produced and sold by U.S. defense industry companies!

And we could not even perform fundamental and routine gun and rifle training for our Army troops: the Army had no funding to buy ammunition.

Trump immediately, upon taking office, made updating antique U.S. military hardware and growing our military’s infrastructure job #1. That including immediate pay increases for the men and women who served our nation that had languished for years with NO pay increases. Trump’s actions quickly brought us in line with our foreign foes on military readiness.

Now we have President Joe Biden. And he has introduced his fiscal year budget for the U.S. Regarding our military: his proposed budget is “Obama/Biden Military Suppression Part Two.”

The U.S. Gives China the World Military Dominance #1 Spot

We don’t know that for certain — yet. But it certainly appears that Biden’s military budget is a giveaway to China’s Xi Jinping.

President Joe Biden’s budget request for the fiscal year 2022 made it clear that defense isn’t his top priority at a time when the Chinese communist regime is building its military power and posing a threat to U.S. security interests.

The president’s budget for the fiscal year 2022, released on May 28, seeks $752.9 billion for national defense, $715 billion for the Pentagon. However, compared to the fiscal year 2021 budget, the requested amount for the Department of Defense in 2022 reflects only a 1.6 percent increase.

“Defense is not a Biden administration priority,” Elaine McCusker, a defense budget expert at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), said on June 1 at a virtual event hosted by AEI. “Defense was the only federal function not even to keep pace with inflation, while domestic agencies went up by 16 percent, including a 41 percent increase for the Department of Education. Also of note, the only federal agency to take a cut at 10 percent was the Corps of Engineers.”

For example, according to the budget plan, the Department of Health and Human Services would receive a 23.4 percent increase. The Environmental Protection Agency would get a 21.6 percent boost in funding.

“And there is an attempt to redefine what constitutes a national security investment to divert defense funds to non-core activities,” McCusker said.

She pointed out there was no mention of military capabilities among critical investments under the heading “Confronting 21st Century Security Challenges” in the budget, while COVID-19 foreign assistance, the World Health Organization, the United Nations Population Fund, and establishing a global health security agenda were among the administration’s commitments listed.

Similarly, there was no mention of “border security” in the budget proposal. Funding for the Department of Homeland Security stayed flat compared to the prior year. The budget proposal seeks to set aside more resources toward processing a higher volume of asylum cases and support up to 125,000 refugee admissions in 2022. The budget also provides $10 billion in humanitarian assistance to war victims and refugees abroad.

President Biden’s first budget request also reflects a shift in priorities when compared with budget proposals of former President Donald Trump.

The Biden administration’s budget takes a broader approach to national security, addressing threats such as climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, and “extremism in the ranks,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in a statement.

The budget would allocate more than $30 million to help the Defense Department improve capabilities to identify and address extremism among troops and enhance training.

Speaking at the event, Todd Harrison, director of defense budget analysis at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said that it’s hard to know the vision of the defense budget, as it hasn’t included the details of the five-year projections.

Office of Management and Budget (OMB) projections showed that the Defense Department budget would grow at a rate of 2.2 percent in nominal terms over the next five years, he noted. However, beyond the five-year period, budget growth would drop to 1 percent.

The good thing about the president’s budget for the fiscal year 2022, according to Harrison, is that it continues to boost the research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E) funding. According to the Pentagon, Biden’s plan seeks $112 billion funding for RDT&E, which is the “largest-ever” request. This investment can put the U.S. military “in a place to modernize in the years to come and to build the types of capabilities that we need to compete effectively in the future,” Harrison said.

However, putting money into research and development may not necessarily lead to modernization and increased procurement in coming years, he said. “So we don’t see if that is their strategy right now,” Harrison said.

Budgets of the Air Force and Space Force were overall winners in Biden’s plan, compared to the Navy and the Army, he said. While the Navy’s topline budget would increase, the service’s shipbuilding and aircraft procurement funding would drop, according to the president’s budget proposal.

According to a Pentagon report last year, China has the largest navy globally, with an overall battle force of nearly 350 ships.

Under the Trump administration last year, the Pentagon initiated a program called Battle Force 2045 to address the China threat. The program called for a Navy of over 500 manned and unmanned ships. Biden’s budget showed that the plan has been rolled back.

Speaking at the AEI virtual event, John Ferrari, a retired U.S. Army major general and defense expert at the AEI, said he was “surprised the most by how the Navy and the administration walked away” from the Battle Force 2045 plan.

“I’m not sure how the Navy does move forward,” Ferrari said. “But, I think the Navy needs to be embracing innovation in the near term, given how long it takes to build ships.”

Inflation is also a big problem for the Pentagon’s budget, given the small increase projected by the OMB in the long term, Ferrari said.

“Inflation is the hidden danger that will eat the defense budget,” he said, noting that the inflation-protected U.S. savings bond is yielding 3.5 percent.

“So if that’s an anticipation of inflation of 3.5 percent, the department is in a lot of trouble.”


The above speaks for itself — you need no further explanation.

We need to be concerned that this president’s actions might lead to the same deterioration of our military at every level. It did not take Obama and Biden long to destroy the morale of our military members by summarily stripping them of all the essentials necessary to maintain our world military leadership. That certainly humiliated each of them.

Think about it: many of you reading this actually served in the U.S. military. And you probably served under a president that did not just “say” they supported you, they provided you and your fellow servicemembers with ALL they needed for their various jobs. And job #1 for you was to ready yourself to implement all actions necessary to keep all Americans and our country safe from ALL foes. That included every dollar necessary to do just that.

Keeping that in mind, how can today’s military members feel after hearing about this president’s plans for financial support for our nation’s defense?

Let’s push our lawmakers to tear up his budget requests. Instead, urge them to move sufficient revenue from the over-funded social projects included to keep the projects initiated during Trump’s presidency that have already resulted in remarkable improvements.

If we cannot accomplish that, get ready for YOUR children to have the drills at school that kids in the early 60s participated in regularly. What were they? When a horn sounded over school PA systems, students were taught to dive underneath desks and to “shelter in place” in the face of Soviet Union nuclear attacks!

It sounds far-fetched. But so did the threat in 2012 from Dr. Fauci and others of a certain upcoming pandemic. That’s here. And every day, we’re discovering that this one is more of a “plan-demic!”

Biden’s Getting EVERYTHING Wrong

Yesterday — Wednesday — was one heck of a hump day! New government figures showed that the Biden administration is getting it wrong on the border, getting it wrong on the economy and job creation, and getting it wrong on inflation. And, Mr. President, this is NOT the “usual seasonal migration.”

We knew that this month’s immigration numbers would be high and represent a flashing red light. Last week we thought that the border crisis must have been solved. It certainly wasn’t and still isn’t solved: the media just stopped discussing it. In fact, the federal government’s official statistics undermine Biden’s argument that what Americans saw on the border was just a routine seasonal pattern.

I’m sorry, Mr. President, but that is a load of bull. It is not a regular seasonal pattern to break a two-decade-old record two months in a row. In April, U.S. Customs and Border Protection caught 178,622 individuals attempting to cross the U.S./Mexico border, one month after they had caught an eye-popping 173,348 individuals.

Over at the Center for Immigration Studies, Andrew Arthur wondered why it took until May 11 to release the numbers for April. No doubt it takes time to check and collate all of the data, and as of now, there’s no indication of any deliberate delay from Customs and Border Patrol (CBP). But any time that new information that makes the administration look bad takes a while to get released, a bunch of folks will wonder if someone in the chain of command was dragging his or fiddling with the numbers!.

On April 30, when asked about March’s numbers, Biden insisted in an interview with NBC News, “Look, it’s way down now. We’ve now gotten control.” But the April numbers are not way down; they’re up a bit over the previous month’s record. At the time of that interview, did Biden genuinely believe that CBP encounters at the border had dramatically declined? No way! Biden’s usual denial of making a mistake and his habitual fuzziness with the facts make it very tough to tell when he’s lying, when he’s misinformed, and when he’s having any memory issues. It’s probably all of the above!

Biden told NBC News that he “inherited a Godawful mess” from Trump at the border. But in January, CBP had only 78,443 encounters at the southern border. The first big jump came in February when it rose to 101,120, and then it continued rising into March. What happened in late January?

These are cold, hard numbers that prove that Biden’s assessment of the situation in late March was completely wrong. Whether or not Biden wanted to tell Central America that the border is open, his first moves on immigration — halting construction of border fencing, new guidelines to ICE agents to sharply curb arrests and deportations, and an attempted moratorium, proposing a path to citizenship — all sent a signal to migrants and human traffickers that the door was wide open and everyone was welcome.

Many migrants said they had spent their life savings and gone into debt to pay coyotes — human smugglers — who had falsely promised them that the border was open after President Biden’s election.

There is only one way people in the poorest and most isolated communities in Central America will disbelieve the false promises of human smugglers and coyotes and understand that the border is not open. It requires the U.S. president to send a clear signal, loudly, frequently, and publicly, that U.S. immigration laws are still enforced and that those caught crossing the border illegally will be criminally charged and quickly deported.

Probably deep down, Biden and many other Democrats think those actions are inherently mean and unjust. This is why half the Democratic presidential field supported a repeal of the criminal statute for entering the country without permission. Additionally, almost all Democrats believe a government-run healthcare plan should cover illegal immigrants, and they’re iffy at best on the use of E-Verify.

Usually, a Record Number of Job Openings Would Be Good News

Tuesday of this week, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the number of job openings across the country had reached 8.1 million, the highest that the agency had ever recorded.

But the Labor Department numbers show we’re already doing pretty well at creating jobs, or at least creating job openings. An economy in which there are a record number of job openings is not one that is sluggish or struggling or that desperately needs another round of stimulus spending. What it needs are the currently nonworking job applicants to walk through the door and go to work! Right now, in Massachusetts, the maximum weekly unemployment benefit amount is $855 per week. In a 40-hour workweek, that comes out to $21.37 per hour.

What About all these Unfilled Jobs?

The updated unfilled jobs numbers released Tuesday morning were bad. The updated immigration numbers released Tuesday evening were bad. Guess how the updated inflation numbers released Wednesday morning looked? Horrendous!

  • The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased by 0.8 percent in April on a seasonally adjusted basis after rising 0.6 percent in March. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Wednesday. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 4.2 percent before seasonal adjustment. This is the largest 12-month increase since a 4.9-percent increase for the period ending September 2008.
  • The index for used cars and trucks rose 10.0 percent in April. This was the largest 1-month increase since the series began in 1953, and it accounted for over a third of the seasonally adjusted all items increase. The food index increased in April, rising 0.4 percent as the indexes for food at home and food away from home both increased. The energy index decreased slightly, as a decline in the index for gasoline in April more than offset increases in the indexes for electricity and natural gas.
  • The index for all items less food and energy rose 0.9 percent in April, its largest monthly increase since April 1982. Nearly all major component indexes increased in April. Along with the index for used cars and trucks, the indexes for shelter, airline fares, recreation, motor vehicle insurance, and household furnishings and operations were among the indexes with a large impact on the overall increase.
  • The all-items index rose 4.2 percent for the 12 months ending April, a larger increase than the 2.6- percent increase for the period ending March.

Joe Biden’s $1.8 Trillion “New” Plan We Cannot Afford

Here we are again, bringing you a “new” Biden spending plan. It seems like we’re doing that every two weeks or so. In fact, I’m certain there have been at least six or seven such plans from Democrat leaders in Congress, along with those that “supposedly” are inked at the White House. As usual, this new one is a doozy. Let’s take a look at its details and how much it will cost Americans: Oh, not you and me. It won’t cost us anything because there’s no way we Baby Boomers could pay for this and all the other ones, even if we paid EVERY dime of our personal incomes to the federal government! But that’s a story for another day.

The American Families Plan

President Biden on Wednesday outlined the American Families Plan, an ambitious package that calls for $1 trillion in new spending and $800 billion in new tax credits and aims to significantly expand access to preschool and community college, as well as child care and health care benefits. Biden detailed the proposal during a speech before a joint session of Congress in which he rolled out his agenda for the coming months. The centerpiece of the speech is the families’ plan, which is being rolled out less than a month after Biden unveiled a $2.3 trillion infrastructure proposal.

The American Families Plan calls for a $200 billion program offering universal pre-kindergarten for all three and four-year-olds; $109 billion for tuition-free community college for any American who wants it; $85 billion to increase Pell Grants to benefit low-income and minority students; and more than $4 billion in funding for larger scholarships, certification and support programs for teachers.

The plan builds upon provisions of the American Rescue Plan by extending the Affordable Care Act premiums tax credits indefinitely (sounds much like Government operated Healthcare to me) and makes the earned income tax credit expansion for childless workers permanent. If passed and signed into law, it would permanently make the child tax credit fully available to the lowest-income families while extending other aspects of the credit expansion, such as the increase in the credit amount, through 2025.

The proposal also calls for the creation of a national paid family and medical leave program. The $225 billion earmarked for this specific giveaway would provide workers up to $4,000 a month if they require leave to care for a new child, care for a seriously ill loved one, deal with an illness, or another serious reason.

Other measures Biden called on Congress to pass include $45 billion for meal programs for children and low-income families, unemployment insurance reform, $225 billion for child care that includes a $15 minimum wage for early childhood staff, and expanded child care center accessibility. Officials said the plan would be paid for through tax reforms targeted at wealthy Americans, such as an increased capital gains tax rate, a higher top income tax rate, and increased IRS auditing enforcement on high-income individuals and businesses.

“We view the American Families Plan as a core element of President Biden’s strategy to build back better and generate a strong and inclusive economy for the future,” a senior administration official said.

The plan, which faces an uncertain future in Congress, does not go as far as some Democrats hoped. Some have pressed for a permanent expansion of the child tax credit, and it’s not clear that lawmakers will be satisfied by the proposal to make part of the expansion permanent while extending other parts through 2025. Key Democrats signaled that the House bill would include such a provision despite Biden not putting it in his initial proposal.

Biden has also faced pressure from members of his party, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), to include health-related provisions expanding health coverage and lowering drug prices. The ideas had initially been expected to be part of the plan, but Biden did not include them in the final version. Asked why such provisions were not included, a senior administration official said that the permanent ObamaCare premium tax credit represents a “critical investment” and insisted that Biden remains “fully committed to negotiations to reduce the cost of prescription drugs.

The White House views the plan as a companion to Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure and climate plan he announced last month, and officials said that the investments would be made over a 10-year period. The two plans combined total more than $4 trillion in government spending, on top of the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill that Biden signed into law about 50 days into his term. The administration’s two most recent proposals include tax increases that we are told would pay for both plans in full over a 15-year period.

Biden’s proposed jobs plan would allegedly be paid for through an increase in the corporate tax rate. Wednesday’s proposal would roll back the 2017 Trump tax cuts by increasing the top individual tax rate from 37 percent to 39.6 percent for taxpayers in the top 1 percent of income. Biden is also proposing an increase in the capital gains tax rate for households making more than $1 million to 39.6 percent.

Senior administration officials made clear the proposal is meant as a starting point and that Biden is open to hearing suggestions on what should be included and how to pay for the package. But Republicans are likely to oppose Biden’s family plan, and the tax hikes proposed to pay for it, and some moderate Democrats could also oppose the plan because of its large price tag and tax provisions.

One Administration official quipped that if people have other ideas about financing these critical investments, Biden is open to hearing them. “But he believes that these issues of tax fairness, of making sure people pay the taxes they already owe, are fundamental and necessary.”

Why do Democrats continually call new taxes “Investments?” By definition, investments are voluntary. Unless I missed something in Civics and American History, taxes levied by any government are anything BUT voluntary! If anything, they should all be labeled “confiscatory budget Income snatches from American.”

Biden and other top administration officials are set to embark on a publicity blitz after Wednesday’s speech to educate the public about both the infrastructure proposal and the families’ plan to win over support for both measures. The White House now faces a complicated road to getting both proposals passed. Even as officials have said publicly, they hope to see some progress on an infrastructure bill by Memorial Day and passage by summer. The White House has not ruled out using budget reconciliation to pass Biden’s proposals without GOP support, which Democrats resorted to passing his coronavirus relief bill.