Biden’s First 327 Days As President

I bet you’ve never seen a story about any president’s “First 327 days” in office. I’d wait a while to try to grade Biden’s presidency, but there are so many horrors in the rearview mirror already I thought it prudent to go ahead and look at his report card now. I’ll promise you in advance that his report card is riddled with red ink!

We’ll address only the really big issues, most of which he referenced during his campaign and made promises about, and we’ll look at where the nation is today compared to January 20th when he took his oath of office. The key areas we’ll discuss are:

  • COVID-19
  • Economy
  • Crime
  • U.S. Foreign Policy
  • Unity

We could spend hours discussing each of these topics as they pertain to Joe Biden and his first 327 days as President. We will not do that. But what we’ll do here today is address the highlights of failures and successes by this president in each of these areas. Some of his failures have never been seen before in any other administration.

When you finish today’s story, you’ll certainly want to dig deeper and get the deep details of what the Biden Administration is up to. Let’s begin.


While campaigning for President, Biden’s keynote promise was to “kill COVID-19.” Apparently, Mr. Biden felt he could grab all those millions of Pfizer/Bio-N-Tech vaccines that were developed during the Trump Administration, distribute them around the U.S., and “Presto, COVID-19 dies!”

That didn’t happen. Biden had the vaccines. In September of 2020, we published the elaborate (and in written format) COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan developed under Trump. It included the private sector and the U.S. military. Quick and thorough vaccine distribution was set to be handled seamlessly before the 2020 election. Of course, later when it appeared that the vaccines were not working as advertised and people continued to test positive for the virus in great numbers, Biden and VP Harris blamed the problem on Trump: “There was no plan in place to distribute the vaccines when we took office. They handed us nothing to give us a jump-start on tackling the pandemic.” That was a proven lie.

Trump had sent Dr. Fauci to the “back row” when none of Fauci’s constant blathering from the White House press room about what we should and should not do, like wearing a mask, social distancing, then double masking, then lockdowns worked effectively. Fauci not once has ever said he made a mistake (or two), that he miscalculated, he needs to revise the processes, or “What I told you didn’t work. We missed the mark.” Nope, he just gladly jumped out there each time and told us to double-down on his previous instructions!

On Biden and Fauci’s watch, more people (through 12/1/2021) have died during the Biden Administration than did the entirety of 202o under Trump. Oh, don’t forget: Trump had none of Fauci’s “cure-all vaccines” yet!

Instead of continuing with the blather of the CDC, FDA, Fauci, and Biden about handling COVID-19, let’s just leave it here: We know nothing more today than we did the day Biden took office about stopping COVID-19. And the same players are still calling all the shots.


All the Mainstream media outlets continue to applaud Biden’s tremendous leadership in our “historical” economic recovery. How in the world anyone could make such a claim with a straight face is beyond human understanding. Our economy was roaring the day of the 2020 election. And Biden took the reins and has ridden a really good horse called the American Economy into the dirt. Inflation is almost beyond comprehension and is today at levels not seen in the U.S. since Jimmy Carter was President and the prime lending rate was at 21%.

Below is a chart that compares yearly wage and inflation rates for each month from 2017 through July of this year using Bureau of Labor Statistics data. Wage rates are in blue and inflation (as measured by the consumer price index) is in red. When blue is on top, as it was during the entire Trump administration, workers’ wages are beating inflation and their standards of living are improving. When red is on top, they’re not.

While President Biden claims it is “indisputable” that his jobs plan “is working,” this chart unequivocally shows that it is not, at least not for American workers. Rather, inflation is surging, more than wiping out any wage gains those workers might have experienced.

Biden’s “Build Back Better” bill, already passed by the House and languishing in the Senate, purportedly would save the entire U.S. and every American financially. The reality — according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) — is it would do little but steal most of the power in every area of our lives that the federal government does NOT already own. And we must accept that those in D.C. are far more enlightened on how to run the finances of the biggest economy on Earth. They’ve really been doing a great job, haven’t they?

Most Americans get stuck on this one: “No one who makes less than $400,000 a year will see their income taxes go up one cent.” How does a government spend at least $2 trillion in a spending plan without raising taxes on any Americans? They’re going to get it all from “Big Corporations.” You know, those “evil corporations who make billions and don’t pay a single dime in taxes.”

I’m no economist. I do understand economics. I owned a multi-million dollar corporation for 20+ years and saw millions of dollars go through that company each year. My job as CEO was one over-arching thing: Make certain at the end of each year we had more money come into the company in revenue than we spent.

That’s a novel idea, right? Fortunately, we were able to do that. How? Budgeting, cost-cutting, increasing profits by adding new revenue sources and watching our overall spending.

Does that sound like anything the federal government will ever do, even if they have the skills to do so? Absolutely not!

You see, they’re spending money that they term as “Our” money. Most of those elected and unelected bureaucrats refuse to accept the fact that the money government spends is the money of the People. And because those government officials paid just a tiny snippet of those U.S. tax dollars, they have no comprehension of spending wisely and therefore don’t spend it wisely.

Biden re-inserted his fiduciary knowledge attained while serving in the U.S. Senate for almost 50 years. That “fiduciary knowledge” was nothing more than the spending program mentioned above.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Congress and the President– ANY Congress and ANY President — ever created a budget and stuck to that budget when spending? When’s the last time that happened? I can’t remember.


I could bore you with dozens of charts and mounds of statistics of the rampant crime in the United States. Simply stated, crime on a national level has spiraled out of control. The insanity in law enforcement is a byproduct of a far-left push by globalists in this government and globalists from outside the government who are the authors of the “Defund the Police” mantra. George Soros — billionaire globalist from Hungary — has quietly funded the campaigns to district attorney spots across the nation, supported far-left candidates who espouse the move to decriminalize lawlessness. The George Floyd killing and subsequent uproar in Minneapolis launched a new campaign across the nation to demonize the police while fueling the hatred from groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa for law enforcement. Subsequently, crime statistics have soared. Rioting and looting have been normalized in our major cities. Criminal acts of all kinds are soaring in great numbers and intensity. Twelve of the nation’s top cities this past year recorded violent crime in numbers not seen since the FBI started to keep violent crime statistics! And there’s NO end in sight.

Meanwhile, the other criminality log thrown on the fire by Biden is the unconstitutional lawlessness occurring daily in massive numbers at our Southern border. Already this year, two million illegals have flooded across our border that we know of. Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas boldly ignores federal immigration laws and not only allows these illegals to cross in massive numbers, facilitates and encourages them to come. Once here, taxpayers actually pay them cash while DHS enrolls them in what has become a sort of “safe-haven security blanket” process that includes housing, medical care, education, even money for food and clothing, all at U.S. taxpayer expense. Mayorkas instructed Customs and Border Patrol to ignore laws regarding deportation and to just facilitate these illegals finding permanent places to live. We do not yet have numbers from across the nation regarding crimes committed by these illegals during 2020. But, in Texas alone, during the two years 2016-17, 600,000 felony criminal acts were committed by illegal aliens against Texans. Those crimes ranged from breaking-and-entering to first-degree murder.

There’s NO end in sight as Biden continues to ignore the exact laws he swore to uphold in his oath of office.

U.S. Foreign Policy

While campaigning, Biden assured Americans that the number one ability he was bringing to the White House was the foreign policy expertise garnered during his lengthy stint in the U.S. Senate. That assertion is 180 degrees from what Americans and world leaders have experienced. Former CIA Director and U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates described Biden’s considerable years of government service and his subsequent foreign policy accomplishments this way: “Every foreign policy decision Joe Biden has made while in the U.S. government has been the absolute wrong one in each circumstance.” That’s not much of a recognition of anyone’s accomplishments.

Since taking office, we have watched as President Biden attempted, again and again, to find some shred of affirmation of his U.S. foreign policy from world leaders worldwide. And, honestly, he’s been unsuccessful in every such attempt. He’s hacked off many of our allies. His dismal and fatal withdrawal from Afghanistan reminded many of his failed withdrawal of American troops from Iraq when Obama installed Joe as the point man for that task. The Iraq withdrawal was so fraught with poor outcomes in every area that it resulted in the U.S. having to go back into Iraq, redo what was done previously, and cost numerous Iraqi and American lives because of the shoddy management by Biden and others in the Obama Administration.

Americans died as did Afghan citizens because of the untimely, unplanned, and poorly initiated withdrawal from Afghanistan. Our nation partners watched in horror as the U.S. actions by the Biden Administration put THEIR workers and citizens in Afghanistan in harm’s way. France, as an example, was so concerned they initiated clandestine operations and saved more than 100 of their citizens because they feared Biden’s plans would see their people killed. Today, there are a number of Americans who the Biden military left behind in Afghanistan that were forced to fend for themselves and to hopefully find ways to flee to safety. Let’s all try to forget that Biden left the Taliban $82 billion worth of U.S. military hardware that should have either been withdrawn with our troops or destroyed.

Very few foreign leaders trust this President. There are a few who “lean” his way: Iran, China, Russia, and Turkey!


“I want to be President of ALL Americans: not just Democrats, but Democrats, Independents, AND Republicans.”

That appears to have been little more than a campaign promise. Very little, if anything, has occurred on Biden’s watch that illustrates even a remote attempt to unify the American people. Every area of governing he has attempted shows the exact opposite as his purpose: Division.

Let’s face facts: NO leader in any country can unify that nation’s populace without leadership that promotes the recognition and acceptance by all of the differences in the people. In fact, Biden actually points out those differences and attacks his political opponents for not just benignly accepting his ideals while ditching their own. Forget about reaching a consensus.

Remember his campaign mantra? “I am a moderate Democrat. My political philosophy embraces Republicans and Independents and Democrats. I have always worked to find commonalities among all people and worked to find consensus. We MUST get along by recognizing and accepting our differences while drawing on our commonalities. That’s the only way to Unity.”

So what has Joe done in the way of “Unity?” He quickly embraced the Democrat Party’s radical left, led by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Rep. Ayanna Presley (D-MA), and Rep. Cory Bush (D-MO). In fact, the President has endeavored to make the hyper-left and Marxist Climate Change utopian “Green New Deal” his own and is agreeing often with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) who is a hard-leftist.

Honesty, I don’t think Joe Biden would recognize real unity even if it jumped up, bit him on the butt, and said, “I’m Unity, Mr. President.”


Things aren’t looking too good for Americans today. There are even more mud puddles that we need to dry up that aren’t even mentioned above. Honestly, I cannot reveal a single important area in which Joe Biden has notched a success. He tells us he’s been remarkably successful: he fixed our supply chain issue and kicked COVID’s butt. He created more new jobs than has any other President in modern history. He wants us to forget that almost every job that has come online during his presidency was simply one that his egregious COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns eliminated in the first place!

What he’s doing is simply repeating the fundamental operating methodology of the Obama Administration: take credit for everything initiated and implemented by their predecessor while blaming that predecessor for every one of the problems during the Obama Administration. But it doesn’t stop there. Obama himself, with Joe in tow, took credit for the rampant uptick in U.S. employment numbers and GDP increases in the Trump Administration.

Let’s be honest and grade President Biden’s achievements in each area above. “Honest” is the keyword:

COVID-19:  D-

Economy:  F

Crime:  F

U.S. Foreign Policy:  F

Unity: F-

The only reason he didn’t receive an F for COVID-19 is that President Trump created the COVID-19 treatment infrastructure before Joe even took office. Can you imagine the COVID-19 vaccine nightmare that would have happened under Biden!

Can he get better? Honestly, I doubt he CAN get better at doing the job of President. He, apparently, does not possess the cognitive ability necessary to function just as a working man in America let alone as President.

Will he get better? I’m hopeful, but not optimistic.

Will he make it another four years? Folks, the book’s still out on whether he can make it THIS four years!

And wouldn’t life be wonderful under the guidance of President Kamala Harris?

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