Impeachment Final Words

  1. As I write this, it’s the eve of the beginning of what Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff has termed the “bi-partisan” Intelligence Committee hearings in which the American public will hear directly from witnesses who testify before the committee. Here are the elements of this Americans need to remember if and while one chooses to look-in on that testimony:
  • Republicans are allowed to call witnesses to testify unlike the closed-door hearings held by Schiff. However, a small caveat in the structure gives Chairman Schiff the right to block any witnesses that he alone feels should not testify.
  • The Chairman when the whistleblower stepped forward with alleged damning firsthand information about Trump wrongdoing regarding Ukraine told the nation this committee would hear from the whistleblower. Suddenly, Schiff has switched directions and is NOT going to allow that testimony to occur. Why? Apparently Schiff and his staff coached the whistleblower and possibly even assisted in the preparation of the original whistleblower complaint submitted to the Inspector General. Schiff certainly does not want Republican committee members before the public to ask the whistleblower questions about his involvement with Schiff and Schiff’s staff.
  • From the list of witnesses Republicans on the committee presented to Schiff they wish to question in these hearings, Schiff has already stated several will not be allowed to testify — and at least two of those already testified before the committee behind closed doors. Why would Schiff not want their testimony publicly seen and heard?
  • Schiff and Company have decided to no longer term their allegations against the President “Quid Pro Quo.” They now have termed those “extortion and blackmail.” Former UN Ambassador and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley stated this on CBS: “A ‘Quid Pro Quo’ requires that a party demands something from the other party in exchange for something. Ukraine received their aid. Democrats claim the President held that aid demanding Ukraine President Zelensky have a prosecutor immediately launch an investigation into former VP Joe Biden and his son Hunter. That investigation of the Bidens never happened and is not happening now. What President Trump did was encourage Ukraine to act according to the mutual corruption treaty between the two countries committing mutually to ferret-out and stop political corruption in both countries. That’s detailing terms and conditions of foreign policy between the two countries set out in that 1999 treaty signed by President Clinton.”
  • The President has NO right in these hearings to representation by an attorney in the public hearing and therefore cannot cross examine any witnesses. That in any court in the U.S. would result in immediate case dismissal.
  • Schiff sent Republicans a warning to not in anyway try to demean either Biden during the public hearings or he would close the meeting to the public.

Extortion and/or Treason

That Ukraine phone call according to the transcript released by the President had NOTHING within it that discussed any demands for any actions by Ukraine at all, yet alone tied to the release of U.S. financial aid. But there certainly WAS extortion of the Ukraine government by the U.S. Here is the video proof:

That obviously was not the actual conversation Vice President Biden had with the former Ukraine president. But it certainly in a federal court in the United States would be admitted as evidence of extortion!


I’m done. The next week these hearings will continue. The Media Mob will watch and listen to every word, use every negative sound bite they can in their reports to prove to the American public that President Trump is guilty of extortion and treason.

Arm yourself with truth. Then do what I’m doing: ignore the hearings! As tough as it may be for me, I refuse to legitimize the Schiff Circus by wasting a moment of my time to do so.

I suggest you do the same. And we’ll be here to keep the air clear for you.

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  1. Prayers have been offered for all the truth to prevail and we believe that God will defeat any underhanded and dishonest efforts to destroy the President will be destroyed.

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