Biden’s Legacy of War and Financial Bankruptcy

As we appreciate the bravery of the men who stormed Normandy 80 years ago to save democracy, we must face the fact that the world was not saved. The communists attempted a complete takeover of Europe. They failed, but they did take China and launched an invasion of South Korea. Later, they invaded South Vietnam and won. In the meantime, they took Cuba, positioning nuclear weapons for a first-strike attack on the United States. President John F. Kennedy forced the Soviets to back down, but his decision to liberate Cuba failed because of a lack of will. He was then assassinated by a Marxist follower of Fidel Castro, who had defected to Soviet Russia.

Today, if you want to understand the concerns of the American people, talk to them and do not rely on public opinion polls, which can be easily manipulated. You will find that people, especially young people, are concerned about wars in Europe and the Middle East and America going broke financially as the cost of living rises.

The publication Politico refers to the “two bloody wars in Ukraine and Gaza” and the hundreds of thousands dead and wounded. Ian Bremmer, the president of the Eurasia Group, tells the publication, “If this election is at all about foreign policy, Biden’s going to lose.”

Meanwhile, Biden wanders around a D-Day anniversary, oblivious to how his policies have plunged the world into what increasingly looks like wars without end.

But some of Trump’s supporters want to focus on other things, such as using the Department of Justice to go after their political enemies if they win in November. It is a major distraction.

The American people understand that the Department of Justice is corrupt. But Republicans do not have the power to eliminate the Department of Justice or the FBI. In fact, the new budget passed by Republicans gives the FBI a new headquarters in Maryland.

Taking Joe Biden’s Amtrak train back from New York the other day, I sat next to a 35-year-old biomedical researcher with a Ph.D. who said one of his main concerns right now is the prospect of a World War. His other major concerns were high interest rates and rising rents, which were preventing him from getting a new home.

This person did not strike me as political in any way, but he was obviously concerned about the state of the world and the rising cost of living in the United States. These are the major issues of our times.

I believe if this smart young person analyzes the domestic and world situations, he will conclude that things were much better under Trump. Those are matters of fact.

Ukraine and Israel were not invaded under President Trump.

Hitler’s invasion of Europe was encouraged in the same way that Biden dismissed the prospect of a Russian invasion of Ukraine as a “minor” occurrence. Biden also bears some responsibility for the invasion of Israel since his policies clearly benefited Iran and its military power and influence.

The complaints about Trump’s approach are mainly focused on Ukraine. We are now being told that he would not support Ukraine’s fight for freedom from Russia.

Biden’s approach is a no-win war that continues the bleeding and dying.

Consider, for example, the sensational claim that Biden has given the “green light” for Ukraine to hit Russia with U.S. weapons. This is only half the story.

The rest of the story is that the “green light” was given to strike targets in Russia “as long as the targets related to Moscow’s offensive in the Kharkiv region,” where Russia is making gains. That is a quote from the Financial Times. That is the fine print of Biden’s change in policy.

The Democrats have a history of getting the United States involved in wars that do not result in ultimate victory. That is clearly on display with Israel under pressure to stop its war on the terrorist group Hamas. Such a move would only guarantee more war in the future, as Hamas is re-supplied by Iran and reconstitutes its military capabilities.

The issue of Biden’s forever wars should be public priority number one.

These are the facts: In 2014, the Russians invaded Ukraine, a former Soviet republic disarmed by President Bill Clinton’s Budapest Memorandum. America’s first Marxist President, Barack Hussein Obama, failed to support the anti-Russian resistance with the weapons they needed to retake their occupied territories. Under President Trump, the Russians bided their time. Then, under Biden, they invaded again, hoping to take the entire country of Ukraine. They failed.

Ukraine is still struggling to reclaim its occupied territories because of Biden’s failure to give it the weapons it needs to win.
Now, he gives them a few weapons to be used under certain circumstances.

That means more war.

The answer is not to abandon Ukraine. It is to replace the no-win war policy. Biden’s policy is to continue the war and escalate without any chance of Ukraine achieving victory.

Under these circumstances, Russia will see an opportunity to take the offensive to an even greater degree. And Biden makes it all possible because his “green” policies raised the price of oil, generating profits for Russia to continue its war of aggression.

Another issue of concern to the American people is higher energy prices.

Peace and prosperity are the key issues.

Some MAGA “conservatives” are saying Biden may “wag the dog” and get the U.S. into another war to rally the American people to his side. Another war, perhaps in Korea or with China over Taiwan, will only remind people of Trump’s approach of peace and prosperity.

Before that happens, the focus must be on the other war — the invasion of our southern border and the poisoning of our people by the Red Chinese working hand-in-glove with the Mexican drug cartels.

This is a war that can also be won. Biden can fix the problem by returning to the Trump policies he abandoned. He refuses to do so.

So, the death and destruction will continue, and we will witness calls for a return of military conscription since Democrat “woke” policies have devastated the ranks and reduced recruitment.
Look at the headlines in Europe:

  • Germany mulls reintroduction of compulsory military service.
  • Serving the Vaterland: Germany debates reviving conscription.
  • Military conscription is returning to Europe.
  • Sweden’s Military Conscription System Is a Model for NATO.

Equally shocking, the mental acuity of America’s “commander-in-chief” is “slipping,” as the Wall Street Journal puts it. Again, Americans see that. They want a way out of the madness of war and economic ruin.

As a birthday present, my son gave me the book Surprise, Kill, Vanish: The Secret History Of CIA Paramilitary Armies, Operators, And Assassins, about how the Intelligence Community eliminates enemies of the United States. I immediately thought of their current enemy – former President Trump. If they can kill people abroad, why not at home? And then I thought of Clinton’s Deputy White House counsel, Vincent Foster, whose dead body was dumped in a public park after obtaining documents regarding NSA surveillance procedures and practices.

The book was published in 2019.  Today, Trump is perceived as the main enemy of the Intelligence Community, and the element of that “community” that was armed and ready for violence in the raid on Trump’s home was the FBI.

For what comes next, buckle up and get prepared.

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