Bozo or Pennywise?

I’m not sure which clown Rep. Adam Schiff claims to be, but he certainly is the Ringmaster of a Three-Ring Circus. Schiff indeed represents either Bozo, the classic circus clown kids have adored for decades, or Pennywise, Stephen King’s clown of horror that stars in his book and movie IT.

I purposely did NOT watch the first round of the public impeachment inquiry questioning of Ambassador Bill Taylor and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent, and I’m glad I did not. But what I did do was scan various news media outlets for snippets of their hearing synopses.

Before we wade into this hearing contents let’s address quickly the uproar that purportedly started this latest impeachment proceeding: The Ukraine alleged wrongdoing of the President.  Yes, he spoke to Ukraine President Zelensky about investigating Burisma and the Bidens about possible corruption. But the U.S. and Ukraine have a formal treaty for this exact thing to ferret out corruption. As promised here’s that treaty that you can download and read. It clearly was negotiated by Bill Clinton for “mutual cooperation between the U.S.and Ukraine to work together to find, expose, and prosecute corruption:”

Ukriane US Treaty

As one would expect, the members of the Leftist Media were well-prepared in advance for reporting the details of the hearing. But that wasn’t what the two star witnesses were supposed to do. They were there to drop the blockbuster bombs that would prove to all Americans that Donald Trump, besides being an incorrigible American, is surely not qualified to serve as President. And Mr. Taylor and Mr. Kent bombed at that quest.

I won’t spend your time today to puzzle through the minutia of the hearing content. But I’ll summarize with a few points followed by our Summary today, which is a short back and forth between Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Ambassador Taylor.

  • This impeachment inquiry is a circus. Adam Schiff is conducting this hearing for one of two reasons or maybe both: he’s in a desperate act he considers to be a job interview to serve in the “next” Democrat administration as Attorney General. To that end, he is using his legal expertise to showcase the use he as a Democrat sycophant would be for a Democrat President to resume the Obama promise to lead “the fundamental change of the United States.” His second reason would be because of his undeniable hatred for the New Yorker who beat not only the Democrat Congress but the Democrat in the White House that was completing his presidency and their party’s mistress who fate had destined to be President — Hillary Clinton. He, as their savior, feels destined to save the face and the credibility of their party.
  • There was not a single shred of evidence presented by either star witness of any wrongdoing at all, let alone an impeachable offense by the President. That is unbelievable! That Schiff would waste the time of Congress to present to Americans his version of an impeachment circus proves just how broken the House of Representatives is in their leadership. Remember: Nancy Pelosi dumped Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), who is Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, which is to handle the impeachment process. She did so because his hearings were simply a charade in which Nadler lost control. She passed the impeachment baton to Schiff because he supposedly is much smarter and more devious than is Nadler. Pelosi was confident Schiff could pull this off. Pelosi is certainly not a stupid person. But in this case, she made the wrong choice.

In a few moments, we’ll shock you by predicting the steps Ms. Pelosi is about to take regarding next week’s hearings scheduled for this committee and moving forward with the process.

But before we do that, this short video/audio represents what this Schiff circus has revealed to Americans. These two witnesses are NOT experts in political matters regarding what should and what should not be done by U.S. presidents in foreign policy. These two were NOT elected to handle foreign policy. Neither was elected at all — they were hired. These two were NOT hired to shape or implement any pieces of foreign policy for this or any other administration. These two are political bureaucrats who were hired to give their advice on foreign policy so that this administration can make policy decisions that the President of the United States after input from his foreign policy experts determines is in the best interest of the American people. 

Do you know how crazy Adam’s circus is? Neither of these two had any first-hand information or evidence that showed any wrongdoing by Mr. Trump, and certainly nothing even approaching an “impeachable offense.” What each had was a story that went something like this: “I talked to a guy who knew a guy who lived next door to another guy who heard in a cafe that Donald Trump said this to a White House aid who told his mother.” And that’s what Americans think should be the basis of the impeachment of a President?

This debacle cannot be illustrated better than with this short bit of testimony and questioning by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH):


Do you want my prediction? Here you go!

By no later than Sunday evening this week — November 17, 2019 — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will “call off the dogs,” meaning she will quietly put an end to this impeachment fiasco.

Wow! That’s a bold and brave prediction. How can we do that?

Nancy Pelosi is a brilliant person. Sometimes she doesn’t seem to be, but she has not achieved her success by not being a wily member of Congress. Here’s what she has done and what she now faces:

  • The far-left of her party have threatened her again and again if she continued to rebuff their calls for impeachment. She can now say to them that she gave impeachment her best shot;
  • What small remnant that remains of the moderate element of her party will now be able to breathe a bit easier looking ahead at 2020. Democrat moderates know that Americans will NOT return a Democrat majority in the House if this impeachment craziness does not stop and there certainly will be no shot at a Senate majority;
  • Pelosi knows the Democrat Party field for president is extremely weak at best. There’s no one with the pedigree of Hillary Clinton in the foal, even though Hillary could be a stand-in if necessary. To that end, Pelosi is already looking ahead to 2024.

There you have it: that’s our best shot. If Pelosi does not stop the insanity this weekend, I’ll be back on Monday with my hat in hand to concur with you my stupidity for predicting anything regarding these Democrats. Oh well, I’ve made worse decisions than this.

And for those of you prone to want to do so, feel free to pile on if I’m wrong:

In spite of what my wife will say, I admit being wrong when I’m wrong. (I’m just not wrong very often!)


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